Meri Shehzadi

  • Start Date: 22-Sep-2022
  • End Date: 01-Apr-2023
  • Total Episodes: 28
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Timing: Saturday 8pm (PKT)
  • Production Company: MD Productions
  • TV Channel: HUM TV

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Cast & Crew

Nauman Masood

Salahuddin (Dania's father)

Najiba Faiz

Almas (Salahuddin's 2nd wife/Dania's step-mother)

Ali Rehman Khan

Shehroz (Dania's cousin)

Shabbir Jan

Ghayaz (Shehroz's father/Salahuddin's brother)

Atiqa Odho

Shahana (Shehroz's mother)

Qavi Khan

Sanaullah (Dania's grandfather)

Shamim Hilaly

Safiya (Dania's grandmother)

Sonia Mishal

Cam (Shehroz's 1st wife)




Nadeem Rehman

Director of Photography

Episode 1

Air date: 22-Sep-2022

A simple, generous, and down-to-earth girl Dania, whose mother died at the time of her birth, lives with her maternal grandparents, Safiya and Sanaullah. Her father Salahuddin, who is also Sanaullah’s nephew, was madly in love with her mother. However, after her death, he remarried Almas within a year, who refrained him from keeping ties with Dania. Safiya abhors Salahuddin and keeps taunting him whenever he comes over to see his daughter. Salahuddin’s elder brother Ghayaz is a well-known politician. When he gets promoted to the position of Chief Minister, he throws a grand celebration party at his palace. Salahuddin, who occasionally meets his daughter once a year to hand a cheque, invites her to the party. Upon Sanaullah’s insistence, Dania goes to the party with her friend where she accidentally breaks an expensive vase. Ghayaz’s wife Shahana, who considers Dania low-grade and ordinary, insults her in front of the crowd. Her only son, Shehroz, who has just returned from abroad after completing his studies, blows off steam.

Episode 2

Air date: 29-Sep-2022

Upon knowing that Shahana insulted Dania, Safiya does not hold back her anger and calls Ghayaz, berating him for his wife’s unpleasant attitude. All of a sudden, Ghayaz experiences a heart attack and gets a very weak prognosis. On his deathbed, he prepares to complete his unfinished business. He elects Shehroz as his successor and decides to hitch him with Dania to bring a pious and sensible daughter-in-law. Shehroz, who always desired to live his life abroad, is forced to comply with his ailing father’s wishes. Finally, Ghayaz and his entire family arrive at Sanaullah’s house with Shehroz’s proposal. When Safiya hears about it, she bluntly rejects it, refusing to give her precious, well-mannered granddaughter in a high-class, selfish household. Salahuddin, who had been expecting that he would be appointed as the chairperson, gets disheartened upon hearing his brother’s decision.

Episode 3

Air date: 06-Oct-2022

Dania suspects that Shehroz agreed to marry out of compliance. When Sanaullah discovers her concerns, he allows her to speak to Shehroz personally to clear out all the confusion. Safiya resents Sanaullah for going against her decision and curses his nephews, claiming they have disloyalty and abandonment issues. Dania speaks to Shehroz about her concerns, asking him whether their relationship will have love or not. Shehroz explains to her that they will need to give time to their relationship for it to flourish and have love. Salahuddin emotionally persuades Dania to marry Shehroz as he is the best option for her to have a bright future. At last, the marriage ceremony takes place and Dania is brought to Ghayaz’s mansion lavishly. On the wedding night, Shehroz and Dania instantly hit off and spend a good time together. Dania starts thinking all her dreams came true until Shehroz receives a call from his son. Upon Dania’s confrontation, he casually reveals that he got married in America and has a happy family there.

Episode 4

Air date: 13-Oct-2022

Dania loses her senses after discovering that Shehroz’s entire family was in on the secret that he is already married. Hysterical, she rushes out of her room to leave the house but Shahana restrains her and manipulates her into thinking to not be ungrateful for the luxuries she has been provided with. Ghayaz challenges Dania to win over Shehroz’s heart to maintain her influential position in the family. Together the family brainwashes her and orders her to keep Shehroz’s first marriage a secret from her grandparents. Safiya loses her cool when she finds it difficult to contact Dania. She blames Sanaullah for trapping her innocent granddaughter with cruel people. Furious, she barges into Ghayaz’s house, demanding to see Dania. Shahana commands Shehroz to handle Dania with love so she keeps up a happy face in front of her family. Compelled, Dania greets her grandparents happily, assuring them that she is satisfied.

Episode 5

Air date: 20-Oct-2022

Ghayaz passes away and at his funeral, Shehroz’s first wife; Cam (Sonia Mishal) shows up with their son; Sunny. Dania is shocked to see Shehroz’s changed behavior and she starts doubting the good time she spent with him. Cam feels insecure when she notices that Dania is young and beautiful. Frustrated, she argues with Shehroz for betraying her for the sake of his father. Shehroz pacifies her, requesting her to compromise to maintain their relationship. He introduces her as his friend to the guests. Shahana forces Shehroz to send Cam back to the US to avoid any sort of nuisance. When Shehroz informs Cam about her flight timings, she loses her cool and threatens to reveal his secret. Shehroz does not take her threat seriously and counter-threatens to end their relationship if she tries to hurt his reputation. Later, he gets into an argument with his mother for not welcoming his son with open arms.

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