Mohabbat Dagh Ki Soorat

  • Start Date: 25-Aug-2021
  • End Date: 24-Feb-2022
  • Total Episodes: 49
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: 7th Sky Entertainment
  • TV Channel: GEO TV
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    Cast & Crew

    Kinza Malik

    Mohsina (Shijrat's mother)

    Tipu Sharif

    Affan (Sanaan's elder brother)

    Mizna Waqas

    Aleena (Affan’s wife)

    Erum Akhtar

    Sumaiyya's (Sanaan's sister)

    Kamran Jeelani

    Ubaid (Sumaiyya's husband)

    Fazila Qazi

    Ubaid's sister

    Naveed Raza

    Faraz (Nermin's husband)

    Syed Jibran

    Afaq (Shijrat's cousin)

    Sunita Marshall

    Saba (Afaq's wife)

    Rashid Farooqui

    Afaq's father (Shijrat's uncle)




    Qasim Zaman

    Director of Photography


    Episode 1 

    Air Date: 25-Aug-2021

    Mohsina is widowed and shifts to her brother’s house with her daughter, Shijrat. Mohsina’s brother is really protective of her. Afaq, the eldest son of Mohsina’s brother is a conservative and quite short-tempered. Shijrat continues her studies and finds out that her class fellow, Sanaan, who acts as a cool hero, is actually handicapped.

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 01-Sep-2021

    Afaq is irritated by Shijrat’s academics. When Shijrat suggests fertility tests to Afaq, he slaps her in front of everyone. Sanaan’s mother is hurt as his alliance is broken due to his accident. Shijrat gets attacked by goons and Sanaan is unable to protect her due to his disability but his guard helps her.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 08-Sep-2021

    Afaq’s sister, Maazia is engaged to Khalid who forces her to talk on the phone. Afaq refers his friend’s son, Gulraiz for tuition to Shijrat. Gulraiz’s actions make her uncomfortable. Afaq’s wife requests him to get tested and gets beaten by him. No one believes when Shijrat complains against Gulraiz. 

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 15-Sep-2021

    The kids at the tuition support Shijrat, revealing the truth. Afaq slaps Gulzar. Gulzar’s uncle sees Sanaan and Shijrat together. Maazia and Khalid’s marriage date gets fixed. Afaq’s fertility test shows some problems. He gets angry and lets it out on Shijrat.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 22-Sep-2021

    Afaq sees Shijrat and Sanaan together, blames her character in front of the whole family but her uncle protects her. Afaq warns her to unfriend Sanaan but she refuses to obey him. Shijrat states to her mother about being in love with Sanaan. Afaq sends Shijrat’s students away, upsetting her.

    Episode 6~7

    Air Date: 29-Sep-2021 ~ 30-Sep-2021

    Shijrat’s uncle brings students back home for tuition. Shijrat offers her jewelry for help in Maazia’s wedding. Sanaan is elated when Shijrat states not to feel embarrassed being by the side of a handicap. Sanaan’s mother gets excited after hearing about Shijrat. Khalid reaches the mall where Maazia is shopping with the ladies and barely escapes being caught by Afaq. Sanaan’s mother brings a proposal for Shijrat and Afaq acts rudely. Shijrat’s uncle questions her about Sanaan while her mother gets angry at the second visit of Sanaan’s mother.

    Episode 8~9

    Air Date: 06-Oct-2021 ~ 07-Oct-2021

    Sanaan’s mother tries to convince Shijrat’s family again but they are adamant due to him being handicapped. Shijrat’s uncle says yes to Sanaan’s proposal and invites them to the wedding leaving everyone upset and angry. At the wedding, Shijrat’s mother refuses the proposal in front of Sanaan’s mother. Shijrat asks Sanaan to attend the wedding and tries to convince her mother once more. Nermin is not happy about her proposal and still loves Sanaan. Seeing Sanaan’s family at the wedding and on her brother’s wish, Shijrat’s mother accepts the proposal. They get engaged at the wedding and Afaq leaves angrily.

