Below is the story of episode 07 of the dramaPyar Deewangi Hai that was aired on 20 June 2022.

Upon Saima’s insistence, Iqbal goes to meet Rabi at her in-law’s house. Naseem grabs the opportunity to badmouth Rabi in front of Iqbal, portraying her as sluggish and unhelpful. Moreover, she narrates Dawood’s incident when he was caught alone in the house with Rabi to develop a misunderstanding in Iqbal’s heart.

Sajida suspects that Dawood and Sara are having a secret affair after she once saw them together outside. Also, Dawood unintentionally keeps mentioning her in his conversation, making Sajida more curious. Iqbal suggests filing a divorce on behalf of Sara as her husband has been missing for five years.

Naseem leaves the gas stove on, attempting to blow up Rabi. Fortuitously, Rabi smells the gas leak in time and begs Naseem to spare her life. Just then, Mateen enters the room and sees Rabi holding his mother’s feet. Naseem flips out and changes the scenario, telling Mateen that Rabi is not happy with her marriage as she has a jobless husband. 

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