What's New on Pakistani TV

What’s New on Pakistani TV (Weekly Roundup 08-2022)

Here is our weekly roundup covering the drama stories of recent Pakistani dramas that were shown on TV during 19~25 Feb 2022.

1. Sinf-e-Aahan (Ep 13)

Air Date: 19-Feb-2022

The girls are faced with two tests; one is to check whether their uniform is proper or not; while the other is to pass the salute. In the uniform test, some girls pass while the others fail. The situation becomes different in the second test where only Mahjabeen fails the test. She is then detained in PMA while the other girls leave for their homes. Nathmy has to stay back as well due to safety concerns regarding her identity as a guest. Rabia helps her get permission for leave and brings her along to her home. Mahjabeen struggles hard to prepare for the saluting test. Some loafer boys block Arzoo on the way back home. The result is them getting beaten up by her and begging for forgiveness. Her family members are amazed at her strength and bravery. Pariwesh requests her village’s Sardar to return her father’s lands after she pays back the loan. The Sardar instructs his men not to reveal news regarding Pariwesh’s success while his own son failed the saluting test. Shaista thanks her finance for helping her back then. She asks him whether he is willing to break their engagement. He only stares back at her without uttering a word.

2. Sang-e-Mah (Ep 07)

Air Date: 20-Feb-2022

Marjaan Khan recalls the incident when he fooled Guru Baksh into handing him a deadly poison. One of his men advises him to kill Hilmand but he refuses to do so. Gul Meena despairs at her lover Hikmat’s cowardice and lack of decisiveness. She ends her relationship with him and leaves. Zarghuna interrogates her regarding her whereabouts and is finally satisfied after knowing that her daughter has parted ways with that soft-hearted Hikmat. Sabz Ali swears to be Hilmand’s dog and gathers news for him. Sheherzaad recounts her miserable life story to Zarsanga. She had become an orphan at a very young age and then received harsh treatment from her relatives. She finally had enough when one of her cousins made an attempt to sexually assault her. Sheherzaad abandoned her aunt’s home to enroll in a hostel. She worked hard to live a life of freedom. Zarsanga is moved by the girl’s pitiful experience. Mastaan Khan finally opens up to Harshaali by revealing the reason he killed Asad Ullah. All he did was to save Harshaali from being defamed by Asad Ullah. Harshaali is moved to tears and once again claims how she would rather die than marry somebody else. 

3. Jo Bichar Gaye (Ep 11)

Air Date: 20-Feb-2022

Roomi sneaks into the house of a politician and assassinates him. Farrukh explains to Colonel Fakhar about the Mukti Bahni’s plans of a major assault on Eid. The army has been surrounded from all directions. Their numbers keep dwindling while even their scattered check-posts are constantly facing harassment. Farrukh pays a visit to Sonia’s home. She tries to shoo him away but to no avail. Her father later invites Farrukh to accompany them to Haroon’s grave. Sonia’s mother is close to madness even after 6 months have passed since her son died. Farrukh informs Sonia of his plans to leave for West Pakistan. She becomes reluctant and later inquires about the time of his departure. Quite surprisingly, Farrukh’s application for leave is dismissed. Roomi comes back to his uncle’s home. His wretched appearance saddens Sonia. She becomes even more aggrieved after knowing the dire conditions Roomi had lived in for the past few months. Roomi flees like lightning after greeting his aunt. He later plans to head for the black market alone. Sonia discovers his plans and refuses to let him go there all by himself. Roomi becomes helpless and is forced to take Sonia with him. 

4. Bisaat (Ep 13)

Air Date: 20-Feb-2022

Kinza is shocked to learn about Murtaza’s monthly earnings which exceed 25 lakh rupees. She spots Sofia’s message on Murtaza’s phone and learns how Jahanzaib is still involved with her. Both Kinza and Sania gloat at Afreen’s misfortune. Jahanzaib convinces Afreen to sign on divorce papers. Soon after, Murtaza marries Afreen according to Jahanzaib’s wretched plan. Afreen taunts her new husband for finally achieving his wish. Both share a few moments of intimacy and stare at each other. Murtaza meanwhile ignores his wife Kinza’s incoming calls. Sofia learns of Jahanzaib’s second marriage and contacts him. She then announces her decision of coming to Pakistan to reveal his truth. Jahanzaib plays a step ahead by reaching Istanbul before her. Sofia is irritated at having her plans ruined.

