Jo Bichar Gaye

The drama recounts the events prior to the separation of East Pakistan. Captain Farrukh had recorded those painful events in his diary during his stay in Dhaka.

  • Start Date: 12-Dec-2021
  • End Date: 13-Mar-2022
  • Total Episodes: 14
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: H2 Films
  • TV Channel: GEO TV
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    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1

    Air Date: 12-Dec-2021

    Jo Bichar Gaye is based on the true events that occurred during East Pakistan’s separation in 1971. The serial advocates three main characters, with two of them being siblings, namely Roomi and Sonia while the third one, Farrukh is a newly appointed captain within the Pakistan Army’s Intelligence Department. Roomi is an opinionated guy who firmly believes that the Bengalis have been mistreated since the establishment of Pakistan while being unaware of how the enemy is using him and many others as a chess piece in order to drive a wedge between East and West Pakistan. Sonia is seen as a stubborn girl who blatantly opposes her brother’s agenda to separate the country and keeps her faith in a united Pakistan. Farrukh’s superior, Col. Fakhar delegates him with the job of supervising the current sensitive affairs in Bengal and finding clues regarding the invisible hands that are trying to fan flames between East and West Pakistan. After scanning the relevant files, Farrukh realizes the enemy’s massive strategy to stir revolt within the country and turn Bengal and West Pakistan into strangers. To find out who’s running all those puppets behind the scenes, he must tread carefully on this journey of no return and fulfill his duty towards his country. While visiting a theater performance, Farrukh runs across Sonia, who’s doing rehearsing her singing performance backstage and is mesmerized by her charm. Later on, however, he gets shell-shocked after seeing Roomi instigating the general public and compelling them to support the establishment of Bangladesh.

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 19-Dec-2021

    Students from West Pakistan are getting harassed and are beaten by Bengali students. Among them, three students take shelter in the residence of the university’s warden who, as the person pulling the strings behind the propaganda, betrays their trust and lets them disappear. Major Ghaisuddin keeps misinforming his superior Col. Fakhar while keeping an eye on Farrukh. Sonia reports the mysterious disappearance of university students at the military barracks but to no avail. Farrukh disguises as Ghaisuddin to investigate the missing students at Dhaka University but the cunning warden gives him no clue. Farrukh reveals Ghaisuddin’s dishonesty to Col. Fakhar. Roomi is cheerful at winning the elections but gets enraged after learning of Sonia’s visit to the barracks. He questions her reason for going to the barracks and interacting with Captain Farrukh and as a result, gets slapped by her. Sonia’s younger brother who’s also Farrukh’s tennis partner invites him for the New Year celebration at their house. Roomi is set on separating Bangladesh and opposes Mujibur Rahman’s tendency to compromise with West Pakistan.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 26-Dec-2021

    Sheikh Mujib highlights the benefits of making a compromise with West Pakistan and Bhutto but is opposed by other senior members of the party with Roomi in the lead. Sonia’s mother discovers the love admittance card placed inside Farrukh’s gift by his friend as a New Year prank. News of the three missing students is revealed along with their mutilated dead bodies. Roomi attempts to stop Sonia from showing open discontent against the brutal murders of the students and saying how it’s all a part of the Bangladesh movement but fails to do so. Roomi is saddened by the deaths while the university warden only regards them as collateral damage in the midst of revolution, something they cannot change. Farrukh is invited to Sonia’s house for dinner by Sonia’s mother where she interrogates him regarding his family background and so on. Sonia’s father tries to talk Roomi out of politics and about start studying to become a barrister but a couple of sentences from Roomi’s mouth let him taste a spectacular defeat. Sheikh Mujib is finally convinced to complete their cause of desperate Bangladesh and forbids any sort of compromise.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 02-Jan-2022

