Mohabbat Chor Di Maine

  • Start Date: 7-Oct-2021
  • End Date: 22-Nov-2021
  • Total Episodes: 51
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: 7th Sky Entertainment
  • TV Channel: GEO TV
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    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1~6

    Air Date: 07-Oct-2021 ~ 10-Oct-2021

    Komal is happily married to Omar with a seven-year-old daughter Fiza. Zaini, Omar’s sister, is a widow living with them. Although Komal has successfully built a lavish lifestyle for herself, she can’t forget her first love Hazim, now a writer and traveler. He too reminisces about his romantic moments with Komal. Komal shares a bitter relationship with her father and stepmother. Her pride is shattered when she discovers the secret marriage of Omar with Sehar. Sehar was a widow of Omar’s employee and got married to him as his good deed. Komal shares her pain with Zaini and doesn’t question Omar about his hidden action.

    Episode 7~10

    Air Date: 11-Oct-2021 ~ 14-Oct-2021

    Sehar is scared as a man from her village comes to her house to take her back for marriage. She tries to contact Omar and the truth is out in the open to Komal. She shouts at him and asks him to divorce Sehar. As a punishment to Omar, Komal starts turning their daughter against him. Komal’s parents talk about love and she states how Hazim left her. Komal shares her worries with Bazil who tells her about Omar not being in love with her. Omar tells Zaini about his second marriage not being a mistake. 

    Episode 11~15

    Air Date: 15-Oct-2021 ~ 17-Oct-2021

    Omar shouts at Zaini for playing unknown about his marriage and plotting with Komal against him. He leaves the house and Zaini questions Komal to which she receives a scolding. Komal is upset at the thought of being divorced as she can’t face another failure in love. Sehar is glad to see Omar again. She is upset to cause trouble in Komal’s life. Sehar worries about being taken away by Sarfraz, the man from her village. Komal taunts Zaini for sharing her concerns with Bazil and Hazim as she gives a reality check to Komal about her marriage being over. Omar shifts Sehar to a hotel and both spend quality time together. Omar hears Sarfraz’s name and asks questions about him but Sehar stays mum. Komal is furious to find a chat between Hazim and Zaini. She asks her not to fall for anyone carelessly. Zaini is irritated as she had shared Komal’s situation with Hazim.

    Episode 16~20

    Air Date: 18-Oct-2021 ~ 22-Oct-2021

    Komal allows Sehar into the house as she is pregnant with Omar’s child. Hazim returns to Pakistan and Komal has an anxiety attack remembering the past moments. Hazim wants her to get out of the unhappy marriage and return to him. Komal’s family wants Bazil to marry Hazim’s sister, Aleena. Komal is against the decision for her brother. Hazim talks in an extremely friendly way to Zaini making Komal jealous. Omar scolds Zaini for her closeness with Hazim but Sehar supports her unknown to the past. Komal scolds her terribly and Sehar faints. She gives birth to a boy but his health deteriorates. Komal is shocked to see Omar being rude to her upon his son’s state. The child is safe but Komal makes efforts to throw Sehar out. Komal looks for a suitable match for Zaini. 

    Episode 21~25

    Air Date: 23-Oct-2021 ~ 26-Oct-2021

    Filza drops Sehar’s baby and receives a scolding. Sehar and Komal argue and Komal locks her in a room for two days along with Zaini who takes Sehar’s side. Hazim visits Komal feeling worried for her and talks to her regarding the whole situation. Komal hardly controls her old romantic memories of Hazim. Omar returns and Filza tells him everything. He gets into a huge argument with Komal in front of her father. Komal’s father is worried and doesn’t want her to return to Omar. He thinks about Hazim’s betrayal that shattered Komal. Omar asks Sehar to watch over Filza as well. Omar takes out all his anger on Zaini and Sehar as he sees Komal’s health deteriorating because of him. Komal returns home and Sehar feels left out as Omar and Komal spend quality time together. Omar is completely immersed in Komal that he keeps scolding Zaini and Sehar while Komal stays calm at the whole situation.

