Sinf-e-Aahan Episode 9 Story

Sinf-e-Aahan – Episode 9 Story

Below is the episode 9 story of the drama ‘Sinf-e-Aahan‘ that was aired on 22 January 2022.

Nathmy comes first in the one-mile run. The coach is disappointed with the candidates as a Sri Lankan cadet crossed the finish line first. Nathmy used to complete one mile in just six minutes in Sri Lanka. The Platoon Commander scolds candidates for haphazardly getting their uniforms. The roommates help each other, fixing their beret, laces, and belts. Shaista receives a ‘good’ from the Platoon Commander on her uniform checking.

In the tea break from the drill, Sidra is disappointed to see that only samosas are served, and in her shock, they get finished. Sidra is caught plucking a flower from PMA and gets to stand till evening as punishment. Rabia and Shaista massage each other’s feet. Mahjabeen massages Pariwesh’s back. The Platoon Commander checks their rooms. Capt. Usama narrates a story to his daughter where the girl fights for herself and receives the highest award. He believes marriage isn’t the end of a story but a phase. 

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