    Episode 10~11

    Air Date: 13-Oct-2021 ~ 14-Oct-2021

    Khalid shouts at Maazia as Shijrat’s engagement takes place during their wedding. He taunts the same to Shijrat and receives a befitting reply. Sanaan agrees to undergo an operation leaving Nermin upset over her decision to leave him. Afaq beats the hell out of Saba as she emotionally tells her sister about Afaq’s infertility. Nermin is hurt as Sanaan refuses to meet her. He is finally able to walk without crutches. Sumaiyya argues with Ubaid’s sister as she tries to humiliate her for not having a child. Shijrat is not allowed to visit Sanaan’s house with her family due to Khalid’s taunts of having specific rules for Maazia and not Shijrat.

    Episode 12~13

    Air Date: 20-Oct-2021 ~ 21-Oct-2021

    Sanaan’s elder brother Affan doesn’t approve of the alliance. Saba takes a doctor’s card from Sanaan’s sister and requests Afaq for treatment. He beats her again but later gives it a thought. Nermin and her mother are shocked to see Sanaan cured. Khalid furiously complains to Afaq about Shijrat having fun with Sanaan at a restaurant. Affan meets Shijrat and is highly impressed. The negative words of Khalid and his mother brainwash Maazia against her family. Everyone is elated to see Shijrat on TV as the media covered her during the book fair. Nermin refuses to move things forward with her fiance. Ubaid scolds Sumaiyya for asking his brother to let her adopt his son.

    Episode 14~15

    Air Date: 27-Oct-2021 ~ 28-Oct-2021

    Shijrat is hurt to find out about Nermin being Sanaan’s ex-fiance. She returns the ring to him and receives an earful from her mother. Sumaiyya is shocked as Nermin promises her the baby of Ubaid’s brother in exchange for Sanaan. Shijrat’s uncle decides to get her into nikkah with Sanaan. Sumaiyya requests her mother to agree to Nermin’s demands. She complains about the whole situation to Ubaid who talks to his sister. He slaps Nermin and she cuts her vein. Nermin’s parents ask Ubaid to take her proposal for Sanaan. Meanwhile, Sanaan and Shijrat get nikkah-fied much to Nermin’s shock.

    Episode 16~17

    Air Date: 03-Nov-2021 ~ 04-Nov-2021

    Nermin cries at the news of Sanaan’s nikkah. Maazia is pregnant and her mother-in-law’s words towards Saba are very rude being barren. Everyone mocks Shijrat for hanging out with Sanaan. Khalid adds fuel to the fire. Shijrat tops her university exams and the family wants her to marry but she wants to focus on her career. Sumaiyya argues with her mother for not helping her. Sanaan takes out Shijrat for celebration and then rushes to his house as his mother falls sick. The couple is caught in the moment and spends the night together. Both repent and Shijrat falls sick due to anxiety. Sumaiyya patches up with her mother and visits Shijrat’s house. She cries seeing Maazia pregnant.

    Episode 18~19

    Air Date: 10-Nov-2021 ~ 11-Nov-2021

    Everyone rejoices as Maazia gives birth to a boy. Afaq is convinced to secretly start his treatment. His father also talks to an herbalist. Shijrat is pregnant and everyone ridicules the family. Afaq is scared and disturbed thinking people are taunting him for lacking the ability to become a father. He is shocked to find out about Shijrat’s pregnancy. Afaq slaps Shijrat and questions the baby’s father. Shijrat runs to Sanaan who takes complete responsibility and the family tries to sort out the mess. Sanaan suggests taking Shijrat abroad after marriage but she refuses due to her exams. Sumaiyya is arrested as she is accused of trying to steal a crying baby from the mall.