5. Aitebaar (Ep 05)

Air Date: 21-Feb-2022

Bilal takes Shiza back to her mother’s home for a visit where she wishes to stay for longer. Bilal refuses her request since he hasn’t sought permission from his mother. Meanwhile, he becomes confused after perceiving the distraught vibes from Shiza’s family. He asks whether it’s related to the incident on the night of Mehndi. God knows what lies (or truth) Shiza tells to placate her husband. Shehryar tries to convince Hamza to let go of the past but all in vain. Bilal asks Shiza to once again go to her mother’s home. He explains how his mother wishes for Shiza to gather intelligence. Shiza blames her mother-in-law for craving gossip which annoys Bilal. Parisa receives news of her pregnancy and instantly becomes delighted. Hamza is amazed after hearing the news at first. Soon after, he remembers the incident from the night of Mehndi. The thought turns him suspicious regarding the baby’s origins and so he warns Parisa to drop the child. Parisa disagrees despite Hamza threatening to divorce her. 

6. Baddua (Ep 23)

Air Date: 21-Feb-2022

Falak’s father suggests for her to offer pilgrimage in Makkah post-marriage. Abeer reveals the matter of Nazish’s push which resulted in the loss of her child. She tells everybody to refer to Haleema Bi to confirm the truth. Nobody believes in her while Nazish refuses to accept Abeer’s ‘slandering’ towards her. Junaid ends his relationship with Abeer in a fit of fury. Abeer goes to Neelum’s home and berates Mohsin’s mother for ruining her home. Affan kicks her out before Abeer goes mad and murders somebody. She then calls Omair who immediately comes to pick her up. He then consoles her and later takes her to his home. Abeer swears to kill Nazish’s child as revenge. Meanwhile, Nazhish reveals the matter of Abeer losing her child to Athar. Her husband supports her and shows no resentment or disgust towards her. Junaid is mesmerized by Annie’s positive thinking and re-establishes contact with her. 

7. Aye Musht-e-Khaak (Ep 21~22)

Air Date: 21~22-Feb-2022

Mustajab wakes up in the morning only to find his most hated person (Shiza) swaggering around his house. Shiza’s jealous heart aches after witnessing the love in Mustajab’s tone for Dua. He asks her to leave the house but Shiza once again sticks to him like a leech at a party. She pesters him on Dua’s matter nonstop. Shakeela feels regretful for her past behavior towards Dua and her family. The doctor diagnoses her with heart issues. This feels quite ironic since she earlier had faked about having heart issues. She heads off to Dua’s home, hoping to seek forgiveness. Dua’s parents ask her not to disturb Dua until she is remarried successfully. Tabeen’s brother, Taqi fetches some flowers and cake for Dua on achieving the second position. Tabeen reveals her brother’s interest in Dua to Dayaan. Dayaan signals his wife to wait until Dua frees herself from Mustajab’s trauma. Bobby keeps reassuring himself that he’s a happy man. To be honest, he seems more like a circus clown than a happy person. Dua struggles to remove her memories of Mustajab. Imam Sahb becomes unwell and so Dua ventures to meet him. Taqi offers to accompany Dua to the mosque. Mustajab comes back and even goes to the same mosque in his search for God. Dua is perplexed after seeing Bobby performing ablution and then praying. 

8. Amanat (Ep 22)

Air Date: 22-Feb-2022

Zunaira’s parents suggest for their daughter to demand a divorce. Malik Furqan’s wife taunts him about how he is facing the karma he accumulated. She relates her son’s death to his wish of executing Mehr’s child. Malik Furqan defends himself by pointing out the amount of wealth he spent on his child’s treatment. His health deteriorates while giving thought to his wife’s words from a while back. Junaid reaches cloud nine after marrying Laiba. His newly-wed bride herself feels like walking on the pavement of seventh heaven. Junaid sends his wedding photos to his first-wife Zunaira. Zoonie’s disposition to create chaos accelerates after witnessing her husband cuddling next to another woman. Samra gives birth to a son. Raheel visits her only for the purpose of seeing his son. He then refuses Samra’s request to let her accompany him. Junaid divorces Zunaira and runs off to London. 

9. Ibn-e-Hawwa (Ep 03)

Air Date: 22-Feb-2022

Zahid’s father makes quite a scene after seeing his daughter back at home. Even Zahid himself gets to hear a curse or two after trying to advocate for his sister. Bi Shabratan eggs Ahsan to abandon his soon-to-be bride and embrace Mahjabeen instead. Sheikh Sahb comes looking for Zahid. He demands to receive back the loan he gave previously. Later, he suggests for Zahid to set up his shop as collateral in exchange for more time. Zahid is disgusted by the greedy man but also helpless to do anything. Naila lays down their mother’s bedsheets in Zahid’s room. He becomes enraged and insults her by saying stuff like, “like mother, like daughter.” Ahsan makes a big fuss after being instigated by Bi Shabratan. The matter escalates to the point where he threatens to commit suicide. Zahid finally manages to convince him into letting go of his stubbornness. Finally, Ahsan agrees to marry according to his mother’s choice. 

