Pehchaan Episode 19_20 Story

Below is the story of episodes 19 & 20 of the dramaPehchaan that were aired on 11~12 August 2022 on Hum TV.

Episode 19 Story

Fariha informs Kuki that Adnan is planning to remarry, fuelling her already burning existence. Safeena consoles Kuki after seeing her lamenting over her doomed fate. Haider calls Adnan, asking him to return to Pakistan and sort out his matter before marrying someone else. Clueless, Adnan fumes with anger after finding out that his mother has spread false rumors.

Kuki’s heart aches remembering the time she spent with her children. She tries to reach them but they refuse to speak to her, giving her space. Seeing Safeena worried about paying the house bills, Kuki goes to a jewelry shop to sell her jewelry. Used to living the deluxe life, she falls sick after consuming contaminated tap water. Shaheena remembers the time Kuki backed her when she got widowed and suggests going to see Kuki. Hamna becomes precocious and resents her father for neglecting Kuki and being insensitive to her. 

Episode 20 Story

Despite being sick, Kuki goes to school to fulfill her duty faithfully. However, she gets a reality check after the principal chides her for her average performance. Meanwhile, Adnan’s family arrives at Safeena’s house to meet Kuki and are angered to discover that she is on her job. Nafeesa alleges Safeena for exploiting Kuki and using her for her own benefit.   

When Kuki finds out about the allegation, she becomes even more determined to sever her ties with her in-laws by filing for divorce. Adnan faces difficulty looking after Hamna and Fahad alone. Seeing him bewildered, his friend makes him realize that his lack of appreciation and sensitivity toward Kuki made her rebellious. Hamna threatens her father that she will leave the house if he does not bring her mother back home. When Adnan refuses to take any action, she calls Kuki and begs her to come back but to no avail.

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