• Start Date: 12-Nov-2021
  • End Date: 3-Jun-2022
  • Total Episodes: 30
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: MD Productions, ProMax Media
  • TV Channel: HUM TV
  • Tags: , , , ,

    Cast & Crew

    Farhan Ally Agha

    Sajid (Ifrah's father)

    Hina Rizvi

    Azra (Ifrah's mother)

    Ismat Zaidi

    Ifrah's grandmother

    Javed Sheikh

    Anwar (Sahir's father)

    Salma Asim

    Sahir's mother

    Waseem Abbas

    Tameezuddin (Neeli's father)

    Shagufta Ejaz

    Ishrat Jahan (Neeli'mother and Tameezuddin's second wife)

    Nausheen Shah

    Mahrukh (Ahmer's sister)




    Kashif Zaman

    Director of Photography


    Episode 1

    Air Date: 12-Nov-2021

    Neeli and Shabana are sisters who belong to a backward middle-class family. Neeli is listening to loud music, wearing her friend Samina’s jeans and shirt at which her mother scolds her. Her father, Tameezuddin is a short-tempered person and due to lack of a son, mistreats his wife and daughters. He is planning to get Neeli married. Sahir belongs to a well-off family. He graduated but still visits his university to meet his girlfriend, Ifrah. Ifrah’s family is well off as well. Ifrah and her friend Amber go out for lunch where Sahir reaches with a girl. Ifrah gets jealous and Sahir explains about the girl being his married cousin. Later, he asks his parents to take his proposal to Ifrah’s house. Ifrah doesn’t know her father is her step-father. Ifrah’s mother, Azra married him due to her vast property after she became widowed. 

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 19-Nov-2021

    Ifrah’s step-father, Sajid informs Sahir’s father, Anwar about Ifrah being his stepdaughter and Tameezuddin, her real father. He hides the truth that he married Ifrah’s mother because of her money. Sajid is secretly against the marriage because he fears that all the property will be given to Ifrah. Anwar then informs his son about Ifrah being a stepdaughter and forbids Sahir to marry Ifrah. Upon Sahir’s requests and a condition of Sahir taking a year course abroad, Anwar agrees. Sahir and Ifrah get engaged. Ifrah doesn’t know that Sajid is not her real father. Sahir doesn’t tell her and requests Anwar to not tell her as well. Neeli rejects the marriage proposal brought by Tameezuddin. Tameezuddin becomes quite upset and disappointed by her misbehavior. Despite the engagement, Sajid and Anwar are planning on stopping the marriage somehow by having a one-year gap between the engagement and marriage ceremony. 

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 26-Nov-2021

    Tameezuddin’s complaint reaches his boss, Ahmer who doesn’t fire him out of respect as Tameezuddin joined when his father was alive. Sahir takes Ifrah out with Sajid’s permission and is planning to celebrate her birthday at his house. Sajid informs Anwar about Sahir coming to pick Ifrah and Anwar comforts him that he won’t let them get married. Neeli is adamant to do a parlor course worth twenty thousand rupees. She asks Tameezuddin for the money but doesn’t tell him about the course. She makes an excuse for clothes for the wedding in the neighborhood. Tameezuddin requests Ahmer for money from the company fund, which he accepts. Ahmer’s sister, Mahrukh wants him to get married to his cousin Nadia. Nadia is interested in Ahmer but he refuses to marry her. Upon Mahrukh’s insistence, he again refuses harshly as he has no such feelings for Nadia. Nadia hears everything accidentally.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 03-Dec-2021

    Nadia gets hurt knowing Ahmer’s refusal. Mahrukh tries to console her by saying that Ahmer is not interested in marrying anyone right now which is the only reason for his refusal. Nadia doesn’t believe a word and leaves the house crying. Mahrukh then tries to convince her brother that Nadia loves him. Ifrah and her family get ready to go to Sahir’s house. Her grandmother worries about the marriage expenses as Ifrah is getting married in such a wealthy family. Sahir celebrates Ifrah’s birthday at his house and gifts her a ring. Tameezuddin gives twenty thousand rupees to his wife for shopping. Ifrah overhears Sajid and her mother talking about her being the stepdaughter and Anwar’s unwillingness regarding Sahir’s marriage with her. She is devastated to know the truth. Nadia unsuccessfully tries to commit suicide.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 10-Dec-2021

