What's New on Pakistani TV Week-09

What’s New on Pakistani TV (Weekly Roundup 09-2022)

Here is our weekly roundup covering the drama stories of recent Pakistani dramas that were shown on TV from 26 Feb 2022 to 04 Mar 2022. Due to slot change, episode 04 of Ibn-e-Hawwa was not released and was replaced by Badshah Begum.

1. Sinf-e-Aahan (Ep 14)

Air Date: 26-Feb-2022

Pariwesh’s parents are a bit worried after what she said to the village Sardar. She consoles her parents and gives them courage. Noraiz calls Arzoo and invites her to spend quality time together. Arzoo refuses him, saying she’s not interested in wasting more of her time with him. Kiran and Usama go to the Commandant’s house for a party. Kiran is still hung up on her deceased husband Taimoor’s death. Capt Nasr blocks Rabia’s way while outside. Nathmy considers it to be a case of harassment and gives a hard knee at Nasr’s abs. The young man is flabbergasted at the unexpected beating. Rabia introduces them and later tells Nasr to buzz off. Nathmy continues pestering her for the reason why they broke up. Rabia reveals that Nasr is Mahjabeen’s cousin. There’s no way this relationship can succeed now that Mahjabeen is more of an enemy than a friend. Meanwhile, the poor Mahjabeen finally finishes her test and goes back home. Her parents are left in thrall after she replaces a punctured tire from the car. Arzoo declines Noraiz’s proposal. She then reveals her plans of leaving his house within a few days. Noraiz is irritated at seeing what he calls Arzoo’s newfound ego. 

2. Sang-e-Mah (Ep 08)

Air Date: 27-Feb-2022

Sheherzaad plans to head back to her office for a couple of days. She also wishes to meet Hilmand and possibly convince him to end his bout of ‘craziness’. Haji allows her to meet his adopted son. He then instructs his lapdog, Hawal Khan, to stir trouble and possibly assassinate Hilmand in the mess. Sheharzaad becomes stupefied after knowing how Hilmand is actually the mysterious stranger she met previously. Hilmand’s words of wisdom further evaporate her prejudice towards the ‘mad psycho’. Finally, the shivering Sheherzaad is left in thrall after Hilmand covers her with his veil. Hilmand’s gentlemanly act leaves Hawal Khan with zero opening to kill him. Badam Khan recounts the story of Mastaan Khan’s council. He tells her how Mastaan chose to be Zarghuna’s slave for eternity despite having won the case. He later reveals the reason for him staying single his entire life. It had in fact been to take care of Zarghuna and her daughter Gul Meena. This had been the only option through which he could repay his sworn brother Asad Ullah’s favors. Sheherzaad’s boss tries seducing her with his bait of fame, power and wealth. She reminds the wretched bastard of his worth and leaves.

3. Jo Bichar Gaye (Ep 12)

Air Date: 27-Feb-2022

Roomi and Sonia safely get back home from their endeavor late at night. Roomi is once again brought face-to-face with his aunt. The guilty youngster begs his aunt for forgiveness but to no avail. She instead curses him to die without a grave and later go to hell for a vacation. The disheartened Roomi makes a run for it and vanishes within the night’s darkness. The PTV program manager, Kokab calls Sonia to her office. An army major arrives and interrogates Kokab about her allegiance towards Mukti Bahni. Kokab denies all charges but the officer insists upon proper interrogation on the following day. Sonia overhears the conversation while in hiding. Kokab later whispers to Sonia regarding the need for shifting loyalties. The Pakistani patriotic girl refuses to entertain Mukti Bahni’s demands. Kokab later sneaks into Sonia’s house without ringing the bell. She brings along two noisy women with her. Both women engage Sonia in a conversation while Kokab digs out a map from Anwar’s cupboard. Colonel Fakhar pumps up his hot-blooded men as they prepare for a bloody and gruesome war.

4. Bisaat (Ep 14)

Air Date: 27-Feb-2022

Jahanzaib manages to convince the hyper Sofia into having a cooldown and listening to his ‘earnest explanation’. Kinza flaunts her newfound wealth as she ensures her mother to rely on her daughter for any financial needs. Sania and Kinza cook up ways to ruin Afreen’s ‘honeymoon’. Murtaza becomes prey to the chilly winter breeze and falls unconscious. Afreen takes him to the hospital and later tends to her husband the entire night. A couple of weeks pass during which the newly-wed couple spends some quality time together. Afreen finally shares the good news of her pregnancy with Noor. Jahanzaib comes back home but Afreen denies being with him again. She points out how her marriage with him was nothing but a thin smoke. Murtaza is the one and only for her now. Jahanzaib makes an effort to remind her of the catastrophic consequences but all in vain. Noor transfers some property to Afreen’s name. Kinza’s bottomless stomach starts aching and so she demands such a lofty reward as well. Noor complies with her daughter-in-law’s wishes. Sofia makes a surprise entrance while everybody else is celebrating Afreen’s pregnancy.

