• Start Date: 10-May-2022
  • End Date: 20-Dec-2022
  • Total Episodes: 33
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: Six Sigma Plus
  • TV Channel: ARY Digital

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Cast & Crew




Zeb Rao

Director of Photography


Episode 1

Air Date: 10-May-2022

The episode begins with Ayesha receiving a gold medal from her university due to her splendid academic performance. She belongs to a lower-middle-class family and has two sisters. Her elder sister, Bano is the breadwinner of the family and her younger sister, Zoya is a college-going girl. Her mother is a shrewish woman and has to bear her unmarried sister-in-law, Bobby. Bano loves her cousin, Talal and they want to get married but Bano’s mother is against their marriage and she selfishly wants Bano to keep earning for the family. Finally, Bano takes a stand for herself and decides to marry Talal whatsoever. As a result, Ayesha is forced to discontinue her studies and look for a job to support the family. She is seen hopping from place to place to land a decent job. Basit is a sober guy who belongs to a high-class family. His mother left him with his father during his childhood after she got involved with another man which is why Basit does not believe in marriage. His father has died of cancer and left a will that will only be valid if Basit marries.

Episode 2

Air Date: 17-May-2022

For the fourth time, Talal arrives with his mother, Shamsa at Bano’s house to ask for Bano’s hand in marriage. Bano’s mother, Qudsia takes the opportunity to humiliate Shamsa for wanting to make an independent, working lady her daughter-in-law. Surprisingly, Bobby takes Qudsia’s side and together they engage with Talal and Shamsa in a bitter conversation forcing them to leave in a fury. Later, Bano and Talal decide to marry secretly as that is the only way Bano can rid herself of her selfish mother. While struggling to get a job, Ayesha discovers a job vacancy at Basit’s office and arrives there for an interview. Basit is worried that his business will be doomed if he does not marry a girl as soon as possible. So, he meets with Soha, his late father’s friend’s daughter to talk about their views on marriage. Soha is a very modern and confident girl who isn’t shy about talking to her prospective groom.

Episode 3

Air Date: 24-May-2022

During a meeting with Soha, Basit makes it clear that loyalty means everything to him in a relationship. But things get complicated when a male friend of Soha bumps into her and she meets him warmly by hugging him in front of Basit. Later, seeing Basit in a perplexed state, his friend, Fahad advises him to give himself and Soha some time to develop a connection. However, having no other choice but to save his business from falling apart, Basit proposes Soha and she takes some time to think over the matter. Qudsia discovers Bano’s secret plan of marrying Talal and goes straight to Talal’s mother to blow the gaff. Shamsa strictly prohibits Talal from marrying Bano and later plays a façade of fainting to keep Talal occupied. Bano keeps waiting for Talal in the marriage court and is heartbroken when Talal refuses to marry her. Ayesha catches her younger sister, Zoya having a lunch date with a guy and drags her to the house angrily.

Episode 4

Air Date: 31-May-2022

Ayesha interviews for the position of personal assistant in Basit’s office. Seeing her determination and will to work, Basit appoints her on a trial basis to evaluate her capability. Bano is in despair after Talal turns a blind eye to her. When Qudsia demands Bano the house rent, she flares up at her mother for ruining her life and taking away her only happiness. Unable to handle her sorrow, Bano decides to commit suicide and overdoses. Thankfully, she is saved after Ayesha rushes her to the hospital in time. Later, Ayesha sells her cell phone to gather money to pay the house rent. Soha agrees to marry Basit after which he publicly puts the ring on her, making their engagement official. Upon knowing that Soha is going abroad for her higher studies, Basit insists on doing Nikah before she departs but Soha straightaway refuses to marry in a haste.

