Mere Humsafar

  • Start Date: 30-Dec-2021
  • End Date: 29-Sep-2022
  • Total Episodes: 40
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: Six Sigma Plus
  • TV Channel: ARY Digital

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Cast & Crew

Hira Khan

Roomi (Hamza's sister)

Waseem Abbas

Raees (Hamza's father)

Saba Hamid

Shah Jahan (Hamza's mother)

Alyy Khan

Nafees (Hala's father)

Hira Umer

Maryam (Hala's step-sister)

Samina Ahmed

Raees' mother

Tara Mahmood

Sofia (Jalees's wife)

Zoya Nasir

Sameen (Jalees's daughter)




Episode 1

Air Date: 30-Dec-2021

Raess lives with his wife Shah Jahan, son Hamza and daughter Roomi. He struggles to support living expenses such as his son’s book and his mother’s medicine. His wife hands over her savings just so he would bring the book for her son. Shah Jahan’s sister, Sofia is married to Raees’s brother Jalees, whose right hand was handicapped after getting fired by a bullet when trying to stop a robbery. His daughter Sameen is a top scorer at school. Shah Jahan and Sofia’s mother-in-law is an imaginative and selfish woman who always criticizes her daughters-in-law for whatever excuse she comes up with. The third brother, Nafees returns from London with his toddler daughter, Hala after a divorce and a remarriage. With the new wife refusing to keep his daughter, he’s forced to beg his family here for help in bringing up his daughter. Refusing at first, his mother finally agrees to the matter of Hala staying with them after Nafees gifts her a pair of earrings.

Episode 2

Air Date: 06-Jan-2022

Nafees convinces his mother and elder brother, Raees to let his daughter stay with them. He also promises to deliver timely cash for Hala’s expenses once he is gone. First night after her father’s departure, Hala cries for hours until finally, she sleeps next to her grandma. Early in the morning, Raees buys gifts for his family members. However, when it’s his wife’s turn, he rudely throws the shopping bag at her. Enraged, Shah Jahan bad mouths her husband and mother-in-law. Coincidentally, Hala hears all of her complaints and reports them to her grandma out of innocence. The end result is Shah Jahan getting slapped by Raees and her hatred for Hala piercing the seven skies. As a revenge, Shah Jahan doesn’t prepare Hala well enough for the school entry exam and so Hala fails the test. Raees then admits her into an Urdu medium school. Years later, Hala is seen traveling home by foot since she has utilized her money on a glass of juice.

Episode 3

Air Date: 13-Jan-2022

Hala is starving after treading home on foot from University. Roomi deliberately hands her the pizza left in place for Sameen. Finding the pizza box empty, Sofia and Shah Jahan mock Hala for being greedy. Sameen knows it’s the result of Roomi’s jealousy towards her and doesn’t blame Hala for it. Hala’s best friend, Shafaq is very caring of her. Meanwhile, both Hala and Shafaq’s brother Khurram have developed feelings for each other. Upon Khurram’s insistence, they haven’t made the matter public yet. Jalees is very understanding of his niece Hala and cares for her a lot. Back at home, Shah Jahan orders Hala to prepare food. Due to gas leakage, Hala abandons the work and goes to sleep. Later, Shah Jahan refuses to believe her explanations and calls her a liar. Not long after, she gets burned due to the gas problems. Acting stubborn, she blames Hala for the misfortune. Raees gets irritated at being reminded of Nafees supplying for his business. Roomi fails the exams and declares her wish to marry which infuriates Shah Jahan. Even after taking refuge in her grandmother’s presence, she gets slapped by her mother. 

Episode 4

Air Date: 20-Jan-2022

Khurram unexpectedly calls Hala and both chat for a while. Later, Shafaq calls and reveals news regarding another friend’s marriage. Hala admits the matter to her grandmother who hands her two hundred rupees for salami. She also receives an old and shabby suit for wearing at the ceremony. Shah Jahan accidentally pulls the grandmother’s arm while trying to grab Roomi. A new scene erupts with Raees being furious like a bull. Not satisfied, Shah Jahan is once again scolding Roomi but her husband intervenes. He then announces his decision to marry Roomi. Sameen allows Hala to chat with Nafees through her phone. Raees spots her doing so and makes a big deal out of it. Sameen lends her own suit to Hala. Guests arrive for Roomi’s proposal. They catch a glimpse of the beautifully dressed Hala and like her instead. Raees then orders Hala to bring medicine but she fails to find it as she loses the money. The dress is also a bit torn. Back at home, she listens to a barrage of taunts for these mistakes. Afterward, Khurram drops Hala off at the bus stop. He’s also a bit irritated at Hala getting fancied by the previous guests.

