• Start Date: 8-Feb-2022
  • End Date: 20-Aug-2022
  • Total Episodes: 28
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: MD Productions
  • TV Channel: HUM TV

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Cast & Crew

Episode 1

Air Date: 08-Feb-2022

Mahjabeen is a wealthy widow who lives alone in her huge bungalow. Her maid, Rashida is grasped by greed and concocts a robbery plan while Mahjabeen is sleeping. Her husband and another man partake in the sin as well. Rashida is of the mind to throttle Mahjabeen in case she wakes up. Acting cleverly, Mahjabeen pretends to be asleep until both men step out of her room. She then acts as if she’s totally unaware of what’s happening and engages Rashida in a chat. All of a sudden, Mahjabeen closes the door behind Rashida. The three intruders are alarmed and try to break into Mahjabeen’s room by force. Zahid (who runs a tailor shop) and his friend are passing by. They hear Mahjabeen’s cry for help. The two men sneak up behind the robbers and beat the hell out of them both. They then give Mahjabeen the all-clear sign after tying the robbers with rope. Mahjabeen’s neighbor Bi Shabratan arrives and blames Zahid and his friend for being thieves as well. Mahjabeen clears the misunderstanding and both men leave. Zahid’s mother, Nasim betrayed his father and left. Ever since then, his father has been a pessimistic man with no hope available. His sister, Naila grew up under his aunt’s care. Her aunt’s daughter-in-law is a mean woman who slanders Naila all day long. Bi Shabratan’s daughter, Aliya is interested in Zahid. Mahjabeen’s in-laws are greedy people who only remember her in times of need.

Episode 2

Air Date: 15-Feb-2022

Zahid is agitated after witnessing female mannequin in his shop. He instructs his men to remove them. Mahjabeen allows the family of a far relative to arrange the marriage of their son in her house. The groom, Ahsan sets his sights on Mahjabeen and her wealth. His first attempt at getting close to her fails after Bi Shabratan intrudes and then shoos him away. They both encounter each other once again on the roof. Ahsan proposes to Mahjabeen despite his wedding celebrations happening downstairs. Mahjabeen prints her hand on Ahsan’s face with a refreshing sound and then leaves immediately. A neighborhood woman gets ill during the wedding. Aliya informs her mother, Bi Shabratan who comes to treat the sick in a hurry. She also swindles a necklace while ‘treating’ the ill. Aliya is amazed at her mother’s shamelessness. Ahsan requests Mahjabeen to keep what happened a secret. Aliya deliberately visits her crush Zahid’s shop but the latter ignores her. He refers her to Shakoor for getting her clothes sewn. Aliya remains stubborn and refuses to allow anybody else to sew her clothes. Naila’s sister-in-law slanders her for stealing from her room. Zahid’s aunt informs him of the fuss and requests him to save Naila from that living hell. Zahid’s father is enraged after seeing his daughter coming back.

Episode 3

Air Date: 22-Feb-2022

Zahid’s father makes quite a scene after seeing his daughter back at home. Even Zahid himself gets to hear a curse or two after trying to advocate for his sister. Bi Shabratan eggs Ahsan to abandon his soon-to-be bride and embrace Mahjabeen instead. Sheikh Sahb comes looking for Zahid. He demands to receive back the loan he gave previously. Later, he suggests for Zahid to set up his shop as collateral in exchange for more time. Zahid is disgusted by the greedy man but also helpless to do anything. Naila lays down their mother’s bedsheets in Zahid’s room. He becomes enraged and insults her by saying stuff like, “like mother, like daughter.” Ahsan makes a big fuss after being instigated by Bi Shabratan. The matter escalates to the point where he threatens to commit suicide. Zahid finally manages to convince him into letting go of his stubbornness. Finally, Ahsan agrees to marry according to his mother’s choice. 

