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Cast & Crew

Sharmeen Ali

Afshan (Jahanzaib's sister)

Saba Hamid

Noor (Jahanzaib's mother)

Ayesha Omar

Sofia (Jahanziab's wife)

Mirza Zain Baig

Murtaza (Jahanzaib's cousin)

Sajid Shah

Kareem (Afreen's father)




Episode 1 

Air Date: 28-Nov-2021

Noor lives with her late sister’s son, Murtaza. Her accountant, Kareem also lives in the same house with his daughter, Afreen. Noor treats Afreen like a daughter. Afreen and Murtaza are friends who keep bickering as their friendship symbol while Murataza seems to be in love with Afreen. Another girl, Sania lives in the house who doesn’t like Afreen and her bond with Raamis. Murtaza stands by Afreen and scolds Sania for treating her like a maid.

Noor’s daughter, Afshan and son Jahanzaib are not on good terms. Jahanzaib’s over-speeding had led to the death of Afshan’s husband, Farhan while her son, Raamis became handicapped. Jahanzaib, now living in Türkiye, is still haunted by the memory of the accident that even made him infertile. That is why he divorces his wife, Sofia out of love and guilt. Afshan is shattered as her dead husband’s birthday approaches as it makes her miss him more. She is surprised to see Jahanzaib returning to Pakistan. Jahanzaib apologizes again for his past mistake but Afshan wishes that he would have been dead instead of her husband.

Episode 2

Air Date: 05-Dec-2021

Afshan celebrates Farhan’s birthday and misses him a lot. Murtaza talks to Afreen about marriage and expresses his feelings for her. It turns out that she too likes him back. Noor asks Afshan to handle the business with Jahanzaib. Jahanzaib plays a racing game with Raamis after his request. Afshan turns mad, reminisces about the accident and slaps Jahanzaib asking him to kill everyone. Noor tries to make her understand the unintentional accident but she can’t stand the thought of Jahanzaib. Noor is worried as Kareem is sick and has little time to survive while Afreen is unaware of the fact. Jahanzaib cheers up Raamis as he questions his mother about slapping his uncle. Soon, Kareem dies asking Jahanzaib to care for Afreen. Seeing the shattered condition of Afreen, Noor asks Jahanzaib to shift Afreen’s stuff into her room which irritates Sania who also seems to like Jahanzaib. As Noor questions about Sofia not contacting anyone, Jahanzaib reveals about his divorce.

Episode 3

Air Date: 12-Dec-2021

Sania is irritated when seeing Murraza always doing chores for Afreen and spoiling her. Murtaza later consoles Afreen and promises to be there for her. Afshan, who’s burning with hatred towards her brother, taunts him for receiving his due punishment and getting divorced. Poor guy Jahanzaib later gets pestered by his mother who keeps on questioning about why after four years he was still childless and finally got divorced where he tells her that his ex-wife Sufi was permanently incapable of conceiving a child. Raamis laments about how he misses his cheerful friend Afreen who often used to play with him and took care of him ever since he got handicapped. By doing so, he succeeds in cheering Afreen up and taking her mind off her father’s death. Noor limits Jahanzaib to within a month for either preparing himself for re-marrying. Murtaza proposes to marry Afreen to which she agrees on the precondition that Noor accepts them marrying each other. Sania offers to marry Jahanzaib and convinces Noor of it who agrees to give it a try. On the other hand, Noor asks Afshan to make peace with her brother which she rejects, and instead asks her mother to let Jahanzaib disappear from their house. Noor announces that how she plans to look for a decent groom for her daughter while also trying to find a suitable girl for Jahanzaib.

Episode 4

Air Date: 19-Dec-2021

Afshan and Jahanzaib continue their bickering which makes their mother depressed. Afreen gets tearful while remembering her cherished memories of her deceased father upon which Murtaza comforts her. Sania continues being rude towards Afreen which upsets her brother Murtaza. Jahanzaib starts developing feelings for the cheerful Afreen all the while being unaware of Afreen’s commitment to Murtaza and their love for each other. Jahanzaib agrees to remarry at Noor’s request on the condition that his bride be Afreen. Sania, who’s eavesdropping on their conversation, gets heartbroken. While having a fit of sadness along with throwing and smashing stuff in her room, Afreen gets attracted by the noise and comes in. Unfortunately for her, she’s the last person Sania wants to see after Jahanzaib’s rejection of her. Finally, Murtaza arrives in time and saves Afreen from Sania’s wrath.

