Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 12 Story

Below is the story of episode 12 of the dramaPyar Deewangi Hai that was aired on 1st Aug 2022.

Saima suggests Iqbal to help Aslam pay off the debt but he abruptly rejects the idea. He taunts his widowed mother on financially taking care of the family all his life and clarifies that he wants to save for his future rather than splurge on his sister’s in-laws. 

Aslam asks Mateen to bring back Rabi but he refuses. Saima loses her sleep, thinking that both her daughters’ fates are doomed due to their unsuccessful married lives. Sara’s heart aches seeing Rabi in grief and wishes to eradicate her sadness forever. She seeks Dawood’s help to sell her jewelry to help Mateen. 

Sajida’s friend spots them together at the jeweler’s shop and assumes they are getting married. She congratulates Sajida on her son’s engagement, confirming her suspicion. In her fury, Sajida storms into Saima’s house, accusing Sara of having an affair with Dawood. Rabi clarifies the misunderstanding, giving Sajida a shut-up call. 

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