• Start Date: 14-Jan-2021
  • End Date: 23-Sep-2021
  • Total Episodes: 47
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: 7th Sky Entertainment
  • TV Channel: GEO TV
  • Tags: , , ,

    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1

    Air Date: 14-Jan-2021

    Dilnasheen is surprised by Hamza, her lover, who recently returned from abroad. She is later spotted by Haider and his mother at a function who are seeking a daughter-in-law. Haider who’s been suffering from heartbreak, recalls his past with his former lover and first cousin, Mehmal. Mehmal suffers at the hands of her neglectful husband.

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 21-Jan-2021

    Haider and Dilnasheen accidentally get locked inside a room where the latter freaks out. Haider becomes mesmerized by her beauty and asks his mother to talk to Dilnasheen’s family for her hand. Dilnasheen’s mother informs her about the wedding proposal but she refuses to marry Haider.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 22-Jan-2021

    Dilnasheen informs Hamza about the wedding proposition. He talks to his parents about marrying Dilnasheen but they express that she doesn’t belong to their class. Hamza goes missing on purpose. His family insults Dilnasheen’s family and accuses her of trapping Hamza. Yawar slaps Dilnasheen for her affair with Hamza.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 28-Jan-2021

    Yawar decides to accept Haider’s proposal. The next day, the police show up and arrest Yawar and Dilnasheen in front of their entire neighborhood. At the police station, the police officer reads out Dilnasheen’s and Hamza’s texts and embarrasses her. Hamza messages Dilnasheen to not worry and the police trace his new number. 

    Episode 5 

    Air Date: 29-Jan-2021

    Dilnasheen and Yawar reach home to find out that their mother noded to Haider’s family. Yawar hits Dilnasheen for bringing dishonor to the family and therefore house-bounds her. Meanwhile, the police bring back Hamza, who finds out how his parents behaved with Dilnasheen’s family. Hamza’s family tries to send him abroad but he refuses.

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 04-Feb-2021

    Dilnasheen’s family goes to meet her in-laws where the engagement date is set. Hamza waits outside Dilnasheen’s house and sneaks in when her family leaves. The two fight and later resort to convince their families one last time. Hamza begs his father who doesn’t listen to him. Meanwhile, Haider continues to recall his past with Mehmal.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 05-Feb-2021

    On the day of her engagement, Dilnasheen bids farewell to Hamza. Mehmal attends the engagement and recalls her past with Haider which drives her to ask Ansab to care for her. Ansab sounds Mehmal that he will never care for her because he isn’t interested in her.

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 11-Feb-2021

    Haider takes Dilnasheen for their wedding shopping. Hamza follows the couple. Dilnasheen takes a stand against Hamza’s accusations who slits his wrist and ends up at the hospital. His father starts considering Hamza’s marriage with Dilnasheen for the sake of Hamza’s happiness. 

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 18-Feb-2021

    Dilnasheen seeks forgiveness from her mother and brother before her mehndi. Hamza’s father and sister go to Dilnasheen’s mehndi and are thrown out by Yawar for bringing the marriage proposal. Dilnasheen finds out about Hamza’s medical condition and begs her mother to consider Hamza’s proposal but Yawar takes out a gun and threatens to kill himself.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 25-Feb-2021

    Hamza gets discharged from the hospital and stays under the false hope that his father has worked everything out and goes to Dilnasheen’s house where he discovers the painful truth about Dilnasheen’s marriage. Dilnasheen sees Hamza at her wedding and marlries Haider. On their way to Haider’s place, Dilnasheen, Haider, and his family get into an accident with Hamza’s car.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 04-Mar-2021

    Haider asks Dilnasheen to give her exam the following day and therefore, goes to her house to collect her books and uniform. Hamza confronts his family angrily, locks himself, and suffers from heartbreak. Ansab brings home another woman and Mehmal realizes her mistake of choosing Ansab over Haider.

