Mor Moharan – Episode 4 Story

Below is the story of episode 04 of the dramaMor Moharan that was aired on 31 May 2022.

Sikander berates Sher Alam for not extending his invitation to Malook Shah’s family. Almas questions her son’s behavior and asks him to apologise for having snubbed Sher Alam. The arrogant boy refuses to acknowledge his outrageous deeds and leaves immediately.

Early in the next day, Malook Shah visits Sikander’s home as a guest with his beloved daughter Rohi in tow. They thank their host and then start talking about past when Shah Ji (presumably Almas’s father) was still alive. Rohi recalls days of her childhood when she used to visit this mansion almost every day.

Almas’s keen eyes perceive Rohi’s desire to roam her mansion. She delegates her son with the task of accompanying Rohi. Sikander is overjoyed after receiving such a golden opportunity and even confesses his love to Rohi while on the way. The charming ‘Romeo’ manages to obtain Rohi’s phone number.

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