Episode 5

Air Date: 26-Dec-2021

Noor informs Afreen of Jahanzaib’s choice and asks for her willingness to marry him. Although moved to cry since she’s already in love with Murtaza, Afreen agrees without hesitation since she can’t bear to upset Noor. Afshan is against Jahanzaib marrying such a good girl like Afreen while Sania mocks Afreen for acting pitiful after hearing such good news. Later, Noor tells Murtaza of Jahanzaib and Afreen’s acceptance of marrying each other which leaves Murtaza heartbroken. Noor scolds Sania for backbiting Afreen and not showing her the respect due as a future daughter-in-law of their family. Murtaza later confronts Afreen and enquires why she didn’t refuse Jahanzaib’s proposal. She reiterates once again how she loves Noor like a mother and can’t bear to bring any sort of pain to her, especially regarding her only son who has already suffered trauma in his previous marriage.

Episode 6

Air Date: 02-Jan-2022

Raamis suggests his mother Afshan to let the mother and son duo leave their home and go settle elsewhere because he loves his uncle Jahanzaib and can’t bear to see him and his mother pointing guns at each other whole life. Afreen and Murtaza remain heartbroken at the sudden twist of Jahanzaib and Afreen’s marriage. Many times, Murtaza is on the verge of revealing his and Afreen’s love for each other but in the end, holds back under Afreen’s pleading. Afshan, who’s still feeling sour towards her brother, refuses to attend the marriage and Raamis decides to do the same out of stubbornness. Meanwhile, Sania insults Afreen in front of Murtaza and Noor. As a result, Noor scolds her. Later, she’s mocking Afreen for being a golddigger upon which Jahanzaib intervenes. Afterward, he rejects Sania’s so-called love for him. Murtaza threatens to commit suicide in case Afreen doesn’t agree to run far away with him until she finally agrees. However, when paying a final visit to Noor, she gets emotional and abandons the runaway plan.

Episode 7

Air Date: 09-Jan-2022

Afshan is still bent on not attending her brother’s wedding. Afreen convinces her after a round of emotional blackmailing. At the wedding, Murtaza’s face remains crestfallen and heartbroken. Contrary to her brother, Sania has a belly full of her anger with nowhere to vent. Full of hatred toward Afreen, she sets her lifelong purpose to ruin Afreen. Jahanzaib consoles Afreen by saying how their understanding of each other will grow with time. Afreen tries helping Murtaza by ironing his clothes but is flat out rejected. Ever since she failed to run away with him, Murtaza hates her for being selfish. Jahanzaib is irritated at his mother’s mention of his future children. In his fury, he cancels his plan of going to a dinner party with his wife. Later, however, he comes to Afreen and tells her his philosophy regarding personal secrets. Only after she promises to stay with him even after becoming aware of those secrets does he feels relieved. Sania demands an explanation from Jahanzaib regarding his preference of Afreen over her. Sadly for her, Jahanzaib simply refuses to answer at all.

Episode 8

Air Date: 16-Jan-2022

Noor inquires about the girl previously mentioned by Murtaza. He tells her how his lover got married to pay off somebody’s favor. Later, Noor brings back clothes for the newlywed couple. Seeing baby clothing as well, Jahanzaib gets angry as well as depressed. And so he slams them to the floor while alone. Afreen tries discussing her marriage problems with Murtaza who taunts her and leaves. Sofia calls Jahanzaib for some reason. Afshan gets infuriated after her mother suggests her to remarry. She forbids Jahanzaib from accompanying her son during his treatment. Later, Afreen consoles Afshan and clears her mind a bit. Noor’s relative Arooj and her daughter Kinza come to visit. Kinza treats Afreen like a maid and Arooj is disgusted by Afreen’s base background. Kinza flirts with Murtaza who also plays along a bit to make Afreen jealous. Later, Noor seeks Afreen’s advice regarding Murtaza and Kinza’s marriage. She supports the decision wholeheartedly. Kinza and Sania team up to belittle Afreen. 

