Mohabbat Chor Di Maine – Episode 41~50 Story

Below is the story of episodes 41~50 of the drama ‘Mohabbat Chor Di Maineaired on 11~20 November 2021.

Omar and Komal are shocked to find about Sehar’s expensive lawyer. They wonder who is supporting her. The lawyer provides the whole truth about the case and Sehar is proved innocent. She finally takes a stand and shouts at Komal for being unjust. Zaini too takes her side.

Komal is hurt at Hazim’s support for Sehar. She is also worried as Omar is nowhere to be found. Omar comes to Sehar out of guilt. Hazim tries to talk to him about Komal but Omar doesn’t bother. Sehar doesn’t forgive him.

Komal tries to prove herself innocent by claiming not to know about Sarfraz’s real intentions but Omar insults and leaves her. Sehar too decides to leave Omar and he doesn’t stop her. But she returns due to Omar’s love. Filza is to stay with Komal as she and Omar sign the divorce papers.

Zaini is unable to bear Komal and starts misbehaving with her. Omar’s visits to the house irritate Komal. Omar asks Zaini to support Komal after divorce but she acts rude.

Filza falls sick in the middle of the night and no one helps Komal at the hospital. She helplessly calls Omar who worries for Filza’s life in the future. Zaini is happy to be pregnant but hides from Komal. Komal is hurt to find it later and also when she is informed that her father left the house in Bazil’s name. Zaini misbehaves and Komal pushes her. Bazil shouts and asks Komal to get mental treatment.

Komal bears all the hatred and Omar takes Filza away from her as well. She apologizes to everyone and leaves. Hazim makes Bazil realize the pain Komal has received from her loved one. Komal takes help from her friend Anita to move on in life.

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