10. Dobara (Ep 18)

Air Date: 23-Feb-2022

Jahangir’s heart is full of sorrow after witnessing his son’s tragedy as he goes back home. His wife inquires about his whereabouts. Later, she taunts Mahir for probably being a criminal who got shot. His first wife’s sixth sense warns her of impending doom. She calls her ex-husband to console her anxious heart. Jahangir’s current wife receives the phone while the former refrains from saying anything at all. The servants back at Mehrunnisa’s residence are upset at Mahir’s misery. Their new boss’s down-to-earth manners had been etched within their hearts. Mahir regains consciousness and records his statement for legal purposes. He spares Affan by lying about how he got shot by a freaking mobile snatcher. Durdana continues with her non-stop nagging and eating off Mehrunnisa’s ears. Babar feels elated after witnessing the VIP treatment in the hospital. Affan’s mother-in-law forces him to go back home. Otherwise, the clever and full of wits Mahir will usurp all of his rightful property.

11. Ishq-e-Laa (18)

Air Date: 24-Feb-2022

Azka jots down a letter to her unknown benefactor. Abid manages to obtain the contact number of Azka’s driver who is both scared as well as disgusted at Abid’s wolfish character. A guy named Zain is quite impressed by Azka’s simplicity and tries to befriend her. She reaches cloud-nine after becoming the top scorer during a test within her class. Her friend Humna perceives the sentiments of emerging love from the way Zain behaves around Azka. Azlan loses all faith in God ever since the departure of his wife. Arbab Haroon gives his son free rein and lets him indulge in useless shit. Zunaira’s (Zain’s sister) father breaks her two-year engagement after her in-laws demand a hefty sum of money. Zain consoles his sister and lets her see hope again. Azlan boycotts his office work and keeps wallowing in the sorrow of his wife’s death. He then pays a visit to Azka’s house to pay his ‘condolences’ for Sultan. Soon, he shifts to the matter of Sultan’s accident, the kidnapping of Kanwal’s daughter, and his wife’s eventual death. He goes on to blame the opposite party for being deceitful liars who got his wife killed.

12. Mere Humsafar (Ep 09)

Air Date: 24-Feb-2022

Hamza grants Hala the opportunity to contact her father through his cell phone. Unfortunately, her father has run off on a family vacation and no contact is possible. Shah Jahan later twists Hala’s arm for trying to disrupt the marriage by contacting her father. Shah Jahan enjoys a great deal by blackmailing Hala about revealing Khurram’s matter. Hamza is amazed as well as disgusted at the son-in-law his parents chose for Hala. Naveed’s step-brother becomes suspicious of the reason for Hala’s marriage to his lowly brother. He blames it all on Hala’s lack of character. Hamza loses his cool after hearing such remarks. He then beats away the million-dollar groom as well as his crap-filled brother. Shah Jahan is thoroughly disappointed in her failed attempt at ruining Hala’s life. She and Sofia plan to invite Khurram into revealing Hala’s lack of character. Sameen seeks opportunities to spend quality time with Hamza. Roomi calls the busboy through Sameen’s phone and declares her interest in the stupid guy while impersonating Sameen’s voice. Hala falls sick which perplexes the kind-hearted Hamza. Khurram reveals the news of Hala’s marriage to her cousin from Australia.

13. Bebasi (Ep 16)

Air Date: 25-Feb-2022

Mahrukh makes quite a lot of fuss after witnessing Ifrah doing shopping with Ahmer. Tameezuddin berates his daughters for ‘talking and laughing’ with the delivery boy. Neeli gets agitated and retorts against her father. Her mother saves her from getting slapped. Ishrat then shifts the topic to the ‘shameless’ Ifrah. Mahrukh points out that gifting jewelry and clothing won’t do the trick. She questions how her brother plans to fix Ifrah’s illiteracy. Sajid takes a gold set as a gift for his business partner Ahmer’s new bride. Azra is sad to know that this very gift had been reserved for her daughter. Mahrukh is worried on how Ifrah will prepare for the celebration. Ahmer is amazed to see how well-refined his wife seems to be. Sajid’s wits abandon him after he sees his step-daughter standing next to Ahmer. Ifrah soon excuses herself from the conversation and leaves. Sajid refrains from revealing Ifrah’s news to his wife. Mahrukh treats Ifrah like a slave. While Nuzhat Apa warns Ahmer to steer clear of her daughter’s way.

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