• Start Date: 23-Dec-2020
  • End Date: 7-Aug-2021
  • Total Episodes: 31
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: BigBang Entertainment
  • TV Channel: ARY Digital
  • Tags: , , ,

    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1

    Air Date: 23-Dec-2020

    The drama starts with a protest by university students against Professor Humayun who has been accused of molesting a student named Amal. Haider is the main protagonist leading the rally in support of the girl; also his fiance, against the professor who seems evil to the viewers.

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 30-Dec-2020

    Professor’s wife; Saira and daughter; Ghana come to know about the whole incident through television and stand for his support. Amal wins the sympathy of her family who vows to seek justice. Humayun is insulted by the public as goes to drop off his daughter at school.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 06-Jan-2021

    Humayun reveals how Haider mistakenly had sent improper videos to another professor of the Department. Amal apologizes on behalf of Haider which is not accepted. Amal in turn threatens to defame him. When asked from Amal, she accuses that Humayun agreed to accept her apology only if she would obey his unacceptable commands.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 13-Jan-2021

    The episode focuses on how the whole incident has caused a bad effect on Humayun’s daughter who constantly fights at her school when somebody badmouths her father. The level of disturbance increases so much in the innocent girl that she questions her father about the “bad touch”.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 20-Jan-2021

    Humayun is extremely concerned about his daughter’s mental health. The situation exacerbates when Haider storms into his house and beats him in front of Ghana stating what a low man he is. Haider gets fueled up as most of the students stay unsure about blaming Humayun as they have not seen the incident themselves.

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 27-Jan-2021

    Amal’s mehndi is in full swing while on the other hand, Humayun sends Saira to her maternal house to divert his daughter’s attention from the whole incident only to commit suicide behind their back as extreme embarrassment and false accusations become unbearable for him.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 03-Feb-2021

    In this heart-wrenching episode, Haider bursts into tears to hear about the professor’s death. During the investigation, he finds how Amal had falsely trapped the poor professor. Haider steps forward to carry Humayun’s body when no one is ready to attend his funeral.

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 10-Feb-2021

    Haider is filled with guilt and remorse due to Humayun’s death. He is disappointed by Amal for playing a hideous game and ignores her now completely. He tries to tell her the truth to his family but due to the ongoing wedding preparation, he misses all chances. On the other hand, Saira and Ghana are completely depressed.

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 17-Feb-2021

    Haider refuses to marry Amal shocking everybody. His father lashes at him for insulting him in front of the entire world. He stays mum and doesn’t reveal the real reason. Amal goes into a state of shock almost being smacked unable to believe that the man she loves has refused to marry her.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 24-Feb-2021

    Haider is thrown out of the house by his father and he goes to stay at a friend’s place. Amal reaches there and questions him where she is confronted for trapping the professor. Amal states that she did it out of her love for him but he terms it as a crime and asks her to get out of his life.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 03-Mar-2021

    Haider is utterly shocked to find that Amal is now getting married to his brother Safeer. Amal agrees to marriage only if the family is ready to bring back Haider and to mend relations with him. She intends to win back Haider by marrying Safeer.

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 10-Mar-2021

    Haider goes to apologize to Saira who thinks that his punishment has just begun. She requests him however to tell Ghana how good her father was. Ghana instead reminisces how Haider maltreated her father, gets scared, and shouts at him for being a bad guy.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 17-Mar-2021

    Haider takes along his friend Manal to talk to Ghana. Ghana seems friendly with Manal but is scared again to see Haider and shouts at him. Haider is extremely depressed about the whole situation. Amal is trying to hatch another wicked plan and requests Manal to stay closer to Haider and tie a bond with him.

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 24-Mar-2021

    Manal tries to ignore Haider after Amal asks her to marry him. The cold war between Amal and Haider is at its peak. Haider’s father keeps chiding him while his mother wants to discover the reason behind his refusal to marriage. Amal keeps gaining Safeer’s sympathy. Saira asks her daughter to hear out Haider’s apology.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 31-Mar-2021

    Haider and Manal are ready to marry each other. Amal explains it to be the reason behind his refusal to her which angers Haider. He comes to rescue Saira and Ghana as a woman in the market humiliates them due to Humayun’s action. She further insults Saira for letting an unknown young man into her house after the professor’s death.

