Qarar - Story & Review (Episode 7)

Qarar – Episode 7: Story & Review

Well, here comes the next episode where Fareeha and Ammar cry at their destiny that bound them into a forced marriage.

Maya fights with Salman for caring more about his first wife but he assures her how precious she is to him.

Fareeha’s colleague comes to meet her and asks about her wedding gift. Fareeha reminisces Ammar’s misbehavior but handles the situation. Ammar is pissed when his cousin makes him put bangles on Fareeha’s hand.

When he goes to his in-laws, Siraj tries to enlighten him about Fareeha’s good nature and qualities. Nadira gets delighted to see Fareeha happy and thanks to her for handling the jewelry situation so well. She then wishes for a reunion of Maya and Siraj.

Fareeha decides to call Maya and unexpectedly Ammar happens to hear her conversation where she assures Maya about her happy relationship with Ammar. She lies how Ammar is totally satisfied but Maya is least interested and boasts about Salman’s love for her. Upon hearing Fareeha, Ammar gets furious and leaves the home without informing Fareeha.

Nadira doesn’t want Fareeha to stay at home and advises her husband to drop her back which he finds wise enough. Nani is angry at Ammar for his behavior but Fareeha tries to calm her down.

Maya is excited and happy about her new life as she shops a lot and spends money extravagantly.

Fareeha and Nani are worried that Ammar isn’t home despite late night. He keeps thinking that his wife is not able to understand his true nature. He goes home and sees her signaling to Nani and scolds her for misbehaving. Nani in turn chides Ammar for his action and tells how Fareeha was trying to calm her down. He goes to the room and argues with his wife. She explains how important it is for her to lie so that Siraj doesn’t regret marrying her to him. She cries and tells how helpless she is. She requests him to wait for a few days and soon the drama will be over. Ammar is taken aback by the situation.

The next morning Nani exclaims how Ammar liked Fareeha’s cooking before marriage to which he disagrees keeping in view the current situation. A cute romantic moment occurs between the couple when both cross paths and the flowers drop from Fareeha’s hands and Ammar helps her pick it up where the two have a short eye lock.

Maya is irritated when Salman announces to leave for his village. Still, she rules around the servants and misbehaves. She smiles proudly looking at her house and describes how she is the owner and will rule everything now.

Salman and Maya’s relationship has started to sour. I think now the truth of their marriage will soon be revealed as shown in the promo. Salman will have to handle the situation but there will be trouble will be for his new wife. As for Fareeha, life now seems tough but one day love will bloom for sure. With a stark contrast of nature than Maya, she cares more about her relationships and is more concerned to fulfil her social obligations.

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