Sila-e-Mohabbat – Episode 19~23 Story

Below is the story of episodes 19~23 of the drama ‘Sila-e-Mohabbat‘ that were aired on 08~12 November 2021.

Rania cries in front of Tabrez and begs him not to grow distant from his family. Alizay is sad to see the two close and stays away from Tabrez.

Tabrez’s father feigns his sickness to send Tabrez to another city. Tabrez leaves and his parents ask Akbar to take Alizay back to her parents’ house.

Shehreena’s health deteriorates when she takes the medicine of a random physician. Her maid, Razia keeps blaming it on Aliya while Shehreena refuses to see a doctor.

Saeeda, Shagufta’s helper, tries to inform Tabrez about Alizay but in vain. Akbar keeps Alizay hostage and lies about her running away. Rania realizes Tabrez’s love for Alizay. Alizey runs away from Akbar and lands unconscious at her parent’s house. The family is concerned while Shehreena doesn’t want Raheel to have sympathy for Alizay. Tabrez returns and regrets leaving Alizay alone. 

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