    Ahmer takes Nadia back home but is still not willing to marry her. Ifrah wakes up but denies meeting anyone. She doesn’t even tell her mother that she has learned the truth. Sajid tries to talk to her but she pretends to be asleep. He then blames his wife for Sahir and Ifrah’s engagement being too soon. Ifrah asks her mother and Sajid about his real father before revealing how she came to know the truth. Mahrukh and Nazia’s mother still hope for Nadia and Ahmer’s marriage. Mahrukh and Nadia plan to make Ahmer realize Nadia’s love. Ifrah’s mother reveals the truth to her and tries to make her understand that Tameezuddin wouldn’t have been good to her. But Ifrah is adamant to prefer him over Sajid’s hypocrisy. Sajid feels guilty and Ifrah leaves to meet her real father. 

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 17-Dec-2021

    Tameezuddin takes a short leave from work and comes home early, just before Neeli comes back from the neighborhood wedding. After a child comes requesting the return of the borrowed wedding dress, her father gets to know how she didn’t spend the Rs 20,000 he gave her and simply borrowed from others instead. This infuriates him and as a result, his wife gets beaten at his hands. Mahrukh and Nadia conspire to let Ahmer marry Nadia. Ifrah arrives at her father’s house and reveals her identity. At first, Tameezuddin refuses to let her live with him but reluctantly agrees later knowing she has no way back. Neeli and her mother remain quite unwelcoming of Ifrah while the other sister is quite friendly towards her elder step-sister. Mahrukh continues to pester Ahmer to marry Nadia.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 24-Dec-2021

    Ahmer gets upset after Nadia’s mother delivers sweets at his office in celebration of his marriage with Nadia while he still hasn’t agreed to marry at all. Late into the night, Sahir is confused at Ifrah’s boycott of contact with him and is prepared to head towards her home but Anwar talks him out of it. Then in the morning, Anwar heads off to Sajid’s home earlier than his son and warns Sajid of Sahir’s plans to visit. However, Sahir spots his father’s car on the way towards Ifrah’s home and later Azra tells him of Ifrah’s departure after the truth is revealed. Distressed and worried for Ifrah, Sahir asks Azra about the whereabouts of her ex-husband’s home so that he can check up on Ifrah. Ifrah starts taking part in home chores whereas her father warns her not to lead his other two daughters astray due to her supposedly broad-minded thinking. Mahrukh apologizes to Ahmer for being a bit dominant and making decisions without his content, all because of her love for him. Getting emotional, Ahmer finally agrees to marry Nadia.

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 31-Dec-2021 

    Ifrah’s stepmother allows her to prepare dinner for her father. Later, she backbites on Ifrah in front of Tameezuddin but much to her dismay, Tameezuddin quite enjoys Ifrah’s cooking. Sahir comes looking for Ifrah, where he has a conversation with her father and proposes for Ifrah’s hand in marriage. After Ifrah willingly surrenders the decision-making power to him. Tameezuddin delays the response for a year during which Sahir shall remain abroad and boycott contact with Ifrah. Sahir is very disappointed with his own father’s hypocrisy. Nadia gives Mahrukh a cold shoulder while taking selfies with Ahmed and her mom. Later, her mother stops Mahrukh from accompanying Ahmer and Nadia while they chat together, thus making Mahrukh quite restless. At home, both mother and daughter reveal their true colors while they plan to let Mahrukh step aside and have no gratitude whatsoever towards her efforts for them. Neeli remains quite envious of Sahir’s love for Ifrah while the other sister often fends for Ifrah in front of her own mother and sister.

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 07-Jan-2022

    Sajid feels regretful at the way he treated his step-daughter, Ifrah. Tameezuddin is quite impressed by Ifrah’s habit of waking up early which makes Ishrat Jahan jealous. To defend her daughters, she starts slandering Ifrah about being a willful and unrestrained girl. Tameezuddin is put into thought by his wife’s argument and later seeks his friend for advice. Finally, upon his friend’s suggestion, he decides to marry Ifrah to some decent family as soon as possible. On his way back, he spots Neeli communicating with the T.V. cable boy but doesn’t recognize her. Still, he gets irritated by the way parents bring up their children these days. Ishrat Jahan once again vilifies Ifrah in front of her husband. After hearing about his decision to get her married, Ifrah is heartbroken. However, she doesn’t resist her father’s will. The marriage proposal is from a doctor which makes Ishrat Jahan envious and she plots to let Neeli get married in place of Ifrah. Her plan fails however and the guests take a liking to Ifrah.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 14-Jan-2022

