Khuda Aur Muhabbat (S-3)

  • Start Date: 12-Feb-2021
  • End Date: 29-Oct-2021
  • Total Episodes: 39
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: 7th Sky Entertainment
  • TV Channel: GEO TV
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    Cast & Crew

    Waseem Abbas

    Taufeeq (Farhad's father)

    Asma Abbas

    Nasra (Farhad's mother)

    Fawad Jalal

    Sajjad (Farhad's elder brother)

    Hira Soomro

    Fareeha (Farhad's sister)

    Momina Iqbal

    Naheed (Farhad's neighbor)

    Usman Peerzada

    Kazim Shah (Mahi's father)

    Rubina Ashraf

    Mahi's mother

    Sohail Sameer

    Nazim Shah (Mahi's brother)

    Sunita Marshall

    Sahiba (Mahi's sister-in-law)

    Malik Raza

    Noora (Kazim Shah's servant)

    Saqib Sameer

    Dilawar (Kazim Shah's servant)

    Fariha Jabeen

    Fakeeran (Kazim Shah's servant)

    Shameen Khan

    Sajal (Kazim Shah's servant)

    Junaid Khan

    Sikander (Taimoor's elder brother)

    Hina Khawaja Bayat

    Mother of Taimoor & Sikander

    Mehar Bano

    Rida (Mahi's friend)

    Javed Sheikh

    Seth Nisar (Rida's father)

    Seemi Pasha

    Rida's mother




    Saqlain Raza Waraich

    Director of Photography


    Episode 1

    Air Date: 12-Feb-2021

    Farhad does not enjoy much recognition in his family as he has failed to graduate despite multiple attempts owing to his lack of seriousness in the studies. While his studious elder brother Sajjad is the center of attention in the family. Their father, Taufeeq, a government superintendent has high hopes for Sajjad but is concerned for his younger son’s future. Mahi comes from Bahawalpur to Lahore along with her sister-in-law to attend her friend Rida’s marriage. At the railway station, a shuffle of travel baggages brings her in front of a wealthy young man, Taimoor who earlier had been warned by a rapt to avoid the journey or to be ready for dire consequences.

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 19-Feb-2021

    Farhad faces the wrath of his father for not appearing in the exam. He is sent to work in Seth Nisar’s mansion who needed a man for Rida’s marriage arrangements. There he meets Mahi who at first mistakes him as a guest coming from Canada and then teases him knowing his reality. Farhad works tirelessly to win Seth Nisar’s confidence. Meanwhile, Mahi is also impressed and offers her friendship though apparently to use him for arranging a meeting between Rida and her fiance.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 26-Feb-2021

    Farhad starts daydreaming when Mahi offers him friendship. He escorts Rida and Mahi to Faris’s birthday party. They return home safely without raising any suspicion within the family. Naheed spots Farhad on his way back and starts fearing losing her love.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 05-Mar-2021

    Farhad gets full appreciation from Seth Nisar for the hard work he has done in Rida’s marriage. His efforts to express his feelings towards Mahi go in vain as she misunderstands him. Naheed is heartbroken by the continuous rejection from Farhad. Going back to Multan and his family, Taimoor hints at sending a marriage proposal for Mahi.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 12-Mar-2021

    Mahi leaves for Bahawalpur as her father Kazim Shah summons the girls home. Farhad at first is shocked to learn the news but then decides to chase his love. Leaving his family and poor Naheed in tears, he reaches Bahawalpur where he faces the strict landlord Kazim Shah and his son. Taimoor narrates to his mother his previous encounter with Darvesh and she is horrified to know about his thoughts. She then receives a mysterious prophecy ostensibly of happiness from the same Darvesh.

