• Start Date: 10-Aug-2022
  • End Date: 22-Dec-2022
  • Total Episodes: 40
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: 7th Sky Entertainment
  • TV Channel: GEO TV

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Cast & Crew

Episode 1

Air Date: 10-Aug-2022

Irha is a courageous middle-class girl who works as a sales representative in an insurance company. During her childhood, her mother eloped with her lover, leading her father to commit suicide. Orphaned, she was taken in by her paternal uncle Hamid. Irha faces hardships in the corporate world to feed her greedy aunt Naushaba and her materialistic cousin, Sajjal. While she spends day and night trying to meet the targets of her company, Sajjal plays around with boys in hopes to retrieve worldly pleasures. Shaheer is a wealthy and influential businessman who lives with his grandmother in a grand mansion ever since his parents passed away. Coincidently, his paths cross with Irha during a meeting. Impressed by her personality, he gives business to Irha’s company which results in Irha getting promoted. 

Episode 2

Air Date: 11-Aug-2022

Sajjal who studies at an elite university has high-class friends circle. She tags along with her bride-to-be friend on her wedding shopping and irresistibly shoplifts an expensive diamond ring to gift her. Later, her university lover Shahrukh gives her a ride home in his luxurious car. Naushaba misunderstands the situation and blames Irha for having an affair with the rich boy, comparing her with her mother’s wrongdoings. Despite clearing the misunderstanding, Sajjal takes a sigh of relief for not getting caught and appreciates Irha for not blowing her gaff. Hamid berates his wife for mistreating Irha and favoring Sajjal. Shaheer struggles to keep his grandmother’s diet under control unlike her who devours chocolates secretly. Due to Naushaba’s oppression, Irha runs late for a meeting and is fired by her boss. As a result, Shaheer refuses to do business with them, prompting Irha’s boss to apologize to Irha for the insult and rehire her.

Episode 3

Air Date: 17-Aug-2022

Sajjal is arrested for stealing the diamond ring from the jewelry shop. Helpless, Naushaba begs Irha to bail Sajjal out of the jail. Hamid feels embarrassed after discovering Sajjal’s exploitatory and rushes to the police station to talk to the superintendent. Irha manages to arrange a lawyer for Sajjal and gets her released on bail. Hamid bursts onto Naushaba for her wrongful upbringing. Irha berates Sajjal for jeopardizing the family’s respect in front of the entire neighborhood but Sajjal remains guilt-free and refuses to return the ring. Hamid and Irha meet the jewelry shop owner, requesting him to take back the complaint. The owner decides to settle only if he gets paid five lac rupees. Coincidently, Shaheer arrives in the same shop and overhears the conversation. After Irha leaves, he asks the owner to drop the lawsuit and agrees to pay whatever it takes to settle.

Episode 4

Air Date: 18-Aug-2022

Hamid takes a sigh of relief after discovering that the payment has been taken care of anonymously by one of Irha’s friends. He feels proud to have a niece like Irha who stood up by him in his time of difficulty. Despite the spectacle, Sajjal insists on going to her friend’s wedding but her parents strictly forbid her. Irha convinces Hamid to forgive Sajjal and allow her to attend the wedding. He agrees only if Irha accompanies Sajjal to the wedding. Sajjal runs into Shaheer at the wedding and is mesmerized by the rich guy. Uninterested in the liberal crowd, Irha accompanies Shaheer’s grandmother who is quite impressed to see Irha’s graceful behavior. The next day, Sajjal secretly goes to a mall to buy a birthday present for Shahrukh. Once again, she bumps into Shaheer and ends up cracking her phone’s screen.

Episode 5

Air Date: 24-Aug-2022

Hamid suggests Naushaba put a leash on Sajjal and stop comparing her with the obedient Irha. Sajjal goes to Shahrukh’s birthday party and stays there till late at night without informing her parents. When Irha arrives home from work, Naushaba does not let her enter the house unless she finds Sajjal and brings her home. Tired, she waits at the gate until Sajjal returns from the party. Shaheer sends an expensive phone to Sajjal to compensate for her loss. This leaves her thinking that Shaheer might be interested in her. Shaheer informs his grandmother Jahan Ara about Irha and asks her to take his proposal to her house. Unannounced, Jahan Ara shows up with the proposal, leaving the entire family surprised.