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 11-Mar-2021

    Rida threatens to badmouth Dilnasheen in front of the entire college. Mehmal visits Haider’s place and witnesses Haider’s growing affection for his wife. Ansab slaps Mehmal for misbehaving with her female guest. Mehmal shows up at Haider’s doorstep seeking refuge. Hamza plans to move abroad.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 18-Mar-2021

    Haider’s mother advises him to stay away from Mehmal and advises Mehmal to make amends with her disloyal husband. Haider and his mother meet Ansab who clarifies his intentions for Mehmal. Mehmal continues to pursue Haider so that he takes her back and reveals to Dilnasheen about her past affair with Haider.

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 25-Mar-2021

    Dilnasheen’s mother and mother-in-law advise her to stick close to Haider. Mehmal hugs Haider on purpose in front of Dilnasheen. Haider spends time with Mehmal’s daughter. Dilnasheen looks at Mehmal’s advances and starts to pursue her husband by asking about his likes and dislikes.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 01-Apr-2021

    Dilnasheen cooks Haider’s favorite meal and dresses up in his liking of clothes, and also defends her relationship when Mehmal makes fun of Haider and Dilnasheen’s age gap. Mehmal pretends to fall down the stairs to ruin Dilnasheen’s dinner plans. Haider takes Mehmal to the hospital while Dilnasheen continues to wait for him at home.

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 08-Apr-2021

    Haider’ dinner with Mehmal infuriates his wife who informs her mother about Haider and Mehmal’s growing affection. Haider’s mother overhears Dilnasheen’s reservations and orders Mehmal to leave the house. Mehmal leaves the house and calls Haider who goes to pick her up.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 15-Apr-2021

    Haider checks Mehmal into a hotel and goes home to see the situation. Dilnasheen gets closer to Haider who appreciates her gestures. She also weighs in whether to reveal her past to Haider and decides against it. To avoid any suspicion, Haider saves Mehmal’s contact number with a pseudo male name.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 22-Apr-2021

    Mehmal asks Haider to stay the night at the hotel but he refuses and they have lunch. Dilnasheen takes her sister-in-law out for lunch and spots her husband with Mehmal going up to the room. She leaves Haider’s house but is advise later to return to Haider despite his actions.

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 29-Apr-2021

    Dilnasheen gets blamed by Yawar and her mother for leaving Haider for a petty misunderstanding. Despite trying to defend herself, they force her to return back but she doesn’t. Haider’s mother convinces Dilnasheen to return home after making Haider sign a written oath of not getting involved with Mehmal. Hence, Haider tells Mehmal to move on with Ansab in her life and forget him. 

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 06-May-2021

    Haider’s mother brings Mehmal back home in order to keep an eye on her. She also warns her son to be cautious in the future. Haider tries to convince Dilnasheen about her position in the house. Dilnasheen tells Mehmal to back off from Haider. Mehmal asks Haider to take her to court to file for her divorce with Ansab.

    Episode 21 (Part-1)

    Air Date: 13-May-2021

    Haider spends the day filing for Mehmal’s divorce. His mother insists him to take Dilnasheen out for shopping and on the way back home the two have dinner. Haider’s sister, Sara and brother-in-law, Asim invite the family to dinner and Dilnasheen goes to buy a dress. At the store, she runs into Rida who taunts her for using Hamza while Mehmal coincidentally overhears.

    Episode 21 (Part-2)

    Air Date: 13-May-2021

    Mehmal talks to Rida and finds out everything about Dilnasheen’s past with Hamza. Later on, she shows up wearing Dilnasheen’s dress to taunt her and also hints Hamza’s name during the family lunch. Dilnasheen confronts Mehmal and in return gets threatened to leave Haider. She then discusses the problem with her sister-in-law who advises her to ignore everything.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 20-May-2021

    Mehmal threatens Dilnasheen to leave Haider, or she’ll reveal everything to Haider. Dilnasheen gives permission to Haider to marry Mehmal and this conversation turns into a fight. Later on, she goes to his office to make up with him. Meanwhile, Yawar thinks that Dilnasheen has planned and plotted with Hamza to break off her marriage and is using Mehmal as a means of escape.

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 27-May-2021

    Mehmal calls Rida to the house where Dilnasheen meets her and begs her not to reveal the truth. Later on, Mehmal threatens Dilnasheen with old pictures of her and Hamza retrieved from Rida. Dilnasheen visits her mother who turns her away, and she returns back home. As a result, Mehmal tells Haider the truth about Dilnasheen’s past.

