• Start Date: 31-May-2022
  • End Date:03-Oct-2022
  • Total Episodes: 34
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: 7th Sky Entertainment
  • TV Channel: GEO TV

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Cast & Crew

Episode 1

Air Date: 31-May-2022

Zoya is a lively and naïve girl belonging to a middle-class family whose father died when she was a kid. Ever since her mother, Shireen has been working tirelessly in a factory to feed her daughter and her unmarried sister-in-law, Naseem. Despite her low income, Shireen wants Zoya to acquire the finest education and has admitted her to an expensive college. But Zoya feels embarrassed in front of her rich classmates for not having the luxuries of life like big cars and high-tech smartphones. Her neighbor, Arsal has a crush on Zoya and keeps ogling her through his window. Seeing Zoya’s desperation to have a smartphone, Shireen is forced to take a loan from her boss, Mr. Saleem. Saleem has an elder son, Junaid, and a younger daughter, Naila but does not has a wife which is why he is attracted to his colleague, Shireen.

Episode 2

Air Date: 06-Jun-2022

Saleem loans money from Junaid who is involved in some kind of shady business and then takes Shireen to a mobile shop to buy her a new cell phone. Shireen arrives home and gifts Zoya the cell phone, leaving her flabbergasted. Zoya goes crazy with her new phone and can’t stop clicking her photos, creating a spectacle out of herself in front of her classmates. Saleem proposes to Shireen for marriage but she bluntly refuses, saying that she has a grown-up daughter whom she wants to marry off. Junaid is a strict brother and boils with anger seeing his little sister, Naila talking to a boy outside her college and so he drags her home. Zoya is influenced by her friend who has a boyfriend and aspires to have one too. Soon, she befriends a stranger online thinking that it is a girl who in reality is none other than the shady guy, Junaid.

Episode 3

Air Date: 07-Jun-2022

Zoya is frustrated from daily stalking phone calls and detects that Arsal is behind it. So, she barges into Arsal’s house and berates him for his insensitive approach. The truth about Junaid’s business unravels and it turns out that he fools around with girls and then trades them to people which earns him a considerable amount of cash. Arsal arrives at Zoya’s college to apologize for his behavior and then takes her to a mall to express his feelings to her. Zoya is flattered and takes a split second to accept Arsal and his love. Seeing Zoya’s check-in status online, Junaid arrives at the mall to meet her and is puzzled to see her with someone. Zoya takes Arsal to an expensive shop and tries on multiple outfits just so she can click some cool pictures to post online.

Episode 4

Air Date: 13-Jun-2022

Under the guise of a girl, Junaid inquires Zoya about her boyfriend whom he saw her with earlier. Zoya is stunned to know that her friend saw her in the mall and scolds her for not coming up to her to meet. Saleem feels suspicious about Junaid’s true nature of income and inquires him about it. But Junaid refuses to give him any answers and keeps blaming him for his mother’s death who died suffering due to a shortage of money. Later, seeing Naila busy texting, Junaid secretly checks her phone to make sure it is not a boy. However, it turns out that Naila is also involved in a romantic relationship that she has kept hidden from her family. Shireen berates Saleem for ruining her self-respect after a few employees tried flirting with her by offering to lend her money. After college, Zoya makes a plan to meet her online friend at a restaurant but is shocked to see that it is a boy. She slaps Junaid which infuriates him and he ends up abducting Zoya in the middle of the day. 

Episode 5

Air Date: 14-Jun-2022

Naseem is worried for Zoya as she has not returned home from college. Seeing her concern, Arsal offers to help but she refuses. On the other hand, Junaid chains up Zoya while she is unconscious. His business colleagues think that Zoya is a waste of time as they won’t be able to make a good ransom in exchange. But Junaid assures them against it and offers to give them his share if Zoya’s family turns out to be poor. In the meantime, Naseem sets out to look for Zoya and returns home dejected. Zoya gains consciousness and begs Junaid to let her go but to no avail. Shireen loses her mind after finding out that her daughter has gone missing and refuses to seek help from the police.