Episode 6

Air Date: 25-Aug-2022

Sajjal who has been thinking that Shaheer is into her is heartbroken after finding out his choice. Naushaba’s heart burns to ashes thinking that Irha landed a proposal from a well-off family. In her envy, she clarifies that her family does not favor love marriages, humiliating Jahan Ara for being “shameless.” Hamid handles the situation by apologizing to Jahan Ara on behalf of his wife and asking her for some time to ponder over the proposal. Sajjal messes up the situation even more by lying to Shaheer that Irha thinks of him as a flirt. This triggers Shaheer’s ego and he becomes determined to win Irha at any cost. Exasperated by Naushaba’s constant taunts, Irha storms into Shaheer’s office, blaming him for hurting her integrity. A moment later, she learns that Shaheer paid the fine to the jeweler and regrets misbehaving with him. Hamid discreetly meets Jahan Ara, informing her that he has accepted Shaheer’s proposal for Irha.

Episode 7

Air Date: 31-Aug-2022

Shaheer clears Irha’s thoughts and ends up putting a ring on her finger. When Naushaba finds out that Hamid said yes to Shaheer’s proposal, she leaves the house in a fury and goes to stay at her brother’s place. Irha convinces Hamid to bring Naushaba back home. When Irha goes to Naushaba to make amends, Naushaba keeps the condition that Irha must reject Shaheer’s proposal. Irha almost agrees to the condition but Hamid intervenes and berates Naushaba for keeping baseless conditions. Naushaba is startled to see him and calls her condition a joke. Meanwhile, Sajjal grows close to Shaheer and keeps talking to him over the phone. Jahan Ara decides to invite Irha’s family over for dinner. Despite Hamid’s reluctance, Sajjal insists on going to see Shaheer’s house. Upon entering Shaheer’s mansion, Naushaba and Sajjal’s jaws drop seeing his grand and luxurious lifestyle. 

Episode 8

Air Date: 01-Sep-2022

Jahan Ara showers Naushaba and Sajjal with expensive gifts and diamond jewelry. She strictly tells Hamid that she will bear the entire wedding expenses. Despite her claim, Hamid decides to use the money Irha’s father left for her. The following morning, he and Irha go to a bank to retrieve the money. Upon returning, they encounter a bunch of goons who loot them and shoot Irha in the shoulder when she resists giving them the bag of money. After she is escorted to the hospital, Sajjal informs Shaheer about the incident who comes rushing. He helps Hamid arrange blood for Irha by donating his blood. Sajjal finds herself getting attracted to Shaheer and tries to control the temptation. When Irha gains consciousness, Shaheer tells her the state of bewilderment that he went through after hearing about the accident. Naushaba does not like Shaheer’s frankness with Irha before marriage and asks Irha to abstain from getting close to him. 

Episode 9

Air Date: 07-Sep-2022

Shahrukh ghosts Sajjal for a few days. Concerned about his whereabouts, she reaches his house only to discover that he has been hiding from the police due to a murder attempt he pursued with his friends to experience adventure. Meanwhile, the police line up suspected criminals and ask Shaheer to let Irha recognize the one. Irha uses her brilliant memory skills and recognizes the criminal who shot her. The selected criminal leads the police to Shahrukh’s house as he was also involved in the criminal act. When the police raid the house, they find Sajjal there. Sajjal assures Shaheer that she had nothing to do with the incident and begs him not to tell her parents about it. Shaheer manages to keep her out of the case. When Shahrukh’s bail gets rejected, his father, Sajjad seeks Sajjal’s help, requesting her to save his son’s future.

Episode 10

Air Date: 08-Sep-2022

Sajjal informs Shaheer about Sajjad’s request but Shaheer straightaway refuses to take back the complaint. When Sajjal informs Sajjad about it, he blackmails to leak a video that Shahrukh filmed of her during his birthday party. Helpless, Sajjal begs Shaheer to take back the case or else her reputation will be tainted. Shaheer promises to take care of the matter without involving anyone. He takes back the case after making Sajjad sign an affidavit that his son will never contact Sajjal again. When Shahrukh gets released from jail, his parents forcefully send him abroad to keep him away from pursuing any other criminal act. Jahan Ara fixes Irha and Shaheer’s wedding date, making it clear that they don’t want dowry. Naushaba keeps convincing Hamid not to spend money on Irha’s wedding and save it for Sajjal. However, Hamid rejects Naushaba’s suggestion, calling her a greedy woman.

Episode 11

Air Date: 14-Sep-2022

Sajjal bursts into her mother when she instructs her to take Irha’s gold jewelry. Drowned in Shahrukh’s sorrow, Sajjal feels despicable and suggests Naushaba stop thinking about her betterment. Shaheer and Jahan Ara start the wedding preparations in full swing. They take Irha to shopping and buy her a wedding dress of her choice. Shaheer calls Sajjal to the house to try on the wedding gift that he bought for Irha. Sajjal finds his request quite weird and inappropriate but complies to repay his favors. On Irha’s Mayun night, Sajjal helps Shaheer peak into the function and steal Irha for a while. Both the lovebirds spend time together talking about their beautiful future. Meanwhile, Sajjal covers up for Irha at home. She can’t stop romanticizing Shaheer and wishes her fate was connected to him.

