• Start Date: 14-May-2022
  • End Date: 31-Dec-2022
  • Total Episodes: 35
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: iDream Entertainment
  • TV Channel: ARY Digital
  • Tags: , , ,

    Cast & Crew

    Saife Hasan

    Khawar (Tabraiz's father)

    Annie Zaidi

    Tabraiz's mother

    Rabya Kulsoom

    Maila (Maya's sister)

    Nida Mumtaz

    Shehnaz (Maya's mother)

    Mehmood Aslam

    Nisar (Maya's father)

    Nazli Nasr

    Shazia (Nisar's sister)

    Adnan Samad Khan

    Nael (Shazia's son & Maya's cousin)

    Asma Abbas

    Kulsoom (Shan's step-mother)

    Naeema Butt

    Tooba (Shan's sister)

    Maryam Shafi

    Chaudhry's wife

    Farah Nadeem

    Talal's mother




    Luqman Khan

    Director of Photography

    Episode 1

    Air Date: 14-May-2022

    The drama begins with Maya having a nightmare about her wedding day. She is an obedient girl and a struggling fashion designer belonging to a middle-class family. Her younger sister, Maila is awaiting for Maya’s marriage to occur soon. Their mother Shehnaz is worried about her daughters’ marriage and keeps looking for proposals but her husband, Nisar rejects everyone. He wants to marry his daughters to elite families so they never face financial issues and lead luxurious lives. He is a kind-hearted person who has taken financial responsibility for his widow sister, Shazia. Shazia’s only son, Nael likes Maya and wants to marry her. After striving hard, he lands a decent job and asks his mother to take his proposal for Maya. When Shazia goes to Nisar to ask for Maya’s hand in marriage, Nisar abruptly refuses as he is not in favor of marrying his daughter to someone who does an ordinary job. 

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 21-May-2022

    Shehnaz is mad at Nisar for rejecting Nael’s proposal and warns him that if keeps rejecting proposals over and over again, his daughters will remain single forever. The next day, seeing Nisar’s bewilderment, his colleague advises him to upload Maya’s profile to a matchmaking group on Facebook. Soon after Maya’s profile is posted, Nisar gets a message from a high-class family who wants to see Maya for their son, Tabraiz. Nisar is elated and very hopeful that Maya will be hitched to the type of family that he always desired. On the other hand, Nael is heartbroken as he is unable to forget the bitter words that Nisar spoke to him. In the next scene, an elite-class family is shown where a compliant and well-mannered guy, Shan struggles to keep the peace between his wife and mother. He is in despair after his wife flees to the US with her daughter due to his mother and sister’s cunningness.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 28-May-2022

    Nisar holds a meeting with Tabraiz and his father, Khawar, and is highly impressed by their wealth and goodness. Later, he asks Maya for her consent to marriage, and being a compliant girl, she agrees to do whatever her parents think is best for her. Tabraiz’s mother is in a hurry to get her son married as soon as possible. They arrive with a proposal at Nisar’s and are dazzled with Maya’s beauty. Khawar and his wife strictly prohibit Nisar from preparing dowry and want to conduct a simple marriage ceremony in a month. After giving it a thought, Nisar agrees and despite Khawar’s reluctance, decides to give Maya a heavy amount of cash and gold. On Maya’s wedding day, Nael groans seeing Maya looking drop-dead gorgeous in her wedding outfit. After the ceremony, Nisar feels satisfied to have wed his daughter off to rich people. Meanwhile, Tabraiz and Maya’s wedding night is interrupted when the police arrive at their house for some kind of investigation.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 04-Jun-2022

    Shan is frustrated after he receives a divorce notice from his wife. His possessive mother plays a façade of being sad in front of him but later takes a sigh of relief to have finally rid herself of her equitable daughter-in-law. While scheming with her daughter, she reveals that this time she will find a girl of her choice to marry Shan with. On Maya’s first day after marriage, she is warmly greeted by her in-laws who later scare Maya off by making up a story of a robbery in their neighborhood. Tabraiz’s mother asks Maya to give her gold jewelry to her so she can safely keep it in her bank’s locker and being an obedient daughter-in-law, Maya complies. Later, Tabraiz acts to be in dire need of money for his business, and being a humble wife, Maya lends her dowry cheque to him. A day before their wedding reception, Tabraiz’s uncle conveniently dies due to which he along with his family has to fly to another city for the funeral. Maya is left behind at her parent’s house who are worried as it has been two weeks since Tabraiz left. 

