When Parisa, a young doctor, goes through a sad incident, her loving husband changes his behavior becoming apathetic towards his wife. This fact, however, does not stop her to stand for justice.

  • Start Date: 24-Jan-2022
  • End Date: 19-Sep-2022
  • Total Episodes: 33
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: MD Productions
  • TV Channel: HUM TV

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Cast & Crew

Zarnish Khan

Parisa (Hamza's wife)

Sajida Syed

Parisa's mother

Michelle Mumtaz

Shiza (Parisa's sister)

Rana Majid

Shehryar (Parisa's brother)

Faiza Gillani

Fareeha (Shehryar's wife)

Areeba Shahood Alvi

Naveen (Babar's sister)

Mehmood Aslam

Malik Jahangir (Asfand's father)

Huma Nawab

Bilal's mother




Irfan Kashmiri

Director of Photography


Episode 1

Air Date: 24-Jan-2022

Hamza is madly in love with his wife Parisa who’s a doctor. His love for her remains undiminished even though she can’t bear any children. Parisa’s sister, Shiza is about to marry soon to Bilal. Parisa’s mother is very fond of her son-in-law, Hamza while ignoring her own son, Shehryar. Shehryar and his wife feel gloomy upon the rejection shown towards them. A critical case arrives in the hospital under Parisa’s authority. After examining the patient, she returns back home. Later, she altogether forgets the matter during her sister’s Mehndi ceremony. The patient’s condition worsens and he eventually dies. Parisa is aggrieved and frustrated upon hearing the news. During the ceremony, one of Bilal’s friends tries to capture photos of Parisa. Hamza spots him doing so and is enraged. After declaring to discontinue the marriage, he leaves. Shehryar’s wife, Fareeha tries to stir trouble between Parisa and Hamza but fails. Shehryar backbites on Hamza while Shiza defends her brother-in-law’s choice. The misunderstanding is later cleared and the marriage is to progress as usual. Some lustful playboy sets his sight on Parisa’s beauty while on the road.

Episode 2

Air Date: 31-Jan-2022

The playboy’s cronies beat up Hamza while he himself blatantly snatches Parisa. Hamza falls unconscious after the rough beating while Parisa struggles to set herself free but to no avail. Hamza fails to locate her after waking up. He then goes back to his in-laws. The family is caught in desperation after learning of the distressing news. Parisa tries to run away after the car comes to a stop. The kidnappers chase after her but soon slip away after the police arrive. The police inform Hamza about Parisa’s rescue. He is startled to witness the wretched appearance of his wife at the police station. As it happens, her clothes had been torn a bit during the fierce struggle to escape. The family members decide not to file a lawsuit since the criminals are unknown. Fareeha gloats upon Parisa’s miserable outcome. Hamza refuses to face Parisa. The suspicion of whether his wife got raped or not gnaws at his heart.

Episode 3

Air Date: 07-Feb-2022

Fareeha comes to convince Shiza to prepare for the parlor but she refuses to go. Her mother and Shehryar arrive in the meantime. Later, Hamza and Parisa deny attending the marriage. Fareeha relates it to Parisa’s kidnapping incident. Shehryar is enraged and demands how his sister was wrong in the matter. Fareeha blames it all on Parisa’s misfortune. Shiza is saddened at Parisa and Hamza’s absence and is moved to tears. Her make-up gets ruined continuously until Fareeha comes to scold her. Parisa tries her best to convince Hamza to attend the marriage but he remains lackluster and refuses to answer her. Shiza’s in-laws are irritated at the couple’s absence during the wedding. Shehryar apologizes to them for the inconvenience. Shiza’s husband also instructs her not to cut ties with Hamza and Parisa after what they did. Parisa packs her belongings and leaves in despair. Shiza is reinvigorated at her sister’s arrival. Later, she’s confused at Hamza’s absence.