Episode 12

Air Date: 15-Sep-2022

On the wedding day, Daniyal, Sajjal’s neighbor and her potential boyfriend who was away for a few months shows up, leaving Sajjal annoyed. As part of the tradition, Sajjal demands a heavy amount from Shaheer to which he hands her a blank cheque. Hamid feels embarrassed and forces Sajjal to return the cheque on the next day of the wedding. However, before they could leave for Shaheer’s house, Daniyal and his mother arrive with a proposal for Sajjal. When Naushaba mocks Daniyal for his negligible salary, his mother does not keep calm and reveals that Sajjal and Daniyal are in a relationship for the past two years. Sajjal straightaway denies her association with Daniyal and Hamid immediately kicks him out. Later, he warns Sajjal that there will be no chance of redemption for her if Daniyal’s claims turn out to be true. Hamid instructs Irha to keep her family’s tainted background a secret from Shaheer as it might negatively impact her married life.

Episode 13

Air Date: 21-Sep-2022

Daniyal’s mother starts defaming Sajjal in the entire neighborhood. When Sajjal finds out about her actions, she secretly approaches her and threatens to get Daniyal murdered if she continues slandering her. This provokes her and she decides to take revenge on Sajjal by sending her selfies with Daniyal to Hamid. Later, she lies to her son by telling him that Sajjal raised her hand on her which is why she took revenge on her by sending her photographs as evidence to her father. Upon receiving the proof of Sajjal’s affair, Hamid gets mad and slaps Sajjal for keeping an affair and soiling his respect in the neighborhood. Naushaba also bursts onto Sajjal after Hamid questions her upbringing. In her fury, she snatches Sajjal’s phone and restricts her from leaving the house. Hamid orders Naushaba to find a match for Sajjal as soon as possible to marry her off.

Episode 14

Air Date: 22-Sep-2022

Shaheer and Irha invite Sajjal for dinner. To keep the incident a secret, Hamid allows Sajjal to go. However, Sajjal confides in Shaheer and ends up spilling the beans about the incident, portraying herself as innocent and requesting him not to tell Irha about it. Shaheer flirtatiously comforts her and promises to take her out of the mess. He hires a bunch of goons who kidnap Daniyal and beat him to a pulp for ruining Sajjal’s respect. Irha falls deeply in love with Shaheer and can’t imagine her life without him. Shaheer goes on a business trip to another city, leaving Irha behind. Surprisingly, it turns out that he has a mistress who he has been dating for many years. It is revealed that he is a narcissistic flirt boy who has married Irha so she can take care of his house and grandmother and in reality holds no importance for her in his heart. 

Episode 15

Air Date: 28-Sep-2022

Pretending to be a caring husband, Shaheer sends Sajjal to his house so she can accompany Irha in his absence. Sajjal is delighted to see Irha’s lavish lifestyle and aspires to have a similar life. Wounded, Daniyal approaches Hamid, apologizing to him for defaming Sajjal and declaring her innocent. He then decides to flee the city with his mother to keep themselves protected. Hamid is bewildered by Daniyal’s sudden change of attitude and informs Naushaba about it. Despite knowing the fact that her daughter is at fault, Naushaba berates Hamid for mistreating her. Just when Sajjal finds out that Shaheer is returning in a few hours, Irha’s maid accidentally spills coffee on her clothes. This gives her a chance to wear Irha’s expensive clothes and valuable jewelry. When Shaheer arrives home, she flaunts herself in front of him, attracting him even more. Shaheer plans his honeymoon to Europe and Irha starts packing for it.

Episode 16

Air Date: 29-Sep-2022

Hamid returns Sajjal her phone and allows her to continue her studies. Ecstatic, Sajjal thanks Shaheer for making her life easy and offers to give him a treat together with Irha. However, Shaheer asks her to cut Irha out of it to keep her away from their little “secret”. The two of them enjoy a coffee date together during which Shaheer uncontrollably flirts with her. Later, he takes Irha and Sajjal to shopping and buys them a lot of expensive gifts. He then secretly gets a ring for Sajjal and slips it into one of her shopping bags. When Sajjal finds the ring, she jumps with excitement and starts falling for him. Before Shaheer and Irha could leave for their honeymoon, Shaheer’s grandmother experiences a brain hemorrhage and, as a result, becomes hemiplegic. Shaheer, who holds her near and dear to his heart, loses control of his emotions, holding himself responsible for not looking after her aptly.