Episode 5

Air Date: 07-Jun-2022

Despite Soha’s refusal, Basit goes to meet her father and insists on conducting a nuptial in a month. When Soha finds out about it, she instantly shuts Basit off for bringing the matter to her father after it has already been discussed. Soha’s father informs Basit’s mother, Sadia about the situation. When Basit returns home mortified, Sadia intervenes trying to make him understand not to pressurize Soha. But in his fury, Basit bursts onto her, warning her not to get involved in his life. Soha sends her engagement ring back to Basit, informing him that she is not the type of girl whom he could dominate over. In the office, Ayesha witnesses Basit in a miserable state and offers to help. So, Basit sends her to his car to fetch him his medicines. Despite seeing a stack of cash in the car, Ayesha does not touch it. Later, upon her mother’s insistence, she asks Basit for an advance and he instantly fulfills her request.

Episode 6

Air Date: 14-Jun-2022

Upon knowing that Soha called off the engagement, Sadia tries to console Basit but is harshly spurned instead. Ayesha is unable to see Bano in grief and asks her to once again convince Talal for marriage. But before that could happen, Bano finds out through a friend that Talal is getting married to someone else. Bobby overhears Zoya’s conversation with her lover in which she is planning to elope from the house in case her mother does not agree to her marriage. Ayesha is displeased to know that a rumor has circulated in the office about her and Basit being in the office till late at night. When Basit asks Ayesha not to leave the office until her work is completed, she refuses and explains the situation. Basit fumes with anger and scolds the gossiper, asking him to apologize to Ayesha sincerely.

Episode 7

Air Date: 21-Jun-2022

Zoya confides in Bobby and reveals to her about her lover, Amir. To keep her secret safe, Bobby demands Zoya give her the gold chain that Amir gifted her. Basit’s friend advises him to marry a helpless, godforsaken girl to validate his father’s will. Basit can’t help but think about Ayesha as she fits the description of a helpless girl aptly. Sadia is unable to see her son suffering and asks the family lawyer to remove the clause from the will that demands the compulsion of Basit’s marriage. However, the lawyer asks her to let Basit decide for himself. So, she starts convincing Basit to find another girl for marriage. To escape his mother’s constant insistence, Basit lies to her by saying that he has married Ayesha. Bano gathers courage and arrives at Talal’s wedding uninvited to defeat the heart-wrenching pain of losing her love of life.

Episode 8

Air Date: 28-Jun-2022

Qudsia curses Bano after she receives her termination letter at home. Ayesha is furious at Basit for involving her in his lie and decides to resign from the office once she pays off the debt. While she is in the office, Basit goes to her house unannounced and asks her mother for Ayesha’s hand in marriage. Fearful that she will lose the only breadwinner of the house, Qudsia initially refuses Basit’s request. However, when he promises to take the financial responsibility for the house and also buy the house in Qudsia’s name, she immediately agrees. Ayesha flips out when she finds out about Basit’s proposal and strictly asks her mother to put an end to this matter whatsoever. 

Sadia arrives at Ayesha’s house to formally carry out the wedding proceedings. When Basit discovers it, he calls Ayesha and requests her to support him. Compelled by the favor Basit once did to her, Ayesha plays along. However, she makes it clear that she is not yet married to Basit. Both the families are more than happy and quickly decide on a wedding date.

Episode 9

Air Date: 05-Jul-2022

Ayesha confronts Basit to find out his real motive behind marrying her. At first, he tells her that he is infatuated with her but when Ayesha refuses to believe it, he elaborates the story of his troubled childhood and his father’s will. Bobby interrupts their conversation who happens to be in the same restaurant, conducting a meeting with Zoya’s lover, Amir. Sadia arrives at Ayesha’s house to drop off the wedding gifts and asks Qudsia to let Ayesha rest at home until her wedding. Zoya keeps taunting her mother for forgetting all the traditions for Ayesha just because she is marrying a wealthy person. On the wedding day, Bano sees Basit secretly slipping a cheque to Qudsia, fulfilling the promise he made to her. After a small, intimate nuptial, Qudsia weds off Ayesha with Basit.

