• Start Date: 20-Sep-2021
  • End Date: 18-Apr-2022
  • Total Episodes: 31
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: iDream Entertainment
  • TV Channel: ARY Digital
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    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1

    Air Date: 20-Sep-2021

    The drama is about Abeer who belongs to a conservative family where parents only support education. Abeer is secretly having an affair with Mohsin and befriends many other boys. She is smitten by Junaid, her best friend, Neelum’s fiance. She steals his number from Neelum’s mobile to contact him as his secret admirer. 

    Abeer refuses to marry as a proposal arrives for her. Mohsin was engaged to his cousin, Rohina in his childhood. He too makes it clear to be in love with Abeer and doesn’t agree to marriage. Junaid ignores Neelum’s calls and starts chatting with Abeer. He is surprised to find her as his secret girl. Mohsin spots the duo together. 

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 27-Sep-2021

    Junaid spends quality time with Neelum but refuses to answer when she asks if he will betray her. The same day, Junaid expresses to Abeer about falling for her. Mohsin brings a proposal for Abeer where she slaps him. Abeer’s mother and grandmother scold her for her loose character.

    Abeer’s family decides to get her married within a week. Mohsin commits suicide and his mother, Aysha, curses Abeer of an unhappy life. Abeer’s father shouts at her but she denies all allegations. Abeer’s grandmother falls sick and is taken to hospital. She finds a chance and meets Junaid but is spotted by Neelum.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 04-Oct-2021

    Neelum is broken and confronts Abeer. Abeer tries to lie but her father loses his mind to see her picture with Junaid. She begs his forgiveness. Rohina takes care of Mohsin’s mother. Neelum insults Junaid and breaks off her engagement. Abeer requests her mother for support and refuses to marry.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 11-Oct-2021

    Abeer refuses to marry and calls Junaid. He insults her and backs out. Rohina’s brother, Affan, brings Mohsin’s mother to his house to help her move on. Junaid’s elder brother, Athar, berates him for his actions. Junaid tries to talk to Neelum but gets slapped. Out of anger, he states to marry Abeer to teach Neelum a lesson.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 18-Oct-2021

    Abeer’s father refuses to allow Junaid’s family into his house and snatches Abeer’s phone. Junaid emotionally blackmails his mother to make her agree for Abeer. It turns out that he wants to avenge Abeer for trapping him. Abeer refuses the proposal brought by her father’s guests.

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 25-Oct-2021

    Abeer threatens to run away from the house if someone forces her. Her father cries terribly and is consoled by his younger daughter, Falak. Junaid brings the alliance and Abeer’s father wants her to get married the next day. Junaid agrees and nikkah preparation begins. Junaid’s family expresses dislike towards Abeer but feels helpless.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 01-Nov-2021

    Junaid goes to invite Neelum to his wedding to make her jealous. She smartly makes Abeer listen to the conversation and warns her about Junaid but in vain. Affan turns out to be the best friend of Junaid. Abeer and Junaid get married. Abeer’s father fears the curse of Mohsin’s mother who is still mourning his death. 

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 08-Nov-2021

    Abeer wishes to mend her relationship with Mudassir but he doesn’t bless her. Junaid’s family warns him of his actions and asks him to lead an honest life with Abeer. Mudassir’s health deteriorates as he thinks about Abeer. Aysha worries for Rohina and suggests getting her married.

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 15-Nov-2021

    Junaid fumes as Abeer requests him not to go to her house. Abeer’s father throws her out while her grandmother dies of a heart attack due to her actions. Junaid slaps Abeer when she questions him about the romantic messages with a girl. Rohina and Neelum turn out to be old friends. Junaid’s family gets upset at their continuous problems.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 22-Nov-2021

    Junaid takes Abeer to Neelum to flaunt their relationship but she insults and taunts them. In a fit of fury, Junaid drops Abeer in the middle of the road to meet his ex-girlfriend. Omair, Abeer’s ex-boyfriend spots her. He drops her home and takes her number as he still likes her. An argument ensues at home. Junaid joins Athar’s office.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 29-Nov-2021

    Abeer catches Annie’s texts on Junaid’s mobile and lashes out at her. Neelum and Affan’s families meet each other and Affan’s family wishes to get him married to Neelum. Abeer is distraught to find out about her grandmother’s death and apologizes for her deed. Junaid is enraged to find that Abeer insulted Annie. 

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 06-Dec-2021

    Junaid meets with an accident and blames Abeer as he was angry. He berates her for misbehaving with Annie. Neelum accepts Affan’s proposal and the wedding preparations begin. Athar collides with Omar who is keeping a track of Abeer. Abeer seems unhappy with Junaid and misses her mother. On the other hand, Mudassir cries remembering his mother.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 13-Dec-2021

    Neelum and Affan are happy once they talk to each other and start preparing for the wedding. Abeer apologizes to Annie but she insults her and Junaid. Junaid realizes his mistake and gets better with Abeer. Nazish is pregnant. Abeer’s mother wishes to talk to her who doesn’t receive the call thinking it to be of Omair who is constantly stalking her.

