• Start Date: 9-May-2022
  • End Date: 16-Aug-2022
  • Total Episodes: 26
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: MD Productions
  • TV Channel: HUM TV

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Cast & Crew

Episode 1

Air Date: 09-May-2022

The drama starts with a girl dying in a hospital after she is fed poison by her in-laws. Turns out, Mazhar was her husband. Now Mazhar and his mother are preparing to flee away with the dowry that they received at the time of marriage. Anmol is a cheerful and energetic girl who jumps with excitement after passing her exams. Komal, Anmol’s elder sister, is a very mature and calm girl engaged to her cousin, Arsalan. Adeel, Anmol’s maternal cousin is brought up in her house after his parents died when he was very young. Growing up together, Anmol and Adeel have developed feelings for each other. Erum is Arsalan’s younger sister and she envies Anmol seeing Adeel’s fondness for her. Ghazala is worried about her daughter, Komal and she insists on her husband, Kabir to talk to her sister regarding Komal and Arsalan’s wedding. Arsalan is not in favor of marrying Komal and soon their wedding is called off.

Episode 2

Air Date: 10-May-2022

Anmol is worried seeing her father’s desperation to get her and Komal married as soon as possible. The next day, Mazhar and his mother, Ishrat arrive at their house with a marriage proposal for Komal. They fool Ghazala and Kabir with a persona of being righteous and honored individuals. Kabir is highly impressed with Mazhar and wants to marry off Komal quickly. Ishrat is overjoyed that she will retrieve a considerable amount of dowry from Kabir. Despite her parents’ reluctance, Anmol signs up for the Master’s program and assures her parents that she will do whatever they want once her degree is completed. On Komal’s wedding day, Ishrat arrives at the house and slanders Kabir for sending low-class furniture in dowry. Moreover, she demands to gift Mazhar a car or else she won’t allow the marriage to happen. After a huge struggle and through Adeel’s help, Kabir manages to buy a car on loan. The Nikah ceremony finally takes place but Ishrat refuses to take Komal with her as she is offended by the small car that was gifted to Mazhar.

Episode 3

Air Date: 16-May-2022

Kabir and Ghazala beg Ishrat for Komal’s rukhsati but Ishrat turns a deaf ear to them. Before leaving, she gives Kabir an ultimatum to get a large-sized, lavish car for Mazhar if he wants to keep his daughter’s marriage intact. Arsalan’s mother, Zohra goes on with slapping Kabir and Ghazala in the face for marrying off their daughter in a haste. Kabir feels ashamed in front of Komal for setting her up in a greedy family. Through Adeel’s friend, Kabir manages to buy a luxurious car in installments and asks Ghazala to inform Ishrat about it. When Ghazala calls Ishrat to tell her about the arrangement, Ishrat demands to see the car first to ensure that it is up to Mazhar’s standards. Arsalan salivates seeing the expensive car and asks his mother to hatch a plot to call off Komal’s marriage so that he can marry her and gain the car.

Episode 4

Air Date: 17-May-2022

Mazhar goes to the showroom to inspect the car and instantly likes it. At night, he along with his mother and his sister, Mehwish arrives at Kabir’s house to take Komal. Ishrat humiliates Ghazala for arranging the rukhsati ceremony at home instead of a hotel. After the rukhsati, she strips all of Komal’s jewelry on their way home. As soon as Komal steps foot in her in-law’s house, Ishrat starts treating her like a maid. The next morning, Anmol and her family are all set to take breakfast for Komal and her in-laws. But before they could leave, Zohra takes the opportunity to slander Anmol for her endearment towards Adeel. After Arsalan’s plan to call off Komal’s marriage fails, he asks his mother to take his proposal for Anmol. Meanwhile, seeing Adeel and Anmol’s closeness, Ghazala talks to Adeel to know his intentions for Anmol and is relieved to find out that Adeel loves Anmol and wants to marry her at all costs.

Episode 5

Air Date: 23-May-2022

Ishrat snatches all the gifts from Komal that she received at her wedding along with her personal cellphone. Later, she accuses Komal of being a rude and outspoken daughter-in-law and instructs Mazhar to suppress her. When Ghazala invites Komal and Mazhar over for dinner, Ishrat restrains Mazhar from taking the car and asks him to blame Kabir for gifting him a dud car. At the dinner, Komal’s entire family is taken aback by Mazhar’s niggard attitude. Komal asks her mother to set Anmol up with Adeel as soon as possible as she does not want her little sister to suffer the hardships like her. Zohra is unclear whether or not she should ask Kabir for Anmol’s hand in marriage. Erum indoctrinates her to do so immediately as it will pave the path for her marriage with Adeel to occur. After having a horrible experience of marrying off Komal to an unknown family, Kabir instantly agrees to Arsalan’s proposal for Anmol and Erum’s proposal for Adeel.

