Ishq Zahe Naseeb

Ishq Zahe Naseeb

Ishq Zahe Naseeb is the depiction of how far a disturbed childhood can affect one’s personality.

  • Start Date: 21-Jun-2019
  • End Date: 17-Jan-2020
  • Total Episodes: 30
  • Production Company: Moomal Entertainment, MD Productions
  • TV Channel: HUM TV
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    Cast & Crew

    Sameer bears a dual personality. He behaves like a nice and sweet human being in the daytime but becomes Sameera at night, completely oblivion of his true identity. He has hallucinations of a maid; Shakira. In his childhood, his stepmother; Sabeeha had entrusted Shakira with the responsibility to tame him. Shakira then used to manipulate him and deprived him of his manly qualities. He found comfort in Shakira’s presence since she gave him the love and time he needed and didn’t hurt. As a result, he now imbibes her personality in solitude. Sabeeha always controlled his life. She knows his dual identity and still exploits and controls his life.

    Gohar and Kashif are in love and both plan a happy life ahead. However, a fortune teller predicts a different fate for them where Gohar will face another man in her life. Though, they both will have to go through similar circumstances. Kashif is yet to bring a proposal due to his family burdens. Gohar denies the idea of running away with him since it will risk her sister Bushra’s marriage who works at Sameer’s office. Instead, she consents to her perverted cousin Jahangir’s proposal in order to alleviate the family debt.

    After Bushra’s marriage, Gohar replaces her job and starts working as a governess for Sabeeha. While Kashif gets a job at Donia’s office who is a paralyzed but successful businesswoman. She is cold-hearted and stubborn but heartbroken. Both find their jobs difficult due to their stern bosses. Gohar starts causing positive changes in Sabeeha and Sameer’s life. On the other hand, Kashif gets an insight into Donia’s personality and learns that her fiancé Farhan left her due to her disease. Donia develops a soft corner for Kashif for his selfless nature and now she confides in him. According to the prediction, Gohar and Kashif are on the same path. Both sacrificed their love for their families. Both had a difficult job and both are now getting a liking by their bosses.

    Sameer pays back Gohar’s family debt and evokes her family’s liking who exploited this opportunity to take extra money from him. They cancel her marriage with Jahangir. Sameer falls in love with Gohar but is unable to confess it. He fears her reaction when she will learn his reality. Gohar also becomes suspicious about Sameer’s life who was allegedly involved in the murder of his fiancé Zoya. Saima; Zoya’s cousin seeks Gohar’s help to expose Zoya’s murder.

    Kashif helps Donia in her recovery and she feels happy in his presence. She is also developing a romantic feeling for him which he is unaware of. Jabbar; Donia’s father wants Kashif to marry Donia to save her from more suffering. The news of their engagement distresses Gohar. On the other hand, Sameer proposes to Gohar fearing losing her. Sabeeha opposes this relationship. Their marriage takes place and Gohar gets her husband’s identity revelation. One night, she tests Sameer(a)’s patience and gets attacked by Sameer(a).

    Shakira turns out to be Sameer’s real mother. His father; Ehsan had abused her and had banished her taking her son. She later avenged by killing Ehsan and now lives in an old house. She did not like Sameer to be a man like his father that’s why she created a mental disorder in his personality so that he could not spoil anyone’s honor. Sameer discovers about his mother but she dies before he meets her.

    Jahangir now thinks to defame Gohar for her previous affair with Kashif. He meets Sameer only to term Gohar a characterless woman. Heartbroken by such accusations and by his mother’s death, Sameer thinks to commit suicide. Gohar tries to save him but Sabeeha blames her for Sameer’s injury. She gets in jail but gets bail when Sameer, at last, confesses Zoya’s murder in the hospital. Sabeeha commits suicide repenting her sins. Sameer is arrested but the court acquits him considering him an abnormal person and suggests mental rehabilitation for him. Donia finds Kashif still in love with Gohar and plans to leave him but both reunite in the end. After some time, Sameer too appears as a reformed man and reunites with Gohar.

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