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 11-Jun-2022

    Shan is unable to forget his wife and daughter and mourns over his separation. Maya is petrified after constantly having horrific nightmares. When Nisar is unable to reach Tabraiz and his parents on phone, he decides to visit Khawar’s office to get in contact with him. Upon reaching the office, he is agonized to know that it belongs to someone else. Shazia convinces Nael to go help his uncle who is not up to par after finding out the truth about Khawar’s office but Nael turns a blind eye to it. The next day, Maya visits her in-law’s house with her father only to find that the house is frequently rented for shooting purposes by multiple vendors. Upon Shazia’s insistence, Nael goes to Nisar’s house and suggests reporting a missing complaint. As soon as the police officer sees Tabraiz’s photograph, he recognizes him instantly, revealing that Tabraiz and his family who apparently are his “partners in crime” are frauds and have looted multiple families up till now.

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 18-Jun-2022

    Nisar is speechless after the police officer berates him for not running a background check on his son-in-law before time. Heartbroken, Nisar returns home and elucidates the situation to his family, shattering their hearts into a million pieces. When he enquires Maya about her money and jewelry, she goes numb after realizing that she has been looted and left empty-handed. Later, Nisar and Shehnaz are devastated to see Maya lamenting over the loss of her respect and wealth. The news of Maya getting betrayed by her in-laws’ spreads in the entire neighborhood soon and no one misses a chance to criticize Nisar and Shehnaz for their carelessness. Following a piece of advice, Nisar files for divorce on behalf of Maya, and she approves it. Shan feels hopeless and develops a hatred for women after having a bad experience with his first wife. So, he makes it clear to his mother that she should stop wasting her time thinking about his second marriage.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 25-Jun-2022

    Seeing Maya depressed, Shazia asks Nael to marry her but he straightaway refuses as his ego does not allow him to marry a divorcee. Maya’s agony keeps eating her up like a plague, leaving her quiet and devastated. Shehnaz is worried for Maya as she is aging day by day and asks Nisar to look for a marriage proposal as soon as possible. Shan asks his mother to start looking for a match for his sister, Tooba instead of forcing him to remarry. Tooba is a very cunning and two-faced girl who is involved in all types of bad activities and she clearly refuses to marry anyone without her choice. Chaudhry, a landlord from a village in Faisalabad is looking for a marriage proposal for his divorced daughter. He crosses paths with Tabraiz and his con family who are all set to look for the next prey and loot them. 

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 02-Jul-2022

    Shehnaz becomes restive as the matchmaker shows proposals of old-age widowers for Maya. She asks Nisar to talk to Shazia about Maya and Nael’s marriage. Shazia instantly agrees with Nisar when he asks her about it and promises to convince Nael to marry Maya. When Maya finds out about the development, she refuses and begs her parents not to be cruel to Nael. On the other hand, Shazia emotionally blackmails Nael to marry Maya despite his constant refusal. She makes him understand that Nisar regrets turning down his proposal the very first time and admits his lack of wisdom. Nael does not utter a single word, making Shazia believe that he is ready for the marriage. Finally, the marriage date is fixed and while everyone is excited about the wedding, Nael and Maya are unhappy. Meanwhile, Tabraiz and his business partners are elated to catch a big fish this time. They are busy arranging a house and other accessories to scam Chaudhry and his family.

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 02-Jul-2022

    Nael flees away on his wedding night, leaving a message to his mother that he is unable to convince himself to marry Maya. Meanwhile, the wedding guests arrive at Nisar’s house and Maya is all glammed up as a bride, waiting for the groom. Shazia bursts into tears after listening to Nael’s message and summons Nisar to the house who loses his mind and begs Shazia to call Nael back but to no avail. He takes it upon himself to find Nael and accidentally tramples a stranger with his car. Thankfully, a police officer understands Nisar’s condition and takes him home. While Maya and her mother tolerate the situation, Nisar is unable to bear the defamation. After everything subsides, Nael returns home and is brutally harangued by his mother. 

