Aye Musht-e-Khaak

  • Start Date: 13-Dec-2021
  • End Date: 12-Apr-2022
  • Total Episodes: 36
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: 7th Sky Entertainment
  • TV Channel: GEO TV
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    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1~2

    Air Date: 13-Dec-2021 ~ 14-Dec-2021

    The episode starts with Dayaan just returning from abroad after two years and is warmly welcomed by his family. Dua, who’s a well-mannered girl with a peaceful nature loves living on their family’s farm and spending time with her brother and parents. The day Dayaan returns, Shakeela comes to visit along with her son with the intention to propose Dua for her one and only son. Meanwhile, Dua takes Mustajab to a stroll around the farm where all along the way, Mustajab keeps trying to impress her by telling her how impressive and talented he is. Although he truly is gifted but because of his conceited and egotistical personality, and his disdain for religion and simple living at the farm, Dua doesn’t get a favorable first impression of him. The next day, Shakeela is distressed to receive the news of Dua’s rejection while Mustajab refuses to believe that there’s a girl that can reject him. Later on, at a gathering party at the farm, Mustajab has a heart-to-heart talk with Dua where he tells her how he feels attracted towards her and has possibly fallen in love with her.

    Episode 3~4

    Air Date: 20-Dec-2021 ~ 21-Dec-2021

    Mustajab conveys to Dua how deep his feelings are for her. Unfortunately, Dua reluctantly rejects his proposal since she can’t bear to part with her family and move to America with him. After returning back home, Mustajab is utterly depressed while his mental clock is stuck on Dua. He admits to his mother how he has fallen for Dua and can’t bear living without her. Shakeela later promises to settle the pair in Pakistan permanently which gets her the consent of Dua and her family. Mustajab takes Dua out for a date where the poor girl is once again charmed by him. 

    Getting impatient, Mustajab incites his mother to conclude marriage within a couple months. However, Dua declines the request since her exams are drawing near and she needs to invest all her time in studies and strive for good results. Enraged after constantly being rejected, Mustajab lashes out in anger towards Dua’s supposed ego in Dayaan’s presence. Utterly disappointed by his behavior, the family concludes how the two are opposite extremes of one another with Dua being gentle and cool like a lake while Mustajab being a scorching sun that burns. Hence, they decide to let this marriage progress no further and inform Shakeela of their decision.

    Episode 5~6

    Air Date: 27-Dec-2021 ~ 28-Dec-2021

    Dua and Dayaan head to the same hotel where she and Mustajab had dinner last time. Surprisingly, Mustajab is already present there. Both have a chat where they decide to forget the previous misgivings and continue with the marriage. Shortly after, they get married. Later on, Mustajab suggests heading somewhere outside upon which Dua readily agrees and so takes him to a mosque. What surprises her is how Mustajab is totally unaware of the general mosque etiquettes as well as the form of prayers and so. Sadly though, the most shocking thing is that despite being born a Muslim, Mustajab has no firm belief in Allah Almighty.

    Dayaan coincidentally bumps into Shakeela, who’s heading off to Islamabad. Later, Mustajab tricks Dua (who’s unaware of Shakeela’s absence) into coming over to his home. After knowing the truth, Dua immediately intends to leave while Mustajab refuses to let her go. Just at that moment, Dayaan who’s already become suspicious of Mustajab’s tricks, arrives and takes Dua back home. Later, he convinces Dua how she’s being overly emotional in Mustajab’s matter, considering how he grew up in America’s unrestrained culture. Mustajab however, hates Dayaan for ruining his good deeds and is planning to take Dua along to America using his right as her husband where Shakeela severely warns him not to or he may lose Dua forever.

    Episode 7~8

    Air Date: 03-Jan-2022 ~ 04-Jan-2022

    While Mustajab is at a dinner party at Dua’s home, his mother Shakeela has a minor health issue. After everyone rushes to the hospital and greets Shakeela who’s much better now, Shakeela requests advance the wedding reception date since there’s never a guarantee for life. Dua’s father agrees while back at home, Dua feels stressed at the sudden change of plans. But there’s no use now as the commitment has already been made and so not very long after, Dua migrates to her new home as Mustajab’s wife. In the coming days, Mustajab is quite irritated by Dua’s intense praying schedules but Shakeela warns him not to mess with Dua’s religious affairs. Back at home, Dayaan and his parents are heartbroken at going against Dua’s wishes and sending her off to her husband sooner than she desired. They visit the next day after marriage where Dayaan jokingly makes fun of Dua by showing her some funny pictures he took at the wedding ceremony. Mustajab gets serious and after deleting the pictures in a not-so-polite manner, claims that he won’t allow anyone to make fun of his wife’s beauty.