Episode 4

Air Date: 05-Mar-2022

Aliya’s friend arrives and asks her to prepare for a friend’s marriage. Aliya heads to Zahid’s shop to grab her clothes. Zahid’s employ lies about Zahid having taken the clothes back home. She remains stubborn and forces Shakoor to drop her at Zahid’s home. Later, she manipulates Zahid into giving her a ride back home. Zahid’s father warns him to steer clear of those treacherous women. At least until his sister’s marriage. Meanwhile, Zahid’s heart is torn between his suspicions regarding women and Aliya’s cheerful character. Bi Shabratan manages to convince Mahjabeen to remarry. Mahjabeen recalls the scene of her first marriage. Her husband had been a cruel old man with one foot already in the grave. She, on the other hand, had been a helpless orphan who was married at a young age. Naila’s mother sneaks to their door and talks with her daughter. She runs away soon after her ex-husband sees her. Zahid’s father falls unconscious from the trauma.

Episode 5

Air Date: 12-Mar-2022

Mahjabeen agrees to marry upon Shabratan’s suggestion. The neighbor who specializes in introducing marriage proposals pays her a visit. She’s of the mind to show Mahjabeen the proposals of old lackeys. All this because Mahjabeen herself is a widow. Shabratan declares to the woman to hunt for better proposals. Zahid’s father breathes his last in the hospital. He reveals the news of Naila sneakily meeting her mother before his death. Aliya is distressed after hearing the news of the tragedy at Zahid’s home. She makes an effort to pay him a visit but her mother forbids her. Zahid comes face to face with his mother while on the way back home. She’d come over with the intention of seeing her children. However, her son tells her to buzz the hell out of there and never turn back ever. An acquaintance of Zahid spots his sister Naila and is mesmerized by the young maiden’s beauty. The incident introduces Zahid to palpitating news. He’s got a sister who’s coming of age and needs to be married immediately! Zahid then seeks his aunt’s advice on the matter. However, his aunt isn’t optimistic about Naila’s chances at landing a good proposal. All the fault lies with the stain their mother has left upon their lives. Shabratan secretly signals the proposal lady to suggest a man of Shabratan’s own choice to Mahjabeen.

Episode 6

Air Date: 19-Mar-2022

Bi Shabratan bribes the marriage woman to suggest a man of her choosing for Mahjabeen. Things go as planned and Mahjabeen remains unaware of their ‘conspiracy’. Zahid remains distressed since the issue of his sister’s marriage continues bothering him. To be exact, the expenses required for the wedding feel like a sword dangling above his head. His bad mood spells endless trouble for his subordinates. Shakoor suggests Aliya to propose to Zahid but the latter rebukes him for misbehaving instead. Zahid approaches the marriage woman as well and requests her to seek proposals for his sister. Aliya overhears them both and mistakenly thinks that Zahid is hunting for a proposal for himself. Her mother berates her after she accidentally reveals the news of her love for Zahid. Shakoor is in awe of Zahid’s sister and seeks endless excuses to come in contact with her. Zahid’s old friend, Vicky moves back to the neighborhood. Vicky’s biased description of women disintegrates any sympathy in Zahid’s heart towards women. Naila’s mother comes to meet her while Zahid is away. He scolds his sister after witnessing her mother leaving his home.

Episode 7

Air Date: 26-Mar-2022

Bi Shabratan plans to swindle money out of Mahjabeen’s hands like a blood-sucking leech. She suggests an old geezer as a suitable marriage candidate. The man is an unreliable scoundrel who’s been married thrice before. Mahjabeen is kept in the dark until she finally agrees. However, she presents forth a couple of extremely strict conditions as well. Shabratan assures the groom that these conditions are only temporary precautions. Very soon, Mahjabeen will serve the old grandpa like a faithful wife. Zahid fears that his sister will run away just like his mother did previously. His attitude towards her remains strict and suspicious. Vicky’s wandering eyes are thoroughly impressed by Aliya’s beauty.  He then instigates Zahid by painting Aliya as a characterless woman in his mind. Zahid seeks a loan from his aunt to help prepare for Naila’s marriage. The poor old aunt is helpless herself and is unable to help at all.