    Episode 20~21

    Air Date: 17-Nov-2021 ~ 18-Nov-2021

    Sanaan’s mother dies and the elder brother blames Sumaiyya. Afaq’s younger brother, Shehbaz has a fight with kids as they talk ill about Shijrat. Maazia and Khalid are shocked to know her truth. The religious cleric terms Shijrat’s act as not being a sin as she was into nikkah. Khalid finds out about Afaq’s infertility making him depressed. Shijrat is taken aback to see Afaq trying to commit suicide and runs to save him. Afaq is saved and stays upset due to the whole situation. To add to the worries, Sanaan’s brother refuses Shijrat’s rukhsati. Sumaiyya misses her mother and tries to prove her innocence but people think that she is going crazy. Maazia suggests aborting Shijrat’s child. She agrees but the family considers it a sin while Sanaan also doesn’t support the idea. 

    Episode 22~23

    Air Date: 24-Nov-2021 ~ 25-Nov-2021

    Shijrat visits the hospital in an attempt to abort the baby. The doctor declares it a threat to her life. Afaq asks her to take a medicine that would kill the child. He beats his wife as she stops Shijrat from taking it. Sanaan comes to give some stuff to Shijrat but faces Afaq’s wrath who asks her to take away his wife. Sanaan drags Shijrat to his house. Sanaan drops back Shijrat upon her request enraging Afaq who warns her from appearing in front of her. Shijrat tries to focus on her exams. Nermin makes moves on Sanaan attempting to drag him away from Shijrat. Sumaiyya visits Shijrat and takes pleasure in Saba’s birds improving her mental state. Shijrat’s uncle expresses his shattered feelings over Shijrat’s act.

    Episode 24~25

    Air Date: 01-Dec-2021 ~ 02-Dec-2021

    Afaq gets furious as Shijraat steps out to take her exams. He even berates Maazia for flaunting her baby. He beats Saba for teaching her parrots how to talk. In short, he starts losing his senses. Sanaan’s brother motivates him to enter practical life as Shijrat will become an officer soon. The family is worried that Shijrat will soon give birth. As time passes, Shijrat faces the hate from her younger cousins as well. She feels labour pain and Sanaan is called for the rescue. Nermin’s mother sees Sanaan and Mohsina but the situation is misinterpreted and Mohsina is lied to be sick. Shijrat gives birth to a baby boy but does not wish to accept him. Sumaiyya and Ubaid visit Mohsina when Sanaan is also in the house.

    Episode 26~27

    Air Date: 08-Dec-2021 ~ 09-Dec-2021

    Maazia and Shijrat’s mother care for her baby but Shijrat doesn’t touch the child. Saba is disheartened as Afaq gives her birds to Sumaiyya who enjoys and starts returning to life causing agony to Nermin and her mother. Afaq beats the hell out of Shijrat as Khalid’s mother finds out about Shijrat. Sanaan decides to arrange another house for Shijrat and her mother. Sanaan names the child as Zain. Afaq warns Saba from growing closer to the baby but she loves Zain and keeps taking care of him. Shijrat is nervous on the day of her result and misses her father terribly. Everyone is surprised to find that she has cleared her CSS exams and has been given the position of commissioner. Afaq is furious when people suggest him to adopt Shijrat’s baby.

    Episode 28~29

    Air Date: 15-Dec-2021 ~ 16-Dec-2021

    Shijrat’s mother asks her to accept her child while Afaq too refuses to adopt Zain. Seeing his wife, Saba accepting Zain as her son, Affaq threatens to kill him. Shijrat’s mother dies of a heart attack as Afaq tries to throw Zain. Sumaiyya sees Zain at the funeral and asks about him. Saba covers by claiming him to be her son. Shijrat requests Sanaan to let Saba adopt Zain. He refuses due to Afaq. Sumaiyya wishes to adopt a child as well. Sanaan gives Zain to Sumaiyya after telling them the truth. Afaq promises Saba to adopt a child of their own. Shijrat leaves for her training.