    Ishrat Jahan tries to stir fault in the proposal for Ifrah but to no avail. Afterward, Shabana raises her voice for Ifrah’s rights in front of her father which enrages Tameezuddin. His colleague at the office suggests him to marry Ifrah without any delay. That way, he can avoid any possible interference from Sahir and Azra. Neeli is drooling over Ifrah’s touch mobile which disgusts Shabana. Wanting the best for her sister, Shabana insists on giving Ifrah a decent dowry but her mother refuses. Meanwhile, Tameezuddin requests funds for his daughter’s marriage at the company. After getting notified, Ahmer readily accepts Tameezuddin’s application. Nadia’s mother is thoroughly against Mahrukh. She complains to her daughter about it and blames Mahrukh for being the hurdle in her brother’s marriage. Feeling aggrieved, Mahrukh decides to marry her brother sooner. Azra and her husband both grieve for their daughter after being apart for months.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 21-Jan-2022

    Mahrukh meets with Nuzhat and both decide to let the marriage occur earlier. Tameezuddin plans to visit Karachi so he can invite his boss Ahmer to the wedding. Shabana is disappointed by Ifrah’s lack of fighting will against her father. Neeli comments on there being no comparison between her and Ifrah. Ifrah’s future in-laws buy expensive jewelry for her. Ishrat Jahan becomes greedy and is concocting some evil plots. Tameezuddin inquires from Ifrah about the property her grandfather left for her. She reveals how her step-father sold it long ago. Tameezuddin is disgusted by the seemingly greedy behavior of Ifrah’s parents. He foul mouths them both and also scolds Ifrah once she tries to defend her parents. Ahmer agrees to attend Ifrah’s marriage. Tameezuddin comes across Azra and is disgusted by her lifestyle once more. Nadia becomes irritated and turns down Mahrukh’s offer of accompanying her for shopping.

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 28-Jan-2022

    Nadia is irritated upon hearing Ahmer’s plans of attending a marriage upon a worker’s invitation. Mahrukh tries to talk him out of it as well but Ahmer remains resolute. Nadia’s mother once again blames Mahrukh for Ahmer’s sudden departure. Ifrah tries contacting her mother to receive her blessings. Azra neglects the call as she is busy in prayers. Tameezuddin reaches cloud nine when his boss Ahmer arrives. Ishrat is depressed at witnessing her stepdaughter’s splendid marriage ceremony. She instigates Ifrah’s in-laws by revealing Sahir’s matter to them. The groom’s family feels betrayed and decides to abandon the marriage. Tameezuddin is out of his wits while flowers are blooming in the evil stepmother’s heart. Ahmer witnesses the confrontation as well and is confused.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 04-Feb-2022

    Tameezuddin falls into despair after the groom’s family leaves. Ishrat Jahan is gloating upon her step-daughter’s miserable outcome. Ahmer consoles Tameezuddin and offers to marry his daughter. Tameezuddin is baffled and confused at first but later becomes ecstatic knowing that he isn’t dreaming. Ishrat once again tries fulfilling her promise of spoiling all the good things. Thankfully, Ahmer is a lot more sensible and thus pays no heed to what his ‘step-mother-in-law’ says. Tameezuddin blames Ifrah for the disaster and warns his daughter never to look back ever again. Shabana sobs in grief for her sister. Ahmer later returns to his hotel room with Ifrah. She spends the night alone while her newly-wed husband is busy at work. Kamran suggests his boss to hide his unexpected marriage from everybody at home. Ahmer scoffs at his opinion and decides not to. He tells Ifrah of his marriage plans with Nadia and seeks her opinion. Ifrah has no regrets and accompanies him back to Karachi. Nadia’s friend discovers Ifrah’s stay at Ahmer’s hotel room. She sneaks in a few photos of them both and lets Nadia know. Nadia and her mother go crazy and blame Mahrukh for having such a despicable brother. Ahmer confirms it when asked about the girl staying in his hotel room.