    Dua’s parents are very upset with Mustajab’s personality quirks but Dayaan tells them not to worry much. Shakeela expresses to Dua her wish of correcting Mustajab’s direction under the influence of her daughter-in-law. Later, the three visit the old mosque where all except Mustajab feel very relaxed and comfortable. Mustajab conveys his honeymoon plans to Dua who rejects it immediately since the month of Ramadan is approaching. She feels quite hurt by Mustajab’s continuous habit of breaking promises.

    Episode 9~10

    Air Date: 10-Jan-2022 ~ 11-Jan-2022

    Dua leaves without informing Mustajab after their last talk together. At home, her brother consoles her and still looks for the silver lining in Bobby’s lies. Back at home, Shakeela admits her lie about the fake heart attack to her son. Bobby is amazed at her and feels unbelievable. After Dua’s return, he also employs the same manipulation tactics as his mother. By lying about business losses, he convinces Dua to fly off to the States with him. Through a coincidence, Dua eavesdrops over Mustajab and Shakeela’s conversation. She’s shocked to learn of Shakeela’s treachery regarding heart attack and other matters as well. She departs for the village mosque and seeks Imam Sahb’s sincere advice. Mustajab is irritated by Dua’s fondness for Imam Sahb and plans to restrict them from meeting again.

    Dua wishes to somehow stay in Pakistan in case Mustajab is deceiving her. To her surprise, the wish is granted a lot sooner. As it happens, Bobby’s old girlfriend Shiza comes over from America. The reason of course is to disrupt his peaceful life. Before coming to Pakistan, Bobby had forsaken all ties with his previous girlfriend. Hearing the news of Bobby’s departure to Pakistan, Shiza had tried to commit suicide through pills. Now she threatens to falsely blame Mustajab for giving her those pills. To deal with Shiza in court, Bobby decides to leave Dua behind.

    Episode 11~12

    Air Date: 17-Jan-2022 ~ 18-Jan-2022

    Dua’s friends arrange a celebration for her and Mustajab’s wedding. Mustajab is unable to go as he plans on meeting Shiza. Dayaan spots him together with Shiza at a restaurant. Once Bobby leaves, he himself has a chat with her. Shiza reveals everything to Dayaan. She especially elaborates on Mustajab’s lack of faith in religion. On the eve of Mustajab’s flight, Dayaan comes to have a straightforward talk with him. He threatens to tell everything to Dua. Enraged, Bobby hits him and also threatens him to keep his mouth shut tight. Just at that moment, Dua arrives and separates them both. After Mustajab’s departure, his mother lets Dua in on Shiza’s matter. Back at home, Dayaan confronts her while Dua admits how she already knows everything about Shiza.

    Ramadan is approaching and Dua intends to pray nonstop. Meanwhile, Bobby expresses his contradictory opinions on fasting in Ramadan to his mother. Shakeela forbids him to keep a hold on his religious opinions while accompanying Dua. Back in America, Mustajab calls on some advocate friends to intervene in Shiza’s matter. By letting her accept some compensation, he can let this matter vanish into thin air. Dayaan resumes contact with Shiza and probes her regarding the conflict with Mustajab. Shiza admits her helplessness and once again points out Bobby’s lack of interest in faith. Dua overhears the conversation and interrupts them both. She warns Shiza to steer clear of Mustajab. Later, she gets depressed when reminded of Mustajab’s ideas towards religious matters.

    Episode 13~14

    Air Date: 24-Jan-2022 ~ 25-Jan-2022

    Dua’s parents are worried about their daughter’s strange behavior. Dayaan and Dua come up with lies to ease their parents’ anxiety. Shiza reveals her chat with Dua to Mustajab. He loses his mind and confronts her in his rage. Mustajab is jailed for 12 hours for being rough to Shiza. Due to spending some quality time in police custody, Mustajab is unable to receive any of Dua’s investigative calls. She gets worried and takes his hesitation as a sign of Shiza’s truth. Dayaan consoles his sister and asks her not to jump to conclusions in haste.