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 19-Mar-2021

    Farhad gets an insight into the milieu surrounding Kazim Shah’s state. As he gets curious about Mahi, he luckily gets a chance to have her glimpse as he is tested for his driving skills. Mahi and Sahiba are scared to learn about his arrival.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 26-Mar-2021

    Taimoor’s mother sends a formal request to meet Kazim Shah’s family in order to bring a proposal. Mahi warns Farhad through Fakeeran to leave the mansion immediately to save his life. Farhad wins the confidence of Nazim Shah and is shocked to know about Mahi’s feelings when she finds no other solution but to meet him.

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 02-Apr-2021

    Mahi’s blunt refusal spoils Farhad’s romantic dreams and he is later shattered to learn about her proposal. Taimoor’s family lands in Bahawalpur and both families felicitate imagining the upcoming prospects. Dilawar gets closer to Farhad whose family is surprised to receive his financial help.

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 09-Apr-2021

    Mahi’s alliance gets fixed with Taimoor which shocks Farhad. Farhad is admitted to the hospital after he is shot and wounded while trying to protect Nazim Shah from his enemies. His heroic earn him praise from the landlord family. Taimoor gets excited as he is summoned to his in-laws. 

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 16-Apr-2021

    Taimoor pays a traditional visit to the Kazim Shah’s mansion to meet Mahi’s family. As Farhad starts to recover, he is eager to get back to the mansion. When he returns, he is heartbroken to see Mahi blushing for her fiance. Mahi makes another effort by sending Faqeeran to Farhad to convince him to return to his world. Dilawar learns the real intentions behind Farhad’s stay in the mansion.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 23-Apr-2021

    Faqeeran informs Mahi about Farhad’s resolution and suggests that she should meet him in order to end all his optimism. Sajjal confesses her love to Farhad who refuses to accept it. Dilawar finds himself hesitant to act against his friend. Mahi decides to meet Farhad one last time to save her honor.

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 30-Apr-2021

    Mahi meets Farhad in an abandoned library adjacent to the garden where she bluntly asks him to leave the mansion as she loves her fiance. She goes one step ahead and purposefully humiliates him of his poverty. He responds by wishing her the same painful fate he has suffered and resolves to leave the place forever. Later, Dilawar gets worried to find him absent all day.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 07-May-2021

    The police recover a mutilated dead body from the railway track and based upon its belongings, declare it to be Farhad’s body further suggesting it to be buried soon. Hearing the news, Nazim Shah terms it murder by his rivals. The death news wreaks havoc on Farhad’s family. Farhad’s mother is admitted to the hospital after hearing the sad news while Sajjad sets off for Bahawalpur to receive the dead body.

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 14-May-2021

    Farhad’s mother is admitted to the hospital after hearing the news of his death and Sajjad cries at his grave. Mahi blames herself for Farhad’s death and weeps continuously. Taimoor is worried as Sikander is romantically involved in Romana, a courtesan. The mehndi ceremony is performed and Rida cries later remembering Farhad as he was a brother to him while Mahi is still unable to get out of the shock.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 21-May-2021

    Amma Sayin warns Sikander to not malign her respect and avoid visiting unnecessary people. She catches him on a call with Romana and he sets off to Lahore for a few days. Taimoor is highly excited for his marriage and celebrations are in full swing. The nikkah ceremony is performed. Mahi stays stern during her whole wedding. She leaves for Multan with her in-laws when Taimoor is shot on the way and dies on the spot.

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 28-May-2021

    Mahi’s family is distraught to hear about Taimoor’s death. Dilawar wishes Farhad a happy death as he wouldn’t have been able to bear Mahi’s marriage. Romana tries to call Sikander upon hearing about Taimoor’s death. Farhad’s family terribly misses him. Mahi considers being punished for hurting Farhad as she is now a widow. Rida tries to pacify her but she goes crazy and tears down her bridal gown.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 04-Jun-2021

    Channa Jee blames a man for theft on the train and it turns out to be Farhad. Romana feels weird after seeing him and tries to talk but Channa Jee doesn’t allow her. Mahi’s parents want to take her back home. Amma Sayin explains to others that her son paid for someone’s sins and it was a murder. Mahi refuses to leave and decides to stay back as Taimoor’s widow. Amma Sayin acts rudely towards Mahi because it was her brothers’ animosity that led to her son’s death.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 11-Jun-2021