Episode 8

Air Date: 02-Apr-2022

Sufi’s wife and kids interrupt midway through Mahjabeen’s wedding with the wretched old geezer. Aliya is kinda relieved to know that Mahjabeen ain’t marrying that old fraud. Turns out, Shabratan had been the one behind the planning to hijack Mahjabeen’s marriage. All because both Sufi and Shamshad had been conspiring to remove her from Mahjabeen’s side. Mahjabeen remains baffled at her ‘misfortune’. She’s in no mood to further give marriage a thought. However, her beggar relatives come over soon and berate her for being ‘dishonest’. They just can’t bear to see her property being claimed by her husband. Zahid keeps giving Aliya the cold shoulder; even after she confesses her love for him. Shakoor explains his intention to marry Naila. She’s still in confusion when her brother barges into the house. Zahid is thoroughly disappointed after witnessing his sister with Shakoor. He tells his subordinate to buzz off and never come back again.

Episode 9

Air Date: 09-Apr-2022

Shakoor pays a visit to Zahid’s aunt and advocates for Naila’s peace. She guesses his feelings for Naila through his actions. She then narrates the event to her nephew. Unfortunately, Zahid is thoroughly against his sister’s marriage with Shakoor. It is not due to Shakoor’s financial circumstances but rather his suspicions of Naila. He can’t bear to lose Shakoor’s respect in case his sister slips away after marriage. Aliya seeks Vicky for advice and accepts him as her love guru. Vicky manages to manipulate Aliya’s number out of her naive head. Zahid witnesses Aliya leaving from his friend’s shop and becomes further disappointed. Shamshad brings yet another proposal for Naila. Shakoor is disheartened by Zahid’s coldness of heart and sneaks off to his boss’s house. He requests Naila to give their relationship a chance but the latter disagrees. Naila readily declines his invitation as she can’t bear to dismantle her brother’s trust.

Episode 10

Air Date: 16-Apr-2022

Zahid is adamant upon marrying his sister Naila to some tyrant guy. Aliya is thoroughly against this marriage and seeks her love guru Vicky’s help. Vicky instead frames her by secretly capturing photos of them being together. In the end, he backs out of his promise with the excuse of injury. Aliya interrupts the marriage herself in a rage. The soon-to-be-groom reveals his true colors before leaving. However, Zahid remains stubborn and heads over to Bi Shabratan to complain against Aliya. Shabratan instead suggests for Zahid to marry Mahjabeen. Doing so will flush away any and all of his financial problems. He can then marry off his sister with peace of mind. Zahid is indeed hooked by her words and decides to give it a thought. Aliya mistakes herself as the woman Shabratan suggested for Zahid to marry. The naive girl keeps on fantasizing about marrying her crush.

Episode 11

Air Date: 23-Apr-2022

Naila’s patience finally falls short as she continues to suffer from her brother’s cruelty. She invites Shakoor to her home and gives her consent on his suggestion to run away. Surprisingly, Shakoor starts feeling guilty for trying to con Zahid like that. However, the guy soon bends after an inkling of emotional manipulation from Naila. Her mother comes over just then and is flabbergasted to see a stranger alone with her daughter. Zahid remains suspicious of Mahjabeen’s true intentions for marrying him. In the end, he refuses Shabratan’s offer with a skeptical mindset. Vicky comes flying to Zahid just to disrupt his marriage with ‘Aliya’. He succeeds in his mission since Zahid’s temper flares after witnessing the two sharing a milkshake in the photo. Later, he indirectly gets a hint of Shakoor’s presence outside his home the previous day. Aliya curses Zahid because of his arrogance. She then hands over her mobile to Vicky, the love guru (hate guru in reality though). He shoots some ‘romantic and enticing’ messages to Zahid through her phone.