Episode 4

Air Date: 14-Feb-2022

Parisa is immersed in sorrow at having to leave her home. Fareeha is irritated at her sister-in-law’s arrival and warns her husband to let his sister buzz off within two days. The groom’s family raises questions regarding Hamza’s absence at the wedding. Both Parisa and her mother resort to different excuses to cover up the reason. Parisa’s mother keeps spinning lies regarding Parisa and her husband’s situation. Fareeha ridicules her for being stupid since such matters can’t be kept secret forever. The disheartened mother goes to Hamza in hope of convincing him to forget about the past. Hamza remains stubborn which puts the old lady in a desperate situation and so she faints while on the way back. Parisa happens to run across her mother shortly after and takes her to the hospital. Later, Hamza reflects over his mother-in-law’s advice and calls his wife. He then heads towards the hospital after learning how Parisa’s mother has suffered from a heart attack. Bilal is disgusted by witnessing Shiza’s family lying to his face. He becomes doubtful whether his wife has the same bad habit of telling lies. His mother only allows the newly-wed couple to visit the northern areas for their honeymoon since she can’t bear to part with her son for long. Shiza is irritated as Hamza has already prepared tickets for Paris for the two of them. Bilal resorts to a bit of strictness in dealing with Shiza which further worsens her mood.

Episode 5

Air Date: 21-Feb-2022

Bilal takes Shiza back to her mother’s home for a visit where she wishes to stay for longer. Bilal refuses her request since he hasn’t sought permission from his mother. Meanwhile, he becomes confused after perceiving the distraught vibes from Shiza’s family. He asks whether it’s related to the incident on the night of Mehndi. God knows what lies (or truth) Shiza tells to placate her husband. Shehryar tries to convince Hamza to let go of the past but all in vain. Bilal asks Shiza to once again go to her mother’s home. He explains how his mother wishes for Shiza to gather intelligence. Shiza blames her mother-in-law for craving gossip which annoys Bilal. Parisa receives news of her pregnancy and instantly becomes delighted. Hamza is amazed after hearing the news at first. Soon after, he remembers the incident from the night of Mehndi. The thought turns him suspicious regarding the baby’s origins and so he warns Parisa to drop the child. Parisa disagrees despite Hamza threatening to divorce her.

Episode 6

Air Date: 28-Feb-2022

Parisa rejects Hamza’s demands regarding her abortion. Hamza threatens to disown her but the latter remains stubborn. She reminds him how it’s freaking impossible for a mother to throttle her own child. Shiza plans to go back home for a visit. She forgets to seek her mother-in-law’s permission while in haste. Her husband, Bilal minds such negligence a lot. He leaves her at her parents’ home and orders her to stay there for a few days. His mother further brainwashes his mind regarding his newly-wed wife. Bilal refuses to pay any heed to Shiza’s pleas and simply ignores her. Parisa takes her sister back to her in-laws. Bilal’s mother is afraid in case the situation isn’t chaotic enough already. She further instigates her son who then erupts on Shiza’s head like a volcano. A patient involved in a critical accident arrives. Parisa’s mind goes blank after seeing the person’s face. Interestingly, it’s the same man who almost took her innocence on the roadside not too long ago. Parisa reins in her desire for revenge and performs her duty honestly. The man is saved while Parisa continuously sanitizes her hands to remove any trace of him.

Episode 7

Air Date: 07-Mar-2022

Parisa goes to check up on the patient after he has regained consciousness. The patient, Asfand asks her why she saved him although she had an easy chance to kill him. Parisa tells him that it was her duty to save him. She informs her husband that the playboy has been found. Hamza is enraged to hear this news and rushes to the hospital. Meanwhile, Asfand’s father, Malik Jahangir, an influential politician arrives at the hospital along with his protocol. Hamza barges into the hospital room but is stopped by Malik and his guards who beat him up for trying to hurt Malik and his son. Shiza is on the phone with her mother telling her that she has married a mama’s boy. Just then, her mother-in-law eavesdrops on her conversation and records it. Bilal arrives home after work and is exasperated to listen to Shiza’s recording on his maid’s phone. In his fury, he bursts onto Shiza and immediately fires the maid. Shiza’s mother-in-law had conspired the whole situation so she hands over some money to the maid later. Shiza’s best friend, Hina asks Parisa to take a stand for herself through social media. Shehryar stops her from provoking Parisa as it will be a disgrace for the entire family. Malik asks the hospital’s director to fire Dr. Parisa in exchange for donations for the hospital. Parisa is shocked after receiving her termination letter.

