Parizaad Episode 24 Story

Parizaad – Episode 24 Story

Below is the episode 24 story of the drama ‘Parizaad‘ that was aired on 28 December 2021.

Naheed remains lost in her mind ever since her last meeting with Parizaad which seems very odd to Majid. On his return from Annie’s home, Parizaad and his men come across a feint accident which soon turns into an assasination attempt against Parizaad. Akbar gets shot while covering for his master and so the killing attempt fails.

Thoroughly enraged, Parizaad orders his men to contact Guru and inquire about the person behind the assasination while also assembling their underground allies. Parizaad is now reminded of Behroz’s profound teachings to him once on how to keep empires and defeat enemies. Later, Guru sends people over to guard Annie’s house against any malevolent attempts.

Parizaad himself pays a visit to Shehbaz, who’d been the mastermind in trying to kill him. Acting brave, Shehbaz is finally given a cold sweat after Parizaad stares at his son in a photo on his desk. Tired from all the drama and action, Parizaad and Nasaaz smile at past memories of college lives and how foolish they’d been.

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