    Episode 30~31

    Air Date: 22-Dec-2021 ~ 23-Dec-2021

    Shijrat shifts to the new place and continues her studies and job. Sumaiyya takes pleasure in dealing with Zain but it is opposed by all family members. Nermin taunts her as the child doesn’t resemble her. Affan talks foul and hurts Sanaan with his words regarding Zain. Saba, on the other hand, is depressed as Zain is gone. Bilal, Shijrat’s fellow, starts to have feelings for her but she misses Zain and is unable to sleep. Affan forces Sanaan to ask Shijrat to work as a local officer while she wishes to work in foreign states. Affan keeps taunting Sanaan to be at a lower status than his wife. He talks to Shijrat and shouts at Sanaan about Shijrat’s pride. 

    Episode 32~33

    Air Date: 29-Dec-2021 ~ 30-Dec-2021

    Sanaan and Shijrat argue over Affan. Sumaiyya suggests Shijrat’s Rukhsati to which she reacts furiously. Sumaiyya gets angry as Saba inquires about Zain. Bilal’s friends motivate him to propose Shijrat. Sanaan travels to Lahore to solve the matter with Shijrat and is shocked to find Bilal proposing to her. Shijrat cries as her uncle makes her think about Zain. Nermin rejoices as Shijrat refuses for marriage. Bilal is broken to find out the truth. Shijrat scolds him after he makes another attempt. Maazia talks to Shijrat who agrees to lead a life with Sanaan. Saba cries as Sumaiyya doesn’t let her meet Zain. Nermin goes furious to see Sanaan’s wedding card.

    Episode 34~35

    Air Date: 05-Jan-2022 ~ 06-Jan-2022

    The wedding preparations start and Shijrat misses her mother terribly. Affan and his wife, Aleena refuse to attend the wedding in Zain’s presence. Sumaiyya scolds Saba for coming closer to Zain and warns her to stay away. She also gives a friendly reminder to Shijrat about her mistake and asks her not to feel motherly towards Zain. Shijrat feels haunted in the house and requests Sanaan to take her somewhere else. Afaq’s father feels Saba’s suffering and asks him to divorce her. Nermin’s mother wishes to dig about Zain. Sumaiyya gets pregnant but still cares for him. Shijrat refuses to have children as she craves silently for Zain.

    Episode 36~37

    Air Date: 12-Jan-2022 ~ 13-Jan-2022

    Afaq regrets that he should have divorced Saba as he does not want to adopt a child. Sumaiyya falls down playing with Zain and is rushed to the hospital where she gives birth to twins. Aleena suggests a medical check up for Shijrat for being childless despite two years of marriage, but she refuses it harshly. Shijrat continues performing her official duties effectively. Her achievements and appearance on TV agonizes Afaq. He and Saba are hurt to learn the news about Sumaiyya’s twins.

    Episode 38~39

    Air Date: 19-Jan-2022 ~ 20-Jan-2022

    Afaq’s friend advises him to adopt a child as it will keep Saba busy and that he can arrange one for them. Shijrat gets pregnant which pleases Sanaan who now has the opportunity to celebrate publicly. Shijrat visits the workshop of her uncle in veil in order to deliver him a gift where she confronts Afaq. He recognizes her after she leaves quickly. Ubaid’s sister is infuriated as he transfers some property to Zain. She asks him to kick Zain out of the house at which Sumaiyya orders her to leave their house. Ubaid’s sister tries to create doubts in Ubaid’s mind regarding Zain. She continues reminding him that he should now take care of his own children instead of Zain. Ubaid seems to be accepting all this. During Zain’s birthday party, Nermin’s husband, Faraz introduces himself bitterly as the owner of the factory that Shijrat had sealed. A visible change appears in Ubaid’s attitude towards Zain and he announces to get rid of him at which Sumaiyya protests. Shijrat gives birth to a baby girl.

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