• Start Date: 9-Nov-2020
  • End Date: 19-Jul-2021
  • Total Episodes: 38
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: 7th Sky Entertainment
  • TV Channel: GEO TV
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    Cast & Crew




    Adnan Bukhari

    Director of Photography


    Episode 1

    Air Date: 09-Nov-2020

    Somia and Hatim are first cousins that like each other. Hatim’s mother, Fehmida makes it clear to her brother, Sajjad (Somia’s father), that she doesn’t want to get Hatim married in the family. Sajjad being a heart patient faints on the night of his son Nouman’s mehndi. Nouman is getting married to Raheela who has a one-sided love interest for Hatim. Meanwhile, Shireen is getting married to Shehryar as per her strict father’s wishes, while she is in love with Adan, her first cousin.

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 16-Nov-2020

    Nouman and Somia’s father passes away. Some women from society blame Raheela for being unlucky for Nouman’s family. Hence, Raheela decides to use this as an excuse to break off her wedding with Nouman but fails and gets married to Nouman. Meanwhile, Adan returns home and spots Somia at a bus stand for the first time.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 23-Nov-2020

    Adan stops in his tracks when he sees Somia for the first time and takes her picture. Later on, Adan visits Somia’s house and accidentally forgets his phone which has a screensaver of Somia’s picture. Raheela and Fehmida see Somia’s picture on Adan’s phone and start dropping hints about Somia having an affair.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 30-Nov-2020

    Aksam cancels dinner plans with Adan and Najia because Sabir forbids Shireen to go out with them. Later Adan shares his growing feelings with Najia. Meanwhile, Somia cooks for Hatim but Fehmida insults Somia and as a result, Somia’s mother advises Hatim to keep distance. Raheela throws Hatim out of the house and covers up with false excuses. 

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 07-Dec-2020

    Somia’s mother faints when Fehmida accuses Somia of being characterless and having affairs. Her family takes her to the hospital where Adan coincidentally sees Somia again. Kausar returns home but is still critical and requires a by-pass. Hatim visits to see Kausar and Raheela fights with him. Nouman looks for ways to get financial help.

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 14-Dec-2020

    Kausar gets rushed to the hospital. Raheela convinces Somia to meet with her father’s former boss, Adan to ask for money. Later, she lies to Nouman about the arrangement of funds. Upon seeing Somia in his office, Adan gets astonished and gives her the money. He goes to visit Somia at the hospital and Hatim sees them conversing.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 21-Dec-2020

    Raheela tells Fehmida about the whereabouts of the money. Raheela calls Adan and misguides him that Somia knows about his one-sided love and invites him to the hospital. He later calls Somia and tries to generate conversation with her. Meanwhile, Hatim sees Adan with Somia and accuses her but later seeks an apology from her.

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 28-Dec-2020

    Fehmida confronts Somia about arranging funds from Adan and uses this to blackmail her into breaking off ties with Hatim. To save her respect, Somia rejects Hatim’s proposal and this devastates him. Hatimthinks that Adan is involved with Somia and therefore, he goes missing while Nouman looks for him.

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 04-Jan-2021

    Raheela sends messages to Adan from Somia’sphone, therefore, he visits Somia and also gives her a gift. Somia tells off Adan for his advances. Meanwhile, Kausar and Nouman discuss Hatim’s chances with Somia. Norman also talks to Shaista to convince Fehmida for the marriage. Raheela tries to influence everyone against Hatim.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 11-Jan-2021

    Raheela tells Adan to send over a marriage proposal for Somia and tells her mother a bunch of lies about Somia. Nouman talks to Hatim who comments on Somia’s character. Shireen’s in-laws visit and her future sisters-in-law find Adan’s pictures hidden in Shireen’s bedroom. Aksam overhears that neither Shireen nor Shreyar are happy with their marriage.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 18-Jan-2021

    Hatim asks Somia to marry him and she agrees but Fehmida creates a fuss in front of the whole family. Shaista tries to convince Fehmida to accept Somia for Hatim’s sake. Fehmida finally agrees to their wedding. Meanwhile, Shreyar’s mother contacts Asma and reveals the truth about Shireen’s interests in Adan. Shehryar’s family breaks off marriage with Shireen.

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 25-Jan-2021

    Asma advises Shireen to express her feelings to Adan. Adan finds out from Najia that Shireen likes her. Adan’s mother reveals that Aksam has decided to put off the wedding and informs Najia about marrying Shireen with Adan. Meanwhile, Adan meets Shireen and she confesses her love. Also, Raheela conspires to break off Hatim and Somia’s wedding. 

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 25-Jan-2021

    Raheela steps up a meeting between Somia and Adnan, records their video, and shows it to Fehmida. Sabir tells Asma and Najia that her marriage will take place with Aksam on the condition that Adan agrees to marry Shireen. Meanwhile, Raheela calls Adan over to her house to stop Somia’s marriage and Hatim ends up seeing Somia and Adan in a compromising position.