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 11-Feb-2022

    Nuzhat and Nadia leave after blaming Ahmer for committing atrocious sins. Mahrukh tasks the maid Shali to shift Ifrah into the servant quarters.  Mahrukh gets sick and so Ahmer calls a doctor for her checkup. Nuzhat informs all her relatives and friends of Ahmer’s treachery. Mahrukh is irritated by the constant nagging of curious relatives. Later, Nadia comes to Ahmer’s office and makes a lot of noise. After yelling to her heart’s content, she also falls sick and is taken to the hospital for treatment. Nuzhat emotionally manipulates Mahrukh and Ahmer for having mistreated her daughter. Nadia reverts to the same tactics as her mother and tries emotionally manipulating Ahmer into divorcing Ifrah. Shali reveals Nadia’s health instability to Ifrah. Ifrah later wants to check up on the latest news on Nadia’s health out of her kind heart. Mahrukh doesn’t appreciate it and scolds Ifrah with a mix of hair pulling as well as smashing her head on the table. Shali is disgusted at Mahrukh’s cruelty after witnessing the scar on Ifrah’s forehead.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 18-Feb-2022

    Mahrukh insults the hell out of Shali for being overly empathetic towards Ifrah. Ifrah lies to Ahmer regarding her head injury. Mahrukh is suspicious of Ifrah for backbiting on her in front of Ahmer and scolds her. Tameezuddin’s co-workers congratulate him for being the father-in-law of their boss. His friend Basharat reveals how a proposal for Neeli has arrived. Tameezuddin is enraged after knowing how these are the same people who abandoned Ifrah on the wedding night. Ishrat convinces her husband in agreeing to the proposal. She is also dissatisfied with Ifrah for not lending them a hand after marrying such a big shot. Sahir writes a letter to Tameezuddin but the latter tears his message apart. Nadia is irritated after her friend praises Ifrah’s beauty. Ahmer explains to Nadia how divorcing Ifrah so soon will have a negative impact on his company. Mahrukh advises Nadia not to delay her marriage with Ahmer. Ahmer takes Ifrah for shopping which further drives Mahrukh crazy.

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 25-Feb-2022

    Mahrukh makes quite a lot of fuss after witnessing Ifrah doing shopping with Ahmer. Tameezuddin berates his daughters for talking and laughing with the delivery boy. Neeli gets agitated and retorts against her father. Her mother saves her from getting slapped. Ishrat then shifts the topic to the ‘shameless’ Ifrah. Mahrukh points out that gifting jewelry and clothing won’t do the trick. She questions how her brother plans to fix Ifrah’s illiteracy. Sajid takes a gold set as a gift for his business partner Ahmer’s new bride. Azra is sad to know that this very gift had been reserved for her daughter. Mahrukh is worried about how Ifrah will prepare for the celebration. Ahmer is amazed to see how well-refined his wife seems to be. Sajid’s wits abandon him after he sees his step-daughter standing next to Ahmer. Ifrah soon excuses herself from the conversation and leaves. Sajid refrains from revealing Ifrah’s news to his wife. Mahrukh treats Ifrah like a slave. While Nuzhat Apa warns Ahmer to steer clear of her daughter’s way.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 04-Mar-2022

    Mahrukh blames the cook for feeding his employers lousy dishes each day. Ifrah lends the poor man a helping hand and does the cooking. Both siblings greatly enjoy Ifrah’s cooking. Mahrukh is enraged to know that the delicious meals are prepared by Ifrah. Meanwhile, Ahmer is thoroughly impressed by Ifrah’s skillfulness in cooking. Ifrah’s grandmother dies from a heart attack. Sajid and Azra grieve for her. Ifrah is also moved to tears after learning about the death from Ahmer’s mouth. Ishrat’s cousin, Shakila arrives and both cousins spend quality time together. Shakila keeps on boasting about her son’s achievements. Neeli reaches cloud nine just from seeing the possibility of marrying Shakila’s son. Tameezuddin is disgusted by Shakila’s presence. He later commands Ishrat to let her relatives steer clear of his house. His friend, Basharat points out a potential son-in-law from Karachi. Both of them depart for the big city soon after. Tameezuddin finalizes Neeli’s marriage with Asif from Karachi soon after. Basharat suggests paying a visit to Ifrah before heading back home. Tameezuddin feels reluctant to do so but his friend keeps on insisting. Mahrukh tries to bribe Ifrah into leaving their home but fails. Ifrah clearly states her unwillingness to leave unless Ahmer tells her to. Nadia pays a visit and accompanies Ahmer for coffee.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 11-Mar-2022