    Mahi’s parents berate Nazim Shah for destroying Mahi’s life. Taimoor’s mother doesn’t let Mahi eat with her and everybody calls Mahi a bad omen responsible for Taimoor’s death. Romana comes to meet Sikander and she explains to Channa Jee how wrong she treated Farhad on the train. Farhad lands in a Darbar and Romana spots him. She tries to talk to him but he refuses to recognize her and leaves quietly.

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 18-Jun-2021

    Amma Sayin is still angry at Mahi but she saves a kid’s life in the house. Sikander seems to be caring towards her especially when she hurts herself. Romana can’t seem to forget Farhad and also refuses to perform for a well-known rich person, Malik Muneer. Farhad sits in a Dargah reminiscing about Mahi while his family sits distraught still mourning his death.

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 25-Jun-2021

    It’s a prayer meeting as 40 days pass since Taimoor’s death. Amma Sayin is unwilling to call Mahi’s family but Sikander convinces her. She stays rude throughout to her family. Romana goes to a prayer meeting to see Mahi. Farhad too comes with the old saint but Mahi doesn’t spot him. Instead, he leaves after being irritated with Romana.

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 02-Jul-2021

    Farhad’s mother has gone crazy after his death while he lives in dargah with the other Darvesh. Romana complains about Malik Munir to Sikander. As Sikander asks Mahi to find a file from his cupboard, she finds Romana’s picture and love letters as well. Amma Sayin faints after crying for hours and Mahi comes to her aid. Romana visits Farhad who forbids her from respecting him claiming himself to be worthless.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 09-Jul-2021

    Mahi looks after Amma Sayin till she heals but faces anger and hate in return from her. Naheed cries as she is to get married when still in love with Farhad. Sikander consoles Romana when she asks him for marriage but he is scared of Amma Sayin’s refusal and wrath.

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 16-Jul-2021

    Rida tells Mahi about moving to London with her husband. Darvesh visits the mansion with his fellows as per Amma Sayin’s request. He indirectly advises Amma Sayin to accept Mahi. Mahi feels Farhad’s presence but doesn’t see him. Rida complains to Sikander about mistreatment towards Mahi in the mansion by his mother.

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 23-Jul-2021

    Rida bids farewell to Mahi who attends to Amma Sayin when she falls sick again. Romana and Farhad share some words regarding pain in love. The servants of the mansion praise Mahi for being loving towards Amma Sayin who herself thinks of Mahi’s good deeds. Romana spots Farhad wandering in the market.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 23-Jul-2021

    Amma Sayin pacifies Mahi when she wakes up scared at night. Sikander meets Farhad at Romana’s place. He is pleased to see the patch-up between women. Naheed’s marriage is in full swing but she misses Farhad terribly. Amma is worried about Sikander visiting Romana and is suggested to marry him again.

    Episode 26

    Air Date: 30-Jul-2021

    Romana is shattered when Mahi calls her at her house and requests her to leave Sikander for good. Sikander also gets upset when his mother requests him to tie the knot with Mahi. Mahi sees Farhad alive at the shrine and faints out of shock.

    Episode 27

    Air Date: 06-Aug-2021

    Amma Sayin is on alert at Mahi’s health. Mahi’s mother comes to fetch her and berates Amma Sayin for ill-treating her daughter. Romana moves to another city with her senior and they decide to run the house on their own. Sikander is adamant to bring her back. Farhad is taken aback to see Mahi at her home when he brings medicine for her sent by the senior saint.

    Episode 28

    Air Date: 13-Aug-2021

    Farhad finds out about Mahi’s situation and blames himself for cursing her. He argues with Darvesh about knowing everything and always sending him to Mahi’s house. Mahi’s mother is shocked when Amma Sayin presents Sikander’s proposal but he agrees to the marriage. The neighbors flirt with Romana and her senior but receive a befitting reply.