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 20-Dec-2021

    A romance is in full swing between Abeer and Junaid. Neelum too is in love with Affan. Abeer’s mother talks to Junaid and is relaxed to find Abeer happy. The couples plan a dinner together. Neelum is shocked to see the two and Abeer misbehaves with the newlyweds. She forces Junaid to end his friendship with Affan.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 27-Dec-2021

    Abeer shares her concerns with Nazish. Junaid tries to contact Affan who chides him upon his arrival at Affan’s office. Aysha narrates Mohsin’s story to Neelum. Neelum is hurt as Affan thinks she is still in love with Junaid. Abeer and Junaid angrily reach Aysha’s place and argue with Neelum and Affan. Aysha blames Abeer for Mohsin’s death while Junaid leaves furiously. 

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 03-Jan-2022

    Junaid shouts at Abeer as his family comes to know the truth as well. Abeer gives justifications but Affan gives proof against her. She faints as Junaid wishes for a divorce. It turns out that she is pregnant. Abeer’s parents finalize a proposal for their younger daughter. Affan keeps apologizing to Neelum who expresses her disappointment in him.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 10-Jan-2022

    Aysha solves the differences between Neelum and Affan. They patch up and express love for each other. Abeer is delighted to hear about Falak. She gets angry as Nazish receives protocol and tries to kill herself. Juanid warns her to care for the baby. He decides to keep am eye on her till she gives birth.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 17-Jan-2022

    Abeer fakes her illness so that Junaid serves her. Her mother is upset that she could have participated in her sister’s wedding but her father won’t allow her to come. Omair tries to call Abeer. Abeer messages Neelum from Junaid’s number, asking her to call him (Junaid) as soon as Affan leaves. Affan is not upset with Neelum. Abeer vows to get even with Neelum by making trouble in her married life. Junaid clears himself before Afaan that he didn’t message anyone but he does not trust him and leaves. Abeer exaggerates her condition upon which the doctor asks Junaid to take better care of his wife and child. Junaid however does not believe her dramas and tolerates her only for his child. She then calls Affan and maintains that Neelum shouldn’t ruin her house anymore but Affan too does not believe in her lies. Nazish and Athar try to calm Junaid down.

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 24-Jan-2022

    Kamran, fiance of Abeer’s sister (Falak) calls and they talk. Abeer comes back home saying she was feeling anxious at the hospital. Junaid leaves the house and comes across Abeer’s mother, Kausar. He questions her about Abeer’s upbringing. He comes home late to a worried mother. Abeer fakes sleep talking to get Haleema Bi on her side. Neelum informs Affan that Junaid came apologizing last night in Affan’s absence, which has made Aunty and Neelum upset. Haleema Bi talks in favor of Abeer to Junaid’s mother, Sadia. Kausar visits Abeer and intends to take her with her. Abeer pacifies her down but she returns unsatisfied. Affan asks Junaid to stay away from his family. Junaid vows that he will get Neelum back. Abeer takes advantage of the situation to create a misunderstanding between Nazish and Sadia.

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 31-Jan-2022

    Abeer pretends to talk to her mother when on a call with Omair in front of Haleema Bi. Omair insists Abeer on their meeting. Junaid goes to Neelum’s house asking for forgiveness. Affan sees Junaid leaving his house. Nazish is upset over what Abeer had said that her mother-in-law isn’t too happy because she’s having a girl. Junaid’s mother tries to make him see reason. Junaid vows that Neelum will uncover Abeer’s mockery. Neelum forgives Junaid so that he doesn’t come again. Abeer sends a message to Neelum from Junaid’s phone. Affan calls Junaid threatening him. Abeer emotionally questions what she did wrong to Haleema Bi. Mudassir still holds Abeer responsible for the death of his mother. Saadia is worried about the misunderstandings between Nazish too. Kausar calls Abeer as she is worried who lies that Junaid will accompany her to a check-up. Neelum calls Nazish to inform that Junaid came to see her house. Abeer claims that Neelum is creating conflict.