Episode 9

Air Date: 23-Jan-2022

Kinza and her mother seem to be getting avaricious and planning on winning the entire property for themselves. Kinza hopes to marry Murataza for this purpose. Afreen manages to hear their evil plans. Later she warns Murtaza of Kinza and her family’s greedy nature. He leaves without replying to her at all. Sania also advocates marrying Kinza to her brother Murtaza in front of Noor. At the dinner table, Noor investigates Murtaza’s opinion regarding Kinza. Jahanzaib is unwilling to trust Kinza’s family. Murtaza agrees to the marriage just to arouse jealousy in Afreen’s heart. The marriage ceremony is held soon enough. Murtaza responds to Sofia’s call. She declares how she still hasn’t signed the divorce papers that Jahanzaib left for her. Murtaza confronts Jahanzaib and asks how he has mistreated both of his wives. Later, Jahanzaib demands the reason due to which Sofia hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet. She announces her plans of solving the obstacle after coming to Pakistan. Jahanzaib declares his own goal of heading abroad and tells her to wait for him.

Episode 10

Air Date: 30-Jan-2022

Jahanzaib ignores Sofia’s calls and later reveals plans of going abroad. Afreen’s insistence on accompanying him baffles him. Kinza’s brother comes to visit his sister. Jahanzaib, who has a very bad impression of him, questions his intentions of being there. The man says how it’s only reasonable for him to visit his sister’s new home. Jahanzaib further points out how he should be grateful after what his father did. Sofia calls Murtaza and complains him about how Jahanzaib refuses to come into contact with her. She then reveals how she’s still willing to be with him despite his incapability of becoming a father. Murtaza is shocked after learning the truth and confronts Jahanzaib. He chides Jahanzaib for his injustice towards both his wives. Kinza fakes the news of her pregnancy just to get more wealth in her name. Jahanzaib scolds Sofia for approaching Murtaza. Murtaza is irritated after Kinza’s mother backbites on Afreen. Jahanzaib reveals his idea of divorcing Afreen only for Murtaza to marry her. After bearing his child, she would return to Jahanzaib once again. Murtaza is disgusted by his vile thoughts and blatantly refuses. Jahanzaib then calls in the favors bestowed by his family upon Murtaza and his sister before Murtaza leaves in confusion. 

Episode 11

Air Date: 06-Feb-2022

Jahanzaib scolds Sofia for revealing his sickness to Murtaza. Afreen apologizes to Murtaza for ruining his life. Murtaza feels regret at marrying Kinza as revenge from Afreen. Jahanzaib fumes at Sania after she taunts Afreen for not becoming pregnant after three weeks. Kinza’s mother refuses to let Afreen participate when celebrating her own daughter’s pregnancy. Murtaza reveals his wish of bringing Jahanzaib’s truth to light and freeing Afreen from her plight. Jahanzaib once again tries to convince Murtaza of his wretched plan. Afreen suggests seeking advice from a doctor. Jahanzaib refuses and reveals his sickness to her. Afreen does not believe him thinking he’s just trying to cover for his wife. Jahanzaib then suggests the same plan of secretly marrying Murtaza to Afreen. She blatantly refuses him and leaves. Afreen is angry at Murtaza for hiding the truth. He defends himself saying he himself got to know of the matter five days ago. She then begs him not to push her into this swamp. Afreen moves back to her old room. Jahanzaib tries to stop her but all in vain. Noor suffers from a heart attack and is taken to the hospital. Raamis secures a second position in the school.

Episode 12

Air Date: 13-Feb-2022

Noor miraculously wakes up from the coma. Jahanzaib is about to reveal his secret to his mother but Afreen diverts the topic and lies about the situation. Kinza continues with her lies of pregnancy. Noor mentions a thing or two about marrying Sania soon enough. The latter becomes shy and leaves. Jahanzaib fails to convince Afreen into being a part of his wretched plan. She suggests for him to seek treatment which instead makes him angry. He claims how he isn’t stupid enough to have never tried before. Murtaza tries persuading Afreen into accepting Jahanzaib’s plan but to no avail. Jahanzaib despairs and decides to leave. He transfers some property in Murtaza’s name as well as he decides to divorce Afreen. Later, they leave for a farmhouse stay while Jahanzaib prepares the divorce documents. Sofia calls Jahanzaib and declares her craving to see him soon.