Episode 6

Air Date: 20-Jun-2022

Zoya makes it clear to Junaid that he cannot gain any benefit from her as she belongs to a lower-class family but Junaid pays no heed to it. He demands ten lac rupees from her mother in ransom. Zoya attempts to escape in the night but falls unconscious after encountering horrible dogs. Junaid calls a doctor to check on her and pays him a heavy amount to keep her mouth shut. Having no other choice, Shireen and Naseem head to the police station to file a report. They leave the station in a hurry after a police officer tries to harass Shireen openly. Later, Shireen gets a call from the station informing her about a dead body found by the police. She rushes to the morgue and is relieved to see that the corpse does not belong to Zoya. 

Episode 7

Air Date: 21-Jun-2022

Naseem tries to convince Junaid about their poor condition by showing him their house on a video call. He admits his defeat in front of his friends and decides to release Zoya in the evening. He goes home leaving Zoya with them who try to gang-rape her in Junaid’s absence. Fortuitously, Junaid arrives back in time and saves Zoya, beating his friends to a pulp. Naseem suggests Shireen ask her colleague, Saleem for help who promises to support them to get Zoya back. Arsal’s mother, Seema can’t help but poke her nose into Shireen’s house to acquire gossip from her. When Shireen tries to conceal the truth, Seema berates her for thinking that people are stupid and don’t understand that Zoya has eloped with her lover. Junaid drops Zoya back at her house and Shireen and Naseem are in tears to see their beloved return home safely.

Episode 8

Air Date: 27-Jun-2022

Junaid catches his sister meeting her lover secretly. After kicking the boy out, he can’t stop thinking that his immoral acts are starting to reflect back on his sister. Saleem returns home after filing a complaint about Zoya and elucidates the entire situation of Zoya’s kidnapping to Junaid, leaving him anxious. Naseem suggests Shireen marry Saleem as he is interested in her but Shireen hesitates. After Saleem finds out that Zoya returned home safely, he keeps cursing and badmouthing the kidnapper, making Junaid even more guilty. The gossip mongers arrive at Zoya’s house to get some interesting details about her kidnapping but Naseem kicks them out. Unable to bear the fact that her family is defamed in the neighborhood, Naseem falls unconscious. Shireen rushes her to the hospital with the help of Arsal. Zoya holds herself responsible for Naseem’s condition and Arsal consoles her. Naseem’s condition worsens and before taking her last breath, she asks Saleem to marry Shireen. 

Episode 9

Air Date: 28-Jun-2022

Shireen and Zoya are devastated by Naseem’s death. Arsal insists his mother attend the funeral to avoid the neighbors from creating stories. The neighbors keep gossiping about Zoya’s bad character and Shireen’s affair with her colleague. Saleem decides to help Shireen financially and calls Junaid to bring him some cash. Junaid arrives at the house and Zoya is flabbergasted to see him there. At Naseem’s burial, Saleem is surprised to see Junaid shedding tears at the corner of the cemetery. The lecherous police officer barges into Shireen’s house in the middle of the night and insists on taking Zoya’s statement privately. At first, Shireen refuses but after the officer’s warnings, she lets him talk to Zoya. He starts investigating Zoya and forces her to spill her lover’s name. Zoya hesitates and when the officer holds her hand, Shireen kicks him out of the house. 

Episode 10

Air Date: 04-Jul-2022

Junaid enquires his father about Zoya’s relationship with her deceased aunt. Upon knowing that Zoya was really close to her aunt, he is even more filled with remorse and shame. Shireen decides to go to the police station and officially cancel the complaint to prevent the officer from coming to their house again. Junaid follows them to the station and upon noticing that Zoya has seen him, he flees. Shireen’s neighbors insist Saleem and Shireen marry each other to shut the gossipmongers’ mouths. However, Shireen refuses to marry anyone and asks her neighbor to look for a match for Zoya. Saleem is distressed to know that the police officer is harassing Shireen and Zoya and relays the matter to Junaid. Junaid burns on the inside as he is unable to help Zoya. He loses his wits and runs into a moving car after encountering one of his kidnapping victims in a shrine and witnessing her miserable condition.