    Tameezuddin pays a visit to Ifrah at her in-laws. Mahrukh is disgusted to see the penniless man at her doorstep. She scolds him till her throat becomes sore. Tameezuddin is left speechless to see his daughter living like a maid. Ifrah then begs her father to leave and never turn back. Tameezuddin almost collides with Ahmer’s car while lost in his thoughts. Another session of his insult begins; this time Nadia is the one shouting. Ahmer apologizes to Tameezuddin who then leaves in low spirits. Meanwhile, Neeli is having a love date with her cousin at home. Both her mother as well as sister are away from home. Tameezuddin is exasperated to see his daughter alone with a man. He falls ill right away while still in shock. Later, he tells his nephew to buzz off. The nephew himself has quite the negative impression of Tameezuddin’s stormy personality. Ifrah becomes ill due to being depressed at her father’s lost self-esteem. Ahmer tends to her the whole night. Nadia happens to know of the matter. Soon enough, she also descends into mental depression. Mahrukh tries convincing Ahmer to sign divorce papers but he refuses. As it happens, he has already promised not to abandon Ifrah unless she willingly leaves.

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 18-Mar-2022

    Neeli marries her cousin behind Tameezuddin’s back. The latter suffers from a heart attack after knowing of his daughter’s wrongdoings. He then orders her to buzz off and never come back. Sahir finally comes back from abroad and pays a visit to Tameezuddin. He’s devastated to know of Ifrah’s marriage. Tameezuddin refuses to acknowledge his mistakes and remains stubborn. Shabana is about to reveal the news of Ifrah’s husband but her mother stops her. Ahmer finds his wife Ifrah increasingly charming and lets her enjoy more freedom. Azra hears Sahir’s father and her husband talking about Ifrah’s marriage. She soon pays a visit to her daughter. What awaits is her daughter sweeping the floor like a lowly servant. Mahrukh arrives and further taunts Ifrah in front of her mother. Ifrah manages to convince her mother into keeping their secret hidden for now.

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 25-Mar-2022

    Sahir is disgusted at his father’s treacherous tendencies as well as his greedy nature and leaves the house in retaliation. Mahrukh intentionally spills the blazing cup of tea on Ifrah’s feet. Sahir contacts the weary Ifrah who then refuses to meet him. Later, she permanently switches off her phone. Ahmer is on the lookout for highly-qualified employees for his office. Sajid suggests him to allow Ifrah to fill the vacancy. Ahmer remains baffled upon learning that his wife turns out to be a BBA graduate. He’s still confused about whether it’s true or not. Mahrukh manipulates Ahmer yet again and threatens to leave the home unless Ahmer marries Nadia. Ifrah also suggests for Ahmer to marry Nadia, just to resolve the immediate troubles. Sahir remains disheartened by Ifrah’s misfortune and can’t bear to witness her suffering. Neeli comes back home along with her newlywed husband. Tameezuddin once again orders his daughter to buzz the hell off.

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 01-Apr-2022

    Mahrukh keeps trying to manipulate Ahmer into either divorcing Ifrah or marrying Nadia. Ifrah supports her husband’s second marriage to avoid further conflicts with Mahrukh. Ahmer finally bends under the pressure and agrees to marry Nadia. Shabana berates Neeli for having ruined her father’s prestige as well as his mental well-being. Sahir comes looking for Ifrah at her home. The guy has literally gone insane in his craving for Ifrah’s love. The flabbergasted Ifrah finally manages to let him leave. Kamran suggests for Ahmer to abort his marriage with Nadia and cherish Ifrah instead. Ahmer spots Sahir leaving the house and subtly interrogates Ifrah on the matter. He becomes thoughtful after Ifrah makes a hasty excuse. Afterward, Ifrah promises to meet Sahir in the shopping mall. Surprisingly, Ahmer decides to accompany her as well. Sahir confronts Ahmer for a brief moment in the mall. The situation may have escalated had Ahmer not given way and left. Later, Sahir drags Ifrah away when an opportunity arrives. He promises to snatch Ifrah from Ahmer’s hands. The poor girl finally manages to slip away from his clutches after much delay.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 08-Apr-2022

