Main Haari Piya

  • Start Date: 4-Oct-2021
  • End Date: 20-Jan-2022
  • Total Episodes: 63
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: BigBang Entertainment
  • TV Channel: ARY Digital
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    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1~4

    Air Date: 04-Oct-2021 ~ 07-Oct-2021

    Sara and Fawad are happily married for seven years without a child. Fawad’s sister, Maria instigates her kind mother against Sara being barren. Maria’s mother-in-law wants her daughter to be married to Maria’s elder divorced brother, Saood. Sara’s friend, Farwa hails from a middle-class family and wishes for a life like hers. She is elated as her boyfriend brings a proposal but rejects him as his family misbehaves. Fawad’s mother emotionally convinces Sara for Fawad’s second marriage. Sara opposes Farwa’s marriage to an elderly and promises to get her married to Fawad.

    Episode 5~8

    Air Date: 11-Oct-2021 ~ 14-Oct-2021

    Farwa scolds Sara for her silly words but Sara convinces her somehow. Farwa’s family can’t control their happiness when they get money from Fawad’s mother for shopping. Fawad berates Sara and his mother for their stupid decision. Maria refuses to accept a woman from a poor background into the family. Sara begs Fawad to agree and both break down. Finally, Fawad and Farwa are married but they are unable to accept each other. Farwa’s mother berates Sara and asks her to bring the newly married couple close as she sees Farwa sleeping in another room. 

    Episode 9~11

    Air Date: 18-Oct-2021 ~ 21-Oct-2021

    Farwa is upset as Fawad is unable to accept the marriage. Sara and Fawad seem hurt but try to cope with the situation. Maria convinces her mother to agree to Saood’s marriage to Waqar’s sister. Waqar’s mother and sister act nice towards Maria waiting for the marriage with Saood. Waqar’s mother wants to rush marriage and talks to her daughter to lure Saood. Farwa starts being aggressive and extracts gold and money from Fawad. She tries to win him over and manages to drag him away from Sara for the night. Fawad’s mother Nafeesa too advises him to be just with both wives. Farwa’s mother asks her to look for Salman’s job. Fawad decides to pay for Farwa’s invested money every month, hiding it from his mother. She orders food for herself and Fawad in the room, hurting Sara.

    Episode 12~15

    Air Date: 25-Oct-2021 ~ 28-Oct-2021

    Farwa starts showing her true colors and reacts to every little thing. She shouts at Sara for being Fawad’s love forever. She argues with Fawad who asks her to leave the house. Sara is upset and decides to bring back Farwa. Farwa’s mother asks Sara to give Farwa the proper rights as a wife. Sara tries her best but Fawad is unable to accept Farwa. A trip to Islamabad is a way to bring the newly married couple closer which brings another chaos at the house when Fawad refuses Farwa’s company but later agrees for Sara’s happiness. Farwa decides to finish Sara if she is unable to get Fawad. A friend of Fawad’s mother puts her in a dilemma, warning her of injustice to Sara. Maria doesn’t want Saood to marry Waqar’s sister, Hina, who receives continuous calls from her ex-husband.

    Episode 16~19

    Air Date: 01-Nov-2021 ~ 04-Nov-2021

    Fawad expresses his love for Sara and explains how he won’t be able to reciprocate her feelings in the same way. Farwa is furious as Fawad instantly leaves for home when Sara falls sick. Farwa scolds Sara and asks for a divorce from Fawad. She faints and turns out to be pregnant. The family rejoices but Farwa warns Sara to stay away from her and the child. Maria is happy as Waqar receives a promotion but her mother-in-law spoils the mood. Hina is asked by Jawad for a meeting but is spotted by Waqar. Waqar requests Maria to convince Saood for marriage with Hina. Farwa plays tricks to create a situation where Nafeesa would insult Sara. Nafeesa scolds Sara for going out with Fawad leaving Farwa alone. Fawad realizes Farwa’s foul play and warns her. Saood calls Maria to scold her for tricking Hina but it is heard by Waqar.

    Episode 20~23

    Air Date: 08-Nov-2021 ~ 11-Nov-2021

    Waqar throws Maria out of the house after finding out the truth. Sara is hurt and upset at the whole situation and fears growing distant from Fawad. Farwa plays her moves and traps Maria and Ammi on her side. Theft takes place at Salman’s house but it is revealed that he planned it himself. Farwa figures it out and chides him. She instructs Maria’s kids about how to behave at home to get Maria back into the house. Sara prepares for dinner with Fawad but Farwa calls him to her mother’s house. The dinner skips but Fawad still spends time with Sara that irks Farwa. Maria stands with Farwa to help her. Fawad worries about a project and Farwa decides to help him. Maria instigates Nafeesa against Sara who takes all household responsibilities from her and transfers to Farwa. Salman is called to Fawad’s office for work. Farwa keeps brainwashing Nafeesa against Sara.