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 07-Feb-2022

    Aysha suggests Neelum visit her mother’s place. She asks Falak that she’ll have to go on shopping with her. Neelum’s friend’s birthday comes up. Aysha’s blood pressure shoots in stress over wedding preparations. Kamran suggests postponing the wedding. Jibran opposes the idea as postponing would make her more worried. Abeer calls Affan to inform him that Junaid and Neelum are still meeting. Affan goes to Neelum’s house and learns that she went to a friend’s house. Just then, Neelum and her friends come. Annie asks Junaid why he is regretting his own decision. Jibran finds out about Abeer and suggests Omair forget her. Omair wants to give Abeer a lesson and plans for her husband to find out that they meet quietly. Abeer tells Nazish that she dreamt of Athar leaving her and re-marrying. She insists that her dreams come true. Nazish, in an attempt to make her leave, pushes her hard and Abeer falls and loses her baby.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 14-Feb-2022

    Nazish lies to the family that everything is fine. She requests the doctor not to disclose Abeer’s loss for her sake, or Junaid will divorce Abeer. Nazish promises Abeer to erase the doubts and misunderstandings if she supports her in not disclosing the news. Abeer agrees. Kausar is feeling anxious. Falak learns that she is about to become an aunt. Affan vows to never believe Abeer again. Junaid remains cold-hearted to Abeer. Abeer vows to separate Affan and Neelum. Nazish requests Junaid to take care of Abeer. Falak’s marriage is going to happen in the next 15 days. Aysha aunty does not listen to Nazish, and she promises Abeer she will go again. Ayesha says she will never forgive Abeer. Jibran brings a document to Omair, who is happy seeing it. Abeer meets Omair and tells him all her worries. Junaid and Athar see them, and Junaid slaps her.

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 21-Feb-2022

    Falak’s father suggests for her to offer a pilgrimage to Makkah post-marriage. Abeer reveals the matter of Nazish’s push which resulted in the loss of her child. She tells everybody to refer to Haleema Bi to confirm the truth. Nobody believes in her while Nazish refuses to accept Abeer’s ‘slandering’ towards her. Junaid ends his relationship with Abeer in a fit of fury. Abeer goes to Neelum’s home and berates Mohsin’s mother for ruining her home. Affan kicks her out before Abeer goes mad and murders somebody. She then calls Omair who immediately comes to pick her up. He then consoles her and later takes her to his home. Abeer swears to kill Nazish’s child as revenge. Meanwhile, Nazhish reveals the matter of Abeer losing her child to Athar. Her husband supports her and shows no resentment or disgust toward her. Junaid is mesmerized by Annie’s positive thinking and re-establishes contact with her. 

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 28-Feb-2022

    Falak’s fiance, Kamran promises to be with her through storms and hurricanes. Nazish is still ashamed at having accidentally killed Junaid’s child. Her husband, Athar consoles her. Omair does his level best to make Abeer feel comfortable and secure. Meanwhile, he and his buddy, Jibran plan to ruin the lonely girl in secret. Abeer’s mother continuously makes an effort to contact Junaid who avoids her calls which boosts her anxiety. At last, she goes to Junaid’s home. Her ex- son-in-law’s family lets her in on the current affairs and tells her to leave afterward. Abeer requests to go back home. Omair is a bit baffled at her sudden impulse but later agrees. He’s convinced that the sly girl will surely come back to him. Abeer’s mother finally starts breathing after seeing her daughter. She plans to keep Abeer hidden from her father until Falak’s marriage.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 07-Mar-2022

    Junaid is still suffering from the trauma which his ex-wife inflicted upon him. Affan and Neelum prepare a surprise party to celebrate their aunt’s birthday. Abeer steps in front of her father who goes crazy at seeing her strolling around his house. The collision escalates to the point where he almost throttles his own daughter. Abeer’s mother and sister manage to rescue her from her father’s wrath. The home decorators arrive and so the matter is left unattended. Abeer’s father forbids her to make an entrance in front of Falak’s in-laws. Annie reveals the real reason behind her brother’s visit to Junaid. In fact, her brother had come begging for her forgiveness now that Annie had become independent. Meanwhile, her sister-in-law wishes to marry Annie to her own brother. Junaid scoffs at the selfishness of Annie’s blood relatives. He proposes to marry her in turn and even decides to counsel Annie’s brother on the matter. Neelum is diagnosed with pregnancy. Both Affan and her aunt feel ecstatic at receiving the good news.

    Episode 26

    Air Date: 14-Mar-2022

    Abeer’s father warns his rebellious daughter to steer clear of her sister’s marriage. Abeer finally agrees to meet Omair and has a chat with him in a restaurant. She requests him to pester Neelum and even hands over her ex-friend’s phone number. Omair nominally agrees to her plea but secretly laughs at her stupid demands. Neelum, Affan, and his aunt are disgusted to see Abeer chatting with Omair in the hotel. Junaid and Annie plead to her brother for giving his consent to their marriage. Her brother agrees to give it a thought. Jibran recognizes Abeer at the wedding celebration as she comes back home. The truth is revealed and so Jibran leaves with his mother. Falak’s fiance and Jibran’s elder brother, Kamran decides to have a talk with Falak’s father. He will only announce his decision afterward. Meanwhile, his mother as well as Omair’s buddy, Jibran are well against the forming of this relationship. Abeer requests Omair to convince Jibran of Falak’s marriage to his brother. Her father despairs and immediately falls sick.