Episode 8

Air Date: 14-Mar-2022

After being dazed by the news of termination, Parisa leaves the hospital immediately. Fareeha, once again, warns her mother-in-law to put some sense into Parisa’s head to stay away from social media. Her mother-in-law shuts her off thinking that Parisa is a smart and sensible girl and that she won’t do anything to jeopardize the family’s respect and honor. Parisa goes to check up on Shiza and finds out that she is pregnant. They decide to keep the news confidential until it is further confirmed through a medical test. Bilal is peeved to see his mother performing the usual household chores. He oppressively dictates Shiza to do them as she is the reason why the maid is fired. Parisa can’t stop thinking about what Hina said regarding the power of social media and so she calls her. Asfand seems guilty for his hideous act of harassment towards Parisa. Hamza arrives home to take Parisa with him. Just then, he and Shehryar are boiled with anger to see Parisa giving her statement against Malik Jahangir and his son on television. Parisa is slapped by her mother for bringing notoriety to the family.

Episode 9

Air Date: 21-Mar-2022

Shiza calls Parisa to appreciate her for standing up for herself. Malik Jahangir is adamant to take revenge on Parisa for defaming his name. Shiza faints when Bilal asks her to cut all her ties with Parisa. Bilal escorts her to the hospital only to find out that she is expecting. Hamza meets Parisa to tell her that he is going to London forever. He is pissed at Parisa for making a spectacle out of her honor and informs her that she will soon receive the divorce papers. Parisa and her mother are devastated to hear about Hamza’s decision. Fareeha and Shehryar are worried about their future plans getting ruined due to Parisa’s divorce and her upcoming baby. Hina encourages Parisa to stay strong for her baby. While leaving for abroad, Hamza is troubled with flashbacks of his beautiful memories with Parisa. Bilal takes Shiza to her mother’s place to tell them about the good news. Both of them are confused to see a tense environment at the house. Malik Jahangir calls Parisa to tell her that Hina has faced a horrible car accident.

Episode 10

Air Date: 28-Mar-2022

Parisa rushes to the hospital to see Hina. Shiza is annoyed with her mother-in-law who does not allow her to visit her best friend, Hina. Bilal bursts onto her like a volcano when she tries to speak rudely to his mother while unintentionally pushing her to the ground. In the hospital, Bilal experiences strong emotions of distress after losing his baby while his mother plays a facade lying about the cause of Shiza’s miscarriage to her mother. After gaining consciousness, Hina unravels the truth to Parisa about Malik Jahangir who threatened to destroy her life if she carries on with the case. Parisa is forced to give a statement revoking her previous allegation against Malik Jahangir. Asfand reprimands his father over his immoral deeds. Shehryar fumes with anger after watching Parisa’s latest statement. Shiza is disappointed with Parisa for not holding her stand.

Episode 11

Air Date: 04-Apr-2022

Shiza censures Parisa for killing her courage and bravery but is shocked to find out that Parisa revoked her statement to keep her family out of Malik Jahangir’s troubles. The entire house comes to blows when Shehryar asks for his share in the property to move abroad with his wife. However, his mother declares to give him what he wants. Asfand bursts onto his father for exploiting Parisa’s helplessness. He decides to go to Parisa with an apology but is compelled when Malik Jahangir threatens him to divorce his mother. After discovering that Bilal’s business is not doing well, his mother asks him to persuade Shiza into asking for her share in the property from her family. Parisa faces a hard time during her job hunt as no one wants to appoint her based on her scarred character. After finding out that Parisa and her mother are about to go homeless, Hina offers them a place in her house.