Episode 11

Air Date: 05-Jul-2022

Arsal stops his mother from spreading false accusations against Shireen and Zoya in the neighborhood. Shireen resumes her job, leaving Zoya alone at the house. Despite Zoya’s reluctance, Arsal tries to talk to her through his rooftop. Seema catches them communicating and warns Zoya to stop hitting on her son. Restless, Junaid packs his black money and goes to the shrine to distribute it. A Sufi makes him realize that donating money to the poor will never give him the peace that he is seeking. Upon knowing Junaid’s sin, he advises him to marry the girl whom he has caused defamation. While Zoya is home alone, Junaid arrives and begs her forgiveness. Zoya refuses to accept his apology and shuts the door on him. Meanwhile, Shireen pleads with Saleem to stop pursuing her and instead marry his son to Zoya.

Episode 12

Air Date: 11-Jul-2022

Junaid regrets misbehaving with his father all his life and blaming him for his mother’s death. Zoya questions her mother about why she never thought about remarrying, leaving Shireen speechless. Tensions start rising between Arsal and his mother when Arsal asks her to stop besmirching Zoya. Zoya makes it clear to Arsal that she doesn’t love him and that he must stop pursuing her. Upon Junaid’s order, Naila asks her loverboy, Nasir to respectfully bring his family with the proposal but Nasir keeps dodging Naila’s request as he is a cheat who only wants to exploit Naila’s innocence. Zoya resumes college and is heartbroken to see her friends gossiping about her tainted character. In the absence of his mother, Nasir fools Naila by calling her at his home and attempting to gang rape her. Naila figures out his evil intentions in time and plays smart by locking herself in the bathroom.

Episode 13

Air Date: 12-Jul-2022

After realizing that she has been completely trapped, Naila cautiously phone calls Junaid and summons him to the location. Upon arriving Junaid beats the lecherous boys to a pulp in front of the entire neighborhood, creating a spectacle out of them. Zoya can’t stop reminiscing about her time with Naseem. Shireen breaks the news to her that Saleem might be bringing his son’s proposal for Zoya. Zoya flips out after hearing this revelation and straightaway refuses to marry. Shireen begs her to stop creating any more problems and think about settling. Junaid realizes that karma has come back to him in the form of his sister’s suffering, aggravating his remorse even more. Saleem asks Junaid if he is ready to give Zoya his guardianship and Junaid agrees to it in a heartbeat. Shireen suspects that Arsal is interested in Zoya and will soon send a proposal for her.

Episode 14

Air Date: 18-Jul-2022

Junaid visits his mother’s grave to vent out his remorseful emotions and find peace. Zoya gives a shut-up call to her loafer neighbor, Salman who tries to chase her on the street. Junaid asks her maternal aunt to look for a match for Naila and she instantly proposes to hitch Naila to her son, Sikandar. Saleem refuses the proposal because Sikandar earns through an illegitimate business. Shireen returns the loan to Saleem and requests him to let Junaid know Zoya’s truth before asking him to marry her. Arsal keeps beating around the bush despite Zoya’s rejection, gaining her resentment even more. Desperate to marry, he requests his mother to take his proposal for Zoya but Seema refuses. Salman jumps into Zoya’s house in the middle of the night to seek vengeance for the slap. Hearing Zoya’s scream, Arsal races to save her and attacks Salman, creating a spectacle in the neighborhood. 

Episode 15

Air Date: 19-Jul-2022

Junaid surrenders himself to the police to pay for his sins and seek redemption. In front of the entire neighborhood, Salman puts the blame on Zoya and alleges her for leading him on. The landlord starts doubting Shireen and Zoya for their character and asks them to vacate the house within a day. Seema berates Arsal for going against all the neighbors and siding with Shireen and Zoya. Annoyed by her father’s interest in Shireen’s life, Naila asks Saleem to let the woman be and to stop interfering in her personal matters. Saleem rejects his daughter’s request and goes to help Shireen overcome her house problem. Seeing Saleem enter Shireen’s house, Seema lures the landlord there who humiliates Shireen for being characterless and throws her belongings out of his house. Unable to face the humiliation, Shireen falls unconscious. When she wakes up, Saleem once again proposes to her for marriage.