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 09-Jul-2022

    Talal, the police officer who brought Nisar home turns out to be his university student. He asks Maila to call him without any hesitation whenever he is needed as he wants to repay the favors Nisar did to him. While begging God for his daughter’s happiness, Nisar falls unconscious on the prayer mat. The family rushes him to the hospital after which Shazia and Nael follow. Upon gaining consciousness, Nisar lashes out at Nael for ruining Maya’s future and severs all his ties with him and Shazia. Shazia curses her egoistic son for ruining her relationship with her brother. Shan’s ex-wife shows up at his home in the middle of the night, asking him to take custody of their young daughter, Zimal. Seeing Shan worried, his mother assures him that she will look after his daughter just the way she brought up Shan who is her adopted son.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 16-Jul-2022

    The doctor informs Maila that Nisar needs open-heart surgery as two of his heart valves are blocked. Talal’s mother insists on going to see Nisar and look after him as he has done a lot for Talal. Maila decides to use her marriage savings for Nisar’s surgery despite Shehnaz’s disapproval. Talal realizes that Nisar’s family is finding it difficult to arrange the funds for the surgery. So, he writes a cheque and hands it to Maya, asking her to keep it a secret from Maila. Finally, Nisar’s operation goes successful and his family takes a sigh of relief. Shan’s mother convinces him to get married as Zimal desperately needs a mother. Chaudhry’s daughter, Rehana can’t get over her divorce and feels miserable. Meanwhile, Tabraiz and his con family put on a new disguise and spread the word among the villagers that they are filthy rich landlords who own multiple mansions.

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 23-Jul-2022

    Shan is upset to see his daughter suffering due to the absence of a mother figure in her life. Shazia keeps calling Nisar to enquire about his health, forcing him to block her number. Talal develops feelings for Maila and can’t stop lurking around her. He convinces Nisar to permit Maya into pursuing her passion by starting a job. Maila gets a false impression that Talal is into Maya and brings up the idea to Maya, earning her resentment. Talal’s mother brings her son’s proposal for Maila, disappointing Nisar who was hopeful that Talal will marry Maya. Nisar refuses the proposal as he cannot jeopardize Maya’s future by marrying his younger daughter first. The proposal offends Maila too and she brushes off Talal’s advances when he tries to convince her. Maya explains to Maila that Talal’s proposal is a blessing in disguise and she should consider it in order to lead a happy life. Tabraiz and his parents make preparations for Rehana’s proposal. On the other hand, Chaudhry and his wife pray to God for a better future for their daughter. 

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 30-Jul-2022

    After finding out about her new neighbors, Rehana’s mother, Shana desperately waits for them to bring a proposal for her daughter. Fulfilling Shana’s wish, Tabraiz along with his con family takes the proposal for Rehana and her parents instantly agree to it. Shan is worried to see his daughter’s rebellious attitude. In his fury, he calls his ex-wife, asking her to take back Zimal but to no avail. Shehnaz insists Nisar agree to Talal’s proposal and let Maila live a fulfilled life. Talal reveals to Maila that he has loved her since his childhood and will go to all limits to acquire her. Maila feels guilty thinking about her happiness when her elder sister is still unmarried. Maya convinces Nisar to accept Talal’s proposal for Maila and stop thinking for once about what the world will say. Shan’s mother leaves Zimal unattended and abuses her when she stirs trouble, aggravating Zimal’s disobedience even more.

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 06-Aug-2022

    Shana is highly impressed by Tabraiz and his family and asks her husband to fix the wedding date as soon as possible. Chaudhry advises her to think wisely and not make a decision in haste. Soon, he finds out through the broker who sold Tabraiz the mansion that Tabraiz and his family are “legitimate”. Talal is ecstatic to hear that Nisar wholeheartedly agreed to the proposal. His mother, Safiya insists Shehnaz set the wedding within a month. Seeing Nisar’s hesitation, Talal refuses to take any dowry and suggests carrying out a simple wedding. When Shehnaz mentions calling Shazia to the wedding, Nisar becomes enraged and strictly prohibits her from doing so. Tabraiz who has taken the guise of Hashim finally marries Rehana. Chaudhary gives his daughter a large acre of land in dowry. While Tabraiz/Hashim is elated to have it, he puts up an act of humbleness and reluctantly accepts it.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 13-Aug-2022

    Tabraiz defrauds Rehana by selling the land she received in her dowry. After feeding her sleeping pills, he flees and gets into a feud with his business partners when they refuse to fulfill his demands to give him 50% of the earnings. Rehana wakes up from her sleep and is devastated to find divorce papers next to her. Paranoid, Shehnaz refrains Maya from touching Maila’s wedding shopping to keep Maila away from her doomed shadow. Nisar is bewildered after he is forced to retire prematurely. Shehnaz stops Maya from performing Maila’s wedding rituals, leaving her heartbroken. Later, she apologizes to her for being unreasonable and gullible. Shan hires a new secretary Maria and gets instantly drawn to her romantic advances. His cunning mother is perplexed to see him getting close to an outgoing girl. Maya requests her father to stop worrying about her marriage and let her become financially independent. 