    Dua threatens Shakeela to end her marriage should Bobby accept his denial of Allah. Mustajab pays no heed to Shakeela’s warnings. He plans to bring Dua to America once Shiza’s matter is dealt with. Dayaan decides to marry for the sake of distracting Dua from Bobby’s matter. His family members propose for Tabeen, who’s the sister of Dayaan’s friend, Taqi. Bobby settles his dispute with Shiza after handing her an apartment. Dua pays a visit to Imam Sahb. Upon asking, he tells her that a person who can’t belong to his Creator can never be of someone else as well. Dua is enlightened after listening to Imam Sahb’s words.

    Episode 15~16

    Air Date: 31-Jan-2022 ~ 01-Feb-2022

    Mustajab comes to pick-up his wife on the night before Eid. Dua questions her husband’s conviction regarding their religion. He circumvents the issue for a while before Shakeela intervenes and advocates for her son. Dua remains unconvinced and refuses to leave with them. Bobby is mad on the way back home and wrecks his car. He suffers from moderate injuries and is taken to the hospital. Later, he refuses to go back unless his wife accompanies him as well. Dua’s father agrees and sends away his daughter despite her protest. Mustajab overhears Dayaan instructing her sister to follow her heart. He’s of the mind that her brother is instigating his wife against him. Dua handles the situation before matters get worse.

    Soon, Bobby and Dua once again fall victim to the struggle between different ideologies. Shakeela interrupts them both and reprimands Dua for her hasty and impatient behavior. Dua leaves and goes back to her parents. Dayaan’s marriage ceremony is to be held at night. The groom flirts with his future wife for a moment. Later, he also thrashes his car while on the phone with Dua. The doctors don’t have high hopes for Dayaan’s recovery. The entire family is devastated. Imam Sahb refuses to eat until Dayaan is cured. Mustajab takes Dua back home after some time. He’s quite confused when witnessing her crying so desperately while begging Allah for help. He questions whether Dua’s faith would dwindle in case her God fails to save Dayaan. Dua is irritated and demands to go back to the hospital. 

    Episode 17~18

    Air Date: 07-Feb-2022 ~ 08-Feb-2022

    Dua enlists all of Mustajab’s doubts regarding religion to Imam Sahb. As expected, Imam Sahb resolves all her issues with his wisdom and strengthens her faith in Allah Almighty once again. Dua then leaves towards the hospital while her phone is accidentally left back at the mosque. Mustajab comes looking for his wife and criticizes Imam Sahb for being a scandal that loots money from people. Dua comes back to the mosque with Taqi and witnesses her husband insulting Imam Sahb. She plans to head back home with Taqi which puts Mustajab on edge. Taqi makes the wise decision and abandons Dua.

    Mustajab and Dua once again clash on their different ideologies. Shockingly, Dua reveals Imam Sahb’s true background. As it happens, he’s a Ph.D. doctor and also a billionaire. His only purpose in having settled in such a remote place is to preach Islam and show the correct path to stray people. Mustajab challenges Dua regarding the odds of her brother’s survival. He wants Dua to abandon her religion while Dua herself favors getting a divorce. Miraculously, Dayaan is cured. Mustajab’s illusions of peace are shattered once Dua declares her plans of getting divorce. Shakeela switches to announcing Dua’s ‘hasty’ decision to Nimra. Dua’s parents support her and decide to break the marriage after Dayaan’s wedding. Shakeela and Mustajab remain uninvited and Mustajab feels lost. But he’s still stubborn and doesn’t plan to surrender without a fight. Getting divorce from Mustajab will be as difficult as crossing a sea of fire itself.

    Episode 19~20

    Air Date: 14-Feb-2022 ~ 15-Feb-2022

    Dayaan and Tabeen are successfully married and later leave for Umrah upon Tabeen’s wish. Mustajab keeps persuading Dua into finding a middle way between their varying ideologies. Dua rejects his idiotic offers and refuses to get in touch with him. Shakeela resorts to her favorite emotional manipulation tactics but to no avail. Dua and her family stay firm upon their belief and refuse to budge. They then handover the divorce papers to the flabbergasted Shakeela. Mustajab tries to cajole Imam Sahb into accepting a grand bribe from him. All he asks for in return is to brainwash Dua into being together with her husband. Imam Sahb smiles at the young man’s height of stupidity and rejects the offer without any hesitation. He then leaves after saying a few words containing deep wisdom but Mustajab remains stubborn.