Episode 16

Air Date: 25-Jul-2022

Shireen ignores Saleem’s proposal and begs him to marry his son to Zoya instead. Saleem knocks sense into her by asking her not to punish Zoya for the sins she has not committed. He refuses to be a part of this cruelty and advises Shireen to give Zoya the right to make her own life decisions. Having no other choice, Shireen reluctantly agrees to marry Saleem and a simple nuptial is carried out in her house. Meanwhile, Junaid’s friend bails him out of jail by bribing the police. After the marriage, Saleem brings Shireen and Zoya to his house without revealing the news of his marriage to his children. While Naila resents her father after finding out the truth, Junaid feels petrified to disclose himself to Zoya. When Shireen finds out that Junaid blames his father for his mother’s death, she feels uneasy and fears that he will never accept her as his mother. 

Episode 17

Air Date: 26-Jul-2022

Zoya comes across Junaid and is shaken to discover that her culprit is her stepfather’s son. She overhears Naila discussing with Junaid that their father betrayed them. However, Junaid pretends to be unfazed by it and explains to her that their father did a righteous deed by helping destitute women. Arsal feels restless after Zoya leaves the neighborhood and mars his relationship with his mother. Zoya tries to tell Shireen the truth but gets interrupted every time. However, after seeing Junaid’s well-mannered attitude with Shireen, she decides to keep the truth to herself. Naila misbehaves with Zoya and taunts her mother for trapping Saleem for money. This prompts Zoya to start a job and she seeks Shireen’s permission. However, Saleem straightaway refuses to send Zoya out. Seema fixes Arsal’s engagement with her brother’s daughter, Samiya. When Arsal finds out about it, he refuses to marry without his choice.

Episode 18

Air Date: 01-Aug-2022

Saleem’s friend invites him for dinner in honor of his marriage. Zoya falls sick and refuses to go. Shireen decides to stay home with Zoya but Saleem insists she leaves Zoya at home. Shireen feels uncomfortable at the dinner after hearing insulting comments about herself. Naila restricts her when she tries to retaliate. Junaid takes the opportunity to apologize to Zoya when he finds her alone in the house. However, Zoya brushes him off by refusing to accept his apology. Seema resents Arsal for insulting her brother by rejecting his daughter. She declares that she will not back out from her commitment at any cost. Junaid overhears Zoya insisting her mother let her take a job. Shireen is offended to find Junaid eavesdropping on their conversation. Zoya is disheartened to see her friends’ rude behavior with her in college. 

Episode 19

Air Date: 02-Aug-2022

Zoya visits Naseem’s grave after college. Arsal follows her and insists Zoya confess her love for him. She becomes fed up with his constant compulsion and clarifies that she never loved him and is not interested in marrying him. Naila’s maternal aunt arrives at the house and slams Shireen for marrying at such an old age. Junaid consoles Shireen and assures her to take care of her as a son, earning her respect. When Shireen complains to Saleem about his sister-in-law’s misbehavior, he does not take it seriously and instead asks Shireen to keep him out of trivial matters. Arsal’s father, Qadeer arrives in Pakistan from abroad. Seema forces him to compel Arsal to agree to the marriage. Junaid’s group members conspire against him and plan to abduct Zoya once again. One of them shows his sincerity to Junaid and informs him about the conspiracy.

Episode 20

Air Date: 15-Aug-2022

Concerned for Zoya’s safety, Junaid tries to protect her but she turns down his help. This does not stop him and he keeps following her everywhere she goes. Exasperated by the constant chase, she confronts him, discovering the intentions of his wicked friends. Naila spots them together and starts thinking that Zoya is fooling her brother. In her jealousy, she threatens to defame her character. But to her surprise, Zoya turns the tables and blackmails to inform Junaid that his sister left the house without his permission. Naseema begs Qadeer to knock some sense into Arsal and convince him to marry his cousin. Shireen seeks Junaid’s help to persuade Saleem to let Zoya do a job. This outrages Zoya and she bursts onto them making it clear that she will not let anyone control her life. After Junaid orders Saleem to let Zoya be, Saleem resents Shireen for using his son against him to fulfill her daughter’s wishes.

