Detailed Story of the New Netflix Series; 'Vikings Valhalla'

A Detailed Story of the New Netflix Series; ‘Vikings: Valhalla’

Valhalla’s Time Period in History

Vikings: Valhalla takes place a whole century later after the exploits of the legendary King Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons; Bjion Ironside and Ivor the Boneless. By now, a vast population of Vikings has started to call Europe their homeland. The story outlines the expeditions of the great Norse explorer Leif Eriksson from a millennium ago. Leif is believed to have been the first to explore North America in mankind’s history; even five centuries before Columbus first set foot in the New World. 

This intriguing sequel to the History channel’s Vikings once again highlights the gruesome and bloody traditions of Vikings; the dissent among their various factions; the spread of Christianity among their ranks as well as thrilling explorations to lands previously unheard of.

The release of the first season of Vikings Valhalla came on 25th February 2022 on Netflix with eight episodes. We have summarized the whole story for you in the shortest possible words.

Aethelred’s Massacre of Vikings

The Saxon King, namely Aethelred 2, is disgusted by the thriving barbarians within his homeland. He leads a surprise attack against the unaware pagans. Very soon, Aethelred’s vast territory is purged from any and all traces of a Viking. 

Canute’s Army of Revenge

In the North, the Viking King Canute of Denmark becomes agitated after learning of the brutal massacre. He sends out a word for all Vikings to gather in Kattegat in masses. Thus, Canute forms a massive army of revenge! 

Leif’s Ulterior Motives in Moving to Kattegat

Leif Erikson ventures from Greenland to Kattegat alongwith his sister Freydis Eiriksdottir. He’s hunting a man with a particular cross hanging from his neck. Leif is still unaware of the atrocities committed by the Saxons against his Viking brethren. He’s left stupefied after learning of the situation. Freydis comes across Prince Harold Sigurdsson of Norway, who’s currently out for an adventure. She later shows Harold the cross-shaped mark on her back. She declares her desire for revenge against the wretched man who gifted her with that scar. The same man had also taken Freydis’s innocence while she was still a child. Harold’s step-brother King Olaf of Norway arrives in Kattegat as well. Accompanying him is the same man who ruined Freydis’s childhood. Leif instructs Freydis to rein in her temper and wait for a better opportunity for revenge. 

King Olaf, the Christian Viking

King Olaf is a newly-convert Christian and declares his desire for peace to Canute. All he asks is for the Vikings to convert into Christians as well. Canute rejects his proposal which leads to a bout of dissent. The two factions thrust aside their differences to focus on the more pressing matters. King Canute later gives a passionate speech to stir up the desire for revenge within his men’s hearts. He relates their endeavors to the time when King Ragnar’s sons sought revenge for their father’s murder. 

Freydis’s Revenge and Leif’s Helplessness

Freydis manages to kill her sworn enemy with a surprise attack while everybody is chilling at a party. She’s soon put into captivity along with her brother for the crime. Harold presents Leif with the choice to join their army in return for his sister’s freedom. King Aethelred is scared out of his wits after getting wind of the Viking’s decision for revenge. He soon passes away while leaving his son Prince Edmond in charge. Freydis ventures to Uppsala, a sacred place for the Vikings. Meanwhile, Leif’s boat is separated from the main fleet after a coincidence. The men on the boat try raising hurdles for him but he puts a leash on them soon. 

The Saxon’s Measures for Defense

Olaf suggests initiating an attack from the south. Queen Emma guesses her enemy’s strategy and places most of her men towards the south. Leif finally reunites with the main fleet after reaching land. Emma reaches a consensus with Striona, the elder man of Mercia. Striona is to gather his fleet in the south and attack the Vikings from there. Freydis’s group is attacked while on the way to Uppsala. She manages to throttle her Christian attacker after great difficulty. Emma advises Prince Edmond to delay his coronation as King. Doing so will prevent the increase of threat against him. Edmond refuses her suggestion and forcefully initiates his coronation. 

Scouting on the Saxon Army

Olaf suggests delegating a few men for spying in the south. Harold and Leif lead the covert mission. The delegation is discovered and attacked midway. Leif is left behind while everybody else safely retreats. Harold soon comes back and saves Leif. They then continue pursuing their mission of gathering intelligence. 

The Seer Reappears

Jarl Kare arrives at the site where Freydis strangled the unknown attacker. He firms his belief in finding Freydis as soon as possible. This particular man is leading a group of men called “berserkers” and is on a mission to forcefully spread the light of Christianity. 

The Seer from Vikings once again returns with his mysterious prophecies regarding the Viking’s future. This came as quite a surprise since Ivor the Boneless had slaughtered the creepy guy a hundred years ago. 

Freydis manages to see the Seer after going through bizarre procedures. He says to her, “You’re the last” in a mysterious voice.

