Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi

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Cast & Crew

Noman Ijaz

Nawabzada Dilawer (Shamsher's father)

Atiqa Odho

Mehwish (Shamsher's mother)

Tipu Sharif

Tara (Shamsher's brother)

Ayesha Toor

Farwa (Tara’s wife)

Shehzeen Rahat

Sofia (Farwa’s sister)

Laiba Khan

Nida (Mehak's sister)

Shahood Alvi

Akram (Mehak's father)

Laila Wasti

Nahid (Mehak's mother)

Hammad Shoaib

Ahsan (Mehak's cousin)

Akhtar Husnain

Rehan (Ahsan's father)

Zainab Qayyum

Andaleeb (Ahsan's mother)




M. Sikander Yousuf

Director of Photography


Episode 1

Air Date: 11-May-2022

The episode begins with a beautiful, innocent girl, Mehak, and her younger sister, Nida preparing a surprise birthday party for their father. Their father is a university lecturer and a very affectionate husband to his wife, Naheed. Mehak is engaged to her paternal cousin, Ahsan who also happens to be her neighbor. Ahsan’s father, Rehan is a doctor at a government hospital and his mother, Andaleeb is a nagging woman who always taunts her husband to earn more. One day, while dropping his daughters to university, Mehak’s father encounters Shamsher misbehaving with a boy on a street. He attempts to stop him but as a result, Shamsher points a gun at him. Mehak quickly pulls her father back to blow off the steam. Just then, Shamsher sees the gorgeous Mehak and falls in love with her instantly. Shamsher is an ill-mannered macho and a son of an influential and corrupt politician. Later, he uses all his powers to find out about Mehak and finally goes to her house to meet her. 

Episode 2

Air Date: 18-May-2022

Shamsher arrives at Mehak’s house in full swing to ask her father, Akram for Mehak’s hand in marriage. Akram straightaway refuses and asks Shamsher not to tarnish their respect in the neighborhood. But Shamsher turns a deaf ear to them and threatens to pick Mehak if they don’t agree to the proposal. Upon knowing that Shamsher made a spectacle outside Mehak’s house, Ahsan fumes with anger and suggests reporting Shamsher to the police but Akram advises against it. Andaleeb tries to accuse Mehak of having a past association with Shamsher. Shamsher goes on with making Akram and Mehak’s life difficult. First, he sends a donation cheque to Akram’s university to buy him off. Later, he barges into the university to meet Mehak and ends up beating the boys who try to protect Mehak from him. On the other hand, Shamsher’s father, Nawabzada Dilawer is worried about Shamsher for not taking part in the family business like his obedient elder son, Tara.

Episode 3

Air Date: 25-May-2022

Through Shamsher’s financial power, Akram is arrested from his house in front of the entire neighborhood. Mehak along with Rehan and Ahsan rushes to the police station to get Akram bailed but their request is turned down by the inspector who is a puppet of Shamsher. Having no other choice, Mehak calls Shamsher to make a plea for her father’s bail giving Shamsher’s ego the much-needed boost. Soon, Akram is released from jail at Shamsher’s command. Naheed advises Akram to conduct Mehak and Ahsan’s marriage ceremony as soon as possible to get themselves out of this mess. Tara’s wife, Farwa informs Dilawer about Shamsher’s poor choice of girl and Dilawer straightaway refuses to allow his son to marry a girl outside their league. Shamsher arrives at Mehak’s house unannounced and gives Akram one week ultimatum to marry Mehak off with him or else he will not think twice before abducting her.

Episode 4

Air Date: 01-Jun-2022

Andaleeb commands Ahsan to stay away from Mehak as she does not want her son carrying Mehak’s burden of defamation for life. Afraid of Shamsher’s warning, Akram appeals to Rehan to conduct Ahsan and Mehak’s Nikah ceremony within a day. Rehan hesitates to marry his son in a haste but Ahsan instantly agrees. Ahsan makes Mehak realize his love for her and assures her that he will combat anything that comes their way. Andaleeb is mad at Rehan for going against her decision and somehow rats out the news of Mehak’s marriage to Shamsher. Enraged, Shamsher arrives at Ahsan’s house and abducts him. Dilawer finds out about Shamsher’s actions and orders Tara to get rid of Mehak. Unable to see his brother’s sorrow, Rehan promises Akram to continue with the marriage ceremony as soon as Ahsan returns. Shamsher frees Ahsan and as per his instructions, Ahsan arrives home only to inform Mehak that he won’t marry her.