Episode 21

Air Date: 16-Aug-2022

Naila burns on the inside after she overhears Shireen thanking Junaid for standing up for Zoya in front of his father. Junaid raises his hand on Naila after he sees her misbehaving with Zoya and blaming her for the kidnapping. He reminds her of the incident when he caught her with her perverted boyfriend, giving her a shut-up call. Zoya feels trapped in the house and regrets forcing her mother to marry in the first place. She fears that her mother’s life will be sabotaged once again if she finds out about Junaid’s reality. Junaid confronts his friends about their ulterior motives and threatens to kill anyone who tries to hurt Zoya. Qadeer requests his wife to give Arsal some time to get over Zoya but she denies to wait any longer, creating a rift between the couple.

Episode 22

Air Date: 22-Aug-2022

Sikandar arrives at Saleem’s house with his mother and is mesmerized to see the beautiful Zoya. Junaid expresses his guilt to Zoya and feels ashamed for putting her in a terrible situation. She spurns down his apology and suggests he stay away from her for his betterment. Shireen is puzzled after she spots them together and questions Zoya if Junaid is bothering her. Zoya assures her that she can handle her problems and informs her about her upcoming job interview. When she leaves for the interview, Junaid follows her to make sure she stays out of trouble. Naila treats Shireen like a maid, ordering her to perform all the house chores alone. Sikandar reveals to his mother that he wants to marry Zoya instead of Naila, making her furious. In her rage, she bursts onto Shireen labeling her and Zoya as shameless. Zoya protests against it and takes a stand for her mother in front of Saleem, earning his anger. 

Episode 23

Air Date: 23-Aug-2022

Shireen refrains Zoya from standing up in front of Saleem to protect her marriage. Sikandar resents his mother for creating a spectacle and slandering Zoya. Junaid faces trouble when his friends demand their share of the money that they gave him for safekeeping. It turns out that Junaid gave all the money to charity considering it black money. Naila feels attracted to Sikandar and tries to pursue him. Shireen overhears her gossiping with Sikandar about Zoya’s affair with Junaid. After great difficulty, Zoya lands a decent job at an office. But to her surprise, she bumps into Arsal who also works in the same office. Upon his insistence, Zoya agrees to go on lunch with him. Junaid who has been following her all along is enraged to see her with another guy. 

Episode 24

Air Date: 29-Aug-2022

Naila goes to meet her friend without seeking Junaid’s permission. When Junaid questions her about her whereabouts, she dodges the question and puts the blame on Zoya by telling him that she saw her stepping out of another boy’s car. Junaid who is already aware of it does not react and instead warns her from leaving the house without his permission. Zoya informs her mother that Arsal is madly in love with her even though she played with his feelings at the start. Shireen is elated at the revelation as she thought she will never be able to marry off Zoya due to her tainted reputation. Junaid requests his aunt to formally hitch Sikandar with Naila as soon as possible. Compelled by her son’s wish, Naseema decides to take Arsal’s proposal for Zoya. When Zoya finds out about it, she begs her mother to turn down the proposal.

Episode 25

Air Date: 30-Aug-2022

Shireen thinks that Arsal is doing a favor to Zoya by wanting to marry her. She refuses to listen to Zoya and starts preparing to welcome Arsal and his family for dinner. Naila takes a sigh of relief after finding out about the upcoming proposal. Happy to oust Zoya from the house, she helps Shireen with the preparations. Saleem fails to show up at the house due to an overload of work at the office, leaving Shireen alone to greet the guests. When Naseema arrives with the proposal, Shireen agrees to it in a blink of an eye. Naila’s aunt decides to hold an engagement ceremony for Naila and Sikandar together with Zoya and Arsal’s engagement in the upcoming week. When Junaid finds out about the development, his heart breaks into a million pieces. Dejected, he goes to Zoya and bursts onto her for accepting another boy over him.

