Mohabbatain Chahatain

Mohabbatain Chahatain

  • Start Date: 3-Nov-2020
  • End Date: 15-Apr-2021
  • Total Episodes: 24
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: MD Productions
  • TV Channel: HUM TV
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    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1 (03-Nov-2020)

    Faraz gets injured in a road accident. Tara and Kamil come to visit him where Tara says that no man is sincere with his wife. When Saneha rejects the claim, Tara bets with her to prove her wrong. Tara then humiliates her and at the anniversary dinner and fakes her pregnancy where Kamil divorces her.

    Episode 2 (10-Nov-2020)

    Tara starts living in Faraz’s home, continuously cunning to snatch Faraz. Saneha gets pregnant again that makes her day happy with Faraz. Tara takes a fake report from the hospital to ensure all about her pregnancy. Tara steals everything from Kamil’s house and tries to lead Saneha wrongly about Faraz’s love.

    Episode 3 (17-Nov-2020)

    Kamil comes to Faraz’s home to clear Tara’s cleverness. Faraz supports Tara so Kamil and Saneha’s brother Junaid warns him. At Saneha’s mother’s home, Tara fights with Saneha’s sister-in-law. Tara convinces Faraz about his low financial situation. In the night, Saneha’s son catches Tara eavesdropping on Faraz and Saneha’s conversation.

    Episode 4 (24-Nov-2020)

    Being caught by Saneha’s son Shehroz, Tara frightens him by acting like a witch. She leaves home dramatically while accusing Saneha of misbehaving with her. Saneha meets Mona who alerts her and Tara pretends to jump from the train to seek the sympathies of Faraz.

    Episode 5 (01-Dec-2020)

    Tara plans a date with Faraz and Kamil informs Saneha positively and asks her to meet Tara’s mother and sister. After listening to Tara’s sister, Saneha tells everything Faraz who does not believe in it. With time Faraz gets attached to Tara who corrupts his thoughts about Saneha.

    Episode 6 (08-Dec-2020)

    Faraz gets a termination letter and discusses financial crises with Tara. Taking advantage of the opportunity, she offers a business partnership to him. Saneha prevents Faraz from doing business saying that his temperament is not of a businessman. Saneha’s friend Mona tells her that she has seen Tara following Saneha and Faraz in a shopping mall.

    Episode 7 (15-Dec-2020)

    In the night, Tara keeps Faraz busy with her on call. She comes to Saneha’s home and claims that she now commands Faraz. Tara’s accusations result in Saneha’s miscarriage. After recovery, she leaves home and decides to take divorce.

    Episode 8 (22-Dec-2020)

    Saneha tries to convince her son that his parents will now live separately. She requests her sister-in-law to admit Shehroz into a good school who misbehaves realizing her poor financial condition. Saneha then admits Shehroz in a Madrasa for learning.

    Episode 9 (29-Dec-2020)

    To have a better future for Shahroz, Saneha works tirelessly in her brother’s home. Tara offers a residence to Faraz in her own home. Faraz meets his wife and son and realizes their poor condition. Shehroz tries to unveil the evil nature of Tara but she buys him gifts to clear her position.

    Episode 10 (05-Jan-2021)

    Tara confesses her love to Faraz and offers to keep Shahroz at her home. Faraz fights with Saneha at the phone call. After not being able to pay home rent, Faraz at last shifts to Tara’s home. Saneha takes Shahroz to the hospital where she meets with Dr. Minhaj.

    Episode 11 (12-Jan-2021)

    Dr. Minhaj comes to Saneha’s home and offers her a job but she refuses it. Faraz proposes Tara in a mall and their video gets viral. Shahroz and Saneha watch that video too. Tara teases Saneha and hits her by car. Saneha gets injured and someone takes her to the hospital.

    Episode 12 (19-Jan-2021)

    Faraz shows anger at Tara as she does not take interest in starting a business. Dr. Minhaj takes care of Saneha in hospital. Faraz decides to keep Shahroz with him and snatches him from Saneha.

    Episode 13 (26-Jan-2021)

    Dr. Minhaj offers Saneha to marry him but she refuses. After facing so many crises, Saneha decides to live back with Faraz with a down heart. At Tara’s home, Shahroz is being frightened by Tara. Saneha requests Tara to leave her child but Tara puts a condition that Saneha will leave Faraz. 

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