Episode 5

Air Date: 08-Jun-2022

Mehak’s heart breaks into a million pieces after Ahsan refuses to marry her. Shamsher calls Mehak making it clear that she has no other choice but to marry him or else he will cross all the limits to acquire her. Thinking that Mehak’s family is interested in Shamsher’s wealth, Dilawer asks his wife to go talk to Mehak’s family and end the situation affluently by feeding them money. Shamsher’s mother arrives at Mehak’s house along with Farwa. Farwa humiliatingly hands Mehak’s parents a blank cheque, asking them to stop pursuing Shamsher once and for all. Unable to stand her parents getting mortified, Mehak throws a glass of water on Farwa’s face and tears the cheque, asking her to leave immediately. Farwa is enraged and desperately wants to take her revenge. So, she portrays Mehak and her family as evil in the eyes of Shamsher. Meanwhile, Akram decides to skip town with his family for a few days. 

Episode 6

Air Date: 15-Jun-2022

Shamsher goes to Mehak’s house only to discover that she along with her family has fled away without informing anyone. Meanwhile, Mehak’s family arrives at Naheed’s sister’s house, who runs a catering business, to stay there for a few days and keep themselves away from Shamsher’s reach. Shamsher goes to Mehak’s university to obtain any kind of information regarding her but only finds her leave application. He exhausts all possible ways to find her but finds no clue which makes him feel dispirited. Shamsher’s mother informs her husband that Farwa wants to set her sister up with Shamsher. Dilawer couldn’t be happier to know this as he wants to bring a daughter-in-law from a high-class family, equivalent in status to Farwa. On the other hand, while having a homemade lunch at his friend’s house, Shamsher coincidentally finds Mehak’s handwriting on a meal box that leads him directly to Mehak’s location.

Episode 7

Air Date: 22-Jun-2022

Mehak is flabbergasted to see Shamsher on her doorstep. He intimidates Akram that he will return within three days to carry out the nuptial with Mehak. Before leaving, he warns Mehak to refrain from trying to run away or else all her family members will be victims of death. Dilawer fumes with anger after Shamsher invites him to his wedding. He threatens to disinherit him from his wealth but Shamsher turns a deaf ear to him. Seeing her family suffering, Mehak reluctantly gives in and informs Shamsher that she is ready to marry him. Later, her family returns back to their home. Ahsan apologizes to Mehak for betraying her but she refuses to accept his apology. When Dilawer realizes that Shamsher is ready to lose everything to attain Mehak, he seemingly agrees with his decision. Farwa decides to leave the house as she cannot tolerate a middle-class girl competing with her in status.

Episode 8

Air Date: 29-Jun-2022

Akram and Naheed are in agony for their daughter and can’t stop thinking of ways to evade Shamsher. A day before the wedding, Shamsher stops by Mehak’s house to drop off gifts and Mehak’s wedding dress. While he is over the moon, Mehak feels miserable and helpless. Dilawer secretly hatches a plan with his right hand, Sheru to destroy Shamsher’s wedding. Later, he convinces Farwa to come to the wedding after assuring her that Mehak will never become the daughter-in-law of the house. On the wedding day, Mehak’s parents feel embarrassed for pushing their daughter into a hellhole and apologize to her. Upon Shamsher’s insistence, Mehak goes to a salon to get ready for her wedding. When Shamsher arrives at the venue with his family, he is furious to see that Akram has not invited anyone. On the other hand, while Mehak is on her way to the venue, Sheru crashes a truck into her car and then sets the car on fire to ensure Mehak’s death.

Episode 9

Air Date: 06-Jul-2022

Shamsher and Akram lament the loss of Mehak as they see her car burning to ashes. Dilawer and Farwa are more than happy with the situation and are hopeful that Shamsher will forget Mehak soon. Naheed is in extreme anguish as she can’t believe her daughter’s unfortunate death. Farwa brings her sister, Sofia to the house so she can flit around Shamsher and help him get over Mehak once and for all. Rehan calls Akram in the middle of the night and summons him to an abandoned house. Upon arriving there, Akram’s heart skips a beat seeing Mehak alive, in flesh. He can’t stop shedding tears of happiness. Rehan suggests keeping the news of Mehak’s survival confidential and sending her away to Multan to his friend, Noman’s house. As Mehak arrives in Multan, Sheru wonders to see her alive and fails to catch her.