    Sonia makes a failed attempt in trying to convince Roomi to abandon his mission. Roomi, of course, ignores her and continues instigating the public for the cause of independence. Shill, a man under Roomi, gives an impassioned speech where he suggests his fellow Bengalis to cut apart the West Pakistanis. Roomi is infuriated at the unexpected and foolish words from Shill and slaps him. Sonia’s mother is depressed while thinking of Sonia’s supposed love for Farrukh. Meanwhile, Farrukh overhears Sonia’s mother complaining to her about his mediocre background. He later seeks advice from his friend who gives the suggestion to let things flow naturally and stop worrying too much. Bhutto travels all the way to Bengal where he and Sheikh Mujib have a chat without any obvious fruit because of the lack of trust between both leaders. Shill is once again bullying a student and accidently hits Sonia during the scuffle. Roomi gets mad after seeing the scar on Sonia’s forehead and sets off to deal with Shill. Meanwhile, Major Ghaisuddin is having a secret meeting with the university warden and a few other key members where he spills confidential information. Roomi is once again shocked to hear Shill shouting like a madman with the theme being the mass murder of Pakistanis. Also, Col. Fakhar finally decides to intervene and play big.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 09-Jan-2022

    Sonia’s mother once again invites Farrukh for dinner. Meanwhile, her brother Haroon goes along with Roomi to attend public strikes and speeches without his mother’s consent. Because of that, he gets a face slap by her later on. Farrukh reveals the latest intel to Col. Fakhar. While at it, Major Ghaisuddin intrudes upon them but Col. Fakhar castigates him. Shill once again incites the Bengalis to brutalize Pakistanis. Roomi warns them not to commit any bloodshed but to no avail. Farrukh’s friend Salahuddin is posted to Ghazipur where public strikes have become common and the military needs reinforcements. One of the factory workers is particularly bold and refuses to do any work. Helpless, Salahuddin kicks him out of the factory. Roomi is depressed at the Bengali public’s increasing bloodlust. Sonia’s taunts lead to further stress for him. Sheikh Mujib plans the killing of Bengali citizens by the army under life-threatening situations. Later, he refuses to negotiate with West Pakistan after the “brutal” killing of common Bengal citizens. The previous factory worker returns and threatens Salahaddin on behalf of the armed Bengali public besieging the factory.

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 16-Jan-2022

    Upon Sheikh Mujib’s orders, banks throughout Bengal limit the amount of cash that military personnel could withdraw. Sonia’s mother is frustrated at Haroon’s acts of sneaking out with Roomi. She severely scolds them both once they’re back. Through much trouble, Farrukh manages to reach Sonia’s home for dinner. The family members are astounded when they see him coming during curfew. At the university, the warden Ajit reveals his true colors in front of Roomi. From his words, his attitude of casting aside Roomi after the critical job is already done seems crystal clear. The Bengalis arrive at Roomi’s home like hunting dogs after getting wind of Farrukh. Roomi manages to let them withdraw while secretly letting Farrukh exit in the midst of the night. Ghaisuddin suggests Ajit to cut off food and other supplies to the military. Farrukh’s friend Kabir is shot dead after risking his life to bring back food supplies. 

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 23-Jan-2022

    Farrukh is depressed over his friend Kabir’s death and the military’s helplessness. Col. Fakhar is worried regarding Mujib’s next step. He opines that in case Mujib announces independence and gives the stormy crowd a signal for taking direct action, none from the army shall live. Someone in the Cantt secretly writes a letter to Col. Fakhar and warns them all to leave this country. Otherwise, the Cantt area shall become their graveyard. Farrukh is charged with investigating who the blackmailer was. One of his suspects is Major Ghaisuddin who’s increasingly meddling in affairs he shouldn’t. Farrukh’s other friend Siddiq is sent on a mission. Being the only West Pakistani in the camp, he leads army troops comprised of Bengali soldiers. His subordinates purposefully mislead him and act as if they’re all lost in the dark. Siddiq smells the scent of conspiracy and prepares for the last counterattack in his tent. Roomi’s house is marked with a cross. Upon asking, Ajit blames Sonia’s affair with an army captain as well his aunt who’s a West Pakistani. Roomi is scared out of his wits and tries washing away the cross mark.