    Episode 24~27

    Air Date: 15-Nov-2021 ~ 18-Nov-2021

    Nafeesa is instigated by Farwa against Sara. The servant informs Fawad about injustice with Sara and he takes her out. Maria scolds Sara for trapping Fawad and he misbehaves with his sister and mother. Salman is angry at Fawad for not treating him well at the office. Farwa helps Fawad crack a deal with a client and he gives a good position to Salman in return. Salman’s friends refuse to give him the stolen money. Maria wants Sara to leave Fawad. Saood returns and is shocked to see the chaotic situation of his family. He notices Farwa’s tactics and scolds her. He warns Nafeesa about Farwa and takes Sara’s side. Farwa plans to deal with Saood who always favors Sara. Saood wishes to marry Hina if Waqar takes back Maria. Fawad assures Sara to always be with her as Farwa was imposed on him. Saood arranges Maria’s departure and Waqar comes to take her. She refuses to go but Nafeesa convinces her. 

    Episode 28~31

    Air Date: 22-Nov-2021 ~ 25-Nov-2021

    Salman goes to the office for the job. He nearly makes a theft from Fawad’s office but puts the money back to build trust and to later perform the action. Salman’s supervisor gets impressed with his work. Farwa asks Fawad to go for shopping for the baby. Saood and Hina enjoy their newly found love. Nafeesa finalizes Saood and Hina’s marriage upon his insistence. Maria scolds her daughter for contacting her father. She also scolds her husband for taking his wife back at his sister’s request. Saood berates his mother and brother for their injustice towards Sara. Farwa taunts Sara as she winces in pain and records her picture with Saood when he helps her. Fawad stays worried for Sara and immediately meets her after coming back from work, irritating Farwa. Farwa secures her place in Nafeesa’s heart who promises to keep her by Fawad’s side even if it requires Sara to get separated from him. Amma leaves Sara at home to go shopping with Farwa but Saood takes Sara upon Fawad’s request which annoys Hina.

    Episode 32~35

    Air Date: 29-Nov-2021 ~ 02-Dec-2021

    Sara is deprived of all the responsibilities for Saood’s wedding. Maria takes part in the preparations on Farwa’s insistence on mending relations with her husband. Farwa plans another game with Nafeesa’s sister who wanted to marry Saood with her granddaughter. Farwa trips from the stairs and is unable to join the wedding. Maria is annoyed as Sara manages the functions but Fawad supports Sara. Hina is annoyed to see the bond between Saood and Sara. Maria instigates everyone against Sara. Nafeesa’s sister, Maria’s husband, mother-in-law and Hina lose their trust in Sara who is hurt by Hina’s misbehavior. She confronts Farwa who accuses her of trying to trap Saood. Farwa creates a dramatic scene that culminates in Sara slapping her. Nafeesa berates Sara while Saood takes Sara’s side. Hina too accuses Saood of being way too close with Sara at which the new couple argues. Fawad doesn’t believe the accusation and Hina’s attitude creates a disturbance in the house and her married life. Farwa instigates Hina against Sara and advises her to take Saood abroad to save her marriage.

    Episode 36~39

    Air Date: 06-Dec-2021 ~ 09-Dec-2021

    Hina’s family comes to question Saood about his divorce threats to her. Hina is found to be at fault and Waqar rebukes her. Salman steals money from Fawad’s office. Sara cries as Farwa mocks her. Sara’s sister, Javeria insults Farwa. Farwa faints and is taken to the hospital. She gives birth to a boy passing a crucial time. A function is held to welcome the newborn. Farwa warns Sara to stay away from her child. Fawad names the newborn as Saad as Sara had wished. Hina is enraged to see Sara and Saood talking in a room and accuses them of having an affair. Sara begs her not to create a scene as Saood is his brother. Saood locks Hina in the room to save the event. Saad suffers from jaundice and is taken to the hospital. He recovers and Farwa blames Sara to be an ill omen to which an argument ensues and Amma Jaan asks Sara to leave the house. Farwa shows pictures of Saood and Sara to Hina who leaves the house and in return, Waqar throws out Maria.

    Episode 40~43

    Air Date: 13-Dec-2021 ~ 16-Dec-2021

    Fawad questions Hina about her argument with Saood. She sends their pictures to Fawad who tries to confront Farwa. Farwa falsely swears on Saad. Fawad misinterprets Saood and Sara’s conversation and quarrels with her. Sara silently takes the blame and leaves the house. Fawad gets upset and goes to bring her back but she refuses and talks emotionally to him. He promises to take her back with all respect. Farwa starts showing her true colors as noticed by Maria and they bicker terribly. Hina’s mother suffers a stroke as she wants a divorce. Javeria suggests Sara to take divorce from Fawad but she cries helplessly and refuses. Amma Jaan is shocked to see Farwa’s insolent behavior and realizes Sara’s worth. Jahan Ara calls for Maria and her kids on her deathbed. She apologizes to them and breathes her last. Salman steals seven lac rupees from Fawad’s office. 