Episode 12

Air Date: 30-Apr-2022

Aliya is still fantasizing about her marriage to Zahid. Her mother continues screening the truth from her daughter just for worldly gains etc. Naila is adamant about escaping the hell her brother has forged for her. Her mother attempts to drill some sense into her naive daughter but makes no progress. Naila slips under the night’s cover and meets with Shakoor at the rendezvous point. The lovers are on the verge of escaping when Naila’s morals get the better of her. As a sister, she just can’t bear to let her dear brother suffer because of her. Zahid is literally smoking outta his nose upon perceiving Naila’s sense in the midst of the night. Soon, he locks up the just returned Naila into her room while continuing to fume out of his ears. The incident greatly troubles Zahid so he agrees to marry Mahjabeen with utmost hesitation. Unexpectedly, Mahjabeen rushes back into her room after a short meeting with Zahid. Both Shabratan, as well as Zahid, are baffled by Mahjabeen’s out-of-the-blue reaction. Aliya’s friend overhears Vicky boasting about his ‘setting’ with Aliya while also showing him pictures from the time they spent together.

Episode 13

Air Date: 07-May-2022

Shakoor tags along with Zahid’s mother to pay a visit to Naila. He passionately declares his resolution in convincing Zahid of the duo’s blooming love. Zahid freaks out after he spots Shakoor at his shop. Their quarrel bears no fruit except for more acrimony, hate, and mistrust. Mahjabeen is reminded of her deceased husband’s cruelty and pervertedness. The selfish old geezer didn’t give a damn about her happiness. Even on his deathbed, he had been fussing about never wanting to see her remarry. Mahjabeen’s greedy relatives suggest for her to marry yet another sick old man. Poor girl is frightened out of her wits and readily agrees to marry Zahid instead. Aliya fumes after learning of Vicky’s true face from her friend. The pervert is soon taught a lesson after being beaten by Aliya in his own turf. Zahid refuses to free Naila despite his aunt’s protests. His aunt is shocked to discover the deep-rooted hatred for women in her nephew’s heart.

Episode 14

Air Date: 14-May-2022

Zahid’s mother and his aunt are worried about Zahid’s previous remark. They’re wondering what blunder he had caused for his sister’s sake. Vicky comes over to instigate Zahid against Aliya yet again. Zahid dresses up as a groom and sneaks over to Mahjabeen’s place. Aliya becomes suspicious of her mother’s motives. She immediately heads over to Mahjabeen’s house as well. The passionate girl is soon dumbstruck after she spots Zahid at Mahjabeen’s bungalow. Her mother drags her away and coughs up some excuses. For one, she describes Mahjabeen as a jealous woman. And that it had in fact been Mahjabeen who refused to let Aliya attend her wedding. When she comes to the wedding part, Shabratan describes how Zahid is only an attendee. Aliya is easily manipulated by her mother and leaves soon after. Mahjabeen overhears the part about Aliya’s love for Zahid. She is of the mind to refuse from marrying immediately. Shabratan once again resorts to her manipulation tactics and soon the marriage takes place. All in all, the seed of doubt has been implanted in Mahjabeen’s heart against Shabratan.

Episode 15

Air Date: 21-May-2022

Mahjabeen feels content after having married Zahid. She expresses her satisfaction in front of Shabratan. Later, Mahjabeen assigns Zahid the task of collecting rent from her shops. The pious girl even offers to hand over cash for Naila’s marriage in advance. However, Zahid refuses to take money this early on. Shabratan is irked to know how Zahid is to handle rent from henceforward. The greedy woman reprimands him for over-stretching his claws. Mahjabeen is a bit surprised since the rent money is more than usual this time. Meanwhile, Zahid considers himself to have passed Mahjabeen’s honesty test. Aliya reaches out to Zahid but he berates her instead. The naive youngster finally pinpoints how he saw photos of her hanging out with Vicky. Aliya is moved to tears and complains against Vicky to her mother and Shakoor. Vicky clicks photos of Zahid leaving Mahjabeen’s house in secret. Shakoor then snatches Vicky’s phone in the night and deletes all those images. He’s a bit baffled after seeing photos of Zahid leaving Mahjabeen’s house.