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 03-Jun-2021

    Mehmal reveals everything to Haider about Dilnasheen’s past. Haider questions Dilnasheen about Hamza and she lies. Mehmal shows Dilnasheen’s pictures with Hamza to Haider and her mother. Haider storms out of the house and his mother questions Dilnasheen who accuses Mehmal of doctoring the images. Later on, she seeks advice from her mother about lying to everybody.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 10-Jun-2021

    Dilnasheen asks her mother about lying if asked to swear and she tells her to go ahead. Haider’s mother asks Dilnasheen to swear upon the Quran, but Haider stops her before she could lie. Hamza’s father dies and Haider attends his funeral where he meets Hamza. Meanwhile, Rida stops Hamza; now a drug addict, from doing drugs.

    Episode 26

    Air Date: 17-Jun-2021

    Haider is convinced that his wife betrayed him and indirectly starts showing his annoyance. He also tells Mehmal that he won’t be played by any woman, anymore. His mother advises Dilnasheen to end the distances between the two. Meanwhile, Hamza tells his mother that he will never go back to being the same person. Also, Mehmal visit’s Rida and talks to Hamza.

    Episode 27

    Air Date: 23-Jun-2021

    Mehmal connects with Hamza and meets him for dinner. She seeks his help in breaking Dilnasheen and Haider’s marriage. In this way, they both will be with their destined lovers. Haider takes Dilnasheen to a party where Hamza comes face to face with her and Haider notices.

    Episode 28

    Air Date: 24-Jun-2021

    Haider buys a new phone for his wife and Mehmal sends her number to Hamza. His text message to Dilnasheen at midnight enrages Haider. Dilnasheen tries to defend herself claiming that Hamza only liked her and she refused his marriage proposal, and Haider tells Hamza to back off. Later on, Dilnasheen gets into a verbal spat with Mehmal, and Dilnasheen ends up pissing her off.

    Episode 29

    Air Date: 30-Jun-2021

    Haider gives Dilnasheen an important file, and Mehmal hides it to get her in trouble. Haider and his mother get angry at Dilnasheen and Mehmal also taunts her. Hamza calls Dilnasheen and Haider’s mother overhears and hints Dilnasheen to be careful who goes to her mother’s house and Hamza asks to meet her.

    Episode 30

    Air Date: 01-Jul-2021

    Hamza takes Dilnasheen with him to talk and she reaches home late. Dilnasheen’s mother tells her that Haider’s mother called to check which pisses Dilnasheen. She misbehaves with Haider’s mother. Later, she receives flowers and Haider sees and confronts her. Finally, Dilnasheen speaks up to defend herself and questions Haider and his mother for keeping Mehmal in the house.

    Episode 31

    Air Date: 07-Jul-2021

    Haider returns home only to discover that Dilnasheen has received a bunch of flowers. He questions her, accuses her, and ends up slapping her for being disloyal. Dilnasheen unsuccessfully tries to prove her innocence before her husband and mother-in-law. They go to Dilnasheen’s mother’s house and reveal everything. Later, Hamza comes to meet Haide and clears Dilnasheen’s name. Haider hits him and throws him out. 

    Episode 32

    Air Date: 08-Jul-2021

    Dilnasheen visits her mother who slaps and beats her up. She returns and shows her mother-in-law the marks on her face and accuses her of questioning her character. Hamza calls Dilnasheen and keeps her on the phone while he tells Mehmal off and refuses to harm Dilnasheen. Haider buys a gift for her and apologizes.

    Episode 33

    Air Date: 14-Jul-2021

    Dilnasheen taunts Haider for snitching to her mother which caused her to get slapped. Haider apologizes and gifts Dilnasheen a necklace. She then taunts her mother-in-law in front of Haider and he warns Dilnasheen to maintain her boundaries. She secretly talks to Hamza and plans to meet up with him. Meanwhile, Haider’s sister, Sara visits and finds out the current circumstances. Mehmal suggests moving out but Sara insists her to stay.