Episode 10

Air Date: 19-Jul-2022

On his wedding night, Basit hesitates to enter the room thinking about what he is supposed to say to his bride. Late at night, he finds Ayesha waiting for him so he makes it clear to her that personal space means everything to him in a relationship which is why he will live in a separate room. Bano finds the cheque and confronts Qudsia about trading her daughter for a few lac rupees. Qudsia begs her to keep the cheque a secret from Ayesha. Ayesha resumes office on the next day of marriage. When Basit sees her there, he asks her to go back home as he can financially take care of her family. His cold attitude from the other night agonizes Ayesha and she refuses to comply. Having no other choice, Basit fires her from the office as his honor and ego do not allow him to let his wife work for an ordinary job.

Episode 11

Air Date: 26-Jul-2022

Ayesha picks a fight with Basit and returns back to her house on her first day of marriage. Basit calls Qudsia, asking her to tell Ayesha to hold her horses and return to his house. Qudsia gets frightened and decides to take Ayesha back herself. The entire family squeezes into one taxi and goes to see Ayesha’s in-laws’ house. Upon reaching there, Qudsia proves to be a niggard after she quarrels with the taxi driver for money. Basit is irked by their arrival and observes cold behavior in front of them. Zoya and Qudsia’s jaws drop after seeing the lavish mansion, embarrassing Ayesha in front of Basit and Sadia. Despite Basit’s reluctance, Sadia plans an elaborate wedding reception where Basit is exasperated to see the middle-class behavior of Ayesha’s family. He tries his best to make them feel unwelcome, earning Ayesha’s resentment.

Episode 12

Air Date: 02-Aug-2022

Basit fumes at Ayesha after finding out that she handed the gift envelopes to her mother. He storms into Qudsia’s house in the middle of the night to get Fahad’s envelope which contained an important letter. He leaves the rest of the envelopes with Qudsia, signifying to her family that it is not the first time he is giving them money. Bano decides to return the envelopes to Basit. Before she leaves for Basit’s house, Zoya secretly steals the money from the envelopes. Bano returns the envelopes to Basit, claiming that she doesn’t want to bruise Ayesha’s self-respect. However, she feels ridiculed when Basit sees the empty envelopes and belittles her. Ayesha feels humiliated and reveals the reason behind her marriage to Sadia. Sadia requests her not to abandon Basit and suggests she make her way to Basit’s heart to lead a content life. Ayesha is surprised to find Zoya splurging money on her boyfriend in a mall. 

Episode 13

Air Date: 16-Aug-2022

Bano decides to get a job and forbids her mother from laying hands in front of Basit again. Ayesha is shocked to see Basit humiliating his mother. She feels guilty witnessing the scene and leaves the room immediately for the sake of Sadia’s integrity. Despite Bano’s warning, Qudsia once again asks Basit for a favor to employ Bano in his office. Ayesha informs Bano about what she witnessed in the mall which leads Bano to realize that Zoya must have stolen the money from the envelopes. When Zoya refuses to accept her mistake, Bano and Ayesha convince their mother to marry Zoya according to her wish. Ayesha finds Basit’s unposted childhood letters in which she sees his outpour of love for his mother. Basit spots her reading the letters and scolds her for invading his privacy. Fahad hosts a celebratory dinner in honor of Basit’s marriage. However, Basit fails to show up, bailing on Ayesha.

Episode 14

Air Date: 16-Aug-2022

Ayesha feels disgraced at the dinner and later expresses her feeling of abandonment to Basit. Qudsia agrees to meet Amir and his family but denies spending a single penny on dinner. Helpless, Bano calls Ayesha and requests her to send money. Ayesha feels embarrassed about sending the money to her house in front of her mother-in-law. This compels her to seek a job in another firm. Coincidently, she runs into Basit at the interview who drags her home to avoid his male ego from getting hurt. Ayesha feels imprisoned and the two of them get into a heated argument after she asks him to divorce her. This enrages Basit and he clarifies that he is not a selfish person and will fulfill her rights. Qudsia calls Basit at the house to meet Amir and his family. However, when Amir’s mother demands dowry, Basit insults them causing them to leave in a fury.