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 30-Jan-2022

    Farrukh and Roomi meet in the Governor’s House in Dhaka. Meanwhile, Mujib is having a meeting with President Yahya within the residence. There’s still no news of Captain Siddiq after his departure on the previous mission. Col. Fakhar’s armed forces are blocked while on the way to Ghazipur for a meeting with Salahuddin and the others. Meanwhile, Salahuddin’s senior and his men are also disrupted from moving forward by the Bengalis. On Col. Fakhar’s side, Major Ghiasuddin secretly instructs the Bengalis not to give way. He further assures them how the army is helpless and can’t shoot at them. Farrukh and Col. Fakhar are suspicious of Ghaisuddin’s treachery. The situation further escalates until finally, the army is forced to shoot. The blood of many Bengalis is shed which serves as a catalyst to further promote the propaganda of armed forces’ tyranny. Sonia continuously questions Roomi about his recently weird behavior. She inquires whether he was kicked out of the party or their house was marked with a red cross as well. Roomi assures her that he’s just taking precautions as the situation is a bit unstable now.

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 06-Feb-2022

    The army has had enough according to Col. Fakhar. They can’t let Mujib enjoy his fiefdom in East Pakistan and mess up the whole country. Captain Siddiq manages to come back after being stranded by his Bengali subordinates in the jungle. Farrukh receives a secret message while at work. He becomes suspicious of Siddiq and the others for pasting the paper message on his board. Col. Fakhar organizes a secret operation to disarm the Bengali soldiers in Cantt. Farrukh is tasked with killing 22 guards of a certain residence. The guards there are seemingly about to slay the civilian families residing in Cantt. Farrukh is unaware of whether he’ll survive the night and so conveys his feelings of love to Sonia. Major Ghaisuddin becomes suspicious of Farrukh and interrogates him a bit. Farrukh deliberately spills the tea brought to him by Ghaisuddin. Haroon manages to accompany Roomi for work after seeking his mother’s permission. The Bengalis are doubtful of Haroon’s loyalty due to his half-blood identity. They put together a brutal test to confirm it. Roomi comes running after getting to know of the matter.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 13-Feb-2022

    Farrukh leads the operation to disarm the Bengali rebel troops according to Col. Fakhar’s battle strategies. Meanwhile, Captain Siddiq surrounds Dhaka University where blood-shed occurs. Roomi manages to locate Haroon who has almost become mentally deranged. They try to escape from a secret passageway but Ajit blocks their way while leaving himself. No time to dwell on Ajit’s betrayal, the two of them make a run for it. Haroon is hot dead while they’re trying to climb over a gate. Farrukh succeeds in disarming the rebel troops. East Pakistan Rifles (a special police force) rebels since the vast majority of members in it are Bengalis. In the Bogra district of Santahar, 15000+ citizens were butchered mercilessly. Atrocities such as forcing women to drink the blood of their own children became a common sight. More than 10,000 commoners (including women and children) had their bodies penetrated by bayonet knives. 350+ women and kids were cooked alive while held captive in a blazing hall. An entire batch of more than 2000 families was slain in Mymensingh. The women got raped and later killed after being forced into digging their own graves. Salahuddin kills the wretched leader of rebel workers. He then leads a final charge against the armed Bengali citizens along with a few companions. Farrukh becomes numb after counting the innumerable corpses as well as hearing of Haroon’s death.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 20-Feb-2022