Episode 12

Air Date: 11-Apr-2022

Bilal manipulates Shiza to lend him her and Parisa’s share in the property so he can set up his own business. He promises to make Parisa the partner of the company once it gets established. Parisa’s mother advises her to open a clinic but Parisa decides to invest in Bilal’s business. After a few years, Bilal’s business has been established and Shiza asks him to fulfill his promise as Parisa is still struggling to find a decent job. Bilal abruptly refuses and asks Shiza not to bring this topic again as he will revoke his decision of cutting her off from her family. His mother explicitly warns Shiza to focus on family planning or else she will marry Bilal off to someone else. Turns out, she has been deliberately feeding Shiza medicines that decrease the chances of conceiving a baby as she wants to bring a new daughter-in-law. Parisa has a beautiful daughter and she is still haunted by memories of Hamza. Parisa finally lands a job as a receptionist but when she is interviewed by her boss, Babar about why she left her medical profession, Parisa furiously walks out.

Episode 13

Air Date: 18-Apr-2022

Parisa advises Shiza not to confront her mother-in-law and tactfully handle the conspiracy by discontinuing the medicines. Babar calls Parisa to his office and offers her a job at his friend’s hospital so that she can rejoin her profession. At first, she refuses as she can’t bear getting a job on someone’s approbation. But later relents when Babar assures her that she landed the job based on her competency. Bilal and Shiza are elated to find out that they are expecting a baby. They break the news to Bilal’s mother who shams to be overjoyed. Parisa joins the hospital where she is wholeheartedly welcomed. Babar can’t stop thinking about Parisa and calls her to enquire about her hospital life. She expresses her gratitude and invites him over for dinner. Babar’s sister, Naveen who lives abroad wants him to get married so that he can get over his troubled childhood.

Episode 14

Air Date: 25-Apr-2022

Shiza’s mother-in-law continues to make her life difficult by portraying her as bad-mannered in the eyes of Bilal. Babar grows close to Parisa’s daughter, Hareem as he sees in her his sister’s childhood who also longed for the presence of a father in her life. Bilal hosts a business dinner at his house where Shiza invites Parisa as well. After overhearing her mother-in-law insult Parisa in front of the guests, Shiza loses her cool and confronts her. Bilal misbehaves with Shiza for being impolite with his mother and badmouths Parisa. Turns out, Babar is present there, and seeing Bilal’s awful behavior, he calls off his deal with him. Later, he proposes Parisa for marriage and assures her to take Hareem’s responsibility. Bilal forces Shiza to ask Parisa to get Babar back on the deal and upon Shiza’s refusal, he drops her at her mother’s house. Seeing Shiza’s miserable state, Parisa requests Babar to finalize the deal with Bilal and he complies.

Episode 15

Air Date: 02-May-2022

After getting his deal confirmed, Bilal decides to bring Shiza back home. But Shiza is fed up after enduring the cruelty of Bilal and his mother for so long, so she finally takes a stand for herself and refuses to go with him. Seeing the goodness and decency of Babar, Parisa agrees to marry him and the entire family celebrates. Later, Bilal and his mother go to meet Shiza only to find that she is enjoying Parisa’s mehndi ceremony. They fume with anger after realizing that they have not been invited. However, Bilal cools his anger as he does not want to ruin his relations with Babar. A day before the Nikah, Naveen surprises Babar by coming to Pakistan unannounced and tells him about a guy that she likes. Finally, Parisa and Babar are married and Parisa is in happy tears to have married a righteous man who is considerate and truly affectionate. On the other hand, Bilal hatches a plot to impress Babar. So, he somehow manipulates Shiza and takes her back home.