    Ahmer hints at Sahir’s uncanny behavior while on the way back home with Ifrah. His wife only gives subtle comments here and there without exposing anything. Sahir takes Ifrah away while disguising as Mr. Sajid’s wife. Ifrah takes a shot at convincing her lover to let her marriage stay afloat. Her efforts bear no fruit though. Tameezuddin gets to taste karma now that he’s a bedridden patient. His wife Ishrat is like a horse without a saddle and taunts him for reaching his decline. Mahrukh discovers Ifrah’s phone and goes on to slander her. Ahmer intervenes and saves Ifrah from her plight. He then goes on to lie about having gifted the phone to Ifrah herself. Nuzhat forces Mahrukh to buy new jewelry for her daughter, Nadia. Neeli’s vanity is greatly satisfied after marrying her Dubai-returned cousin. She’s adamant in flaunting her flashy husband in front of Ifrah.

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 15-Apr-2022

    Mahrukh heads off to Dubai with Nadia for a pre-wedding shopping spree. Before her departure, she severely warns Ahmer to get rid of Ifrah within a week or so. In the interim, Ifrah is to stay at her father’s house. Ahmer agrees and later asks Ifrah to get ready. She suggests whether to stay at ‘Ms. Sajid’s’ house since the latter likes her a lot. Ahmer can’t see the logic in her choice and berates her for such stupidity. Neeli comes running to her sister’s home despite her father’s protests. Ifrah is on the verge of leaving but Ahmer refrains her from doing so. As it happens, Tameezuddin had hinted to him about Neeli’s arrival beforehand. Ahmer shows the couple generous hospitality, just for Ifrah’s sake. Sahir’s father is finally regretting his past sins and wishes to make amends.

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 22-Apr-2022

    Neeli continues feeling envious of her sister’s apparently prosperous life. Her husband irritates at her tendency of being jealous and ungrateful. Both couples go for an outing at the beach. Ahmer quite enjoys himself with Ifrah while Neeli’s eyes continue spilling poison behind their backs. Mahrukh is pissed after learning of Ifrah’s continuing presence back at home. Later, Ifrah requests Ahmer to favor Mr. Sajid if possible. Her step-father’s jaw falls to the floor after learning of the matter from Ahmer’s tongue. Sahir’s parents manage to locate him and beg him to return home. He ignores their protests and tells them to buzz off. Afterward, Sahir pays an unexpected visit to Ifrah and makes a fuss there. Neeli overhears their conversation and relays the information to Ahmer who becomes thoughtful at the occurrence.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 29-Apr-2022

    Ifrah and Ahmer’s hearts continue drawing closer as they spend the week together. Mahrukh comes back without prior notice and freaks out upon witnessing Neeli sitting on the lounge’s sofa like a landlady. Neeli continues with her arrogance and even dares to mock Mahrukh. Ahmer handles the situation well and on time. He later lies to Anees about Mahrukh being a mental retard. In the meanwhile, Neeli keenly grasps Mahrukh’s hatred for Ifrah. She pulls the curtain from Sahir’s matter in front of her. Sajid feels devastated after confirming Ifrah’s care for him. He wishes to amend his past sins but it’s easier said than done. Ahmer rebukes Nadia for her childish behavior. His finance, who also happens to be a mental freak, shrieks at Ifrah for being an intruder. Ifrah refuses to vacate the house unless Ahmer says so. Ifrah hesitates whether to reveal her past to Ahmer or not. On the contrary, Ahmer is waiting for the moment when she confesses everything.

    Episode 26

    Air Date: 06-May-2022

    Sahir’s parents pay a visit to Sajid’s house. All four mourn over the loss of their respective children. Nadia makes quite some fuss after Ifrah refuses to abandon her home. Sahir comes looking for Ifrah, this time in Mahrukh’s presence. Mahrukh orders Mansoor to kick the lovesick boy out of her home. Later, she tricks Ifrah into stepping out of her house as well. The innocent girl easily falls prey to her sly scheme. Shali and her uncle spot Ifrah as the latter falls unconscious while outside. The two take good care of her while condemning Mahrukh for being a devil. Ahmer knocks his car into a truck and is taken to the hospital. He is critically injured and undergoes immediate surgery. Mahrukh avoids Sajid and Azra’s inquiries about Ifrah. Both visit Ifrah at home only to find the villa empty. Shali’s uncle is shocked to learn of their relationship with Ifrah after meeting coincidentally. However, he refrains himself from revealing Ifrah’s whereabouts so soon.