    Shakeela instructs her son to fly away to America. Meanwhile, she herself plans to wage a protracted war against Dua’s family in court. Dua refuses to waste all her efforts and attends her exams despite the ongoing drama. Quite surprising, Shakeela saves her faith in the next hearing. As it happens, she fails to spill lies after taking an oath upon the Holy Quran. Mustajab is concocting ideas of vengeance after the court dissolves his marriage with Dua. He drowns himself in wine and dance before Shiza shoulders him back to her house. Shakeela is regretful over her past sins and seeks forgiveness from the Almighty.

    Episode 21~22

    Air Date: 21-Feb-2022 ~ 22-Feb-2022

    Mustajab wakes up in the morning only to find his most hated person (Shiza) swaggering around his house. Shiza’s jealous heart aches after witnessing the love in Mustajab’s tone for Dua. He asks her to leave the house but Shiza once again sticks to him like a leech at a party. She pesters him on Dua’s matter nonstop. Shakeela feels regretful for her past behavior towards Dua and her family. The doctor diagnoses her with heart issues. This feels quite ironic since she earlier had faked about having heart issues. She heads off to Dua’s home, hoping to seek forgiveness. Dua’s parents ask her not to disturb Dua until she is remarried successfully.

    Tabeen’s brother, Taqi fetches some flowers and cake for Dua on achieving the second position. Tabeen reveals her brother’s interest in Dua to Dayaan. Dayaan signals his wife to wait until Dua frees herself from Mustajab’s trauma. Bobby keeps reassuring himself that he’s a happy man. To be honest, he seems more like a circus clown than a happy person. Dua struggles to remove her memories of Mustajab. Imam Sahb becomes unwell and so Dua ventures to meet him. Taqi offers to accompany Dua to the mosque. Mustajab comes back and even goes to the same mosque in his search for God. Dua is perplexed after seeing Bobby performing ablution and then praying. 

    Episode 23~24

    Air Date: 28-Feb-2022 ~ 01-Mar-2022

    Mustajab once again crosses paths with Dua while she’s alone and away from home. Her mind is cast into confusion after hearing Mustajab’s confession of his faith. Dayaan sees through Mustajab’s fake attempt and makes an effort to help Dua realize the same thing. He later instructs Tabeen to figure out Taqi’s feelings for Dua. Mustajab blocks Taqi’s car while the latter is taking Dua back home. Dua ventures off with Mustajab to end matters once and for all. Dayaan’s anxiety further increases after knowing of the incident. Taqi explains his emotions to Dua on the phone. Unfortunately, her phone lies abandoned in Mustajab’s car. Mustajab hears Taqi’s passionate words with a stormy silence.

    Dayaan announces his decision to marry Dua with his friend Taqi. Taqi’s parents refuse to make haste in such a sensitive situation. His mother later consoles him by saying how much she likes Dua. Dua requests Tabeen to convince Dayaan to delay this marriage thing. She later presents the same request in front of Taqi. Taqi is sensible enough to understand Dua’s pains and so he complies with her plea. Mustajab once again resorts to his favorite habit of blocking cars and punching somebody in the face. Taqi is the miserable victim this time.

    Episode 25~26

    Air Date: 07-Mar-2022 ~ 08-Mar-2022

    After Mustajab punches Taqi in the face, Taqi expresses his love and respect for Dua. Dayaan’s family visits Tabeen’s house to discuss matters of Dua’s marriage with Taqi. But before they could do so, Taqi comes home with his face bruised. Dayaan and his parents get embarrassed due to Mustajab’s gruesomeness towards Taqi. Taqi’s parents are disturbed by this incident. His mother vows to oppose the marriage of Taqi and Dua at any cost. Shakeela warns Mustajab not to do anything wrong with Dua and her family as she holds them near and dear to her heart. Sajjad slaps Mustajab for his mistreatment with Taqi. Mustajab goes to Imam Sahib to tell him that he has given up his wrong faith and wants to convert into a Muslim. Imam Sahib helps him read the Kalmah and becomes his witness. Mustajab wants to stay with Imam Sahib to take care of him for a few days.

    Dayaan convinces Dua for a long drive. Dua proposes to go to Jamalpura so she can meet Imam Sahib. The next morning Imam Sahib faces a cardiac arrest. Mustajab rushes him to the hospital. Dayaan and Dua are surprised to learn that Mustajab was the one who had taken Imam Sahib to hospital on time. He continues his pretense of faithfulness towards God in order to evoke a soft corner in Dua’s heart. Dua constantly remembers her golden period with Mustajab. Since there is no reply from Taqi’s family, Sajjad and Nimra decide to look for another boy to marry Dua off. Dua instantly refuses to marry anyone and assures her family that she will stay away from Mustajab. Mustajab is amazed to know about God’s holy book, Quran. Later, he returns home and gets upset hearing his mother’s bitter but true words regarding his pretentious act of faith.