Episode 5

Air Date: 27-Jan-2022

Hala and Khurram are having a meal at a restaurant. Khurram’s friends arrive and so he abandons Hala after paying for the bill. Back at home, Khurram’s uncle and aunt announce their plans of marrying Shafaq to him. Khurram is both confused as well as angry. Guests come once again to propose for Roomi. Shah Jahan shoos away Hala from the guest room’s periphery. Sameen taunts Roomi for not being favored by the previous guests. The grandma refuses to meet the guests until Shah Jahan begs her. Unexpectedly, the guests ask for Sameen’s hand rather than Roomi. Shah Jahan refuses politely saying how Sameen’s hand is reserved for her son Hamza. The grandmother is bewildered when she hears it. She declares her plans of marrying Hamza to her favorite Hala. Roomi accidentally hurts herself after smashing a glass in rage. Hala tries helping but then Shah Jahan arrives. Without any explanation, she beats the hell out of Hala. Raees arrives afterward and tends to his own daughter. Shah Jahan and grandma remain at loggerheads regarding Hamza’s marriage partner. Raees favors his mother’s decision while Shah Jahan is impressed by Sameen’s academic accomplishments.

Episode 6

Air Date: 03-Feb-2022

Roomi taunts Sameen through poetry and she responds how Roomi got overlooked twice, because of Hala. Later, Roomi warns Hala not to dwell in illusions regarding her brother. Shafaq inquires Hala whether she has someone she likes. Hala says yes but refuses to disclose the person’s name. The granny is about to force Hamza to marry Hala. Raees lies and tells her that Hamza isn’t willing to do so. But in case she still persists in her decision, he won’t go against her wishes. Granny is both confused as well as a bit emotional. She then stops reinforcing Hala’s marriage with Hamza. Raees and Shah Jahan tell Nafees to take away his daughter. Hala is delighted knowing she’ll live with her father soon. Khurram reprimands Hala for not telling him about her plans of leaving for London. She consoles him saying how she will invite him there soon enough. He becomes ecstatic and begins his preparation for moving to London. Later, Hala’s father refuses to let her stay with him. He even suggests his family members to marry her. Khurram gets mad knowing there’s no chance of going to London for him. Hala is irritated after he continuously blames her. She suggests him to ask for her hand in marriage. Otherwise, she’ll suspect the sincerity of his love. Sameen confronts Hala regarding her interest in Hamza but Hala hints at her relationship with Khurram to ease her cousin’s doubts. 

Episode 7

Air Date: 10-Feb-2022

Hala reveals her and Khurram’s matter to Sameen. Sofia then manipulates her daughter Sameen into telling her the whole story. Shah Jahan also listens carefully of Hala’s endeavors. Nafees sends 50 lakh rupees to Raees for his daughter’s marriage. Raees plans to wed Hala within the minimum budget and keep the rest money for his own family. He chooses a stupid guy named Naveed as Hala’s life companion. Her grandmother objects to marrying Hala to an idiot. Roomi gets increasingly frank with the bus driver. Sameen forbids her again and again but to no avail. Meanwhile, the busboy sets his sight on Sameen. Shah Jahan discovers Hala secretly chatting with Khurram. She confiscates Hala’s phone and then invites Khurram to visit. Khurram believes her lies about Hala getting married to Hamza instead of Naveed. Meanwhile, Hala accidentally mentions her matter with Khurram in front of Shafaq and her family. While they’re shocked at the secret affair, Hala also despairs after learning of Khurram’s engagement with Shafaq. Khurram arrives and calls Hala a liar. She’s finally kicked out of her friend’s house. Hamza comes back from abroad after finishing his studies.