Episode 10

Air Date: 13-Jul-2022

Mehak does not receive a very warm welcome from Noman’s wife as Andaleeb had previously empoisoned her against Mehak. Shamsher is in delusion and begs his father to bring Mehak back from anywhere. Dilawer pays no heed to Shamsher’s abnormal behavior and instead asks his wife to set him up with Sofia as soon as possible. Later, while Dilawer is on the phone talking about his hideous act of murder, his wife overhears his conversation and is devastated to find out that her husband is a murderer. Ahsan can’t stop reminiscing about his time with Mehak and holds himself responsible for her death. Andaleeb does not miss a chance to blame the “dead” Mehak for her son’s insolent attitude towards her. Akram tries to tell Naheed about the great secret but is interrupted every time. Ahsan begs Naheed to forgive him but she refuses to accept his apology, leading the furious Ahsan to barge into Shamsher’s house and shoot him.

Episode 11

Air Date: 20-Jul-2022

Shamsher is rushed to the hospital while Ahsan is brutally pummeled by the police officers. The doctors do not express much hope for Shamsher after he falls into a coma. As a consequence of Ahsan’s actions, Akram and Rehan are also arrested by the police. Mehak insists on going back to Karachi but Noman does not allow her to leave. Despite Noman’s disapproval, his wife, Ramsha prompts Mehak to stop hiding from the world as Shamsher is about to die. Andaleeb blames Naheed for ruining her son’s life as Ahsan’s face is portrayed all over the media as a murderer. Noman arrives in Karachi and heads to the station to meet Akram. The police officer suspects something sketchy and includes him in the investigation. Noman then goes to meet Naheed and when he reveals to her that Mehak is still alive, tears of happiness start rolling down Naheed’s cheeks. 

Episode 12

Air Date: 27-Jul-2022

Seeing her son’s deteriorating condition, Shamsher’s mother feels Naheed’s agony and goes to see her, seeking forgiveness. Naheed relents and forgives Shamsher on the condition that he does not re-enter her house ever again. Soon, Shamsher wakes up from the coma and demands the release of Mehak’s family from prison. The cops arrive at Noman’s house to investigate. As soon as they enter the house, Dilawer takes back the case and the officers are ordered to abort investigating. However, Ramsha feels embarrassed by the cops’ arrival and retaliates by informing Andaleeb about Mehak’s survival. Exasperated by Ramsha’s behavior, Mehak leaves the house and enrolls in a girls’ hostel. Meanwhile, Dilawer decides to send Shamsher abroad. On the day of his flight, Shamsher ditches the flight and aimlessly boards a train without deciding a destination. As a result of his recklessness, Dilawer sends the police to Ahsan’s house to investigate Shamsher’s whereabouts.

Episode 13

Air Date: 03-Aug-2022

Shamsher coincidentally arrives in Multan where Sheru greets him. Akram is elated to find out that his transfer request has been approved by his office. He informs Mehak about it, promising her that they will be reunited soon and will lead a happy life together. Shamsher goes to a shrine in the hope to find peace and begs God to grant him ease. To his surprise, he unexpectedly runs into Mehak on the street and is stunned to see her alive. Frightened to see him, Mehak runs away leaving her belongings on the street. Using her hostel card, Shamsher tracks her down into her cocoon and blames her for fooling him. Against her will, he drags her with him and warns her to comply. He then summons her family to Multan to convince Mehak to marry him. Seeing no other option, Akram convinces Mehak to marry after Shamsher threatens to kill Nida.

Episode 14

Air Date: 10-Aug-2022

Mehak clarifies to Shamsher that though he is able to fulfill his contumacy, he will never make a place in her heart. Shamsher vows to go to all limits to transform her hatred into love. He then informs his father that he will return home soon with a surprise. His return to home along with Mehak stuns as well as baffles his parents as he reveals his marriage with Mehak. Seeing Dilawer’s rage, his wife suggests him to accept Mehak as his daughter-in-law but to no avail. Dilawer summons the coroner who confirmed Mehak’s death and punishes him for his treachery. Farwa fumes with anger at the revelation and demands Dilawer oust Mehak from the house as she cannot tolerate sharing her status with a middle-class girl. 

Episode 15

Air Date: 17-Aug-2022

Dilawer orders Shamsher to pay Mehak whatever amount she demands to get rid of her but Shamsher mockingly spurns him down. On his first day of marriage, he tries to get intimate with Mehak but she avoids him. Andaleeb decides to marry Ahsan as soon as possible to help him out of his trauma. Mehak requests Shamsher to let her meet her family but he refuses, severing her ties with her loved ones. Seeing Akram bewildered about Mehak’s future, Rehan suggests they talk to Dilawar considering he is a family-oriented person. Upon arriving at Dilawar’s mansion, only Akram is granted entry. To his shock, Dilawer turns out to be a rather iniquitous man who belittles him, shredding his self-respect into pieces. Although Akram rejected the money Dilawer offered him, Dilawer tells Mehak that her father took a hefty amount from him in exchange for her. Mehak refuses to believe him and calls him a liar, earning Shamsher’s anger.