5. Aitebaar (Ep 06)

Air Date: 28-Feb-2022

Parisa rejects Hamza’s demands regarding her abortion. Hamza threatens to disown her but the latter remains stubborn. She reminds him how it’s freaking impossible for a mother to throttle her own child. Shiza plans to go back home for a visit. She forgets to seek her mother-in-law’s permission while in haste. Her husband, Bilal minds such negligence a lot. He leaves her at her parents’ home and orders her to stay there for a few days. His mother further brainwashes his mind regarding his newly-wed wife. Bilal refuses to pay any heed to Shiza’s pleas and simply ignores her. Parisa takes her sister back to her in-laws. Bilal’s mother is afraid in case the situation isn’t chaotic enough already. She further instigates her son who then erupts on Shiza’s head like a volcano. A patient involved in a critical accident arrives. Parisa’s mind goes blank after seeing the person’s face. Interestingly, it’s the same man who almost took her innocence on the roadside not too long ago. Parisa reins in her desire for revenge and performs her duty honestly. The man is saved while Parisa continuously sanitizes her hands to remove any trace of him.

6. Baddua (Ep 24)

Air Date: 28-Feb-2022

Falak’s fiance, Kamran promises to be with her through storms and hurricanes. Nazish is still ashamed at having accidentally killed Junaid’s child. Her husband, Athar consoles her. Umair does his level best to make Abeer feel comfortable and secure. Meanwhile, he and his buddy, Jibran plan to ruin the lonely girl in secret. Abeer’s mother continuously makes an effort to contact Junaid who avoids her calls which boosts her anxiety. At last, she goes to Junaid’s home. Her ex-son-in-law’s family lets her in on the current affairs and tells her to leave afterward. Abeer requests to go back home. Umair is a bit baffled at her sudden impulse but later agrees. He’s convinced that the sly girl will surely come back to him. Abeer’s mother finally starts breathing after seeing her daughter. She plans to keep Abeer hidden from her father until Falak’s marriage.

7. Aye Musht-e-Khaak (Ep 23~24)

Air Date: 28-Feb-2022 ~ 01-Mar-2022

Mustajab once again crosses paths with Dua while she’s alone and away from home. Her mind is cast into confusion after hearing Mustajab’s confession of his faith. Dayaan sees through Mustajab’s fake attempt and makes an effort to help Dua realize the same thing. He later instructs Tabeen to figure out Taqi’s feelings for Dua. Mustajab blocks Taqi’s car while the latter is taking Dua back home. Dua ventures off with Mustajab to end matters once and for all. Dayaan’s anxiety further increases after knowing of the incident. Taqi explains his emotions to Dua on the phone. Unfortunately, her phone lies abandoned in Mustajab’s car. Mustajab hears Taqi’s passionate words with a stormy silence. Dayaan announces his decision to marry Dua with his friend Taqi. Taqi’s parents refuse to make haste in such a sensitive situation. His mother later consoles him by saying how much she likes Dua. Dua requests Tabeen to convince Dayaan to delay this marriage thing. She later presents the same request in front of Taqi. Taqi is sensible enough to understand Dua’s pains and so he complies with her plea. Mustajab once again resorts to his favorite habit of blocking cars and punching somebody in the face. Taqi is the miserable victim this time.

8. Amanat (Ep 23)

Air Date: 01-Mar-2022

Raheel pays a visit to his wife and son in the hospital. He leaves soon after spending some time with his son. Samra is once again left alone to fend for herself. Junaid is sort of a devil-incarnate for both Zunaira’s as well as his own family. He grows weary from explaining himself time and time again. His newly-wed wife consoles him. Meher’s day of delivery finally arrives. Her aunt invites Zarrar to pay a visit but the latter declines her wish. Malik Furqan is beyond happy to take his niece’s child into his arms. Samra and her parents manage to convince Zarrar to marry Zunaira. Both Samra, as well as Zunaira’s difficulties, will be resolved that way. Zoonie’s father rejects the incoming proposal all of a sudden. His wife later bickers with him regarding the benefits of marrying Zoonie to Zarrar. 

9. Badshah Begum (Ep 01)

Air Date: 01-Mar-2022

Roshan Ara is swaying on her feet together with her crush Bakhtiar at some disco bar. Roshi’s elder sister, Jahan Ara comes and takes her dead-drunk sister back home. Badshah Begum orders to cripple a pregnant woman’s feet over an insignificant mistake. Bakhtiar attends a social event where he keeps ogling at Jahan Ara. Roshan Ara is against her elder sister intermingling with her friends. Bakhtiar attempts to make a conversation with Jahan Ara but fails. Pir Shah Alam has long left to spend his last few years within the city. His two sons, Shahzeb and Qaiser, compete against each other for the throne. Qaiser is on the way to becoming a father. Shahzeb feels anxious and so selects a suitable bride for himself. Badshah Begum refuses to entertain his request for marriage. Bakhtiar pays a visit to Jahan Ara’s father. Both men find the opposite party quite entertaining. 

