Nehar Episode 05_06 Story

Below is the story of episodes 5 & 6 of the dramaNeharthat were aired on 23 & 24 May 2022 on Hum TV.

Episode 5 Story

Ishrat snatches all the gifts from Komal that she received at her wedding along with her personal cellphone. Later, she accuses Komal of being a rude and outspoken daughter-in-law and instructs Mazhar to suppress her. When Ghazala invites Komal and Mazhar over for dinner, Ishrat restrains Mazhar from taking the car and asks him to blame Kabir for gifting him a dud car. 

At the dinner, Komal’s entire family is taken aback by Mazhar’s niggard attitude. Komal asks her mother to set Anmol up with Adeel as soon as possible as she does not want her little sister to suffer the hardships like her. 

Zohra is unclear whether or not she should ask Kabir for Anmol’s hand in marriage. Erum indoctrinates her to do so immediately as it will pave the path for her marriage with Adeel to occur. After having a horrible experience of marrying off Komal to an unknown family, Kabir instantly agrees to Arsalan’s proposal for Anmol and Erum’s proposal for Adeel.

Episode 6 Story

Anmol begs her mother to take action and ask Kabir to reject Arsalan’s proposal. Adeel asks Ghazala to talk to Kabir about his desire to marry Anmol. When Ghazala asks Kabir to consider Adeel for Anmol, Kabir bursts onto her like a volcano and instantly refuses this inkling. According to Kabir, if Adeel marries Anmol, people will poke fun at him for fostering Adeel for his own benefit.  

Mazhar asks Komal to demand a heavy sum of money from her father so that he can initiate his own start-up and drops her at her parent’s house. Seeing the havoc at her house, Komal feels embarrassed to ask her father to entertain Mazhar’s demands. She returns to her in-laws herself and upon knowing that she has come empty-handed, Mazhar shuts the door on her face.

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