Episode 26

Air Date: 05-Sep-2022

Zoya resolutely asks Junaid not to interfere in her personal life. Arsal’s mother tells him that Zoya did not seem convinced with the proposal and warns him to confirm her feelings beforehand. Arsal assures her that Zoya is a self-aware and righteous girl who would have stood up for herself if she didn’t want to marry him. Saleem bursts onto Shireen for keeping him out of the loop and fixing Zoya’s engagement without his permission. Naila berates her father for treating her deceased mother unjustly and requests him to show love and respect to Shireen. Concerned for his future, she explains to him that he will need a companion in his life after she gets married. Arsal spreads the news of his engagement to the entire office and Zoya feels annoyed by everyone’s wishes. Junaid’s former group members attempt to abduct Zoya once again. Coincidentally, Arsal arrives at the scene, saves Zoya from the kidnappers, and ends up getting his face bruised.

Episode 27

Air Date: 06-Sep-2022

Arsal takes Zoya to a restaurant to talk to her about her clouded thoughts. Zoya repeatedly tells him that she feels ashamed in front of him and does not consider herself worthy enough for him. She returns home and informs Shireen about the incident. Bewildered, Shireen forbids her from leaving the house. Naila overhears their conversation and informs Junaid about it. Furious, Junaid goes to his gang’s abode and beats them to a pulp for trying to hurt Zoya. When Zoya defies her mother’s order, Shireen asks Junaid to take care of Zoya’s protection by giving her pick and drop for the office. Naseema’s friend berates her for making Zoya her daughter-in-law and warns her that Arsal will also be defamed along with Zoya. Bewildered, Naseema curses Zoya for wrapping Arsal around her finger. Naila feels disheartened when Sikandar ignores her calls and messages.

Episode 28

Air Date: 12-Sep-2022

Concerned for Zoya’s safety, Arsal decides to take responsibility for her transport. Zoya agrees to it as she can bear traveling with Arsal rather than Junaid. Saleem does not like Zoya roaming around with her fiancé before marriage. He strictly asks Shireen to explain to Zoya to maintain distance from Arsal to keep the neighbors from gossiping around. Junaid falls sick and Shireen takes care of him like her own child. Naila goes to her aunt’s house and slates Sikandar for being rude and arrogant with her. She doubts that Sikandar is being forced to marry her but he dishonestly denies all her suspicions. Qadeer mentions conducting Arsal’s marriage ceremony instead of engagement but Naseema straightaway rejects his idea. Amidst Naila and Zoya’s engagement ceremony, Junaid’s group members barge in, demanding their money from Junaid. Sikandar feels humiliated and agrees to marry Naila only if Junaid begs him for an apology.

Episode 29

Air Date: 13-Sep-2022

Naseema feels insulted by the incident and taunts Arsal for getting into a relationship with a corrupt family. She gets under his skin after which Arsal questions Zoya if she knew the boys who created the scene at the engagement. This agitates her and she resents him for not trusting her. Arsal regrets doubting her and decides to make amends. Shireen feels embarrassed after Junaid apologizes to her for causing a scene at Zoya’s engagement. Naila requests Junaid to pay off the debt as soon as possible to keep his family out of trouble. Restless, Junaid asks Zoya to file a complaint against him so he can suffer punishment. When Zoya realizes that he is desperate for punishment, she decides against the idea. Fearful, Saleem insists on marrying off Zoya and Naila as soon as possible to avoid any hindrances. 

Episode 30

Air Date: 19-Sep-2022

Upon Saleem’s insistence, Shireen goes to Naila’s prospective in-laws with Junaid, requesting them to conduct the wedding ceremony as soon as possible. She then goes to Arsal’s house with the same request and ends up getting humiliated by Naseema. However, Qadeer understands her compulsion and instantly agrees to her request. Junaid realizes that Zoya’s prospective mother-in-law is a very cunning woman who will not let Zoya live in peace. He suggests Shireen call off her engagement but to no avail. Shireen takes Zoya and Naila for wedding shopping. Junaid’s gang chases them and abducts Zoya after knocking Shireen unconscious. When Junaid find out about the incident, he calls his gang, threatening to kill them if they try to hurt Zoya. However, when they demand money from him, Junaid grabs his gun and locates the kidnappers’ hideout to rescue Zoya.