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 20-Aug-2022

    Maria befriends Zimal to flatter Shan. Shan’s mother burns on the inside seeing her mingle with her son. Soon enough, Shan is enraged to discover Maria’s intentions to take over his business and send Zimal to a boarding school. Talal and Maila get married and spend a happy married life. Nisar drops the bombshell on his family about his retirement. While Shehnaz is worried to hear about it, Maya puts up a courageous act and motivates her father to think better. Nisar finds a job in Lahore and decides to shift there. Tabraiz runs into Shan’s sister, Tooba at an ATM and decides to set her in his trap by lending her money. He is determined to score big this time and get settled to revel in luxuries for the rest of his life. Using the money he made through his last scam, he impresses Tooba by booking an entire restaurant to propose to her with a diamond ring.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 27-Aug-2022

    Shazia grieves after discovering that her brother is leaving town. Unable to control her emotions, she goes to meet him and pleads for forgiveness. Nisar forgives her but refuses to forgive Nael, considering he took away Maya’s respect by humiliating her. Shan’s mother informs him that she is ready to take his proposal for Maria but mentions her doubts about Maria’s fake personality. Shan realizes that his mother saw through Maria’s evil intentions and starts confiding in her even more. He tells her that she is right about Maria and that she turned out to be a golddigger. Nisar moves to Lahore with his family where their neighbor informs Maya about a job opening at a clothing boutique. The boutique turns out to be Shan’s mother’s store. Maya goes for the interview and gets instantly hired for the job based on her excellent dress-designing skills.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 03-Sep-2022

    Zimal’s heart breaks after she finds out that her mother had another baby whom she loves and adores. This affects her severely and Shan feels desperate to liberate his daughter from this pain. Tooba gets a dress designed by Maya. When Maya arrives at her house to deliver it, she experiences an unpleasant encounter with the furious Shan. Tabraiz borrows money from his friend to rent a grand and luxurious mansion so he can impress Tooba. His friend warns him to be cautious to avoid being caught but Tabraiz believes his cunningness and that he will get away with anything that comes his way. When Tooba comes to the house, she is mesmerized to see the food Tabraiz cooked for her. He makes up a story that his property was taken over by his uncle after his father’s death and expresses bewilderment about it. Maya gets promoted to the position of chief designer due to her hard work and dedication. 

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 10-Sep-2022

    Tooba locks Zimal in the storeroom for hours after she ruins her expensive dress. When her grandmother finds out about it, she feels relieved that Shan is out of town and did not witness the torment. When Shan arrives back, he is puzzled to see the fear in his daughter’s eyes. Concerned, he decides to consult a child therapist who can treat her. Seeing the talent and soberness in Maya, one of her clients starts thinking to approach her for her son’s marriage. When Shan’s mother communicates with Maya about it, she straightaway rejects the proposal. Tabraiz finds out that his father is on the verge of dying. He goes to see his family and it is revealed that they live in an extremely backward and lower-class area of a village. Tabraiz tells his mother that he is planning to marry a rich girl so he can live in her grand mansion forever. His mother berates him for his shamelessness and insists he brings the bride to their own house.

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 17-Sep-2022

    Tooba informs her mother about Tabraiz and decides to introduce them to each other formally. Maya is asked to bring a dress for Tooba at the house for the meeting. Upon entering the house, she finds Zimal hiding in a corner. Out of kindness, Maya tries to comfort her. Shan, who has recently had a deceitful experience with Maria, gets cautious. He humiliates Maya, accusing her of trying to trap him through his daughter. Maya gets offended and leaves the house in a fury, missing Tabraiz by seconds. After meeting him, Tooba’s mother mentions investigating Tabraiz’s background but Tooba strictly forbids her from doing so. Seeing Shan bewildered for his daughter, his mother takes his proposal for Maya, assuring Nisar that Maya will have a safe future if she marries Shan. Maya sternly refuses to remarry, begging Nisar to let her live peacefully. Shan’s mother decides to convince Maya to marry, conspiring to exploit her innocence.