    Episode 27

    Air Date: 13-May-2022

    Ifrah’s mother begs Sahir to help locate her daughter. Ifrah reveals all her experiences to both Shali as well as her uncle. Both deeply sympathize with her and promise to take good care of her. Mahrukh is irked by Azra’s continuous inquiries regarding Ifrah. She snaps back at the lady and inquires why the former is so concerned about Ifrah. Azra admits her identity as Ifrah’s birth mother at that moment. Both Mahrukh and Nadia are left with their mouths agape at the discovery. Ifrah sneaks into the hospital and silently accompanies Ahmer for a while. Her husband is in a half-sleep state. Still, he feels refreshed to see her there. Mahrukh later discovers about Ifrah’s visit. She then forbids the staff from allowing strangers in Ahmer’s ward anymore. Ahmer is discharged from the hospital soon afterward. Mahrukh and Nadia lie to him about how Ifrah snuck away with Sahir. The servant Manzoor is forced to support their lies as well.

    Episode 28

    Air Date: 20-May-2022

    Ahmer is dissatisfied with Ifrah’s decision to abandon him all of a sudden. Mahrukh and Nadia spare no efforts in distracting him from the matter. Nadia’s mother is disturbed by the cruelty with which Marhukh dealt with Ifrah. Her daughter is irked by her suspicions, and demands for her mother to stay out of it. Sahir’s parents admit their wrongdoings and agree to Sahir’s wish of marrying Ifrah. Mahrukh reveals how Ifrah’s birth-mother is Sajid herself. Ahmer is amazed at the revelation and becomes thoughtful. Sajid later pays a visit and inquires about his daughter’s whereabouts. Ahmer is left speechless whereas Mahrukh intervenes. She slanders Ifrah with her trash talk and irrational way of communication. Ahmer again becomes suspicious after Sajid mentions how Sahir is searching for his love. The step-daddy then spits on the floor and leaves. Sahir traces Shali’s uncle back to Ifrah. His ‘Heer’ berates him for ruining her life and tells him to buzz off. The boy leaves in a dejected manner. He then returns home to his parents at last with eyes full of tears and despair.

    Episode 29

    Air Date: 27-May-2022

    Sahir returns home in a dejected manner. His parents become ecstatic at his return and feel boundless gratitude towards Ifrah. Sahir’s mother prompts him to help ease Ifrah’s troubles once and for all. Ahmer is still kept in the dark by his dearest sister as he considers Ifrah a traitor. Mahrukh isn’t in the favor of letting such a heavenly opportunity slip by. She pours all her efforts into persuading Ahmer to get nikkahfied to Nadia. Sahir barges into the house while the marriage ceremony is yet to reach completion. He stops Ahmer from jumping into Mahrukh’s trap blindly and reveals the truth about Ifrah’s ‘escape’. Ahmer is beyond flabbergasted after hearing of his wife’s perils. He rushes to Ifrah’s place together with Sahir but to no avail. His beloved ain’t at Shali’s home anymore. Regret starts gnawing at Ahmer’s heart for what he’s done to Ifrah.

    Episode 30

    Air Date: 03-Jun-2022

    Ahmer desperately hunts for Ifrah. Azra reminds him that her daughter will definitely be at Tameezuddin’s home. Meanwhile, Ishrat gives her step-daughter the buzz-off call as soon as she arrives and poor Ifrah faints yet again. Fortunately, Ahmer manages to reach the spot in due time and brings his wife to the hospital. Ahmer pleads with Ifrah to forgive him and embrace his love for her. Mahrukh bribes Neeli to keep Ifrah at their home. Unfortunately, Neeli’s mother had long since closed the gates on Ifrah’s face. The greedy mother and daughter duo regret having missed the chance to earn a couple of dollars. Tameezuddin overhears their conversation and ascertains the reality. He then brings his daughter Ifrah back home while also condemning his selfish wife to hell. Later, Tameezuddin presents his wish in front of Ifrah and implores her to forgive Ahmer. Ifrah decides to forget all the toxicities and holds Ahmer’s hand forever.

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