Kam Zarf

Kam Zarf

  • Start Date: 8-Jan-2019
  • End Date: 11-Jun-2019
  • Total Episodes: 25
  • Production Company: Mastermind Productions
  • TV Channel: GEO TV
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    Cast & Crew

    After the death of her parents, Mona is entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of her three young siblings; Azhar, Asim, and Mona. Azhar is in love with his colleague Nimra but is not able to marry her because of Aima’s disapproval. He secretly plans to marry Nimra but Aima has other plans for him. She contrives a trick along with Fouzia’s mother; Safia and both arrange a fake function of Fouzia’s Nikah with an unknown man. When Barat does not arrive, Aima forces Azhar to sacrifice and have Nikah with Fouzia in order to save her honor. The plan works and Azhar consents to the elder sister’s decision.
    Nimra accidentally learns the news and is shattered. She breaks her relationship with Azhar and resigns from the office too. She marries another man to tease Azhar. Knowing this, Azhar marries Fouzia in desperation. Since it is a marriage of compromise, he does not treat his wife well initially. After some days, Azhar and Nimra meet at a party where Azhar proposes to let break their present relationship and reunite once again, a notion Nimra rejects.
    Avoiding more humiliation, Fouzia leaves home and goes to her mother’s house. Azhar now regrets his behavior and both reconcile. Azhar and Fouzia’s relationship turns into a better one after this.
    An uncle of the family, Aliyan returns from America with his wife Surayya, and daughter Faria. Faria and Asim come close to each other and decide to marry despite the disapproval of Aima.
    Meanwhile, Aima meets her old love interest Nabeel who is married now and has a child too but he conceals the truth from Aima. Aima and Nabeel’s secret meetings continue where Nabeel constantly demands money from Aima. He, in fact, is after Aima’s wealth and his wife Nazma is with him in the treacherous plot.
    Mona is in her last semester at university where she is interested in a guy Zeeshan. The prospect of her younger sister’s marriage worries Aima now. She meets Nabeel and asks him to marry her. Zeeshan overhears all the discussion. Nabeel brings his family to Aima’s house for a marriage proposal. Later, Aima’s brothers discover the sad truth about Nabeel but Aima refuses to believe them. Nabeel proposes that Aima should demand her due share from the house. To meet Aima’s demand, both brothers sell the house to their uncle; Faria’s father who then gifts it to his daughter.
    Amid speculations, Aima, at last, gets married to Nabeel and handovers all his belongings to her husband. Soon, she learns the reality of Nabeel’s first wife; Nazma, and leaves the house. She goes to her old house but due to her own unacceptable behavior, shifts to Mona’s house. She leaves her sister’s house too and is homeless. Then, she gets mad and is admitted to a madhouse. Azhar, Asim, and Mona try to find their sister but in vain. They even approach the very same madhouse but in vain. Aima sees them from behind and is not able to recognize them. In the end, the poor creature is left alone while all others live happily.

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