    Episode 27~28

    Air Date: 14-Mar-2022 ~ 15-Mar-2022

    Mustajab manipulates Dua to trust him once again. Dayaan catches Dua talking to Mustajab on the phone and orders her to block his number. Dayaan asks Taqi to make Dua believe in his love if he wants her companionship. Upon Tabeen’s persuasion, her mother grants her permission for Dua and Taqi’s marriage. Sajjad informs Shakeela about Dua’s marriage and requests her to make Mustajab understand to steer clear of Dua. Dua seems upset to know that the wedding date has already been decided without her consent. Dayaan reassures Dua that she will be the happiest she has ever been with Taqi as he is a very humble and affectionate guy. Shakeela threatens Mustajab that she will tell the truth to Dua about his pretense of faithfulness. Mustajab warns his mother that if she speaks so much as a word to Dua, she will never see him again.

    Taqi takes Dua to dinner to chat with her privately. While Taqi tries to engage with her in a conversation, Dua is lost in flashbacks of her memories with Mustajab. On her way back home, her car breaks down and she, once again, crosses paths with Mustajab who offers to drop her home. She reluctantly agrees to go with him. On their way, Mustajab tries to manipulate her that their paths are meant to meet by the power of the Almighty. Dayaan is upset to know that Dua was accompanied by Mustajab. Mustajab calls Dua and somehow convinces her to meet him one last time. He ecstatically shares this victory with Shakeela who repeatedly tells him not to challenge the Almighty. Dua seeks Dayaan’s permission to meet Mustajab. Sajjad is enraged to find out that Dua secretly went to meet Mustajab. In his fury, he takes off with Dayaan to bring Dua home. Mustajab asks Sajjad for Dua’s hand in marriage but Sajjad instantly refuses.

    Episode 29~30

    Air Date: 21-Mar-2022 ~ 22-Mar-2022

    Sajjad gives his final verdict to Mustajab to not come in Dua’s way as her wedding is already fixed. Mustajab is adamant about the fact that Dua is his forever and that no one can take her away from him. He calls Dua to tell her that he can’t live without her and offers her to get their Nikah done once again through Imam Sahib. Dua confesses her love to Mustajab but refuses to marry him as she doesn’t want to offend her family. Nimra and Dayaan are worried about Dua who doesn’t seem happy with the decision of her marriage with Taqi. Dayaan, who loves his sister immensely, is unable to see her in pain and allows her to follow her heart and hold Mustajab’s hand. Mustajab jumps out of excitement when Dua calls her at the mosque for their Nikah. Before leaving, he tells Shakeela that he has won Dua once again and will return home with her like a king.

    Tabeen and her family are enraged with Dua’s refusal to marry Taqi and leave the house in a state of sorrow. Mustajab’s car breaks down in the middle of a deserted road when he and Dua are on their way to the mosque to get their Nikah done. All of a sudden, a trio of goons appear to rob them, shooting Dua in the process. Dua falls to the ground and while taking her last breath asks Mustajab to recite Kalmah with her. Mustajab, who is in a state of collapse, recites the Kalmah. Imam Sahib arrives immediately after listening to the gunfire and calls for an ambulance. Mustajab, with his hands covered in Dua’s blood, enters the mosque, performs ablution, and prays for Dua’s life. He admits his defeat in front of God and asks for His forgiveness. He explains to God his reason for drifting away from Islam and begs him not to punish Dua for his sins. As he returns home, Shakeela is devastated to hear the news of the horrific incident.

    Episode 31~32

    Air Date: 28-Mar-2022 ~ 29-Mar-2022

    Shakeela enters Mustajab’s room only to find him near a prayer mat struggling to pray. Mustajab explains his state of being. He feels ashamed standing in front of God due to his disobedient behavior towards him. Shakeela eases his suffering by telling him that God loves his disobedient creations the most especially when they bow down to him. In the hospital, Mustajab apologizes to Sajjad and Nimra for causing distress in Dua’s life. He experiences strong emotions of pain seeing Dua on her deathbed and begs her to come back to life. After seeing Mustajab praying all day and night for Dua, Sajjad is in hopes that God will save her. Taqi and Dayaan are surprised to see Mustajab’s state of agony and all their complaints against him vanish in a split second. While pleading to God for Dua’s life, Mustajab makes a pact with God that he will go far away from Dua if he brings her back to life.