    Episode 29

    Air Date: 20-Aug-2021

    Mahi begs Farhad to return to his family and refuses to wear the safety thread he got for her unless he admits to her conditions. Mahi’s brother gains Sikander’s support and hopes to become MNA soon. Mahi shares her troubled thoughts with her sister-in-law who concludes her to be in love with Farhad.

    Episode 30

    Air Date: 27-Aug-2021

    Mahi’s brother wants to accept the alliance to win Sikander’s support for elections. Her sister-in-law opposes the decision while her parents seek Mahi’s opinion. Darvesh sets off on a journey and leaves Farhad in charge of the shrine. Romana visits him and they share the pain of their incomplete love.

    Episode 31

    Air Date: 03-Sep-2021

    Mahi agrees to marry Sikander and Farhad seems hurt to hear the news. As he visits Mahi’s place, her brother is shocked to see him alive and decides to investigate the whole matter. Farhad’s family decides to visit the sacred shrine and his shattered mother finally comes across her son.

    Episode 32

    Air Date: 10-Sep-2021

    Farhad’s family begs him to return home but his father supports his decision, mending their relationship. Mahi’s brother, Nazim Shah discovers Farhad’s history and asks his men to find the girl he loves. Farhad reminisces about the lessons of love told by Darvesh.

    Episode 33

    Air Date: 17-Sep-2021

    Sikander goes berserk in search of Romana who goes to meet Farhad and is shocked to find Mahi as his lover. Mahi’s brother, Nazim receives the news and grows furious. He slaps his wife for supporting Mahi. The family questions and blames Mahi for her action. 

    Episode 34

    Air Date: 24-Sep-2021

    Mahi is worried about Farhad’s life which is threatened by Nazim. Nazim’s wife explains the whole truth to Mahi’s mother. Mahi and Farhad reminisce about their moments of friendship. Sikander tracks down Romana who reaches his place to talk to Amma Sayin and enlighten her with Mahi’s pain and true happiness. 

    Episode 35

    Air Date: 01-Oct-2021

    Amma Sayin asks Mahi about Farhad, and Sikander questions Farhad about Mahi. Farhad requests Sikander not to punish Mahi who cares about her family’s respect. Nazim calls his worker, Dilawar, to kill Farhad. Mahi’s parents regret not keeping her within limits.

    Episode 36

    Air Date: 08-Oct-2021

    Amma Sayin and Sikander talk to Mahi’s family about her alliance with Farhad. They get insulted but ask Nazim Shah to realize Mahi’s pain. Farhad and Amma Sayin share an emotional moment and she blesses him. Sikander and Romana unite on Amma Sayin’s wish.

    Episode 37

    Air Date: 15-Oct-2021

    Dilawar stabs Farhad and repents after recognizing him. Sikander attends to Farhad at the hospital and Amma Sayin berates Nazim Shah for his actions. Mahi faints upon hearing the news and her health starts deteriorating. Mahi’s parents wonder about her happiness seeing her condition. Farhad remembers Mahi in his critical state.

    Episode 38

    Air Date: 22-Oct-2021

    Farhad wakes and doesn’t give a statement against his friend. He gives up all hopes and returns to the shrine. His condition worsens and he burns in fever. Mahi and Farhad reminisce about the time and moments spent with each other. Amma begs Mahi’s mother to comply with her wish or see her dead. Mahi’s mother is lost in thoughts seeing her devastated state.

    Episode 39 (Last Episode) 

    Air Date: 05-Nov-2021

    Farhad waits for Mahi in his terrible state. Mahi’s father allows her to see Farhad due to her mother’s wish but Nazim Shah threatens to kill her. Amma Sayin berates him and stands by Mahi. Sikander drops her off to Farhad who breathes his last after seeing Mahi. Mahi too suffers a stroke and dies instantly by his side. The lovers are, at last, united by death. 

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