Episode 8

Air Date: 17-Feb-2022

Hamza returns home and gets emotional when meeting his family members after years upon years. He brings back a lot of gifts for everybody including Hala. Shah Jahan is irritated at her son’s generosity towards Hala and tries persuading him against it. Hamza remains firm and hands over the gifts to Hala. Later, he plans a family dinner somewhere outside. Shah Jahan stares at Hala with her vulture eyes and so the latter declines the dinner invitation. Hamza then packs a lot of food for Hala and gives it to her after getting back home. Once again, Shah Jahan’s heart aches at witnessing such delicious food being eaten by the miserable fellow. She forces Hala to spit out the food. Later, she announces her plans of marrying Sameen to Hamza. Hamza gets confused at first and later declines his mother’s plans for him. Hala calls Shafaq out of sadness. Her friend is berated by her mother for still talking to the ‘man-stealing witch’. Her father later gives Khurram and his mother the buzz-off notice. Khurram’s mother becomes ill due to excess cold while traveling on his bike. He takes her to the hospital and later requests his friends to point out a suitable apartment for them both.

Episode 9

Air Date: 24-Feb-2022

Hamza grants Hala the opportunity to contact her father through his cell phone. Unfortunately, her father has run off on a family vacation and no contact is possible. Shah Jahan later twists Hala’s arm for trying to disrupt the marriage by contacting her father. Shah Jahan enjoys a great deal by blackmailing Hala about revealing Khurram’s matter. Hamza is amazed as well as disgusted at the son-in-law his parents chose for Hala. Naveed’s step-brother becomes suspicious of the reason for Hala’s marriage to his lowly brother. He blames it all on Hala’s lack of character. Hamza loses his cool after hearing such remarks. He then beats away the million-dollar groom as well as his crap-filled brother. Shah Jahan is thoroughly disappointed in her failed attempt at ruining Hala’s life. She and Sofia plan to invite Khurram into revealing Hala’s lack of character. Sameen seeks opportunities to spend quality time with Hamza. Roomi calls the busboy through Sameen’s phone and declares her interest in the stupid guy while impersonating Sameen’s voice. Hala falls sick which perplexes the kind-hearted Hamza. Khurram reveals the news of Hala’s marriage to her cousin from Australia.

Episode 10

Air Date: 03-Mar-2022

Hamza intrudes upon Shah Jahan while she’s busy scaring poor Hala. Shah Jahan cooks up some lame excuses to pacify her son’s worry.  Hala prepares to head off for her coaching classes but Shah Jahan retains her. Poor girl is forced to busy herself in the kitchen instead. The bus boy’s confidence has skyrocketed after the late-night call with ‘Sameen’ previously. He greets her with a moronic smile. Sameen feels disgusted by his daring and berates him severely. Later, she also scolds Roomi for being at fault here. Hamza inquires about the reason for Hala not attending any college or tuition. Shah Jahan blames it all upon Hala being a mental retard. Granny’s condition worsens and is taken to the hospital. Roomi continues her disguise as Sameen and flirts with the lecherous busboy on the phone. Hamza accompanies Hala to the hospital the next day. Khurram, who’s also in the hospital, taunts Hala for being a traitor. Shah Jahan lies to Nafees about Hala discontinuing the marriage at the last moment. Hala later tries borrowing Hamza’s phone but Shah Jahan intrudes upon them. The distraught girl then asks Hamza to explain the matter of marriage to her father and leaves. Shah Jahan persuades Hamza to ask for Hala’s hand in marriage. Khurram is disgusted by her lies and tells her to buzz off.

Episode 11

Air Date: 10-Mar-2022

Roomi keeps flirting with the busboy on the phone. He then proposes to take her for dinner. She tries to refuse the invitation but the stupid guy insists. Roomi then pretends to be sick the next day. Sameen is freaked out to see Hashir (van boy) calling her as his future wife. In the end, Sameen manages to slip away while Hashir is being beaten by roadside strangers. He then rushes to follow her back home and makes an eye-catching scene. He goes on to explain how one of the three girls used to chat with him late at night. Shah Jahan puts all blame on Hala, even after knowing the truth. Hamza resolves to know the truth of the matter. Shah Jahan later kicks Hala out of home at midnight. Nobody else gets a hint of Hala’s departure. In the morning, she presents a letter where ‘Hala’ narrates her hatred for Sameen. Hamza comes across Hala while out for a run. He asks her to recount the whole story. Later, he takes the scared girl back home.