    Episode 27

    Air Date: 21-Mar-2022

    Kamran’s mother is thoroughly against his decision of going to Falak’s home for a better understanding. However, she finally agrees to accompany her stubborn son and goes there. Falak’s parents keep a very humble attitude in front of Kamran’s mother. Unfortunately for them, she’s still suspicious of Falak and their entire family. In the end, she exterminates the wedding deal and leaves. Junaid’s mother insists on his second marriage but the former declines her request. Soon after, he becomes ecstatic after receiving a meet-up call from Annie’s brother. Abeer has now become the most disgusting, irritating, and rage-provoking existence for her parents. Kamran makes an effort to reach out to Falak. Coincidentally, Abeer is the one who receives his call. She berates him nonstop for belonging to a selfish and unreliable family. Falak intervenes and Kamran assures her of his persistence to marry her.

    Episode 28

    Air Date: 28-Mar-2022

    Kamran is set on marrying Falak. He then leaves for her home despite his mother’s protest. Unfortunately for him, Falak’s father refuses to carry on with the marriage in his mother’s absence. Quite surprisingly, Kamran’s mother comes over as well and hears their conversation. She’s once again impressed by the morals and simplicity of Falak’s family. Both parties agree to let bygones be bygones and commence with the wedding ceremony. Abeer is thoroughly against her sister’s marriage with Kamran. However, nobody in the house pays any heed to her trash talk. Annie’s brother agrees to marry his sister to Junaid. All he asks is for Junaid to transfer his company shares to Annie’s name. Meanwhile, Annie recalls how Junaid had rejected her in the past and married Abeer instead. She’s currently busy concocting revenge schemes to ruin Junaid. Abeer is finally won over by Omair’s ‘sincerity’ and seriously considers marrying him. Jibran remains unconvinced at his brother’s insistence upon choosing Falak as his life partner. Both his mother as well as elder brother berate him for being impatient and hasty.

    Episode 29

    Air Date: 04-Apr-2022

    Kamran and Falak’s families are hooked by wedding preparations. Everybody has a goofy smile on their faces; all except for Jibran and Abeer. Poor guy Jibran keeps yelling nonsense about Abeer’s family but all in vain.  On the contrary, Abeer’s parents forbid her to attend her sister’s wedding ceremony. Abeer invites Omair to her home while alone. She then inquires about the number of ways he’s ruining Neelum’s life. Omair manages to convince Abeer for accompanying him to dinner with his slick tongue. He locks the door soon after Abeer enters his room. The lustful guy finally reveals his hideous character and lunges at Abeer like a hungry leopard. Abeer reacts swiftly by knocking her assailant off balance. She then runs away just as quickly without sparing a look behind. Omair reveals the news of his failed endeavor to his buddy Jibran. Abeer is bent on seeking revenge on him. She also begs her mother for forgiveness and seeks repentance.

    Episode 30

    Air Date: 11-Apr-2022

    Falak and Kamran feel ecstatic after marrying each other. Meanwhile, their parents are smiling from ear to ear all day long. The only miserable guy here is Jibran. Falak is bothered by her brother-in-law’s grumpy behavior. Her husband consoles her and declares how wounds shall heal over time. Omair constantly nags Abeer through phone calls. She ignores him at first and buries herself in home chores. Finally, she has had enough and responds to her ‘friend’. She freaks out soon after. As it happens, Omair has edited a few of her photos with him. The newer versions are apt to contain a lot more spice and sugar. Abeer then obediently comes over to meet Omair at his home. Poor guy hasn’t had his in yet when she smacks his head with a vase. Omair falls unconscious while Abeer slips away with his cell phone in tow. Junaid’s parents are thoroughly impressed by Annie and her family. Junaid then transfers half the ownership of his assets to Annie’s name. Annie is concocting evil plans of ruining Junaid and confiscating all his wealth.

    Episode 31 (Last Episode)

    Air Date: 18-Apr-2022

    Abeer makes a run for it after knocking out Omair, with his cell phone in tow. Unfortunately, her mother happens to spot the unknown mobile and goes through ‘Abeer’s’ photos there. She feels terribly upset after witnessing her daughter’s most horrendous ‘crime’. Soon, Abeer is forced outside the house without being qualified to give an explanation. Kamran makes an attempt to patch things up but to no avail. Junaid transfers all of his shares to Annie’s name in secrecy. Annie soon slips away abroad along with her brother. Before leaving, she sells Junaid’s share of the property to their toughest rivals. Athar feels like being choked after confirming the calamitous incident. He feels heartbroken since his baby brother took such a step without informing him at all. Meanwhile, Junaid discovers a letter from Annie on his bedroom table. She curses him for being a playboy and wishes him the worst of luck in finding a life partner. Mohsin’s mother is amazed to see Abeer begging on the roadside six months later.

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