Log Kya Kahenge

Log Kya Kahenge

  • Start Date: 25-Jul-2020
  • End Date: 11-Mar-2021
  • Total Episodes: 31
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: iDream Entertainment
  • TV Channel: ARY Digital
  • Tags: , , ,

    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1 (25-Jul-2020)

    Haseeb lives with his mother, wife, and two beautiful children. He celebrates his daughter’s birthday lavishly but his mother advises him to cut unnecessary expenditures. He is fired from his job for failing to meet his target and tries to find out a better new job.

    Episode 2 (08-Aug-2020)

    Haseeb has been jobless for six months. The bank takes back his car and warns him that his house too will be sealed soon in case of non-payment. The school fee of his children has also been due for six months. His friend; Saad asks him to let his wife, Meerab, get a job and share his burden. Haseeb gets angry and leaves his friend on road.

    Episode 3 (15-Aug-2020)

    Tariq’s offer of financial help leaves Haseeb in embarrassment. His mother asks Meerab to get a job to meet household expenses. As Haseeb learns about it, he argues with Meerab blaming her for everything, and commits suicide in extreme depression and anxiety.

    Episode 4 (22-Aug-2020)

    Meerab and Saad take the dead body home and Meerab’s mother-in-law blames her for Haseeb’s death. Tariq terms the suicide as cowardice but Saad feels the guilt of not being a good support for Haseeb in his bad times. Meerab is left alone in deep pain with her children.

    Episode 5 (05-Sep-2020)

    Meerab learns about unpaid loans via bank representatives. Her house is going to be sold soon. Her mother-in-law starts mourning and once again accuses her of everything. Tariq argues with her calling Haseeb a coward. Daniya hears everything, gets traumatized, and tries to commit suicide like her father. Saad takes them to their home to help children.

    Episode 6 (12-Sep-2020)

    The house gets sealed at last due to unpaid loans. Meerab’s mother-in-law asks her to shift from Saad’s home and start something in order to earn bread and butter for the family. Meerab sells her entire jewelry and buys a small flat at a random area.

    Episode 7 (19-Sep-2020)

    The children find the small house unsuitable and complain about the new environment. Her mother-in-law shares everything about Haseeb’s suicide with neighbors and argues with Meerab when she tries to stop her. Meerab goes to Daniya’s school to apply for the job where she hears about Daniya’s fight with her fellow. Meerab scolds her in front of everyone and gets her back home.

    Episode 8 (26-Sep-2020)

    Meerab is worried about household expenses and tries to cope with an uncertain situation. Meanwhile, children and mother-in-law give her a tough time. She goes for many interviews but does not get any job. Saad picks up the children from school and sees Meerab taking a bus. He stops her from doing all this as she gets back to her home.

    Episode 9 (03-Oct-2020)

    Haroon lives with his sister and mother in the neighborhood of Meerab. He tries to befriend Rahim, Meerab’s younger son, to get closer to Meerab. A few scamps start teasing Meerab in the neighborhood. Saad and Kiran try to help her as much as they can. Tariq wants to take his sister with him to Islamabad but her mother-in-law refuses angrily. Anam, Tariq’s wife, suggests Meerab’s second marriage.

    Episode 10 (10-Oct-2020)

    Haroon tries to disrespect Meerab and adds fuel to fire by telling false stories about her to the society committee. Meerab is worried about the school fee and her job and Haroon is there to offer financial help. She finally gets a job.

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