Episode 15

Air Date: 23-Aug-2022

Seeing the tension in Ayesha’s house, Basit decides to give Bano a job in his office to solve the family’s financial issues. Zoya misbehaves with her mother for letting Basit humiliate Amir and his family. This infuriates Qudsia and she grounds Zoya in her room after confiscating her phone. Sadia notices a change in Basit’s cold attitude and suggests Ayesha give him some time to develop a connection with him. She then helps her plan a birthday party for Basit where Basit humiliates Sadia for abandoning him in front of the guests. This severely affects her and she falls unconscious due to hypertension. Bobby secretly lends Zoya her phone, allowing her to apologize to Amir on behalf of her family. Afraid that Zoya might run away, Qudsia starts looking for marriage proposals to marry her off. Soon, she finds an aged and average-looking feudal lord and calls over his family to fix the wedding.

Episode 16

Air Date: 30-Aug-2022

Qudsia takes pride in finding a match for Zoya from a wealthy and honorable family. Although Bano reminds her that the man is equivalent to Zoya’s father’s age and is widowed, she remains adamant to wed Zoya off to him. Zoya refuses to protest against it and starts brewing a plan to elope with Amir. Sadia gets discharged from the hospital and keeps calling Basit but he does not show up. When he returns home, Ayesha berates him for lacking humanity as he failed to be a compassionate son to his ailing mother. Her words persuade Basit to spend a few moments with his mother. However, when he goes to see her, she has already passed away. At Sadia’s funeral, Ayesha blames Basit for being a bad son and holds him responsible for his mother’s death. Basit goes into depression and regrets judging and ignoring his mother all his life. 

Episode 17

Air Date: 06-Sep-2022

Fahad advises Basit to treat his wife with love and tenderness to lead a happy and fulfilled married life. Ayesha finds Basit yelling his mother’s name in his sleep. She suggests he visit his mother’s grave and talk to her about his feelings to relieve himself from self-guilt. Basit complies and goes to the graveyard, apologizing to his mother for his rude behavior. A day before Zoya’s marriage ceremony, Qudsia feels scared by Zoya’s silence and asks Bano to talk to her and figure out what she is up to. Zoya’s prospective in-laws send expensive and valuable gifts to her. While the entire family feels happy for Zoya, Bano feels disheartened and starts thinking that she is the only unfortunate one. Later on, she faces enmity in the office as one of her colleagues Jawad envies her for being Basit’s favorite. When Basit finds out about it, he demotes Jawad and orders him to apologize to Bano.

Episode 18

Air Date: 13-Sep-2022

Zoya elopes with Amir in the middle of the night, taking all the valuables from the house. Qudsia loses her mind after discovering that Zoya ran away. She dreads becoming a topic of gossip in the family and neighborhood. While the family worries about Zoya’s whereabouts, Amir marries her secretly. Qudsia refrains Bano from filing a missing person complaint to avoid defamation. Fearful of being judged, Ayesha keeps Basit out of the loop and seeks Fahad’s help to find Zoya. Basit is disappointed to see them together and smells something fishy. He mentions his concern to Fahad but Fahad dismisses them. Amir takes Zoya to his parents and introduces her as his wife, making them furious. His mother takes them to Qudsia and bashes her for her wrongful upbringing. Humiliated, Qudsia apologizes to Bobby for hindering her marriage just for the sake of her greed.

Episode 19

Air Date: 20-Sep-2022

Bano feels happy that Zoya fought for herself and met the love of her life. Ayesha wishes Bano also finds a loving guy and gets settled. She returns home only to find Basit questioning her loyalty and doubting that she is having an affair with his friend. Fahad brings his mother to Basit’s house to introduce her to Ayesha. Basit feels jealous and ends up humiliating Fahad for being closer to Ayesha than he himself is. Soon, Basit’s suspicions are confirmed when he finds Fahad meeting Ayesha secretly at his house. Fahad and Ayesha try to clarify the misunderstanding but, in his fury, Basit ousts them from the house. Qudsia pressures Ayesha to reconcile with Basit to maintain her respect in society. When Bano tries to reveal the secret to Basit that Ayesha was hiding from him, he shuts her up, asking her not to interfere in his personal matters. 

