Sinf-e-Aahan Episode 7 Story

Sinf-e-Aahan – Episode 7 Story

Below is the episode 7 story of the dramaSinf-e-Aahanthat was aired on 08 January 2022.

The parents come to drop off their children at the academy. Mahjabeen’s mother is concerned as she eats a variety of food and inquires about the same from the authorities. Shaista’s parents are concerned as she is the first child of the family to go out. The authorities satisfy the girls and start their training.

The senior officer admonishes Mahjabeen for chewing gum. She is insulted terribly and so is Rabia as she walks slowly. The girls are treated strictly and are allotted rooms after the inspection of their luggage. Mahjabeen’s makeup is taken and she is warned to tie her hair. She cries but bears it all.

Perrera arrives and shares a room with Arzoo. Sidra is scolded as she decorates her room with fairy lights. Mahjabeen faces another backlash when she locks her room and is told to revise the rules. 

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