Parizaad Episode 28 Story

Parizaad – Episode 28 Story

Below is the episode 28 story of the drama ‘Parizaad‘ that was aired on 25 January 2022.

Parizaad leaves after handling all matters of his business empire to Kamali. He travels far and wide until finally settling in a remote place. A local Urdu professor invites him over as a guest. Parizaad agrees to live with him since he has no other shelter at present. Later, both share their fondness for Urdu literature and the regret at witnessing its decline.

Parizaad accompanies the professor to the shabby school. He feels refreshed watching the primary school students reciting Allama Iqbal’s poetry while on assembly. The professor gets ill afterward and Parizaad takes care of him. He also offers to teach in his place since the board exams are approaching.

One day, Parizaad comes face to face with Annie while he’s out for a stroll. He remains shell-shocked and out of ideas on what to do now. Annie’s eyesight has returned now and so she fails to recognize him. She then leaves with Sharjeel while Parizaad is left standing there all alone. Parizaad later wallows in his misery and loneliness while he sits across the bonfire.

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