Episode 16

Air Date: 28-May-2022

Shabratan brainwashes all of Mahjabeen’s shopkeepers to stay by her side. Those men later boycott Zahid when he arrives to pick up the rent. Aliya expresses her heartfelt love for Zahid in front of Mahjabeen. The latter becomes thoroughly upset as well as guilty at Aliya’s remarks. However, she can’t possibly come up with any ways to explain her marriage to Zahid. Zahid feels remorse over having insulted Aliya so severely a while back. Mahjabeen hands him a sum of money that night which he uses to pay back his debt. Shakoor hands over Vicky’s cellphone to Aliya. The latter is disturbed after witnessing Zahid together with Mahjabeen in the video. Vicky demands Zahid to return back his cellphone. Otherwise, he’ll smear both Zahid as well as Mahjabeen’s name with dirt.

Episode 17

Air Date: 04-Jun-2022

Zahid suffers from severe depression. He comes to Mahjabeen at night and starts crying in her lap without uttering a single word. The guy then drifts off to sleep just like that. Bi Shabratan proposes a good match for Naila even though she knows that Naila is vested deeply with Shakoor. Zahid and his other family members feel ecstatic. Zahid’s mother comes to Mahjabeen and threatens her to stay away from her son. Mahjabeen’s curiosity gets aroused regarding this mysterious woman. She calls Zahid and proposes to meet. Later she recounts the story of that threatening woman. Finally, Mahjabeen relays her suspicions about whether Zahid’s mother is still alive or not. Zahid immediately summons his mother and berates her for being nosy and for investing her time & energy in matters she shouldn’t care about. Aliya wishes for Naila to get married to her love of life, Shakoor. She even pleads with Mahjabeen to negotiate with Zahid regarding this matter. Later, the girl even advises Mahjabeen to move in together with the mystery man who’s her husband.

Episode 18

Air Date: 11-Jun-2022

Zahid warns his mother to stay away from his matters. He brings her to Mahjabeen after she insists on demonstrating the intensity of their relationship. The anger in Zahid’s heart bursts as he goes on a rampage there. He goes on to explain how his mother left them alone to live a life of loneliness and deprivation. He assumes that all women are full of hatred and like resorting to treason. That’s exactly the reason he resents the female gender so much. Mahjabeen gets disappointed by hearing her husband’s point of view. Zahid even slanders Mahjabeen about being a betrayer as well as a cheat. The pure-hearted girl slaps her husband and firms her belief in asking for separation. Zahid’s mother apologizes for Zahid and blames herself for his poor mentality. She pleads with Mahjabeen to hold Zahid’s hand forever and nudge him towards the righteous path. Aliya starts scheming about eloping Naila with Shakoor. Shakoor reaches her home and finds Naila shouting. He barely manages to restrict her from attempting suicide and prompts her to choose between her brother’s honor and the love of her life. She opts for the former with much heartbreak.

Episode 19

Air Date: 18-Jun-2022

Naila’s Barat does not arrive in time. Shabratan reveals their refusal as they have learned about Naila and her mother’s past. This puts Zahid in agony as he blames Naila for all this. Naila’s mother wanders around and comes to meet Mahjabeen in her miserable state. They both come to Naila’s help after hearing the sad news where Mahjabeen implores Zahid to keep Naila’s happiness in mind before taking any decision. Taking advantage of the situation, Shabratan plans to tie Vicky to Naila for her own financial benefit. She lies to Aliya that she is going to suggest Shakoor’s name to Zahid and locks her in the house. Shabratan brings Vicky to the marriage ceremony as a potential groom to which Zahid hesitantly agrees. Meanwhile, Aliya escapes the house and convinces Shakoor to come to Naila’s rescue. Both rush to the marriage ceremony only to discover that Naila has accepted Vicky in her Nikah. Aliya announces an end to her affiliation to Zahid and Shabratan considers herself the real winner amid the saga.