Episode 12

Air Date: 17-Mar-2022

Shah Jahan and the rest are baffled to see Hala coming back with Hamza. Raees refuses to let Hala live in his house any longer. Hamza falls into desperation and finally marries Hala after being left with no other choice. The marriage ceremony is in fact held within a mosque. The family members feel like a meteorite has bombarded their heads after hearing of the marriage. Sameen feels devastated while butterflies are flying around in Roomi’s stomach. She continues gloating upon Sameen’s miserable outcome. Shah Jahan and the rest fail to make Hamza bend on his choice. Old Granny is yet another person who feels terribly satisfied. Hamza and Hala seem like a heavenly couple to her. Henceforth, she even prepares massive sets of jewelry for Hala. Hamza swears to investigate further into the bus boy’s matter, as well as the criminal behind the late-night phone calls.

Episode 13

Air Date: 24-Mar-2022

Hala still feels awkward and is unable to adjust to her new role as Hamza’s life partner. Both her husband as well as dear-old granny convince her to calm down and get settled. Granny reminds Hamza of his immense luck by having married the kind-hearted Hala. Shah Jahan forbids Hala to join others at the breakfast table. She even threatens to cut her veins unless Hala exits the dining room. Raees and Shah Jahan run up Nafees’s phone to vent their anger. Poor Nafees hears a bombardment of curses and slanders as soon as the conversation begins. He then refuses to chat with the uncivilized couple and instead figures out the details from his mother. Raees prepares divorce papers and makes an attempt at manipulating his son to sign them. As expected, Hamza tears apart the loathsome papers and thus declares his stance clearly. Some relatives come over and especially request to meet the newly-wed couple.

Episode 14

Air Date: 31-Mar-2022

Hamza is amazed to see Hala’s ‘luxurious’ collection of dresses. Either they’re torn from some place or had bleach spilled upon them etc. All in all, her collection of dresses is truly pathetic. Good old granny forces Raees to cough up the money meant for Hala’s wedding. She then hands it over to Hamza in order to prepare for a grand wedding reception. Hamza also takes Hala on a shopping spree. Soon, the wedding reception is held and a lot of guests come to celebrate. Shah Jahan can only paste a fake smile on her face and laments on her misery. Sameen despairs to see Hala sitting in ‘her place’ and slips away. Soon after the celebration, she almost scratches her wrist with a glass shard. Hamza hurries to take her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Hala is immeasurably worried at home and freaks out when Hamza comes back. She begs him to divorce her and embrace Sameen instead. Hamza finally has had enough of Hala’s constant nagging and lashes back at her. He tells her to shut the hell up loud and clear. 

Episode 15

Air Date: 08-Apr-2022

Hamza berates Hala for continuously mentioning divorce. He then goes on with threats about clipping her tongue in case she does refer to it again. Hala begs her uncle Jalees for forgiveness. Sameen intervenes and tells her ‘enemy’ Hala to buzz off. Roomi is gloating at Sameen’s miserable outcome. Khurram’s mother is on her deathbed and wishes to see her sister and niece. Khurram refuses at first but later bends to his mother’s wish. Shafaq and her mother readily agree to visit Khurram’s mother. Sofia is of the mind to play Khurram’s card and ruin Hala’s marriage. Shah Jahan then reveals her act of having invited Khurram to their home. And how she played the role of an angel and ‘wished’ to marry her son to Hala. Sofia is disgusted by Shah Jahan’s decision to keep matters hidden and leaves in fury. Nafees orders Hala to feel gratitude and stop caring about what others think.

Episode 16

Air Date: 15-Apr-2022

Hamza brings along Hala for a dinner party together with his friends. Hala is unaware of how to eat with chopsticks and so resorts to excuses about being full already. Later, Hamza takes her along for a separate dinner at some restaurant. Coincidentally, Khurram is there as well and keeps peeping at the couple with venomous eyes. Shah Jahan threatens to burn her newlywed daughter-in-law while alone. Hala refuses to back down and warns her against the possible outcome after the murder. Shafaq and her mother spare no effort in caring for her aunt. Unfortunately, Khurram’s mother passes away without any prior notice. He, as well as his uncle’s family, are left devastated at the sudden death. Sameen and her mother, Sofia ignore Shah Jahan because of her irrelevance in the matter.