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 01-Feb-2021

    Hatim accuses Adan and Somia of betraying him and breaks off his marriage. Nouman doesn’t trust Somia and he asks Adan to marry her. Adan does Nikkah with Somia not knowing that his mother has fixed his wedding with Shireen. Adan requests his mother that he cannot marry Shireen. Meanwhile, Raheela taunts Hatim for losing Somia.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 08-Feb-2021

    Asma blackmails Adan by threatening to leave the house and finally agrees to marry Shireen. Hatim questions his mother about the source of Somia and Adan’s video. Meanwhile, Somia’s mother advises her to accept Adan so she calls him while he is at his wedding. Nouman tells his mother to send away Somia as soon as possible.

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 15-Feb-2021

    Nouman goes to visit Hatim and Fehmida stirs up problems. Nouman returns home and tells off Somia and his mother for their ill-treatment towards Hatim and Fehmida. Hatim goes to question his younger aunt, Shaista for closure who realizes that Raheela conspired the entire scenario. Somia calls Adan and he comes to visit her house.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 22-Feb-2021

    Hatim tries to convince his mother that Raheela conspired to get Somia married to Adan. He tries to talk to Somia who cuts his calls and also tells off Raheela for her misdeeds. Meanwhile, Shireen questions Adan about his past after seeing Somia’s hidden bracelet. Nouman talks to his family to make amends with Fehmida and Hatim.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 01-Mar-2021

    Adan tells Shireen about Somia being his love and wife. Shireen tells her father to cancel her trip with Adan and he gets suspicious. Meanwhile, Shaista falls ill and everybody visits her, where Fehmida and Kausar get in a heated fight. Hatim seeks forgiveness from Somia and reveals about Raheela’s conspiracy. Nouman goes to Adan’s office and finds out that Adan married someone else.

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 08-Mar-2021

    Nouman accuses Somia of knowing about Adan’s wedding with Shireen. He goes to Adan’s house and tells his mother that he will involve the media. Asma tries to send Nouman off with money and later on lies to Adan that Somia’s family came seeking a divorce. Meanwhile, Somia and her mother get taken aback by Adan’s betrayal and Nouman’sinsensitive behavior.

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 15-Mar-2021

    Adan tells Shireen that he will leave the house so she convincesAsma to bring in Somia. Adan and Asma go to Somia’s house to collect her and end up in a debate with Nouman. Nouman forbids Somia to go away but she settles to go with Adan, and Nouman breaks off all ties with her. Meanwhile, Shireen sees Adan bringing Somia home.

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 22-Mar-2021

    Shireen pretends to be nice to Somia and dresses her up in her own wedding clothes only to taunt Somia back. Adan and Somia make promises to each other. The next morning Shireen and Somia have a spat. Adan thanks Shireen for taking care of Somia. Meanwhile, everybody questions Kausar for sending off Somia without a proper function.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 29-Mar-2021

    Hatim’s marriage gets fixed and Noumangets concerned for his wellbeing. Adan tries to take Somia out for dinner but his mother intervenes and tells them that Somia is supposed to be a secret. Shireen expresses false concerns for Somia in front of Adan. Shireen taunts Somia for being mistreated by Asma and also questions Somia whether she loves Adan or not. Somia announces her love for Adan, which he overhears and gets happy.

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 05-Apr-2021

    Adan surprises Somia with a romantic dinner set up. Adan goes to Somia’s house and arranges a call between Kausar and Somia. Nouman finds out about Adan’s visit and fights with his mother. Adan refuses to go and meet Najia and Aksam with Shireen. Shireen lies that Najia and Aksam will come over if he doesn’t go and also begs Adan to keep his marriage with Somia hidden.

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 12-Apr-2021

    Asma asks Somia to convince Adan to visit Najia’s house with Shireen, so she does. Hatim gets depressed over his wedding talks. Sabir visits Asma’s house and assumes that Somia is a maid. Shireen has it out in the kitchen with Somia and later in the garden when Adan walks in and finds Somia at fault.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 19-Apr-2021

    Raheela visits Somia to deliver presents from Kausar, and to ask for forgiveness. Nouman worries for Hatim and makes his mother talk to him about going to his own engagement. Meanwhile, Adan finds out that Sabir scolded Somia because he assumed that she is a maid. Shireen covers up with her father that Somia is a distant friend’s daughter.

    Episode 26

    Air Date: 26-Apr-2021

    Somia tries to clear the air with Adan regarding Hatim’s past. Later on, she calls Raheela and questions her about talking to Shireen and threatens to reveal her truth to Nouman. Shireen and Asma lie about Asma being sick, to cancel Adan’s plan to tell Najia and Aksam about Somia. Meanwhile, Hatim gets engaged and isn’t happy.

    Episode 27

    Air Date: 03-May-2021

    Somia calls Fehmida to talk about Raheela. Hatim calls back Somia in case of an emergency and Adan picks up, and misinterprets the situation. As a result, Adan misunderstands Somia. Later on, Somia tries to resolve the problem but it gets worse. He also sees Shireen being nice to Raheela who tells Noman the half-truth to clear her name.