Episode 31

Air Date: 20-Sep-2022

Sikandar’s mother, Salma intentionally informs Naseema about Zoya’s kidnapping. Enraged, Naseema arrives at the house and calls off the engagement, strictly advising Shireen to keep her daughter away from Arsal. Shireen feels insulted and returns the engagement ring. Saleem questions Shireen about why always Zoya becomes a target of an accident, aggravating Shireen’s pain. Meanwhile, Junaid non-lethally shoots the kidnappers, advising them to seek forgiveness before it is too late. He ends up getting shot during the shootout but manages to rescue Zoya. When Zoya returns home, she faces the rising questions of her family and Salma’s criticism for putting Junaid in jeopardy. Junaid reveals the entire truth about his former illegitimate business to Saleem, clarifying that he is Zoya’s culprit. Saleem is shocked at the revelation and feels embarrassed about his wrongful upbringing. Guilty, he takes Junaid’s proposal to Shireen, requesting her to make Zoya his daughter-in-law.

Episode 32

Air Date: 26-Sep-2022

Shireen finds Junaid’s proposal appropriate for Zoya and tries to convince her of it. However, Zoya refuses as she prefers marrying Arsal rather than her culprit. Arsal arrives at the house and informs her that he is ready to marry her only if she gives him proof of her virginity. Zoya feels insulted more than ever and requests him to leave her once and for all. When Zoya tells Shireen that she wants to protect her marriage with Saleem, Shireen starts suspecting that Zoya is keeping a secret. Soon enough, the police raid their house to arrest Junaid, revealing that he kidnaps innocent girls to rob their parents’ wealth. Shireen boils with anger at the revelation and slaps Junaid in front of everyone. Saleem’s heart breaks after enduring so much insult. Enraged, Shireen decides to leave the house but Zoya stops her from ruining her marriage.

Episode 33

Air Date: 27-Sep-2022

Salma suggests Zoya fill out the forgiveness form to get Junaid released on bail. Although Zoya agrees, she keeps humiliating her for having a prior relationship with Junaid. Naila has a change of heart and she sides with Zoya, defending her in front of her prospective mother-in-law. Saleem exhausts himself finding a solution to get Junaid’s bail. On his way home, he finds his neighbors humiliating him for his son’s actions. Shireen berates him for not teaching Junaid how to respect women. Moreover, she asks him to set her free as she cannot live under one roof with her daughter’s criminal. Overwhelmed, Saleem experiences a heart attack and is rushed to a hospital. Salma blames Shireen for the situation and keeps a condition to make Naila her daughter-in-law only if Saleem divorces Shireen. To accumulate funds for Saleem’s treatment, Zoya sells her earrings and takes a loan from her office. Seeing Zoya’s generosity, Naila feels embarrassed for mistreating her.

Episode 34 (Last Episode)

Air Date: 03-Oct-2022

Saleem finally recovers from the surgery and returns home. Zoya gets promoted to a higher rank and moves to Islamabad to avail perks of the job. Soon, Junaid completes his sentence and gets released from prison. Upon returning home, he falls onto Shireen’s feet, apologizing for his sins. Shireen’s heart melts and she forgives Junaid, accepting him into the house. Zoya becomes the head of her office and uses her experience to preach to her staff not to indulge themselves in social media as it can be quite deceitful. When Junaid finds out that Zoya visits home every weekend, he dreads facing her and moves to his friend’s place. Zoya arrives home and Shireen keeps insisting she gets married. Finally, Zoya relents and tells Shireen to say yes to her colleague’s proposal. Naila convinces Junaid to drop Zoya at the airport. On their way, he proposes to Zoya to become his life partner. Zoya asks him to put himself in her shoes and ponder whether he would accept the proposal or not. This hits Junaid and he realizes that he would never accept Zoya if their roles were reversed.

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