Episode 13

Air Date: 20-Feb-2022

Kinza is shocked to learn about Murtaza’s monthly earnings which exceed 25 lakh rupees. She spots Sofia’s message on Murtaza’s phone and learns how Jahanzaib is still involved with her. Both Kinza and Sania gloat at Afreen’s misfortune. Jahanzaib convinces Afreen to sign divorce papers. Soon after, Murtaza marries Afreen according to Jahanzaib’s wretched plan. Afreen taunts her new husband for finally achieving his wish. Both share a few moments of intimacy and stare at each other. Murtaza meanwhile ignores his wife Kinza’s incoming calls. Sofia learns of Jahanzaib’s second marriage and contacts him. She then announces her decision of coming to Pakistan to reveal his truth. Jahanzaib plays a step ahead by reaching Istanbul before her. Sofia is irritated at having her plans ruined.

Episode 14

Air Date: 27-Feb-2022

Jahanzaib manages to convince the hyper Sofia into having a cooldown and listening to his ‘earnest explanation’. Kinza flaunts her newfound wealth as she ensures her mother to rely on her daughter for any financial needs. Sania and Kinza cook up ways to ruin Afreen’s ‘honeymoon’. Murtaza becomes prey to the chilly winter breeze and falls unconscious. Afreen takes him to the hospital and later tends to her husband the entire night. A couple of weeks pass during which the newly-wed couple spends some quality time together. Afreen finally shares the good news of her pregnancy with Noor. Jahanzaib comes back home but Afreen denies being with him again. She points out how her marriage with him was nothing but a thin smoke. Murtaza is the one and only for her now. Jahanzaib makes an effort to remind her of the catastrophic consequences but all in vain. Noor transfers some property to Afreen’s name. Kinza’s bottomless stomach starts aching and so she demands such a lofty reward as well. Noor complies with her daughter-in-law’s wishes. Sofia makes a surprise entrance while everybody else is celebrating Afreen’s pregnancy.

Episode 15

Air Date: 06-Mar-2022

Afshan interrogates the newly-arrived Sofia regarding her purpose. Sofia reveals the news of still being married to Jahanzaib. Jahanzaib continues spinning lies in front of Noor. He babbles about Sofia being unaware of her inability to give birth. Sania reminds Sofia of the big favor she did upon her. Surprisingly, Sania had been the one who exposed news of Afreen’s pregnancy to Sofia. Afreen and Murtaza feel helpless at Jahanzaib’s wretchedness. Kinza witnesses Murtaza playing Romeo and Juliet with Afreen. She makes quite a fuss out of it but shuts the hell up after Murtaza’s warning. Later, she manages to convince the still angry Murtaza of her guilt. Sofia declares her wish of leaving only after having a look at Jahanzaib’s child. Jahanzaib is a bit panicked after his other two comrades discontinue his wretched plan.

Episode 16

Air Date: 13-Mar-2022

Afreen and Murtaza keep up with the top-secret late-night dates on the roof-top. Kinza almost catches them both red-handed as Murtaza spends the whole night in Afreen’s bedroom. The secretly-wed couple pays no heed to Jahanzaib’s warning of impending doom. Afreen allows Sofia to replace her and live together with Jahanzaib in his room. Jahanzaib’s first wife is thoroughly won over by Afreen’s ‘generosity’ and ‘thoughtfulness’. Sania taunts Afreen about being so emotionless; to the point where another woman living in her man’s quarters spells no effect on Afreen. Kinza keeps inhaling Murtaza’s hard-earned money as if it’s smoke! Murtaza is thoroughly aware of Kinza’s tendency to eat money like there’s no tomorrow. He commends Afreen on her keen insight; since the latter had warned him against Kinza’s greedy nature before marriage. Jahanzaib tries making things difficult for Murtaza and Afreen. Kinza finally succeeds in eavesdropping on the duo of ‘sinners’ while they’re having romance under the full moon.