    Episode 26~30

    Air Date: 27-Oct-2021 ~ 31-Oct-2021

    Komal reveals her past relationship with Hazim to Bazil who refuses to marry Alina. Zaini is hurt as Hazim rejects her calling her a sister. Komal cries thinking nobody is happy with her. Sehar is shocked to find Komal’s medicine under her head. Zaini cleverly reveals the same to Omar who is angry at Komal for playing a game. Bazil comes back and Komal shares her concerns with him. She asks Bazil to win Zaini’s heart. Zaini spots Bazil and Komal together and blames Komal for drifting them apart. Komal calmly talks to her and Zaini agrees for marriage. Komal’s mother is unhappy with the marriage. Omar feels jealous seeing the frankness between Hazim and Komal. Sehar’s mother comes to stay with her and faces Komal’s humiliation. Zaini tries to win the heart of Bazil’s mother. Komal is hurt as Omar takes Sehar and her mother out for dinner after Komal’s misbehaviour.

    Episode 31~35

    Air Date: 01-Nov-2021 ~ 05-Nov-2021

    Omar spends time with Sehar and her mother while Komal is unable to bear their existence. She misbehaves with Sehar’s mother and asks Omar to divorce Sehar or she will destroy Zaini’s life. Omar fears Komal’s terrible nature and shares his concerns with Sehar. Komal is shattered as her father suffers a heart attack and scolds Bazil and Zaini for their irresponsibility. Hazim remembers Komal crying at the thought of losing her father. Omar doesn’t pay heed to Komal’s problems and she spends emotional moments with her father at his deathbed before he passes away. Zaini is irritated at Komal’s overstay in her house and at Hazim’s closeness with her. Omar shows attitude to Komal and they keep fighting off and on. Sarfraz tracks down Sehar and Omar thinks him as a harasser. Sarfraz comes to Komal for work and starts working as a driver, scaring Sehar.

    Episode 36~40

    Air Date: 06-Nov-2021 ~ 10-Nov-2021

    Zaini is perplexed to see Sehar’s mother giving money to Sarfraz. Komal and Omar are enraged to see Sarfraz inside the house and ask Sehar to tell her mother to leave the house. Sarfraz demands money from Sehar and intimidates to kill her and the baby otherwise. Sehar’s mother takes her jewelry to save her from Sarfraz but Komal’s servant, Noorie catches them. Omar finds Sarfraz related to Sehar and orders them to get out of his life. Omar throws them out and apologizes to Komal for his actions. Zaini takes a step and sends a message to Omar to make a proper investigation which is read by Komal. Komal asks Omar to divorce Sehar. They are shocked to receive the notice sent by Sehar from Karachi. It turns out that Hazim took them in and is not helping them. Shehnaz talks about Hazim’s love for Komal.

    Episode 41~45

    Air Date: 11-Nov-2021 ~ 15-Nov-2021

    Omar and Komal are shocked to find about Sehar’s expensive lawyer. They wonder who is supporting her. The lawyer provides the whole truth about the case and Sehar is proved innocent. She finally takes a stand and shouts at Komal for being unjust. Zaini too takes her side. Komal is hurt at Hazim’s support for Sehar. She is also worried as Omar is nowhere to be found. Omar comes to Sehar out of guilt. Hazim tries to talk to him about Komal but Omar doesn’t bother. Sehar doesn’t forgive him. Komal tries to prove herself innocent by claiming not to know about Sarfraz’s real intentions but Omar insults and leaves her. Sehar too decides to leave Omar and he doesn’t stop her. But she returns due to Omar’s love. Filza is to stay with Komal as she and Omar sign the divorce papers. 

    Episode 46~50

    Air Date: 16-Nov-2021 ~ 20-Nov-2021

    Zaini is unable to bear Komal and starts misbehaving with her. Omar’s visits to the house irritate Komal. Omar asks Zaini to support Komal after divorce but she acts rude. Filza falls sick in the middle of the night and no one helps Komal at the hospital. She helplessly calls Omar who worries for Filza’s life in the future. Zaini is happy to be pregnant but hides from Komal. Komal is hurt to find it later and also when she is informed that her father left the house in Bazil’s name. Zaini misbehaves and Komal pushes her. Bazil shouts and asks Komal to get mental treatment. Komal bears all the hatred and Omar takes Filza away from her as well. She apologizes to everyone and leaves. Hazim makes Bazil realize the pain Komal has received from her loved one. Komal takes help from her friend Anita to move on in life.

    Episode 51 (Last Episode) 

    Air Date: 22-Nov-2021

    Komal starts afresh and Anita hires her in the administration department of the hospital. She works tirelessly to make ends meet. Her mother realizes her mistakes and wants her back but she remains busy in her life with Filza. Komal is asked to attend a workshop in London and is accompanied happily by Hazim.

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