    Dua regains consciousness. Mustajab is elated to know this news and ecstatically informs Shakeela about it. As soon as Dua is out of the ICU, her family meets her and informs her how Mustajab begged God to save her. Nimra assures Dua that once she is discharged from the hospital, they will celebrate her and Mustajab’s happiness together. Mustajab recalls his pact with God and goes to meet Dua for the last time. Dua is more than happy to see him and asks him for his companionship. He keeps thinking about his promise to God and leaves the room quietly. Shakeela repeatedly asks Mustajab to bring Dua home and is shocked to hear his refusal to marry Dua. A few days later, Dayaan arranges an elaborate party to celebrate Dua’s health where the whole family gathers along with Mustajab.

    Episode 33~34

    Air Date: 04-Apr-2022 ~ 05-Apr-2022

    During the party, Dua steps outside with Mustajab to have a heart-to-heart only to discover that he lied to her all along. He sees himself as unworthy to marry Dua again but also declares that he is a changed man and is leaving Dua for her own good. Dayaan continues to vouch for Mustajab and encourages Dua to stop him. Mustajab returns home to tell Shakeela about his decision but unfortunately finds her dead. At Shakeela’s funeral, Dua comes to console him where he informs her about his decision of moving to the USA permanently as he needs a fresh start and space to grow closer to God. He requests Dua to live a happy life and to pray that he finds inner peace. Sajjad and Nimra are staggered to find out about Mustajab’s sudden departure. Dua’s world turns upside down after hearing this news and she breaks down in tears.

    Tabeen, once again sets out on a mission to get Taqi hitched but Taqi’s existence is captivated by Dua’s love and he refuses to marry anyone. Sajjad and Nimra are worried about Dua’s future. Dayaan assures them to have faith in God and let Dua live her life as she wants. Dua becomes a lecturer at a university and seems pretty content with her life. She jumps with excitement after finding out that Dayaan and Tabeen are blessed with a baby boy. Dayaan asks Dua’s friends to persuade her into marrying Taqi and to stop thinking about Mustajab once and for all. While walking in the fields, Dua remembers her memories with Mustajab and longs for him. All of a sudden, she spots a beautiful mosque nearby and goes there only to discover that it has been constructed by Mustajab. Mustajab returns to Pakistan and goes to meet Imam Sahib who asks him to lead the prayer.

    Episode 35~36 (Last Episode) 

    Air Date: 11-Apr-2022 ~ 12-Apr-2022

    Dua’s friends inform her family that Dua spotted Mustajab at the mosque. Dayaan does not believe it thinking that Dua must be hallucinating. Tabeen, once again, brings up the proposal of Taqi for Dua since Taqi is unable to get over her. Mustajab spends time with Imam Sahib and informs him of his intentions of going back to the US in a week. Imam Sahib requests him to take responsibility for spreading Islam and educating people after his demise. Mustajab is pleased to know that Imam Sahib considers him worthy enough to let him take his position. After finding out that Dayaan wants Dua to marry Taqi, Mustajab requests Imam Sahib to convince Dua into marrying Taqi. Making Imam Sahib his witness, he promises to God that he will develop the courage to hand over his love of life, Dua to someone else. After Imam Sahib’s persuasion, Dua reluctantly agrees to marry Taqi and the entire family celebrates. Just before her Nikah, she coincidentally meets Mustajab in Imam Sahib’s room where he asks her to forget about her past and lead a happy life with Taqi.

    Dua feels restless after seeing Mustajab. When the entire family is all set for Nikah, Imam Sahib reveals that Mustajab will be officiating the ceremony. Everyone is stunned to see him. Just when the Nikah is about to proceed, Taqi objects as he wants Imam Sahib to lead the Nikah. Mustajab instantly agrees and sets to leave. But before he is about to leave, Taqi declares that Mustajab should marry Dua as he is the best life partner Dua can ever get. Mustajab refuses and walks out. He begs God to ease his misery and give him the courage to stand by his decision of letting Dua go. Imam Sahib makes Mustajab realize that Dua’s companionship is a precious gift from God for his pure intentions and virtuous deeds. Finally, with the blessing of the entire family, Dua and Mustajab get married and lead a happy and grateful life. 

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