Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat

'Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat' is the story of two sisters Aleeza and Areesha. Aleeza is sacrificing and caring while Areesha is avaricious and does not care about anyone but herself. Areesha's elopement with a rich guy on the eve of her marriage forces her family to marry the elder one (Aleeza) to Areesha's fiance, Maaz. It is only a matter of time before Areesha returns to spoil the couple's married life.

  • Start Date: 10-Aug-2021
  • End Date: 1-Feb-2022
  • Total Episodes: 26
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: BigBang Entertainment
  • TV Channel: Express Entertainment
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    Cast & Crew

    Sajid Hasan

    Nasir (Areesha and Aleeza's father)

    Saima Qureshi

    Areesha and Aleeza's mother

    Shagufta Ejaz

    Rehana (Maaz’s mother and Nasir's sister)

    Mehwish Qureshi

    Maria (Maaz’s sister)




    Javed Ansari

    Director of Photography


    Episode 1 

    Air Date: 10-Aug-2021 

    Aleeza and Areesha are sisters of opposite natures. Aleeza is mature and of caring nature while Areesha is impulsive. Maaz, their cousin, is engaged to Areesha but she doesn’t respect him due to his poverty. During Shanzay’s party, Areesha catches the eye of a rich guy, Hasaan. Maaz promises Saad, Aleeza’s colleague, to convince her for marriage. Areesha breaks up with Maaz.

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 17-Aug-2021 

    Areesha asks Maaz to postpone the wedding. Under family pressure, she unwillingly admits to marrying. Maaz’s mother stops Aleeza from doing the mehndi ceremony in front of the guests. Areesha runs away on her wedding night leaving her father devastated. Maaz’s mother suggests marrying Aleeza and Maaz.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 24-Aug-2021

    Areesha runs away and marries Hasaan, the rich boy she met at Shanzay’s birthday party and was secretly dating him. Meanwhile, Aleeza and Maaz get married. Maaz’s mother, Rehana, behaves rudely with her. Aleeza’s parents are worried for her future as Rehana dislikes her due to her failed first marriage.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 31-Aug-2021

    Saad calls Maaz who hides his marriage with Aleeza and asks him never to call again. Areesha sends her wedding pics to Aleeza. Everyone blames Aleeza for Areesha’s action except Maaz. Areesha is bored of Hasaan being a typical attention-seeking husband.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 07-Sep-2021

    Areesha bemires Maaz outside his office, flaunting her car. Hasaan gets upset by her immaturity. Aleeza convinces Maaz to block Areesha. Their father is hospitalized urgently and the mother wants to inform Areesha as well. Areesha goes to Hasaan’s office and spots him with a girl.

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 14-Sep-2021

    Areesha creates a scene at Hasaan’s office and later asks for his forgiveness. Aleeza’s father survives a heart attack. Maaz gets the last warning at his job and his mother blames it on Aleeza’s bad luck. Saad runs into Aleeza and her mother-in-law inquires about him. Maaz informs Saad about their marriage.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 21-Sep-2021

    Maaz promises Aleeza to work on their marriage as friends. Hasaan’s best friend comes to stay at his place and Areesha seems to get close with him, which is disliked by Hasaan. Aleeza’s father dies due to a heart attack caused by Rukhsana’s harsh words. She informs Areesha about their father’s demise. 

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 28-Sep-2021

    Aleeza’s mother gets insane after her husband’s death. Areesha comes to see her father for the last time and leaves right after the funeral. Maaz insists Aleeza on admitting her mother to a rehabilitation center. Hasaan walks in on Areesha flirting with his friend and gives her one last warning.

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 05-Oct-2021

    Hasaan asks his friend to move out of his house. Aleeza admits her mother to a rehabilitation center. Areesha goes to Hasaan’s friend’s place. Hasaan catches her red-handed and divorces her. Hasaan’s friend abandons her as well but she doesn’t regret it at all.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 12-Oct-2021

    Maaz gets a promotion. After the divorce, Areesha goes to Aleeza, crying and blaming Hasaan. Despite everyone’s denial, Maaz allows Aleeza to let Areesha stay with her. Areesha only pretends to be sad and has no regret. Maaz’s mother thinks Maaz’s promotion is due to Areesha’s good luck.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 19-Oct-2021

    Aleeza visits her mom whose condition is worse and she can’t be normal again. Areesha pretends to be shameful and pious in front of the family while her iddah is over. Maaz buys a new car and his mother pushes him to take Areesha on the first ride. Maria warns Aleeza about Maaz and Areesha.

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 26-Oct-2021

    Maaz’s family shifts to a bigger house. Maaz’s mother gives all the credit to Areesha’s luck. She suggests Areesha’s marriage to Maaz which she refuses apparently but is planning to do so. Areesha lies to Saad that Aleeza is not happy with Maaz. She also tries to poison Aleeza against Maaz but in vain.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 02-Nov-2021

    Areesha tries to break Maaz and Aleeza’s marriage by terming their relationship a burden for each other. She fakes an injury to stop the couple from going to dinner together. Nazia warns her mother of Areesha’s hypocrisy while Areesha keeps flirting with Maaz.

