Parizaad Episode 27 Story

Parizaad – Episode 27 Story

Below is the episode 27 story of the drama ‘Parizaad‘ that was aired on 18 January 2022.

Parizaad recognizes Noman, the businessman to whom he had sold his poetry, who’s currently working in his company. Noman is shocked beyond words after he recognizes Parizaad as well. Later, Parizaad makes a deal with him in order to get back his poetry.

Nasaaz and Jharna get married. Meanwhile, Annie invites Parizaad to the last episode of her radio show before the operation. During the show, she introduces him as her most trusted person. Parizaad feels ashamed at having nearly broken her trust. He calls Akbar and cancels the assassination order of Sharjeel. Annie bursts into tears before leaving.

On the other hand, Parizaad is even more hurt when thinking of being deprived of love once more. He decides to go far away for some time. Standing before Behroz’s photo, he blames himself for failing to look after the empire his master left for him. Majid comes to Parizaad after Naheed reveals the truth regarding his job. Having his eyes opened, he feels very grateful to Parizaad. 

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