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 07-Apr-2021

    Manal and Haider get married and Haider announces to reopen the case which angers Amal. She fakes in front of Manal to promote her relation with Haider and keep the family together but actually, she has some vicious plans. Professor’s wife is broken to learn how her husband had already paid rent for six months in advance before committing suicide.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 14-Apr-2021

    Haider fumes at Manal for marrying him just because of Amal. He argues with his father too as he accuses Manal of breaking his relation with Amal. The couple sorts things out but Amal keeps trying to create differences. Professor’s wife faces a hard time as neighbors keep haunting her at night.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 21-Apr-2021

    Haider and Manal talk about the professor and his family and promise to sort things together. Haider warns Amal to bring her truth out soon and is determined never to leave Manal’s side. Amal boils up thinking about Haider’s attempts to reopen the case. On the other hand, Professor’s family suffers more turmoils in the neighborhood.

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 28-Apr-2021

    Haider wins Ghana’s trust and asks for forgiveness. Amal is furious to see Manal and Haider’s growing closeness. Haider’s mother defends Manal in front of her husband who keeps chanting about Amal. Amal loses her temper when the university decides to reopen the case. She then sweet-talks Safeer for his support.

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 05-May-2021

    Saira’s housekeeper finds another house for her. Amal searches Haider’s room to find some hidden proof against her. She feigns a situation to blame Haider for trying to molest her. Haider is distraught as the whole family turns against him except his mother.

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 22-May-2021

    The whole family is in shock at the incident. Safeer sees the mess in his room and breaks down at the thought of his brother molesting his wife. Amal’s parents take her away but Safeer wants her back in house. Haider wanders on the streets and goes to his friend. He vents out his anger on Amal for trapping him who on the other hand is happy on her victory. Haider contacts Manal who berates him for hiding like a coward and putting her into a series of questions in front of the family members.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 29-May-2021

    Amal feels ecstatic considering herself victorious as Haider is kicked out of the house. She puts up an act in front of Manal and states Haider’s lustful intentions and revenge to be reasons behind his action. Manal argues with Haider for his cowardly act. He is distraught as everything has fallen out of his hands.

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 05-Jun-2021

    Saira reminisces about her husband and shifts to a new place with a broken heart. Haider thinks of Manal’s words and feels like he has lost everything. Safeer files a complaint against him and Haider is arrested. Amal is elated at the thought of her victory. She tries to act innocent in front of Haider’s mother but she stays stern.

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 12-Jun-2021

    Amal taunts Haider when in jail and goes to college. She explains recent incidents and talks against Haider where she learns that it’s Professor Anjum, not Haider who is reopening the case. She is panicked as it might ruin the game she has played till now. Saira bails out Haider and explains to Manal the importance of trust in marriage.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 19-Jun-2021

    Manal visits Haider who is angry at her and doesn’t want to see her. Faraz is infuriated to find about Haider’s bail but Amal requests her father to not involve in her life. Safeer questions Amal about visiting the police station but she turns the tables again. Manal is shocked to find it was Mrs. Anjum who filled in the application and questions Haider about his refusal to marry Amal.

    Episode 26

    Air Date: 26-Jun-2021

    Manal is shocked to learn about Amal’s truth. She storms into her house and warns the whole family as she stands in support of Haider. Haider’s mother too asks him to prove himself innocent even if it requires going against his father and brother. Amal warns Manal to back off. Haider stands for Manal as Safeer comes to warn her as well.

    Episode 27

    Air Date: 03-Jul-2021

    Haider retorts back to Safeer and takes Manal’s side. He files a case against Amal to prove her accusation leveled against him. His father rebukes his mother for supporting Haider. Amal warns Haider’s mother as well but she stays firm and asks him to win the case.

    Episode 28

    Air Date: 10-Jul-2021

    The court hearing begins and Haider is bashed by everyone. Amal confesses to all her crimes in a secret conversation with Haider oblivious to the fact that Safeer heard it all. Haider’s mother blesses him and wishes him luck. Manal is shocked as her brother testifies against Haider. Amal enjoys silently while Safeer is confused at the change of events.

    Episode 29

    Air Date: 17-Jul-2021

    Safeer goes to the professor’s wife to search for the truth. Amal acts nice but Safeer stays quiet. A few of Amal’s lies are exposed in court. Safeer divorces Amal in court, testifying in favor of Haider. As the prosecutor asks Haider for evidence, the professor’s wife steps into the courtroom.

    Episode 30

    Air Date: 31-Jul-2021

    The prosecutor receives a befitting reply in favor of late Professor Humayun from his wife. Safeer apologizes to his mother and brother for his doubts and misbehavior. Amal is upset at the turn of events. She is scared as Haider forcefully keeps her locked in a deserted area to retrieve the truth out of her.

    Episode 31 (Last Episode)

    Air Date: 07-Aug-2021

    Amal’s mother testifies against her in court immediately after her husband commits suicide when he discovers his daughter’s truth. Amal, buried in shame, confesses her crimes and asks for punishment. Justice is served to Professor Humayun. Haider reconciles with his family and takes responsibility for Amal’s mother and sister.

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