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 09-Nov-2021

    Maaz’s mother opens up about Areesha’s feelings for him. Aleeza is fearful of Areesha being close to Maaz. Areesha continues flirting with Maaz while Maaz stops her. Aleeza overhears the whole conversation. Maria suspects her husband of cheating. Areesha advises Aleeza to leave Maaz and marry Saad at which Aleeza stops her right away.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 16-Nov-2021

    Maaz forbids Aleeza from doing any chores after she gets sick. Areesha again unsuccessfully tries to persuade Maaz to leave Aleeza. Aleeza gets upset every time she spots Maaz and Areesha together. Her insecurities aggravate as Areesha lies about Maaz proposing to her and keeps instigating Aleeza against Maaz. 

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 23-Nov-2021

    Maaz’s mother asks him if he will marry Areesha. Areesha calls Maaz into her room at midnight and threatens him to marry her by slitting her arm. Aleeza inquires Maaz about the whole situation. Maria informs her mother of Areesha’s truth who does not believe it. Aleeza finds out about Areesha’s reality. 

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 30-Nov-2021

    Areesha gets frustrated as Ashar invites Maaz and Aleeza to dinner. She asks Maaz to inform his wife about their feelings but he decides to wait for the right time. Maria advises Aleeza to stand for herself. Areesha tries to bring Saad back into Aleeza’s life while Ashar advises Maaz not to leave Aleeza.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 07-Dec-2021

    Saad drops Aleeza at home after an accident while Maaz kicks him out of the house. No one trusts Aleeza. Maria and Areesha get into a fight that culminates in Maria slapping Areesha. Areesha then blames Maria for trying to kick her out. Maaz’s mother orders Aleeza to leave the house and Maaz arranges Aleeza’s stay at her mother’s house.

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 14-Dec-2021

    Aleeza takes her mother home with her. Areesha warns Maria of stealing her brother from him. Maaz’s mother realizes Areesha’s reality and is not willing to help her anymore. Areesha asks Saad to visit Aleeza and accompanies Maaz as well. Saad too realizes Areesha’s reality. Maria gets pregnant. 

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 21-Dec-2021

    Maaz gets a warning at his job and Areesha gets worried knowing this. Some goons break into Aleeza’s house and Saad saves her. The neighbors and Aleeza get Saad arrested after a misunderstanding. Maria has a scuffle with Areesha. Maaz slaps Maria due to which she suffers from miscarriage.

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 28-Dec-2021

    Maaz feels guilty of Maria’s pregnancy. His mother tries to kick Areesha out but he stops her. Aleeza looks for a job while her neighbors call Maaz regarding Saad and advise him to divorce Aleeza. Areesha too asks Maaz for the same but his mother steps in and stops him.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 04-Jan-2022

    Maaz gives money to Aleeza but she refuses. The neighbors try to kick Saad out of his house but he handles them. Aleeza calls Saad regarding online tuitions. Maaz gets divorce papers in his office. Aleeza’s mother gets better and Maaz inquires her about her mother’s health.

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 11-Jan-2022

    Aleeza’s mother appreciates her daughter’s courage and sacrifices for the family and asks Aleeza to wear the bright colors leaving behind all the agonies. She later dies after sadly recollecting all the injustices to her daughter. At the funeral, neighbors instigate Maaz against Saad. After losing all her world, Aleeza decides to stand for herself and gives a reality check to Areesha after she inquires about Saad.

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 18-Jan-2022

    Aleeza lashes out at Maaz for his indifference towards her and challenges him to divorce her if he really wants to marry Areesha. Maaz’s mother repents her injustices towards Aleeza and succeeds in bringing her home. Getting upset with her return, Areesha threatens to leave Maaz if he does not divorce Aleeza. Maaz and Aleeza have a conversation behind a closed door before Maaz announces that he has divorced Aleeza.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 25-Jan-2022

    Maaz and Areesha plan for their marriage as the last hurdle has been dismantled. Saad lambasts at Areesha when she tries to congratulate him on Aleeza’s divorce since they both now can live together. Areesha intimidates Rehana to be ready to leave the house after her marriage. Maaz loses his job after his efficiency fades away due to a lack of concentration. This news baffles Areesha. While Maaz seeks her support in his difficult time, Areesha explores other options for herself and meets a rich guy in order to lure him for marriage. Aleeza decides to start a new happy life but Rehana and Maria suspect her mental condition. Saad expresses his uneasiness before Aleeza and rekindles his love for her. The rich guy proposes Areesha for marriage.

    Episode 26 (Last Episode)

    Air Date: 01-Feb-2022

    Areesha accepts the proposal and both decide to marry instantly. Maaz remains in the illusion that Areesha is shopping for their marriage. His mother tries to remind him about his foolish decision. Areesha leaves the house to marry the rich guy who surprises her by introducing Maaz as his friend there. Maaz slaps her and it is revealed that all thing was preplanned by Maaz just to expose her. Indeed, Maaz never divorced Aleeza. A flashback reveals that Maaz had expressed his love for Aleeza instead of divorcing her. Both hid the fact just to humiliate Areesha. Moreover, Maaz had got a better job that’s why he had left the previous one. Areesha leaves in a fury and faces a fatal accident. She battles her life on the ventilator but succumbs to brain damage.

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