Parizaad Episode 26 Story

Parizaad – Episode 26 Story

Below is the episode 26 story of the drama ‘Parizaad‘ that was aired on 11 January 2022.

Parizaad and Nasaaz are having a chat. Nasaaz is of the opinion that Parizaad shouldn’t delay his proposal to Annie. However, Parizaad still has an inferiority complex regarding his appearance. He thinks that Annie will choose the much more handsome Sharjeel after regaining her eyesight. Nasaaz suggests him to get surgery and have his appearance changed forever.

Sharjeel is astounded after witnessing Parizaad’s business empire. During their meeting, Parizaad lets him keep his house. This act wins him tremendous respect from Sharjeel. Sharjeel opens up to Parizaad regarding his plans of proposing Annie.

Later on, during Nasaaz’s engagement celebration, he advises Parizaad to be selfish for once. Or else, his heart will be torn apart forever. With his thoughts in turmoil, Parizaad finally pays heed to Nasaaz’s words and orders to kill Sharjeel.

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