Episode 16

Air Date: 09-May-2022

Hina makes a comeback on television after many years and Asfand is shocked to see her on the news. He tracks her down which leads him to Parisa. While Parisa is enjoying her date night with Babar, Asfand intervenes attempting to apologize to her but is thrown out of the restaurant on Babar’s orders. Later, Asfand meets Hina and requests her to ease his guilt by arranging a show for him where he can publicly apologize to Parisa for the humiliation that Malik Jahangir caused her. Shiza’s mother-in-law insists on inviting Parisa and Babar over for dinner but Babar refuses to go as he dislikes Bilal and his cunningness. Naveen surprises Babar and Parisa with her newly married husband who turns out to be Parisa’s ex, Hamza. Parisa is startled to see him and both Hamza and Parisa keep from their partners the truth about their past association. Naveen later reveals to Babar that her love for Hamza is one-sided and that Hamza is still tangled in his past life.

Episode 17

Air Date: 16-May-2022

Hamza is disturbed to see the interview of Asfand and Parisa in which the former sincerely apologizes to Parisa for assassinating her dignified character. Malik Jahangir is boiling mad at Asfand for publicly auctioning off his respect and in his fury, he kicks Asfand out of the house. Hamza is indulged in memories of his past with Parisa and feels attracted to Parisa’s daughter, Hareem. Seeing Hamza’s fondness for Hareem, Naveen asks him to plan a family but Hamza passes over it. Babar is impressed to see Hamza’s plans for the business and offers to invest in it. But Hamza straightaway refuses his help and sells his house to start the business. Later, Babar convinces Hamza and Naveen to stay at his place instead of renting out a house. Bilal’s mother keeps instigating him to be cruel to Shiza and indoctrinates him to build strong relations with Babar for his own convenience. 

Episode 18

Air Date: 23-May-2022

Babar discovers that Asfand is hunting for a job and so he appoints him as his office assistant. Living in the same house, Hamza fumes with anger seeing Parisa’s closeness with Babar. In his fury, he drives rashly only to meet a terrific accident. Upon knowing that Naveen’s husband is hospitalized, Parisa’s mother asks Hina to take her to the hospital but is stunned to find out that he is none other than Hamza. Bilal tries to convince Shiza to give Parisa and Babar a visit but Shiza bluntly refuses as she wants to keep the truth about Hamza living in Parisa’s house under wraps. Hamza is discharged from the hospital and is instructed to bedrest. As a doctor, Parisa is obliged to take care of his dressing and health. She feels uncomfortable with Hamza’s gazes and him getting close to Hareem.

Episode 19

Air Date: 30-May-2022

Despite Hamza’s wrongdoings, Parisa’s mother holds a soft corner for him in her heart and goes to meet him. Hamza opens up to her and tells her that he regrets what he has done and wants to rectify his mistakes by remarrying Parisa. Parisa’s mother strictly condemns him from doing so and threatens to cut all her ties with him if he tries to invade Parisa’s life. Asfand who used to be a spoiled brat is now leading the life of an ordinary middle-class man. Seeing him waiting on a bus stand, Hina offers him a ride. Just then, Malik Jahangir spots Asfand with Hina in her car and presumes that they are living together. In the office, Hamza fumes with anger seeing Asfand with Babar. Naveen and Babar are confused to see Hamza’s silent rage. Later, Asfand apologizes to Hamza in private but Hamza grabs him by his collar and refuses to accept his apology.

Episode 20

Air Date: 06-Jun-2022

Shiza’s mother-in-law goes to Shiza to trick her into getting Babar to support Bilal. But Shiza abruptly slates her, making it clear that she can’t stand her diplomacy and cunningness anymore. The two-faced mother promptly calls Bilal to complain against Shiza. When Bilal confronts Shiza for misbehaving with his mother, Shiza takes an impulsive decision and leaves the house. Seeing Parisa’s bewilderment, Babar puts the pieces of the puzzle together and finds out about Hamza being her past. Later, he assures her that he has full faith in her. Despite the complexities, Babar is ready to accept the bitter reality for the sake of Naveen’s happiness. Hina develops feelings for Asfand and discusses it with Shiza who strongly expresses her disapproval of it. On Hamza’s birthday, Naveen asks Parisa how she should dress for Hamza. Being a caring sister-in-law, Parisa advises her about it since she knows Hamza’s taste very well.