Episode 17

Air Date: 22-Apr-2022

Hala continues feeling dejected at her marriage with Hamza as she feels unworthy of her husband. The busboy spots Sameen while they’re outdoor. He chases her for a while but unluckily for him, the sparrow slips away from his claws. Sameen suffers from anxiety and depression due to the incident. She even messes with Hala publicly and is reprimanded by Hamza for her daring. Hamza later reveals to Sameen how he never felt any amorous intentions towards her at all. Khurram is fantasizing about permanently staying at his uncle’s house. His dreams are shattered after his uncle gives him the buzz-off call. The clever guy then proposes to marry Shafaq in the name of pleasing his mother’s wandering soul. The stern uncle then bombards Khurram with the news of Shafaq’s recent engagement. Shah Jahan advises Sameen to keep her pursuer’s matter a secret, all for her own good. The busboy corners Sameen once again. Coincidentally, Khurram arrives in time and saves the damsel in distress. She is worried sick after witnessing her rescuer’s injuries. Meanwhile, the said rescuer feels impervious to his pain. Instead, he continues ogling at the fairy with Romeo’s eyes.

Episode 18

Air Date: 29-Apr-2022

Shah Jahan is perplexed to witness the shrinking distance between Hamza and Hala. She goes over to meet Shafaq as a last resort. All she asks is for Shafaq to rescue Hala from a fruitless and uncertain relationship and help her marry Khurram. Shafaq retaliates by disclosing the news of Khurram being her ex-fiance. She refuses to lend her any help. Sameen feels overly concerned about Khurram which the greedy fellow will surely take advantage of. Jalees accidentally bumps across his daughter in the hospital and learns the whole story. Sofia is flabbergasted at her daughter’s misfortune. She firmly believes in marrying Sameen as soon as possible. Shah Jahan is baffled to see guests demanding Sameen’s hand. She throws a tantrum and eats everybody’s brains out. Hamza continues molding Hala into a more confident and cheerful version of herself.

Episode 19

Air Date: 12-May-2022

Hamza considers staying at some nearby farmhouse for their honeymoon. Hala is quite thrilled by the news and prepares for the venture. Sadly though, Shah Jahan forbids them from going; thus vaporizing any excitement out of their pores. The couple sneaks away despite Shah Jahan’s restriction. Roomi is irked for not being allowed to accompany the two. She hurries to reveal the truth to her mother. Meanwhile, Sameen finally agrees to marry according to her mother’s choice. Shah Jahan feels depressed and calls the groom’s family in reluctance. She reveals how Sameen is still stuck on Hamza and not willing to marry by heart. Sofia overhears Shah Jahan’s conversation and is shocked at her sister-in-law’s conspiracies. A huge mess is created afterward; the end result being a slap on Shah Jahan’s face by Raees. Hamza and Hala share their heartfelt feelings for one another. The duo spends a peaceful night together at the farm. Unfortunately, good times don’t last long as Raees recalls his son. As it happens, Shah Jahan has gone nuts over her son’s disobedience. 

Episode 20

Air Date: 19-May-2022

The people that previously vied for Sameen now refuse her all because of Shah Jahan’s interference. Shah Jahan reforms the way she interacts with Hala in front of Hamza. The reason behind this is not a change in her but rather sudden enlightenment. Shah Jahan understands that she can’t openly wage war against Hala anymore. Instead, she intends to backstab her daughter-in-law in the most unexpected way possible. The couple is amazed by Shah Jahan’s ‘change of heart’ and sincerely feels happy because of that. Khurram drops Sameen back at home. He’s stupefied to discover how Sameen lives in the same house as Hala. Roomi is intensely jealous of Khurram’s affiliation with Sameen and eavesdrops on them both. Later, Khurram discovers Hala conducting a romance with Hamza. The desire for revenge stirs within his heart like wildfire all of a sudden. The scheming brat intends to manipulate Sameen into handing over Hala’s number.