Episode 17

Air Date: 05-Oct-2022

Irha decides to look after Shaheer’s grandmother and sends Shaheer home. When she finds out that Jahan Ara is out of danger, she consoles Shaheer that everything will be alright. Knowing Irha’s absence, Sajjal goes to see Shaheer at his house and the two enjoy breakfast together. Soon, Shaheer reveals his true colors and shows romantic advances to Sajjal. Sajjal is flustered at his move and hesitates but Shaheer tries his best to charm her, claiming that he always wanted her companionship and made a mistake by marrying Irha. Just then, the housemaid witnesses the scene, and later Shaheer pays her to keep her mouth shut. Sajjal is puzzled and keeps thinking about whether Shaheer’s claims are legit or not. Naushaba asks a matchmaker to find a match for Sajjal from an affluent family but Sajjal refuses to marry.

Episode 18

Air Date: 06-Oct-2022

Jahan Ara gains consciousness but is unable to walk. She gets discharged from the hospital and Irha looks after her. On Shaheer’s birthday, she requests Shaheer to take an off but he refuses, claiming to have an important business meeting. When Sajjal calls Shaheer to wish him, he invites her to a hotel suite and gifts her an expensive necklace that he previously bought for Irha. While Irha prepares to host a surprise birthday dinner, Shaheer and Sajjal are busy doing the deed. After betraying Irha, Sajjal feels embarrassed and asks Shaheer to drop her home. However, he takes her to his house where Irha surprises them with a party. During the party, Sajjal feels uncomfortable seeing Shaheer giving Irha so much importance. Soon, Shaheer and Irha find out that they are going to be parents. Shaheer jumps with excitement at the news and breaks it to his grandmother.

Episode 19

Air Date: 12-Oct-2022

Jahan Ara is elated to find out that she will soon become a great-grandmother. Sajjal gets cranky upon hearing the news of Irha’s pregnancy and she starts envying her. Naushaba and Hamid take Sajjal to Irha’s house to congratulate her on the big news. Sajjal confronts Shaheer, asking him to give her a position in his life. Shaheer cunningly talks her down by explaining that she is the love of his life, unlike Irha, who is merely his housekeeper. Irha starts social work on Shaheer’s insistence and enjoys it immensely. Shaheer summons Sajjal to his other house. To meet him, Sajjal lies to her parents that she is off to an internship interview. When Hamid enquires more about it, Naushaba shuts him up, claiming that she trusts her daughter and is sure that she will never take a wrong step.

Episode 20

Air Date: 13-Oct-2022

To cheer up Sajjal, Shaheer spends time with her and then takes her to shopping. On the other hand, Irha keeps waiting for her husband, thinking that he is busy with a business meeting. When Sajjal returns home with a ton of shopping bags, Naushaba becomes furious. To calm down her mother, Sajjal lies to her that Irha gave her money to shop. Irha faces complications with her pregnancy and is recommended complete bed rest. Shaheer grabs the opportunity and shifts her downstairs. When Irha argues to stay with him, he manipulates her by asking her to sacrifice her happiness for their upcoming child. Sajjal and her parents go to see Irha. Seeing Irha bedridden, Sajjal tries to rule over the servants. When Shaheer informs her that he is coming home, she decides to prepare dinner for him, leaving the servants puzzled.

Episode 21

Air Date: 19-Oct-2022

Shaheer’s servants, Shakir and Sabira discuss the finickiness of Sajjal and are confused to see her frankness with their boss. Irha praises Sajjal for taking care of the house in front of Shaheer. This gives Shaheer an opportunity and he insists Sajjal stay at his house until Irha’s delivery. Irha objects and sends Sajjal back to take care of her parents. When Shaheer goes to Islamabad for a “business” trip, he asks Sajjal to stay with Irha. Meanwhile, he spends nights with his mistress, claiming to her that she is the love of his life. Irha gets furious when Sajjal jokes about marrying Shaheer. She strictly warns her to avoid making cheap jokes related to her husband. Sabira berates Sajjal for her shamelessness after overhearing her flirting with Shaheer on phone. 

Episode 22

Air Date: 20-Oct-2022

Sajjal threatens Sabira to get her fired if she dares to open her mouth in front of Irha. At night, she video calls Shaheer, talking about inappropriate things. Irha talks to her about Shaheer’s love for their unborn child. This makes Sajjal jealous and she wishes to have Shaheer as her spouse. Sajjal’s feelings aggravate even more when she finds out that Shaheer entitled Irha to a large piece of land, complying with her wish to open a shelter home for orphans. Later, she taunts Irha for not caring for her loved ones despite knowing that Hamid is financially unstable. Irha desperately waits for Shaheer to return home. Sajjal gives her sleeping pills so she can greet Shaheer herself. Upon seeing Irha asleep, Sabira quickly wakes her up. Irha wakes up and sees Sajjal wearing the dress Shaheer got her. She apologetically requests Sajjal to change, claiming that she doesn’t like sharing Shaheer’s gifts. 

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