Episode 17

Air Date: 20-Mar-2022

Kinza returns early and witnesses Murtaza enjoying the moon-lit night with Afreen. She takes their photo as proof while both of them are sitting hand-in-hand. The couple is baffled to see her intruding upon their romance. Kinza later reveals proof of Afreen’s betrayal to Jahanzaib. The latter deletes the photos without an ounce of hesitation. He then threatens to kick Kinza out of the house unless she stops stalking his wife. Both Sania, as well as Kinza, are flabbergasted upon witnessing Jahanzaib’s blind trust in Afreen. Sofia becomes suspicious of Afreen’s ever-calm attitude towards her. She smells a hint of untold secrets from Afreen’s unusual acts. Afterwards, she suggests moving to London together with Jahanzaib and Afreen for a while. All this is to help Afreen get the best medical checkup and ensure her health. Afreen refuses her suggestion in the name of her love for Noor aunty and her home.

Episode 18

Air Date: 27-Mar-2022

Afshan happens to witness Afreen and Murtaza playing Romeo and Juliet. Murtaza slips away while Afreen is left alone to fend for herself. Afshan then has a straightforward talk with Jahanzaib after she’s fed up with berating Afreen. Jahanzaib still defends his ‘wife’ like a husband who’s in the thrall of his lover. He keeps coming up with innovative excuses to clear Afreen’s name. Meanwhile, he also pushes Afreen to advance according to his wretched plan but the latter refuses. Afshan grows overly sympathetic with the seemingly pitiful yet fox-minded Kinza. She then requests Murtaza to buzz off abroad along with Kinza. What’s more, she even warns Afreen to steer clear of her son Raamis. Sophi and Afshan take turns to confront poor Jahanzaib on his ‘blind trust’ in Afreen. Noor Ami finally smells an onslaught of trouble from Afshan’s queer remarks. 

Episode 19

Air Date: 08-May-2022

Afshan is adamant about sending Afreen abroad together with Jahanzaib. Her brother instigates Noor against Afshan and even slanders her. In the end, Noor strictly forbids Afshan from persisting on Afreen’s immigration. Kinza resorts to her favorite habit yet again; which is to play her relatives as fools. This time around, she claims to have lost her nonexistent child. All blame falls upon Afreen’s weak shoulders. Murtaza sneaks off to Afreen’s room that night. Meanwhile, Kinza almost succeeds in catching them both red-handed with Noor in tow. Surprisingly, luck is still on Afreen’s side as of yet. Noor immediately regrets having been beguiled by Kinza so easily. Afreen somehow convinces Murtaza to depart together with Kinza. Jahanzaib once again ruthlessly rejects Sania’s love for him. Murtaza tries to talk his sister out of her crush on Jahanzaib but the effort proves futile.

Episode 20

Air Date: 15-May-2022

Noor transfers a sum of property in Kinza’s name. The latter immediately becomes ecstatic and strikes a call on her mother’s cell phone. She reveals the good news while also degrading her husband as a nobody. Noor overhears the conversation and is left flabbergasted. The whole family gathers soon after where Noor pulls the curtain from Kinza’s treachery. Kinza seeks aid from Sophie, Afshan, and Sania but receives none. Afshan can’t bear to upset her mother while Sophie just follows the general trend. Even Sania doesn’t want to share this piece of rotten pie with her ‘best buddy’. Kinza is exasperated and starts defaming Sania and declares Sania to be the one who invited Sophie back from Türkiye; which really is the truth. Murtaza, Noor, and the others are disappointed by Sania’s betrayal. Raamis happens to eavesdrop upon Afreen and Murtaza chatting about their relationship. The kid is baffled at first and refuses to listen to Afreen’s explanations. However, she soon reveals part of the truth and convinces her little friend of her sincerity.

Episode 21

Air Date: 22-May-2022

Afreen hands over her inheritance plot to Murtaza. The couple wishes to build a separate home for themselves there. Sania discovers the document and starts pondering over her brother’s intent. Afreen soon goes into labor and a new life is brought into this world that day. Murtaza longs to hug his child but Afshan’s menacing eyes keep him at bay. Jahanzaib flaunts ‘his’ child in front of Murtaza. One can literally see Murtaza’s ears fuming with red smoke. Sania complains against Afreen to Afshan and Sofia. She’s of the mind to snatch the baby and let Afreen buzz off forever. However, the other two women are concerned about the infant’s well-being and refuse to follow Sania’s suggestion. Sofia sincerely advises Afreen to be grateful for the blessings she has. In turn, Afreen wishes for Sophie to never experience such ‘blessings’ her whole life. Noor transfers a large chunk of her property in Afreen’s name. Afshan is irked by her choice since Afreen is anything but reliable these days.