Episode 16

Air Date: 17-Aug-2022

Disparaged, Akram experiences a cardiac arrest and is escorted to the hospital. When Shamsher apologizes to his father on behalf of Mehak, Dilawer tries to empoison him against his in-laws. In his rage, Shamsher bursts onto Mehak for misbehaving with his father, leading Mehak to pass out. Coincidently, Akram and Mehak end up in the same hospital where Ahsan informs Mehak about Akram’s condition. Mehak begs Shamsher to allow her to see her father but to no avail. Tara suggests Shamsher soften his attitude with Mehak to maintain peace in the house. This prompts him to relent and he lets Mehak meet her family. Later, he runs into Rehan in the hospital and discovers that he is struggling to pay for Akram’s bypass surgery. As an act of goodwill, he deposits the money for the surgery and agrees to bring Mehak to the hospital for Akram’s surgery.

Episode 17

Air Date: 24-Aug-2022

Tara sympathizes with Mehak and speaks in her favor, suggesting Farwa stop pursuing her. This infuriates his wife and she threatens to summon her father to the city. Sheru keeps eluding Dilawer and his men, to save himself and his family from Dilawer’s torment. Dilawer loses his cool after Shamsher questions his honesty and stands up in front of him for Mehak. His wife tries to persuade Dilawer into accepting Mehak as she is a decent and good-looking girl but he instantly rejects the idea. Naheed develops a soft corner for Shamsher after he covers the hospital bill. She informs Mehak about it and advises her to accept her relationship with Shamsher. Sofia unexpectedly encounters Mehak and humiliates her for coming into Shamsher’s life. Shamsher boils with anger and forces Sofia to apologize to Mehak. Farwa intervenes and argues with Shamsher, putting fuel to the fire.

Episode 18

Air Date: 31-Aug-2022

Mehak forgives Sofia and begs Shamsher to stop creating a spectacle in the house. Farwa’s father requests Dilawer to get rid of Mehak as she is the reason for his daughter’s distress. He suggests Dilawer attack the root of Shamsher’s love which will eventually crumble it into pieces. Shamsher decides to hold a wedding reception so he can celebrate his joy of love publicly. He pitches his idea to Dilawer who straightaway refuses to entertain his demand. Akram wakes up after the surgery and is bewildered to know that Shamsher paid his hospital bills. Shamsher asks his mother not to isolate Mehak in the house and keep interacting with her. His mother requests Mehak to stop Shamsher from holding the reception to maintain peace in the house. When Mehak does as asked, Shamsher agrees to her request in a heartbeat. Seeing his generous attitude, Nida starts romanticizing Shamsher and calls Mehak ungrateful.

Episode 19

Air Date: 07-Sep-2022

Shamsher gets frustrated by Mehak’s ingratitude. He creates a mockery out of her in a restaurant and leaves without her in a fury. In his absence, Mehak grabs the opportunity and heads to her parent’s house. When Shamsher’s anger subsides, he returns to the restaurant to pick up his wife but is worried to know that she already left. Furious, he goes to Akram’s house and violently drags Mehak out of there, warning her that she will not step foot out of the house without his consent. Shamsher’s mother suggests that Mehak come out of her room and blend in with other members of the family. However, Farwa does not let Mehak live in peace and keeps humiliating her for trapping Shamsher. Sheru is caught by the police and interrogated by Tara. Shamsher and Mehak overhear their conversation only to discover that Dilawer plotted Mehak’s accident.

Episode 20

Air Date: 14-Sep-2022

After Dilawer’s truth unravels, Mehak boils with anger and slates Shamsher for his family’s exploitation of power. She leaves the station without informing him anything. Shamsher goes to her parent’s house but does not find Mehak there. She then returns and berates her mother-in-law for keeping up with her husband who is a beast. Shamsher warns Tara that he will not spare their father if Sheru’s claims turn out to be true. He blackmails his mother with his life to reveal the truth and confirms that Dilawer attempted Mehak’s murder. Nida faces rejection from a family when they find out about Mehak’s tainted background. She feels heartbroken and starts blaming Mehak for the humiliation. Ahsan goes against his mother’s wishes and decides to marry Nida to save the family from drowning in despair. Mehak fuels Shamsher’s anger by calling him a weak man who can’t take a stand in front of his father.

