Story & Review of Geo TV Drama ‘Muqaddar’ Episode 1

Here is the story and review of episode 1 of Geo TV drama ‘Muqaddar’ which was aired on 17 Feb 2020.


The drama unfolds with the introduction of a happy family where Raima is residing with her maternal uncle’s family since she lost her own parents long ago. She seems in love with her cousin Haris who too likes her and both are bound to marry though no formal announcement has been made yet by the family. Raima is adorable and works in a radio station. A neighbor relative of the family, Tahira aunty also wishes Raima to be her daughter in law. Bothered to know Tahira’s intentions, Haris’s mother proposes a formal engagement between Haris and Raima. However, Haris’s father resists the idea and suggests that both cousins will get married once Raima’s exams are over. Raima is excited to learn the news. Later, Haris teases Raima by paying attention to Maha, Tahira aunty’s daughter. Maha seems to like Haris.

In university, Raima is the center of attention of another guy named Saad Sikandar who saves her from a loafer boy. However, he is cautious to admit his love considering Raima’s honor. He is the nephew of a super-rich feudal lord Sardar Saif. At home, his mother Farkhanda disapproves of his idea of shifting to university hostel. However, his uncle, Sardar Saif permits him. Saif then haughtily advises his nephew to follow his own path instead of bothering for a woman’s feelings. This response leaves Farkhanda in a shock. Sardar Saif’s daughter, Abeera is excited to get an expensive car gift from her father. For Saif, nothing is more important than her happiness which depicts Saif’s immense love for his daughter.

In the university, Saad’s friend motivates him to propose Raima but Saad is reluctant to do so and fears he will not be able to get his love. However, the friend manages to deliver his message to Raima that Saad intends to send her a marriage proposal. This situation disturbs Raima since she is not engaged to her cousin yet and also does not want to hurt Saad owing to his good manners.

Farkhanda is dubious of her son’s activities and wants him back in the house. She reiterates her wish to marry him with Sardar Saif’s only daughter, Abeera. The conversation between Farkhanda and Saif reveals another character, Sikandar who married a poor girl in the past and probably got banished from the family. Sardar Saif recalls and laments a past incident.

The Proposal

Haris proposes Raima on her birthday. His mother pretends to be angry over their frankness when both cousins return home after celebrating a happy birthday. Haris does not take the news of his marriage seriously when his mother reveals both cousins’ marriage plans. He rather wants to settle first and for the time being, he just wants engagement. On the other hand, Raima is jovial to listen to the news and sighs breathe of relief as she can now confidently refuse Saad. The next day, she lies to her friend about her engagement. Saad is heartbroken to learn the news.

Haris proposes Raima
Haris proposes Raima

Farkhanda wants Saif to visit Saad in university but he has a busy day ahead so he refuses. His schedule involves an interview at a radio station which is going to be the turning point for many lives. It is Raima who is destined to interview the feudal lord Saif.

The interview

At the interview, Sardar Saif boasts of his plans of investing in solar energy considering it his social responsibility and coming generations’ future. He maintains that he is not doing it for any money since he already is fortunate enough to enjoy all the blessings. Raima tries to perturb him with her bold questions when she accuses feudals of ill-treatment of their servants. But to Raima’s surprise, Saif accepts the reality although he exempts himself from such allegations. Raima acknowledges her changed opinion about feudals after this interview and Saif too seems impressed by her delightful personality.

After the interview, Saif gives Raima his visiting card. Later Saad offers her a commute when he finds Raima back on her way home. Raima politely refuses as it is against her principles and maintains that they both have separate ways. Saif who has now completely lost his heart hints at getting her when he cunningly replies that both can share the same destination and some people can get to their destination despite separate ways.

The interview
The interview

Review – Muqaddar Episode 1

Though Sardar Saif presents himself as an open-minded and liberal person who caters to his peoples’ needs, yet he is arrogant and is obsessed with a feudal mentality. His disapproval of women particularly when he ignores Farkhanda’s will several times is proof of the claim. He denies that he is not the person who kidnaps the women of his servants, but we feel that he is going to do the same.

Saad Sikandar appears to be the son of Sikandar, the same man who married a poor girl. Moreover, Saad’s concern for Raima’s honor draws a similarity to Sikandar and puts him on the other line than his uncle.

Farkhanda is a cunning lady who is aiming to hold power by marrying Abeera to Saad. We already know that Abeera is dearer to her father and Farkhanda considers exploiting Saif’s weakness.

The overall plot of the first episode was predictive. The drama teasers already suggested the same like story where Raima falling prey to Saif’s power. The more interesting will be the response of her previous lovers; Haris and particularly Saad when she lands in Saif’s house. The interview has ignited in Saif’s heart and the happy lives are about to be shattered.

That concludes our review of episode 1 of Geo TV drama ‘Muqaddar’. Please comment your opinions and suggestions below. You can also find drama’s complete cast, OST and crew information here.

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