Episode 21

Air Date: 13-Jun-2022

During the party, Parisa accidentally slips into Hamza’s arms and Babar is perplexed to witness it. Later, seeing him upset, Parisa talks to him and he elucidates that he is unable to tolerate Hareem and Hamza’s closeness. Parisa assures Babar that only he has the right to claim Hareem as his daughter since he is the one who fulfilled all responsibilities of a father. Bilal starts doubting his mother’s evil intentions for Shiza after she asks him not to bring her back home. Naveen gets a weird vibe seeing Hamza happy with Hareem, so she once again insists on him starting a family. However, Hamza refuses by saying that he needs at least two years to himself. Through Babar’s support, Shiza sends divorce papers to Bilal. Bilal rushes to Shiza to confront her but is faced by Babar instead who gives him a choice between his wife and his business. Hina confesses her feelings to Asfand who does not utter a single word, making her feel that he is uninterested in her.

Episode 22

Air Date: 20-Jun-2022

Babar and Hamza come face-to-face about the latter’s past. Babar asks Hamza to stay away from Hareem. Hamza wants the legal right on her being Hareem’s biological father. Hamza reveals to Naveen the truth about Parisa being his first wife and the only love of his life, shattering her heart into a million pieces. Despite getting betrayed, Naveen is head over heels for Hamza and can’t imagine living without him. Bilal can’t stop thinking about the deal Babar offered him and seeks advice from his mother who persuades him into prioritizing his business over Shiza. He goes to Babar and informs him about his preference of choosing business over his wife and unborn child, drawing resentment in Babar’s heart. Asfand informs his mother about his plans of getting married to Hina and is determined to take a stand for her in case his father disapproves of Hina.

Episode 23

Air Date: 27-Jun-2022

Parisa consoles Shiza after she finds out that Bilal has chosen to divorce her. Hamza threatens Babar that if he keeps drawing distance between him and Hareem, he will be bound to file a case for her custody, leaving Babar disoriented. Bilal arrives at Babar’s office to finalize the deal and is surprised to see Hamza there. When Hamza finds out about Babar and Bilal’s deal, he berates Babar for mishandling Shiza’s case and destroying her marriage. Later, he goes to meet Shiza and offers to talk to Bilal to change his mind but Shiza instantly refuses as she does not want to tarnish her self-respect. Naveen is unable to bear Hamza’s obsession with Parisa and starts envying her. Hamza announces to leave the house and makes it clear that he will come back anytime to meet his daughter. Upon his mother’s instigation, Bilal meets Babar and evokes a misunderstanding in his heart that Parisa will remarry Hamza. 

Episode 24

Air Date: 04-Jul-2022

After Babar kicks Bilal out of his office, the former returns home only to find Hamza expressing his love to Parisa. Parisa is startled to see Babar and tries to clear the misunderstanding but Babar interrupts her explanation and leaves. Bilal’s mother applauds him for following her instructions and creating a drift in Parisa’s relationship. At Hareem’s parent-teacher meeting, Hamza arrives unannounced before Babar, leaving Parisa confused. Babar appears shortly after and fumes with anger seeing Hamza holding Parisa’s hand. Later, he chides Parisa for leading Hamza on and not reminding him of his limits. Babar advises Naveen to exhort Hamza from interfering in Parisa’s life or else he will report him to the police. When Naveen informs Hamza about the threat, he feels no remorse and instead intends to be even more rebellious. Jahangir calls Hina’s mother, warning her to put a leash on her daughter.