Episode 20

Air Date: 27-Sep-2022

Basit calls his lawyer, asking him to prepare his divorce papers. Bano overhears their conversation and seeks out Fahad, requesting him to protect Ayesha’s marriage. To nullify the vile allegation, Fahad tries to reach out to Basit but he refuses to talk to him. Dejected, he meets Ayesha and together they plan to clarify Basit’s misunderstanding once and for all. Qudsia meets Basit and begs him not to destroy Ayesha’s future. However, Basit stoneheartedly turns down her appeal, calling Ayesha unfaithful. Ayesha starts abhorring Basit but feels compelled to maintain her relationship to honor the promise she made to her mother-in-law. Soon, Basit’s suspicions and anger aggravate to the next level when he finds Ayesha’s phone in Fahad’s car. He confronts Ayesha and furiously storms out of her house only to meet a horrible car accident. Thankfully, he comes out alive and Ayesha looks after him in the hospital. 

Episode 21

Air Date: 04-Oct-2022

Qudsia refrains Ayesha from taking care of Basit, instructing her not to waste her time on a relationship that is doomed. Fahad visits Basit in the hospital and finally reveals the truth of Zoya’s secret marriage to him, clarifying that Ayesha didn’t want him in on the secret due to his infidelity issues with women. Basit feels embarrassed for mistreating Ayesha but he “unapologetically” apologizes to her, making her feel as if he is doing a favor to her. She solaces Basit and encourages him to relieve himself from grief and guilt to lead a happy life. Qudsia is worried to find out that the family where she hitched Zoya before she eloped are demanding their gifts and expensive jewelry back. She lies to them about Zoya and proposes to marry Ayesha to their son once she gets divorced. 

Episode 22

Air Date: 04-Oct-2022

Basit gets discharged from the hospital but does not ask Ayesha to come home with him. To keep her self-respect intact, Ayesha pretends as if she doesn’t care but deep down she longs for Basit’s companionship and wishes he could convince her to come home. Heartbroken, she returns home only to hear her mother’s ugly taunts. At home, Basit misses Ayesha and realizes that she is upset with him. However, instead of going to convince her, he sends flowers to her. Later, he calls Ayesha, telling her that he misses the soup she makes. Ayesha goes to his house with the soup and mistakenly overhears his conversation with his lawyer about a divorce. Disheartened, she returns home, realizing that Basit never liked her and that they were a mismatch. The next day, Basit calls her home again and hands her a file of an apartment that he bought for her. This outrages Ayesha and she bursts onto him for balancing every mistake of his with money.

Episode 23

Air Date: 11-Oct-2022

While leaving Basit’s house, Ayesha bumps into Soha but does not introduce herself as Basit’s wife. Basit is surprised to see Soha after a long time and the two friends sit together to chat about life. Qudsia loses her wits when she receives a government notice to vacate the house. It turns out that her landlord defrauded her by retrieving the entire payment and handing over a fake property file. Bobby requests Qudsia to keep Ayesha out of the issue as she might get to know about the deal Basit made prior to marriage. Zoya, who always dreamt of living a luxurious life full of freedom, yearns for the smallest things and envies her mother-in-law who controls the house. Frustrated, she robs money from her mother-in-law’s locker. Amir’s mother suspects Zoya to be the thief and searches her room but does not find anything. 

Episode 24

Air Date: 18-Oct-2022

Bano informs Basit of their house issue, explaining to him that someone sold the house to them on fake documents. He promises to tackle the issue, requesting Bano to keep the situation concealed from Ayesha. Samina, Zoya’s previous prospective sister-in-law, arrives at the house to ask for Ayesha’s proposal for her brother, Yawar. Qudsia demands some time so she can prepare Ayesha for marriage. After Samina leaves, Qudsia talks to Ayesha about her second marriage. This outrages her and she declares never to remarry if Basit divorces her. Soha apologizes to Basit for abandoning him during his difficult time and the two reconcile. Fahad decides to get married and invites Ayesha to his wedding, along with Soha and Basit. Zoya visits her mother and shamelessly spends the money extravagantly that she stole from her in-laws. Basit tries calling Ayesha but Qudsia switches off her phone without her consent.

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