Sang-e-Mah Episode 4 Story

Sang-e-Mah – Episode 4 Story

Below is the episode 4 story of the dramaSang-e-Mahthat was aired on 30 January 2022.

Sifat Ullah and his son, Naseeb Wali come to Laspiran to see Gul Meena. Gul Meena consoles Hikmat that she believes in aunty Zarsanga. She acknowledges that Hikmat doesn’t dare to do ghaq because he is not a rascal. Badam Gul advises Zarghuna to marry Gul Meena in the village and not far away.

Marjaan Khan visits Zarghuna and tries to convince her for Gul Meena and Hikmat’s marriage, but Zarghuna does not agree and wishes that her late husband would also have witnessed his daughter’s happiness before being murdered. Hilmand thinks about how to bring Guru Baksh to the council, who would give testimony of the martyrdom of his father. Sheherzaad asks Hilmand about the way to Laspiran. She meets Marjaan Khan, who tells her the deadly ghaq was 30 years ago.

Hikmat sets off to do ghaq at Zarghuna’s house but Zarsanga stops him. Hilmand plays his move by making ghaq on Zarghuna’s house. He challenges Marjaan Khan that if he turns this game around, he will accept him as a father.

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