Episode 21

Air Date: 21-Sep-2022

Shamsher confronts his father about his evil actions. Dilawer admits his wrongdoings and proudly claims to pursue Mehak’s killing again if he gets the chance to. This creates a rift between the father and the son and Shamsher decides to sever all ties with his family, cursing them for being illegitimate. He takes Mehak to his friend, Shameer’s house to stay and feels embarrassed in front of her. Guilty, he offers Mehak to free her but being a wise girl, she decides to tolerate him to keep her marriage from collapsing. Dilawer freezes all of Shamsher’s bank accounts to make him realize that he is nothing without his father’s aid. However, this does not affect Shamsher and he refuses to return back to his house regardless. Nida protests against marrying Ahsan but to no avail. Shamsher apologizes to Akram and Naheed for putting them through hell to attain Mehak. 

Episode 22

Air Date: 28-Sep-2022

Ahsan feels happy to see Shamsher downgraded and taunts him for his previous proud attitude. Shamsher borrows money from his friend and rents a small house in an ordinary neighborhood. The absence of his father’s wealth makes him experience mid-life crises and the difficulties of living a middle-class life. He is compelled to sell his phone to buy groceries. However, due to the lack of security protocol that he was used to having, he encounters snatchers on the road who loot him after bruising his face. Later, he asks his friend to get him any kind of job so he can take care of everyday house expenses. Andaleeb tries to persuade Ahsan not to marry Nida but he remains adamant to repay Akram’s favors by marrying his daughter. Mehak decides to lodge a complaint against Dilawer and Shamsher offers to support her.

Episode 23

Air Date: 05-Oct-2022

Shamsher takes Mehak to the police station to file the case. Mehak keeps telling him not to involve himself in the fight but he does not back out. The police inspector refuses to lodge any complaint against Dilawar in order to protect his job. As soon as Shamsher leaves the station, he tips off Dilawar about his son’s intentions. Tara brings his mother to Shamsher who tries her best to persuade him to return back but to no avail. When Dilawar finds out that his wife went to see Shamsher, he orders her to cut all ties with him and informs her of his decision of disinheriting Shamsher publicly. Mehak’s heart sinks when she finds out the news of disinheritance in the newspaper. However, before she could tell Shamsher about it, he leaves for a job interview. Coincidently, the employer turns out to be an old enemy of Dilawar who tortures Shamsher by making him wait the entire day.

Episode 24

Air Date: 05-Oct-2022

During the job interview, the employer humiliates Shamsher for his association with Dilawar and kicks him out. However, before leaving, Shamsher throws a glass of water on the employer, reminding him how awful he is. Dilawar informs Tara that he disowned Shamsher as part of a strategy so Mehak could leave him. According to Dilawar, Mehak and her family are after Shamsher for his wealth and Mehak will leave him once she realizes that Shamsher is empty-handed and won’t be getting a single dime for his father’s inheritance. Seeing Shamsher suffering, Mehak decides to help by getting a job. Shamsher feels embarrassed but does not object to her decision. Rehan asks Andaleeb to start preparations for their son’s wedding but she straightaway refuses to be a part of it.

Episode 25

Air Date: 12-Oct-2022

Shamsher’s mother, Mehwish does not take her husband-son feud very well and is rushed to the hospital. Dilawer gets shaken when the doctor informs him about Mehwish’s fewer survival chances due to her cardiac malfunction. Seeing Mehwish yearning for her beloved son, Tara suggests calling Shamsher to the hospital but Dilawer instantly refuses. Although he uses everything in his power to get Mehwish treated, he does not agree to fulfill her dying wife’s last wish. Mehak grows close to Shamsher and the two fulfill each other’s responsibilities respectively. Shamsher keeps looking for a decent job and faces rejection. Seeing no other option, he gets a job as a storekeeper at a negligible salary. On the same day, Mehak also lands a job at double his salary. When she informs Shamsher about it, he feels embarrassed and lies about the nature of his job and salary. 

Episode 26

Air Date: 19-Oct-2022

Tara decides to go against his father’s orders and summon Shamsher to the hospital. Farwa stops him from doing so, warning him that Dilawer won’t tolerate his disobedience. Shamsher takes Mehak to Nida’s wedding ceremony. There, he takes a back seat, avoiding being seen in public. When Tara finds out that his mother is in an extremely critical condition, he informs Shamsher about it. Shamsher rushes to the hospital only to discover that his mother died moments earlier. Dilawer gets severely affected by his wife’s death and holds Shamsher responsible for it. Shamsher comes rushing to his house to see his mother’s face one last time. However, before he can do so, Dilawer intervenes, politely asking him to leave the house without creating any spectacle. Although Shamsher begs him to let him see his mother, Dilawer does not budge and remains bent on his decision. Seeing Shamsher in grief, Mehak consoles him.

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