    Roomi sneaks into the house of a politician and assassinates him. Farrukh explains to Colonel Fakhar about the Mukti Bahni’s plans of a major assault on Eid. The army has been surrounded from all directions. Their numbers keep dwindling while even their scattered check-posts are constantly facing harassment. Farrukh pays a visit to Sonia’s home. She tries to shoo him away but to no avail. Her father later invites Farrukh to accompany them to Haroon’s grave. Sonia’s mother is close to madness even after 6 months have passed since her son died. Farrukh informs Sonia of his plans to leave for West Pakistan. She becomes reluctant and later inquires about the time of his departure. Quite surprisingly, Farrukh’s application for leave is dismissed. Roomi comes back to his uncle’s home. His wretched appearance saddens Sonia. She becomes even more aggrieved after knowing the dire conditions Roomi had lived in for the past few months. Roomi flees like lightning after greeting his aunt. He later plans to head for the black market alone. Sonia discovers his plans and refuses to let him go there all by himself. Roomi becomes helpless and is forced to take Sonia with him. 

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 27-Feb-2022

    Roomi and Sonia safely get back home from their endeavor late at night. Roomi is once again brought face-to-face with his aunt. The guilty youngster begs his aunt for forgiveness but to no avail. She instead curses him to die without a grave and later go to hell for a vacation. The disheartened Roomi makes a run for it and vanishes within the night’s darkness. The PTV program manager, Kokab calls Sonia to her office. An army major arrives and interrogates Kokab about her allegiance towards Mukti Bahni. Kokab denies all charges but the officer insists upon proper interrogation on the following day. Sonia overhears the conversation while in hiding. Kokab later whispers to Sonia regarding the need for shifting loyalties. The Pakistani patriotic girl refuses to entertain Mukti Bahni’s demands. Kokab later sneaks into Sonia’s house without ringing the bell. She brings along two noisy women with her. Both women engage Sonia in a conversation while Kokab digs out a map from Anwar’s cupboard. Colonel Fakhar pumps up his hot-blooded men as they prepare for a bloody and gruesome war.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 06-Mar-2022

    The army formulates a plan for Dhaka’s defense. They plan to deploy all of their brigades in certain positions around the city. From there, Colonel Fakhar hopes to fight a war of attrition for at least six months. India’s ambassador utters white lies about his country’s involvement in the dispute. The army is cornered into a helpless situation with none of the brigades able to reach their check posts. They’re forced to fight alone and defend from all sides possible. Many of the civilians step forward to lend a helping hand to the army. Anwar invites Farrukh to the Dhaka Club and offers to marry him with his daughter Sonia. Farrukh’s conscience won’t allow him to tie Sonia with himself. Not when the war has already begun and there’s no guarantee of him returning alive. Anwar then hopes for Farrukh to boycott contact with Sonia. General Niazi’s cruel orders make no sense to Farrukh and the others. The UNA is unable to prevent the dogfight between India and Pakistan. Anwar dies from a sudden lack of breath. Sonia’s mother meanwhile runs off in her frenzy. A mountain of grief presses down upon Sonia as she wails for her father.

    Episode 14 (Last Episode) 

    Air Date: 13-Mar-2022

    Ajit tells the coward Shel to buzz off and invites Roomi to sit in his place. Roomi then poisons the leading characters behind Bangladesh’s rebellion, including Ghaisuddin and the RAW agent, Ajit. General Niazi grasps control of the decision making power regarding East Pakistan’s issue. Sonia contacts Farrukh and reveals the news of her father’s death as well as her mother’s disappearance. Somebody starts knocking at her door all of a sudden. The phone gets disconnected, leaving Farrukh’s thoughts in disarray. He hurries off to Sonia’s residence but fails to find any trace of her. Colonel Fakhar berates him for preferring love over country. The despairing captain is then assigned with a mission to defend against the enemy. Sonia is shown to be in captivity together with many other women. Roomi comes to her rescue and nearly succeeds as well. Quite surprisingly, Sonia’s kindness awakens at the worst moment possible. She refuses to leave before rescuing the other women as well. Shel takes advantage of it and stabs Roomi to death through a sneak attack. Farrukh and his hot-blooded men are eager for battle as well as martyrdom. Unfortunately, General Niazi announces surrender at the last moment and the war is brought to an end.

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