Episode 25

Air Date: 18-Jul-2022

Hamza barges into Parisa’s hospital room, forcing her to leave Babar. Bilal’s mother happens to be passing by in the hospital and spots Parisa with Hamza. She grabs the opportunity to take a picture of them and sends it to Bilal so he can further pressure Babar to end his marriage. Bilal shows Babar and Naveen the picture, aggravating the misunderstanding. Both Babar and Naveen are in the same boat as they have started doubting their spouses for their loyalties. Parisa conceals the truth from Babar about her meeting with Hamza. When Babar confronts her about it, she goes numb and tries to clear the misunderstanding. Babar blames Parisa for being disloyal to him and leaves the house angrily. In his fury, he drives rashly and runs his car into a truck. Naveen holds Parisa responsible for her brother’s miserable condition and forces her to stay away from him for a while. Parisa summons Asfand to the hospital and asks him to keep her updated on Babar’s condition, driving Hamza mad.

Episode 26

Air Date: 25-Jul-2022

Parisa tries to prove her innocence in front of Naveen who is not ready to hear any justifications. Seeing her brother and husband madly in love with Parisa, Naveen develops a grudge for her. Her feelings become even more intensified when Hamza mentions that he wants to atone for his mistakes and remarry Parisa. The news of Babar and Parisa’s reconciliation displeases Bilal’s mother as she wants to avenge Babar for ending Bilal’s marriage. Babar gets discharged from the hospital and is disappointed by Naveen for not coming to see him. To further create a rift in Babar’s life, Bilal goes to meet Naveen but Asfand stops him from advancing. Shiza and her mother run into Shehryar in a store and are shocked to see him in Pakistan. It turns out that Fariha’s brother-in-law had defrauded Shehryar abroad due to which he and Fariha have returned back empty-handed. 

Episode 27

Air Date: 01-Aug-2022

Naveen is pissed to see that Hamza has opened a bank account in Hareem’s name and she confronts him about it. Hamza clarifies that Hareem has a right to his earnings and that he will do everything to fulfill his fatherly duties. Parisa refuses to take a penny from Hamza. However, when Hamza threatens to reveal the truth to Hareem, she is compelled to sign the documents. Babar brings up the idea to Naveen of naming his business shares to Parisa. This enrages her and she calls the board meeting, turning the business partners’ against Babar’s decision. Deceived, Babar decides to separate from the business. Bilal feels accomplished after hearing the news of Babar’s separation from the business. Shiza suggests Parisa meet Hamza and persuade him to stop Naveen from ruining her relationship with her brother. Babar feels betrayed after he spots Parisa meeting Hamza discreetly. 

Episode 28

Air Date: 15-Aug-2022

Tensions keep rising between Babar and Parisa after the former sees Hamza’s calls in Parisa’s call log. This accelerates even further when he finds out that Hamza transfers funds into Hareem’s account. Parisa tries to assure him that she was compelled to accept Hamza’s money as he threatened to expose Hareem to the truth but Babar refuses to listen to any justification. Fariha instigates Shehryar to meet with his mother and find out the reason for Shiza’s separation. When Shehryar refuses to comply, she goes to meet Shiza’s ex-mother-in-law and joins hands with her with the purpose to sabotage Parisa’s life. Asfand takes his mother to perfect his engagement with Hina. Jahangir ousts his wife from the house when she refuses to sever ties with Asfand. Naveen goes against Babar’s decision and signs a business deal with Bilal. This hurts Babar’s integrity and he eventually parts away from the business.