    Episode 44~47

    Air Date: 20-Dec-2021 ~ 23-Dec-2021

    Fawad suspects Salman to be involved in the crime after his change of statements. Farwa is scared and confronts Salman. Fawad records her video in an attempt to gather proof of Sara’s innocence. Farwa taunts Saood for not being able to handle his house. Nafeesa expresses her hate towards Farwa and she too doesn’t bother. Salman is arrested for stealing some prize bonds. Farwa reaches the police station but it turns out that it was Fawad who got him arrested. Hina shouts at Saood at Jahan Ara’s funeral and Saood exposes Farwa’s truth about spreading his picture with Sara. Farwa cries and leaves for her mother’s place. Everyone is excited to bring Sara back. Saad suffers an internal head injury after falling from the bed. Farwa is scared as Fawad relates Saad’s condition to Farwa. She immediately calls Sara and begs for forgiveness. 

    Episode 48~51

    Air Date: 27-Dec-2021 ~ 30-Dec-2021

    Hina gets scared as robbers break into the house and steal Maria’s stuff. Nafeesa feels sad as she reminisces about the wrong done to Sara. Fawad agrees to take his complaint back regarding Salman but refuses to forgive him and Farwa. Farwa apologizes to everyone and goes with the family to bring back Sara. Everyone is happy while Farwa decides to quit fighting for Fawad and focus on her child. Salman is angry as his mother blames him for causing all chaos. Saood refuses to bring back Hina unless she forms her ways. Maria and Waqar argue over Hina who feels hurt and tries to mend her ways. Maria leaves the house and asks for a divorce. Nafeesa feels upset as this disturbs the peace of the house. Hina takes care of Maria’s children. She turns out to be pregnant and Saood takes her back. The disputes are sorted but Maria stays furious and unhappy. Sara is happy as Hina bonds with her as well.

    Episode 52~55

    Air Date: 03-Jan-2022 ~ 06-Jan-2022

    Sara creates a bond with Saad and prays for him. Farwa gets scared and thinks of Sara performing black magic on him. She informs her mother who talks ill about Sara. Sara is shocked to see Salman working as a delivery boy and secretly helps him. She requests Fawad to give another chance to Salman. Maria and Waqar are still on bad terms while Hina is happy to move to the UK soon. Nafeesa asks Fawad to care for Farwa as he gives a car to Sara. Farwa demands a separate house. Salman and his mother feel grateful to Sara as she helps Salman become the owner of a restaurant. Maria has a change of heart as she meets with an accident. She apologizes to Sara who takes care of her during the difficult time.

    Episode 56~59

    Air Date: 10-Jan-2022 ~ 13-Jan-2022

    Sara fears losing Saad in case of Farwa shifts to a separate house. Farwa refuses to shift to the new house without her son. Sara wins Maria’s heart by caring for her family during her injury. Fawad becomes restless as he fails to maintain justice between both of his wives. Sara pleads to stop Farwa as she packs to shift to the new house. Fawad supports Farwa’s decision leaving his mother and Sara surprised. Farwa feels victorious as her plans succeed. She shifts to the new house leaving everyone aggrieved. Salman’s business starts experiencing success. Sara comes to congratulate Farwa on her new house but she humiliates and taunts Sara terming her jealous of her success. Sara leaves sadly and Fawad asks her to accept the reality that Farwa has more rights on Saad than her. Salman pays gratitude to Fawad and hands him over all the profit but he divides it equally and is pleased to learn that Salman, at last, has chosen to tread on the right path. Farwa feels lonely in her house as Fawad enjoys dinner with Sara. After he leaves, Sara takes pills reminiscing the harsh conversation with Farwa. After rushing her to hospital, it is revealed that she is pregnant which leaves Farwa’s happiness short-lived.

    Episode 60~63 (Last Episode) 

    Air Date: 17-Jan-2022 ~ 20-Jan-2022

    Farwa considers her position in jeopardy if Sara becomes a mother. She mixes something in milk intended for Sara but it falls down and Sara suspects her considering its smell. Farwa learns that Salman’s success has become only possible due to Sara’s help but still she calls her a liar. She slaps Salman when he refuses to return the restaurant to Sara. Salman is shot a bullet during a scuffle with his friends and is rushed to the hospital. Sara and Fawad reach the hospital but Farwa refuses to visit. Some robbers sneak into Farwa’s house. They flee when she calls Fawad and the police for help. Sara advises her to return to the house for the time being and the scared Farwa accepts it. There, she envies Fawad’s attention to Sara. Some months lapse and Sara gives birth to a baby boy who is named Asad. Salman also has got married.

    Farwa thinks that her son is being neglected after the birth of Asad and she keeps getting jealous and planning something malicious. On getting an opportunity, she tries to kill Asad. While Sara arrives in time, Saad falls down and Farwa blames Sara for killing Saad. Fawad refuses to trust Farwa and she confesses her lies after knowing that Saad has been suffering epilepsy. She begs for forgiveness but Fawad does not trust her. He divorces her after taking her child. Later, Sara calls her to console but Farwa refuses to admit her mistakes. One year passes and Farwa realizes at last that her own mistakes ruined her life. She continues living with regret and shame.

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