    Episode 34

    Air Date: 15-Jul-2021

    Dilnasheen goes to a mall to meet Hamza where coincidentally Haider spots her and follows her out to a car. Haider calls Dilnasheen and asks her where she is and Dilnasheen lies. Later, the two have banter about the issue. Haider’s mother faints due to stress. Haider overhears Dilnasheen talking to Hamza and he inquires. Dilnasheen openly admits that she talks to Hamza and Haider tries to slap her but she stops him.

    Episode 35

    Air Date: 21-Jul-2021

    Dilnasheen tells Haider that she’ll do whatever she wants and continues to talk to Hamza. Rida confronts Dilnasheen who stands up to her. Later, Rida informs Dilnasheen’s mother about the ongoing affair. Hamza asks Rida to back off. Meanwhile, Haider asks Dilnasheen to pretend until his sick mother gets well after which he’ll divorce her.

    Episode 36

    Air Date: 22-Jul-2021

    Haider asks Dilnasheen to maintain the relationship for his mother’s sake and taunts her for being characterless. His mother apologizes to Dilnasheen for complaining to her mother. Haider’s mother gets diagnosed with cancer but nobody knows. Hamza instigates Dilnasheen to convince her husband for a divorce instead of considering her mother-in-law’s health issues.

    Episode 37

    Air Date: 28-Jul-2021

    Haider’s mother gets diagnosed with a brain tumor and has a few months to live. Dilnasheen pretends to care about Haider in front of his mother. Mehmal notices and informs Rida who tells Hamza. Meanwhile, Hamza’s mother takes control of the company to refrain Hamza from taking decisions.

    Episode 38

    Air Date: 29-Jul-2021

    Yawar finds out that Dilnasheen is reuniting with Hamza, so he visits her house and threatens to kill her. Hamza tries calling Dilnasheen repeatedly but she informs him about the present situation. The two get into a small argument. Haider finds out that his mother’s illness has no cure. Mehmal starts getting annoyed with Dilnasheen and Haider’s bonding.

    Episode 39

    Air Date: 04-Aug-2021

    Haider overhears the conversation where Hamza asks Dilnasheen for separation from her husband whereas she asks him to wait. Haider cries and Mehmal tries to get some answers. Meanwhile, Dilnasheen gets tested and is surprised to learn about pregnancy.

    Episode 40

    Air Date: 05-Aug-2021

    Dilnasheen gets in a fight with Haider over their pregnancy. Haider tells his entire marriage situation to his doctor friend, who advises him to work a compromise with Dilnasheen. Sara misbehaves with Dilnasheen and Haider apologizes to her. Later, he tries to convince her to fix their marriage but she asks for an abortion. Ansab returns seeking forgiveness from Mehmal and takes her back home.

    Episode 41

    Air Date: 11-Aug-2021

    Mehmal apologizes to Dilnasheen and leaves. Haider vows to take care of their child even if Dilnasheen leaves. Dilnasheen tries to inform Hamza about her pregnancy but he angrily accuses her of using him for money, so she stops responding. Dilnasheen’s family thank Dilnasheen for maintaining their pride and honor. Yawar apologizes to Dilnasheen for his past behavior.

    Episode 42

    Air Date: 12-Aug-2021

    Dilnasheen taunts Haider that he is being apologetic to her because Mehmal is gone. He requests her to keep the child and stay with him. Dilnasheen ignores Hamza’s calls and he visits her and threatens to tell Haider’s mother about her fatal disease.

    Episode 43

    Air Date: 26-Aug-2021

    Haider acknowledges Dilnasheen’s discontent and she rethinks her decision. She meets Hamza and declares that she doesn’t love him but expresses her love for her husband instead. Hamza refuses to leave her so she reveals her pregnancy news. Hamza drives fast and the two get into an accident. They’re taken to the hospital. Haider and Rida each get a call from the police.

    Episode 44

    Air Date: 02-Sep-2021

    Hamza’s mother speculates that Dilnasheen’s affair won’t lead to her marriage with Hamza. Yawar wishes for Dilnasheen to die who has a miscarriage. Haider brings his family home. Dilnasheen reveals to her sister-in-law that she went to refuse Hamza but Yawar and his mother refuse to own her.

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