Episode 21

Air Date: 26-May-2022

Hala toils hard together with her husband to reshape the entire house’s setting. Shah Jahan is irked to see Hala’s skyrocketing confidence. She then forces Hamza to revert all changes to their original form. As if that’s not enough, she even rushes into Hamza’s room and then messes up all of Hala’s decorations. Hamza reminds his mother of her limits and even mentions something about building his wife a new home. Later that day, a foreign delegation comes over to meet Hamza. He then delegates Hala with the task to cook desi foods. Shah Jahan decides to barge unannounced yet again and messes up the menu. Thankfully, Hala handles the issue on time and Hamza’s guests leave satisfied. Khurram cleverly gets himself invited over to Sameen’s home. Hala plans to continue her studies in London together with Hamza. Roomi and her dearest mother feel flabbergasted at the news.

Episode 22

Air Date: 02-Jun-2022

Hamza reveals to Hala the good news of their expected visit to London. The entire family protests the decision except for Granny. Khurram pays a visit on the behest of Sophia’s demand. Poor Hala faints as soon as she comes face-to-face with her past beloved. She’s then taken to the hospital immediately where the doctor reveals the good news of Hala expecting childbirth. This sudden blessing pleases Hala. However, Khurram’s meetups with her family still scares her out of her wits. Khurram emboldens himself and expresses his ‘heartfelt interest’ in Sameen. The girl’s parents had already been on the lookout for such an obedient and well-mannered son-in-law. Khurram then bangs the last nail into the coffin and seals the deal by revealing news of his new job. Sameen’s parents subtly hint at their consent for Khurram marrying Sameen. The marriage is settled soon afterward. Shah Jahan had been irked by news of Hala’s childbirth already. Therefore, Sameen’s marriage agreement lands like a thunderbolt on her malicious heart. However, none pays any attention to her squirming and resistance.

Episode 23

Air Date: 09-Jun-2022

Shah Jahan conspires yet again to taint Hala’s worth in front of Hamza. She hands over a harmful medicine to Hala that can lead to infertility and even death as well. Hala starts suffering from severe pain soon after. The doctor confirms the consumption of malicious medicine and Hala blames Shah Jahan for this. Shah Jahan simply denies any of the accusations. Hamza loses his temper after his wife’s continuous suspicions against his own mother. He just can’t fathom how his mother can be ruthless enough to kill her own grandchild. The couple continues bickering on the matter for quite some time. Khurram arrives and proposes for Sameen’s hand in marriage. The entire family is gathered together. Shah Jahan tries shedding light on Hala’s past relationship with Khurram but to no avail. Khurram reverses the scales by simply not recognizing Hala. No one trusts Shah Jahan’s repetitive warnings and considers her mad.

Episode 24

Air Date: 16-Jun-2022

Sameen expresses apology over Shah Jahan’s impolite behavior towards Khurram. Hala wonders why did Khurram refuse to recognize her. Shahjahan leaves no stone unturned in making everyone believe that Hala had an affair with Khurram but all in vain. She calls Sameen and asks her to tell everybody that Hala used to like somebody but Sameen simply refuses. Everyone considers it as her trick to defame Hala. Shah Jahan then threatens Hala that she will not let her live peacefully. Khurram visits Sameen’s house the other day and expresses his embarrassment over what happened in front of her mother. While leaving, he warns Hala that he will not let her unborn child live because his mother died because of Hala.

Episode 25

Air Date: 23-Jun-2022

Khurram’s intimidation keeps Hala worrying. Hamza tries to console her in her miserable state while she still conceals the matter from him. Jalees doubts the integrity of Khurram after Shah Jahan’s accusations but Sofia allays his concerns. Hamza also suspects Khurram’s weird behavior and intends to investigate his background. Raees objects to Khurram’s frequent visits to the house and suggests Jalees to announce a formal relationship to avoid rumors. Later, Hamza spots Khurram misbehaving with a stranger on the road. He warns Sameen about Khurram’s ill temper but she refuses to believe him. Khurram continues to blackmail Hala for her past. She, however, decides to stay strong as her cowardice has already brought much agony to her life.