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 24-Sep-2022

    Zimal informs Shan about the mistreatment she endures at the hands of his mother and sister. Shan confronts his mother about it but she straightaway denies the allegations, labeling Zimal a liar. Helpless, he asks her to look for a girl for him as soon as possible to marry so she can take care of Zimal. When his mother mentions Tooba’s marriage, Shan asks her to introduce him to the boy so he can run a background check on him. Upon meeting Tabraiz aka Shujaat, Shan confirms that his claims are “true” as Tabraiz portrays himself as a son of a well-known politician who has been fighting a property case. Maila and Talal lead happy and fulfilled life. However, their life suddenly takes a steep turn when Talal is shot by some goons who snatch Maila’s gold necklace on their way back from a wedding.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 01-Oct-2022

    Tooba drowns in Tabraiz’s love and can’t imagine her life without him. Tabraiz acts upset when she tells him that her brother is very serious about her marriage and will go to all lengths to investigate her prospective husband. Tooba returns home cranky only to find out that Shan is satisfied with Tabraiz and ready to hitch her to him. Tabraiz insists that Tooba convince her family for the wedding instead of the engagement. Later, he asks her if she will support him in case he loses his wealth and Tooba wholeheartedly agrees to support him regardless. Upon hearing the news of the accident, Nisar and his family rush back to Karachi only to find out that Talal is no more. Maila regrets wearing the necklace that night despite Talal’s reluctance, blaming herself for the tragedy. Talal’s mother considers Maila the culprit and asks her to leave the house.

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 08-Oct-2022

    Shan suggests his mother not marry Tooba in a haste but the latter feels satisfied with Tabraiz and convinces Shan to fix a wedding date soon. Nisar forgives Shazia and Nael to please God in hopes that God will ease his grievances. Maya encourages Maila to move on with her life for the sake of their parent’s happiness. Tabraiz goes to see his mother and informs her about his marriage plans. When his mother protests against them, he convinces her that he will become rich and will be able to afford his father’s treatment. Finally, he ends up marrying Tooba and on the wedding night gives her the gold bangles that he had managed to steal from Maya. The following day, Tooba arrives at the studio to thank Maya for the beautiful wedding dress. Maya is surprised to see Tooba wearing the same gold bangles that she received as dowry from her mother. She discusses it with her mother who brushes off her concerns, saying it might be a coincidence.

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 15-Oct-2022

    Shan’s mother, Kulsoom visits Maya’s house to offer condolences for Talal’s demise, impressing Nisar and Shehnaz with her good morals. Soon, Maya agrees to marry Shan after seeing her parents unhappy. Relieved, Shehnaz informs Kulsoom of the good news and they agree to carry out the wedding ceremony in a simple manner. Before the union, Kulsoom requests Nisar to keep Maya’s past concealed from Shan to avoid any sort of risk. Although Nisar initially hesitates considering it deception, Kulsoom convinces him that hiding Maya’s past will result in her relationship’s betterment. Shan insists his mother inform Maya beforehand that he does not want children with her in the future. Tabraiz plans a fake goons attack on himself, portraying himself as weak and helpless in front of Tooba. Seeing him suffering, Shan gives him refuge in his house. Kulsoom figures out Tabraiz’s evil intentions and joins hands with him to acquire Shan’s wealth once and for all.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 22-Oct-2022

    Tabraiz pretends to be worried in front of Tooba and lies to her that he lost the case along with all his wealth. Tooba gets cranky and starts acting up on small things with her mother. Kulsoom encourages her to attend Shan’s wedding happily and think about the problems afterward. However, Tabraiz refuses to go to the wedding and Tooba stays behind with him. Maila misses Talal immensely after seeing Maya’s wedding dress from her prospective in-laws. On the wedding night, Shan clarifies to Maya that she holds no importance in his life and is merely a compulsion. Shehnaz insists on remarrying Maila to pull her out of the grief but Nisar suggests giving her time to heal. On the next day of marriage, Shan leaves for the office, leaving Maya alone. Having nothing else to do, she bonds with Zimal and in no time becomes her favorite.

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