Episode 29

Air Date: 22-Aug-2022

Parisa goes to Naveen’s house to clear up the misunderstanding. Naveen refuses to hear any clarifications and shuts the door on her face. She craves Hamza’s love and decides to get separated from him to escape the suffering. Hamza does not stop her from leaving which compels Naveen to stay at Babar’s place. Despite Babar’s constant warnings, Parisa meets Hamza and persuades him to mend his relationship with Naveen and take her back home. When Hamza refuses to listen to her, she seeks her mother’s help to convince him. Hamza agrees to take Naveen back after Parisa’s mother informs him that Parisa is expecting a baby. While Babar and Parisa celebrate the good news, Hamza and Naveen mourn over their doomed destiny. Fariha goes to meet her mother-in-law and puts up a fake apology act to gain sympathy. In front of Babar, she deliberately talks to Parisa regarding Hamza, making her uncomfortable. 

Episode 30

Air Date: 29-Aug-2022

Fariha instigates Bilal’s mother to send Shiza the divorce papers. Hamza wishes well for Parisa after making peace with the fact that he has lost her forever. To rectify his mistake, he apologizes to Naveen and tries to convince her to come home with him. Naveen spurns him down, refusing to stay in a relationship that lacks love. Parisa feels guilty seeing Hamza in a miserable state and holds herself responsible for his condition. Babar overhears her expressing these feelings to her mother and starts doubting her intentions. Bilal bumps into an old friend who works in the stock exchange. In hopes to become a billionaire, he decides to invest his money in buying stocks. Babar plans a surprise birthday for Hareem. However, before he could do so, Hamza takes the lead and arranges the birthday party to surprise Hareem. Babar fumes with anger seeing his plan go to waste and leaves the house in a fury.

Episode 31

Air Date: 05-Sep-2022

Fariha feels accomplished to see Parisa back at her mother’s house after having a fight with Babar. Asfand finds out about his father’s ailment and rushes to him to look after him. He gets his reports checked by Parisa only to find out that he is diagnosed with the last stage of blood cancer and has a very weak prognosis. Hamza requests Naveen to help him mend Parisa and Babar’s relationship but Naveen refuses to believe him. Fariha anonymously sends Parisa and Hamza’s old wedding pictures to Naveen to fuel her fire. Babar gets the number identified and finds out that it is registered under Shehryar’s name. He confronts Shehryar about it, leaving him puzzled. Shehryar overhears his wife conspiring against Parisa over the phone. In his fury, he drags her to his mother and threatens to divorce her. Awash with guilt, Fariha attempts suicide by overdosing and ends up in a hospital.

Episode 32

Air Date: 12-Sep-2022

Jahangir realizes that he is suffering God’s wrath in the form of his life-threatening ailment. His conscience finally wakes up and he publicly apologizes to Parisa for destroying her life. He also decides to establish an NGO to help people around the country. Hamza resents Parisa after he sees Jahangir’s public apology. He feels agitated to see people talking about her all over again. Jahangir finally takes his last breath and as a gesture of humanity, Parisa goes to his funeral only to find the media accusing her of plotting a publicity stunt. Witnessing the entire drama, Babar unwillingly decides to divorce her. Parisa feels heartbroken and falls unconscious after Babar informs her about his decision. Later, he tells Parisa that he is moving abroad and will keep sending her money to fulfill his responsibility. However, when he demands to get custody of their unborn child, Parisa straightaway refuses, labeling him a weak man.

Episode 33 (Last Episode) 

Air Date: 19-Sep-2022

Fariha realizes her mistake and sets on a path of redemption, convincing Babar that Parisa is loyal to him. Bilal loses all his money in the stock exchange and goes bankrupt. Babar overhears Parisa explaining her love and respect for him to Hamza and clarifying that Hamza no longer holds any place in her heart. Shehryar regrets abandoning his mother and takes her and Shiza back home. Naveen apologizes to her brother for aggravating his misunderstanding and driving him away from Parisa. Guilty, Babar goes to Parisa to make amends for hurting her. After realizing that Parisa will never let him in her life, Hamza decides to settle down and reconciles with Naveen, promising that he will eventually fall in love with her. Bilal and his mother apologize to Shiza for mistreating her and take her back home. Parisa gives birth to a baby and she and Babar lead a happy life together.

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