Episode 22

Air Date: 29-May-2022

Afshan once again confronts Afreen regarding her ‘treacherous tendencies’. Afreen nonetheless keeps quiet and refuses to pull the curtain from Jahanzaib’s ruthlessness even now. What worries her is the difficult choice she has to make between her marriage and Noor’s trust. Jahanzaib proposes a deal in front of Murtaza. Turns out, he’s willing to promote Murtaza as their company’s vice-president; the only catch is for Murtaza is to divorce Afreen. He readily rejects Jahanzaib’s inhumane proposal and refuses to mercilessly play with emotions like Jahanzaib. Murtaza is finally fed-up and prompts Afreen to abandon their home together. Noor overhears their conversation but Jahanzaib manages to ease her worries by means of a clever cover story. Noor is increasingly becoming fond of eavesdropping on others lately. This time it’s her turn to sneak up on Afshan and Sania; thus hearing their toxic conversation. Afshan then reveals the truth about Afreen and Murtaza’s fondness of each other.

Episode 23

Air Date: 05-Jun-2022

Noor summons Afreen and questions her relationship with Murtaza. Afreen is unable to retort against the accusations. Still, Noor refuses to believe the hearsay that easily. Jahanzaib lures Murtaza to leave the house by means of bribery. However, Murtaza readily refuses his cousin’s offer. Everyone in the house lives in isolation and is beyond depressed. Murtaza comes to Noor and tries telling her the truth. Unfortunately, she refuses to listen to him. Later, she overhears Murtaza explaining to Afreen why they should leave that house. She remains shell shocked after being deceived by her own blood. She then orders Murtaza to leave her house which he does in silence soon after. Afshan suggests Noor to support Afreen’s relationship and let her marry Murtaza. Noor blames herself for the mess created because her intuition says that Afreen can’t betray her. She summons Afreen yet again and prompts her to settle in Türkiye together with Jahanzaib. Afreen instead advises her benefactor to seek out the truth from Murtaza and Jahanzaib.

Episode 24

Air Date: 12-Jun-2022

Murtaza shifts to his own house and wants his wife and child there too, which is not possible until the truth is revealed. Sania forces Noor Ami to let Afreen go from she is can’t live without her grandson. Jahanzaib forces Murtaza to sign divorce papers but he refuses and wants the truth be revealed. Sofia hears their conversation and declares Jahanzaib an inhuman who uses people for his own benefit. Noor spots Afreen with Murtaza and deports Afreen from the house keeping Mustafa with herself. Afshan also learns the truth of Jahanzaib’s marriage but she stays quiet to protect Noor Ami from a heart break. Jahanzaib announces his decision of divorcing Afreen and going to Türkiye with Noor ami and Mustafa.

Episode 25

Air Date: 19-Jun-2022

Afshan berates Jahanzaib after learning his reality but he remains stubborn to negate her. She shows her embarrassment before Afreen as why did Afreen hide the truth from her. They decide to expose the truth before Noor to contain further damage. The news of Murtaza being married to Afreen and inability of Jahanzaib to become a father shock Noor while Jahanzaib continues to defend herself. Noor decides to leave the house forever but later stays after all family members request her to stay. Jahanzaib concocts a plan of revenge from Murtaza and Afreen. He pretends and pledges before Noor to convince her that he cannot live without Afreen and Mustafa. Leaving everyone shocked, Noor orders Afreen to take divorce from Murtaza and marry Jahanzaib.

Episode 26 (Last Episode) 

Air Date: 26-Jun-2022

Noor puts two options before Afreen; either marry Jahanzaib to live with her son or choose Murtaza and leave the house without Mustafa. Murtaza and Afshan resist the decision and urge Afreen to speak for her right. Afreen remains indecisive but at last, chooses to take divorce from Murtaza. Murtaza refuses to leave her and reiterates his pledge to live together.
Sania asks Murtaza to return home but he berates her for her past machinations that had culminated into Murtaza’s woes. Murtaza and Afshan at last decide to leave their son to Noor and plan to start a new life. They hope that Jahanzaib and Sofia will take good care of Mustafa. A later scene shows both Afreen and Murtaza enjoying their life with Noor, Afshan, and Raamis.

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