10. Dobara (Ep 19)

Air Date: 02-Mar-2022

Jahangir’s shabby car betrays him while on the way back home. A friend suggests him to buy a new car. Mehru bumps across him while he’s making an effort to catch an auto-rickshaw. She offers him a ride and both of them go to the hospital together. Mehrunnisa explains how Mahir had won her trust by saving Affan from committing suicide and also not suing him in court later. Mahir’s step-father sees Jahangir with Mehru and becomes suspicious of their relationship. Meanwhile, Jahangir’s health deteriorates on the way to Mahir’s ward. Mehrunnisa makes a correct guess about him being a heart patient. Mahir becomes irritated after knowing of his father’s visit. He backbites at the old man for being greedy for his newfound wealth. Jahangir listens to his son’s taunts from behind closed doors. Minal and others berate Affan for being rash. They then convince him to go back home. Durdana also instructs Affan to get back home.

11. Ishq-e-Laa (19)

Air Date: 03-Mar-2022

Kanwal is distressed upon the accusations Azlan threw at her. Azka consoles her sister-in-law. Azlan decides to get testimony from Azka’s family by hook or by crook. Zain confesses his love to Azka. Azlan arrives at Azka’s college and threatens to make a scene unless she goes with him. Zain witnesses Azka leaving in some stranger’s car and feels grumpy. Azka refuses Azlan’s request for help out of worry for her family’s respect. Azlan resorts to bribing Azka with money in return for her assistance but to no avail. Abid taunts Azka for running affairs with some Richie Rich. Kanwal scolds her brother for pestering Azka time and time again. Her brother remains steadfast in his madness for Azka. Azlan declines his mother’s request to abandon Shanaya’s revenge. Later, he pays a visit to his cop friend, Wali, and relays his disappointment in the police. He then announces his decision of resolving this case by his own means.

12. Mere Humsafar (Ep 10)

Air Date: 03-Mar-2022

Hamza intrudes upon Shah Jahan while she’s busy scaring poor Hala. Shah Jahan cooks up some lame excuses to pacify her son’s worry.  Hala prepares to head off for her coaching classes but Shah Jahan retains her. Poor girl is forced to busy herself in the kitchen instead. The bus boy’s confidence has skyrocketed after the late-night call with ‘Sameen’ previously. He greets her with a moronic smile. Sameen feels disgusted by his daring and berates him severely. Later, she also scolds Roomi for being at fault here. Hamza inquires about the reason for Hala not attending any college or tuition. Shah Jahan blames it all upon Hala being a mental retard. Granny’s condition worsens and is taken to the hospital. Roomi continues her disguise as Sameen and flirts with the lecherous busboy on the phone. Hamza accompanies Hala to the hospital the next day. Khurram, who’s also in the hospital, taunts Hala for being a traitor. Shah Jahan lies to Nafees about Hala discontinuing the marriage at the last moment. Hala later tries borrowing Hamza’s phone but Shah Jahan intrudes upon them. The distraught girl then asks Hamza to explain the matter of marriage to her father and leaves. Shah Jahan persuades Hamza to ask for Hala’s hand in marriage. Khurram is disgusted by her lies and tells her to buzz off.

13. Bebasi (Ep 17)

Air Date: 04-Mar-2022

Mahrukh blames the cook for feeding his employers lousy dishes each day. Ifrah lends the poor man a helping hand and does the cooking. Both siblings greatly enjoy Ifrah’s cooking. Mahrukh is enraged to know that the delicious meals are prepared by Ifrah. Meanwhile, Ahmer is thoroughly impressed by Ifrah’s skillfulness in cooking. Ifrah’s grandmother dies from a heart attack. Sajid and Azra grieve for her. Ifrah is also moved to tears after learning about the death from Ahmer’s mouth. Ishrat’s cousin, Shakila arrives and both cousins spend quality time together. Shakila keeps on boasting about her son’s achievements. Neeli reaches cloud nine just from seeing the possibility of marrying Shakila’s son. Tameezuddin is disgusted by Shakila’s presence. He later commands Ishrat to let her relatives steer clear of his house. His friend, Basharat points out a potential son-in-law from Karachi. Both of them depart for the big city soon after. Tameezuddin finalizes Neeli’s marriage with Asif from Karachi soon after. Basharat suggests paying a visit to Ifrah before heading back home. Tameezuddin feels reluctant to do so but his friend keeps on insisting. Mahrukh tries to bribe Ifrah into leaving their home but fails. Ifrah clearly states her unwillingness to leave unless Ahmer tells her to. Nadia pays a visit and accompanies Ahmer for coffee.

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