Sila-e-Mubabbat Episode 39_40 Story

Sila-e-Mohabbat – Episode 39~40 Story (Last Episode)

Below is the story of episodes 39~40 of the drama ‘Sila-e-Mohabbat‘ that were aired on 06-Dec-2021 ~ 07-Dec-2021.

Rania apologizes to Raheel and his family and accepts Shahmir’s crimes. She puts in good words for Tabrez and asks Alizay to mend her relationship.

Raheel and his father leave the decision to Alizay who is confused about the whole situation and reminisces about her moments with Tabrez. Rania and Tabrez confront Mohsin and Shagufta who regret their actions seeing the hate of their children.

Akbar is caught by Ahmer and is found to be involved in Alizay’s kidnapping and the murder of her mother. Tabrez meets with an accident. Mohsin is arrested. Shehreena promises to support Ahmer’s decision of marriage and also mends her relationship with her in-laws.

Rania makes Alizay realize her love for Tabrez and their proper Rukhsati is planned. Ahmer expresses his wish to marry Rania. She agrees and both couples start their new happy journey. 

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