Jarl Kare also witnesses the Seer’s glory after holding a massacre at the site of Uppsala. Freydis bumps across Jarl Kare, someone who forcefully converts Vikings into Christians. He lets her live after learning of what the Seer had told her. Freydis also helps deliver the man’s message to Jarl Hakoon of Kattegat. From thereon, she starts receiving training to become a shieldmaiden. 

Leif’s Impeccable Strategy and Edmond’s Capture

Harold and Leif return with news of Striona’s massive army in the south. Leif then suggests demolishing the bridge from under the castle. That way, they shall remove any paths of retreat for Edmond and capture him. Olaf is a bit doubtful of Leif’s suggestion but soon they decide to go through with it. Canute taunts Edmond with his clever tongue. The young king is stimulated and leaves his castle so he can behead Canute. Emma continuously warns him not to do so but all in vain. Leif manages to collapse the bridge and thus, Edmond is taken hostage. Striona leaves after taunting Edmond for being stupid from far away. 

Olaf’s Treachery

Olaf secretly hides Emma along with her children. He threatens her to hand over the gold. Unfortunately for him, Emma is unaware of the treasury’s whereabouts. Harold is on his way to behead Edmond but Canute stops him. He explains Edmond’s value in helping him rule England. Canute reveals the news of Olaf’s secret child to Harold. Olaf had lied to Harold about passing him the throne after his own death. All the while, he’d been raising his son as the next rightful heir. Harold is disgusted at his brother’s treachery and plans to assist Canute. 

Olaf runs off to Denmark as well instead of heading to his kingdom in Norway. He instigates Canute’s first wife Queen Elfgifu against her husband there. 

Canute’s Dominance & Charm

The Mercian Striona is invited to a party along with many others. Olaf is amazed to see his hostage Emma alongside Canute. King Canute slaughters the traitor Striona for being unfaithful. Queen Emma is of the mind to help Canute but is reluctant to do so. She’s worried for her children who are still in Olaf’s captivity. Godwin manages to free Emma’s children under Harold’s instruction. In fact, Harold has also been the one who sought out Emma from Olaf’s grasp. 

Canute develops the hots for Emma. She too holds him in high regard and as a result, sleeps with him soon after. Canute is forced to fend against Rus in Denmark. He marries his new sweetheart Emma before his departure. 

Leif’s Rise to Popularity

Leif’s popularity is on the rise after the success of his brilliant strategy. Edmond is left as a king in name only while Canute is the one pulling his strings. Harold shifts all attention towards Leif as a sign of goodwill. Freydis gets past her shieldmaiden exams and makes love with Harold as her reward. 

Forkbeard’s Ironfist Rule

Edmond, who’s still thriving in his fantasies, plans to usurp the throne from Emma. His dreams are shattered after witnessing Canute’s father Forkbeard as the new in-charge of London. Grandpa Forkbeard is in fact a ruthless character and will no way let others disadvantage his daughter-in-law. The queen soon ventures to London along with her royal fleet. Grandpa Forkbeard’s hands are tied as he is unable to control his incoming daughter-in-law. Later he sends Emma off to Normandy in order to please Queen Elfgifu.

Godwin’s Assassination of King Edmond

Godwin plans a retaliation with the ignorant Edmond in tow. Soon after, he double-crosses Edmond and kills him by puncturing the young king’s heart. Forkbeard and the rest believe in Godwin without too much hassle. However, Emma grows suspicious and carefully scrutinizes Edmond’s dead body. She learns the truth but chooses to let go of it. 

Jarl Kare’s Alliance With Olaf

Jarl Kare, whom Freydis previously encountered, now teams up with Olaf. Together, they plan to topple Kattegat. The story takes an immediate turn after Harold once again reunites with his brother Olaf. As it happens, the two had been playing a ruse of being at odds with each other. Harold reveals all of the openings within Kattegat’s defense to his brother. Jarl Hakoon of Kattegat declines Olaf’s demand to convert her people into Christians. Harold is still trying to play the “I’m your best buddy” role. He signals to Leif about Olaf’s army attacking from the sea. In reality, though, the entire Christian force is concentrated towards the land. Barely any enemies swim past the sea to launch an attack. Leif soon realizes that Harold has placed a hat on his head. He quickly heads off to help the ones on land. 

The Fall of Kattegat

Jarl Hakoon is heavily injured and soon takes her last breath. Freydis succeeds in beheading the baldie, Jarl Kare. Leif’s girlfriend Liv also fails to live past the battle and dies in his arms. Freydis comes to the injured Harold’s rescue and takes him away. Olaf finally manages to capture Kattegat. Forkbeard and Emma double cross Queen Elfigo. Emma assumes the leadership of London while Forkbeard voyages towards Kattegat with his fleet. Soon another battle erupts with heavy casualties on Olaf’s side. Leif goes on a crazy rampage and beheads all standing in his way.

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