    Episode 28

    Air Date: 10-May-2021

    Somia calls Hatim in front of Adan to prove her innocence. Fehmida sees Somia’s call and complains to Kausar, while Raheela secretly records their conversation. Raheela’s mother visits and tells Raheela to back off from Somia when Kausar overhears about Raheela’s secret love for Hatim. Sumbal runs into Hatim at the mall who coincidentally sees Somia and starts talking to her, while Sumbal suspiciously takes their pictures.

    Episode 29

    Air Date: 17-May-2021

    Adan takes Somia out for dinner and asks her to accept Shireen. Shireen continues to taunt Somia about Hatim. Sumbal visits Raheela and shows her the video of Hatim and Somia at the mall which she forwards to Shireen. Meanwhile, Kausar confronts Raheela about sabotaging Hatim and Somia’s life. Later on, she visits Adan’s office and requests him to arrange a meet-up with her daughter.

    Episode 30 

    Air Date: 24-May-2021

    Adan brings Kausar home to meet Somia and she tells Somia to stop calling Hatim, when Adan overhears the half-truth and leaves angrily. When Kausar returns home, Noman gets in a fight with her. Shireen taunts Somia with Hatim’s name and she slaps her. Adan finds out and yells at Somia. Later on, Somia demands Adan to confront Shireen who shows Adan, Somia’s video in the mall with Hatim.

    Episode 31

    Air Date: 31-May-2021

    Adan goes to Somia’s house to confront Raheela who plays Fehmida’s voice recording in front of him and Kausar. Kausar yells at Raheela and Noman defends her. Kausar leaves home when Hatim runs into her and takes her to his home. Meanwhile, Shireen tells Somia about Kausar missing and she goes to Fehmida’s house to meet her mother. Hatim goes to Noman’s and hints at Raheela’s secret love for him.

    Episode 32 

    Air Date: 07-Jun-2021

    Adan confronts Somia at Hatim’s house when Kausar walks in, overhears Adan talking about a divorce, and gets a heart attack. Noman and Raheela find out and ask for forgiveness from Kausar as well. Meanwhile, Sabir sees Adan and Somia together at the hospital and calls Asma, who gets angry at Adan. Adan tells off his mother and Shireen whilst taking Somia’s side because he is finally convinced of her innocence.

    Episode 33 

    Air Date: 14-Jun-2021

    Adan moves out with Somia when Najia and Aksam surprise them and find out about Adan’s first wife, Somia. Aksam tells Sabir angrily, who advises Aksam to leave Najia as a way to save Shireen’s marriage. Najia overhears everything and refuses to pressurize her brother into leaving Somia and leaves Aksam instead. Meanwhile, Noman overhears Raheela’s mother talking about Raheela’s past.

    Episode 34 

    Air Date: 21-Jun-2021

    Noman asks Hatim to find out about Raheela’s truth, and later indirectly shows anger to Raheela. Najia returns home and supports Adan to stay with Somia. Shireen tries to influence Najia against Somia, who doesn’t believe it. Adan takes Shireen to Sabir’s house and tells him and Aksam that he’ll live with Shireen and Somia both. Shireen chooses Adan and tells him to bring Somia back.

    Episode 35 

    Air Date: 28-Jun-2021

    Adan brings Shireen back and requests her to convince Aksam to take Najia back home. Aksam, already ready to call Najia back, asks Sabir about the issue who sides against everyone. Meanwhile, Najia goes to meet Somia. Raheela confronts Noman about his silence and Noman slaps her. Fehmida finds out about Hatim and Sumbal’s breakup, and she confronts Raheela in front of Noman.

    Episode 36 

    Air Date: 05-Jul-2021

    Raheela apologizes to Somia for destroying her life. Noman throws Raheela out of the house and she seeks help from Fehmida and Hatim. Hatim meets Noman and tries to convince him to forgive Raheela, but he doesn’t. Hatim drives Raheela to her mother’s house. Meanwhile, Asma seeks forgiveness from Sabir, Aksam comes to take Najia, and Adan tries to bring Somia back.

    Episode 37

    Air Date: 12-Jul-2021

    Somia advises Hatim to pursue Sumbal, so he does. Adan brings Somia home and Asma welcomes her. Somia tries to show Shireen that they’re both equals. Shaista goes to Noman and asks him to take Raheela back. Noman forgives Raheela and brings her back. Meanwhile, Adan faints after taking tea meant for Somia. He is rushed to the hospital and everybody accuses Somia of poisoning him.

    Episode 38

    Air Date: 19-Jul-2021

    Adan gains consciousness and informs the police not to file any report. Adan meets Somia and tells her that they’ll move out. Asma takes the blame for poisoning Somia. Aksam asks Shireen to move back home after what she’s done. She apologizes to Asma when Adan overhears. Shireen leaves and Somia asks Adan to bring her back. Both try to bring Shireen back but she politely refuses and gives Adan back to Somia as a birthday gift.

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