Episode 20

Air Date: 25-Jun-2022

Mahjabeen has hallucinations of her late husband and Zahid where both men condemn her character. She tries to justify her action of marrying Zahid and ends up in tears. Naila mourns her fate and wishes that Zahid will forgive their mother in return. Zahid gives Vicky money and asks him to take care of his sister. After bringing the new bride to his home, Vicky laments his decision and plans to get rid of her, as he already has got enough money from Zahid. He pretends to be sympathizing with Naila that both of them have got married without their will. He reveals that Naila can still marry Shakoor if she wants. Mahjabeen demands divorce from Zahid as she can not live with a man who does not respect women. Zahid shows reluctance and agrees on the condition of returning all her money back.

Episode 21

Air Date: 02-Jul-2022

In his agony, Zahid burst out at his employee who simply asks him of being late. Aliya plans to take revenge on Zahid. In the street, she taunts him indirectly for destroying the lives of all his loved ones. Her accusations aggravate Zahid’s pain and Aliya regrets her act after seeing him crying. Vicky’s plan does not work as Naila refuses to leave his house. Naila’s mother arrives and advises her more patience to save her marriage. Vicky hatches a plan of uniting Naila and Shakoor and seeks Aliya’s support. Mahjabeen’s refusal to go for pilgrimage with Zahid baffles Shabratan as Zahid still will remain near Aliya. She fixes her proposal in a wealthy family and reveals the news of Zahid’s marriage in front of Aliya. Aliya remains doubtful about her decision of leaving Zahid as she suspects that Zahid is remorseful for his actions. Zahid admits the influence of his late father upon his personality and regrets that he indeed has committed a huge mistake by marrying Naila with Vicky.

Episode 22

Air Date: 09-Jul-2022

Aliya is heartbroken after she finds about the marriage of Mahjabeen and Zahid. Mahjabeen considers herself the culprit as a she has broken Aliya’s trust. Vicky brings Shakoor to his house and makes it clear to both of them that he no longer wants to become a part of this forced marriage. He convinces Shakoor to take Naila along with him as Zahid will be out of the city soon and he himself is willing to divorce Naila. Naila however resists his evils plan as it will bring more shame to her name. Shakoor tries to take Naila’s mother into confidence but she faints as soon as she learns about the idea. Later, Vicky stops her from meeting Naila. Aliya burns all the clothes gifted to her by Mahjabeen. Shabratan feels that it is the right time for Aliya’s marriage but she blames Mahjabeen as well for her daughter’s suffering. Zahid tries to clarify Mahjabeen’s position before Aliya but things get heated as he questions Aliya’s character and she slaps him. Later, he ponders over where he got wrong in his life and seeks forgiveness from God. Meanwhile, Mahjabeen appreciates his hidden innocence.

Episode 23

Air Date: 16-Jul-2022

Shabratan confirms Aliya’s engagement in her desired family and demands an early marriage in order to avoid Zahid and Mahjabeen’s presence as both will be on the pilgrimage. Later, she exploits and convinces Aliya for the marriage. Before departing for the pilgrimage, Zahid comes to meet Naila and seeks her forgiveness for any of his mistakes. After his departure, Vicky once again asks Naila to go away with Shakoor but she remains firm. Zahid declares that he will divorce Mahjabeen after their return. Naila’s mother gets sick and is hospitalised but Zahid refuses to attend her. She, however, gets rid of the hospital and Naila brings her to her home where Vicky divorces the latter. Zahid feels himself on the verge of a collapse recalling his injustice towards his sister and mother.

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