Episode 26

Air Date: 30-Jun-2022

When Khurram once again pressurizes Hala, she decides to reveal everything before Hamza. Shah Jahan eavesdrops on them and catches them red-handed. She then tries to elicit more information from Khurram that could help in defaming Hala. In her agony, Hala falls from the stairs but fortunately, this incident does not bring much trouble for her. Roomi expresses her desperation of being ignored amid all family tribulations. She later initiates a chat with a stranger over the phone. Hala cancels her dinner program with Hamza after seeing Khurram in the house. Her refusal ignites Hamza who wants to know the reason behind her weird behavior. The grandmother inspires Hala to stay lively in front of her husband.

Episode 27

Air Date: 07-Jul-2022

Hala apologizes to Hamza over the phone for her refusal. Khurram snatches her phone and threatens to reveal her reality. Raees spots them while Hala tries to take her phone back. When Shah Jahan blames her, Hala reiterates her intention of revealing everything before Hamza. Shah Jahan intervenes Hala just before she is about to speak the truth before Hamza. Khurram ponders over his injustice towards Hala. The engagement ceremony of Khurram and Sameen shocks Shah Jahan as she questions the true intentions of Khurram as why he wants to destroy Sameen’s life when his real target is Hala. His reply however stuns Shah Jahan as he claims that he has forgiven Hala and now wants to start a new life with Sameen. Shah Jahan keeps on instigating and accusing Hala that she is an accomplice in destroying Sameen’s life. Meanwhile, Roomi meets with her online friend who seemingly has wrong intentions about her.

Episode 28

Air Date: 14-Jul-2022

Shah Jahan provokes Hala to unveil Khurram’s reality in front of Jalees in order to save Sameen from falling into a trap. When she refuses, Shah Jahan comes up with an evil idea. She convinces Hala to meet Khurram and plead him to spare Sameen’s life. Both Hala said Shah Jahan go secretly to meet him. While Hala meets Khurram at his flat, Shah Jahan cunningly summons Hamza to the location where he listens to their conversation revolving around the past. Hamza bursts with anger before Shah Jahan takes him away. Hala tries to justify her presence there and Khurram also tries to clarify the situation but it’s too late. Back at home, Shah Jahan feels exonerated as she claims herself true. Khurram’s arrival worsens the situation. When the grandmother complains Hala about her infidelity, Hala narrates all the injustice she faced in the house since her arrival as a child. The grandmother feels ashamed before getting unconscious. Hala tries to prove her innocence before Hamza who now remains doubtful about her. The grandmother feels that her end time is near as she summons Nafees to the house immediately.

Episode 29

Air Date: 21-Jul-2022

Shah Jahan remains tight-lipped and does not expose Khurram’s reality in the family. The grandmother, at her death bed, asks Jalees and Sofia to end Sameen’s engagement with Khurram else everything will be destroyed. This demand excites Shah Jahan and Roomi while Sofia opposes the idea. Hamza remains restless at home and office as well. Hala tries to be nice to him but fears his reaction in case of exposing the truth so she remains mum. The grandmother curses Shah Jahan for a wretched life but she responds with her resolve to kick Hala out once the former is dead. Hamza considers it a punishment for a lifetime to have trusted Hala. Hala’s father, Nafees returns along with his other daughter, Maryam. His arrival however fazes Hala. The grandmother puts all the blame on Nafees for all the wrongs done to Hala. Before taking her final breath, she advises him to take care of Hala.

Episode 30

Air Date: 28-Jul-2022

At the funeral, Hamza pushes Khurram away and warns him to stay away from his family. Jalees notices it and becomes skeptical about Khurram but Sofia brushes off his concerns. Nafees seeks the answers to the questions left unaddressed by the grandmother. He also enquires from Raees about the behavior of the family members with Hala. Shah Jahan, however, has other plans for responding to these queries. After the prayer ceremony for the grandmother concludes, Shah Jahan creates a spectacle before everyone as she orders Khurram to leave the house and never return. When Jalees and Sofia show their opposition, Hamza jumps in and asks Khurram to leave, maintaining that he is not fit for Sameen. The tension escalates and puzzles almost everyone who are unaware of the situation besides Shah Jahan, Hamza, Khurram, and Hala. As things start to worsen, Hala opens her mouth and confesses her past acquaintance with Khurram. Shah Jahan terms Hala characterless and orders Nafees to take his daughter away. Hamza however refuses to let her go. On the other hand, Roomi’s intimation with her phone friend grows as both plan to meet soon.

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