Episode 6

Air Date: 24-May-2022

Anmol begs her mother to take action and ask Kabir to reject Arsalan’s proposal. Adeel asks Ghazala to talk to Kabir about his desire to marry Anmol. When Ghazala asks Kabir to consider Adeel for Anmol, Kabir bursts onto her like a volcano and instantly refuses this inkling. According to Kabir, if Adeel marries Anmol, people will poke fun at him for fostering Adeel for his own benefit. Mazhar asks Komal to demand a heavy sum of money from her father so that he can initiate his own start-up and drops her at her parent’s house. Seeing the havoc at her house, Komal feels embarrassed to ask her father to entertain Mazhar’s demands. She returns to her in-laws herself and upon knowing that she has come empty-handed, Mazhar shuts the door on her face.

Episode 7

Air Date: 30-May-2022

Adeel is compelled to agree to Kabir’s decision of marrying Erum as he is bounded by his favors. So, he keeps dodging Anmol’s calls and messages. Later, Anmol confronts him and is heartbroken to find out that Adeel has bowed down to her father’s decision. Komal is badly beaten by Ishrat for not bringing cash from her father. Later, Kabir shows up at her house bearing sweets and informs Ishrat and Mazhar about Anmol’s prospective marriage. Ishrat takes the opportunity to cavil Kabir for not taking his son-in-law’s opinion about Anmol’s marriage. Kabir assures her that Mazhar will be considered in every forthcoming event to make decisions. Despite Komal’s reluctance, Anmol takes a rebellious action and secretly goes to meet Arsalan. She expresses her refusal to the marriage and asks him to step back. Seemingly, he listens to Anmol very calmly and agrees to her request.

Episode 8

Air Date: 31-May-2022

Ishrat warns Komal that she and Mazhar should be courteously treated at Anmol’s wedding. Zohra ignites hatred in Kabir’s heart against Anmol when she reveals that Anmol called Arsalan for a secret meeting to tell him about her love story with Adeel. Adeel apologizes to Zohra on Anmol’s behalf and calls the situation ‘Anmol’s immaturity’. Embarrassed and disappointed, Kabir declares to marry off Anmol with Arsalan within a week. Arsalan is pissed at his mother for agreeing to marry him in a haste. He is determined to take as much dowry from Kabir as he gave to Komal at her wedding. Mazhar takes Komal to her parents’ house without seeking Ishrat’s permission. Ishrat fears that Mazhar is getting out of her control, so she mortifies him. This makes Mazhar furious and he physically abuses Komal to vent out his anger.

Episode 9

Air Date: 06-Jun-2022

Anmol mourns over the decision of her father and feels helpless. Kabir catches Adeel comforting Anmol on their rooftop alone and berates them for tarnishing his respect and honor. Zohra arrives at the house with an appeal to delay the marriages for a month so she can prepare for them suitably. But Kabir is adamant about conducting the Nikah ceremony for both the couples in a week. Adeel takes a stand for himself in front of the entire family and refuses to marry Erum, manipulating them that he needs to become financially stable and build a house of his own before getting married. The family agrees and decides to conduct the Nikah ceremony of Anmol and Arsalan and an engagement ceremony for Adeel and Erum. Ghazala bursts into tears after hearing Adeel’s intentions of leaving the house soon. On her children’s big day, Zohra transforms into a typical mother-in-law, treating Kabir and Ghazala harshly. 

Episode 10

Air Date: 07-Jun-2022

While Adeel and Anmol’s hearts are on fire, Arsalan and Erum are blithesome after their ceremonies. As per their intentions, Zohra and Arsalan slate Kabir for not providing them with the dowry that he gave to his elder son-in-law. Despite knowing that Ishrat and Mazhar are present in the house, Zohra blows the gaff that Komal was previously engaged to Arsalan. Ishrat boils with anger after hearing this revelation and furiously leaves the house with Komal. The next day, Kabir requests Zohra to go with him to Komal’s in-laws and clarify the misunderstanding but Zohra straightaway refuses. Meanwhile, Komal is brutally treated by her mother-in-law after which she ends up at a hospital. Ishrat is furious at Mazhar after she finds out that Komal is expecting. So, the mother-son duo decides to use the child as an opportunity to loot Kabir further. 

Episode 11

Air Date: 13-Jun-2022

Kabir and Ghazala go to Mazhar’s house to clear the misunderstanding but are rather devastated to see Komal wounded and fractured. Ishrat covers up her violent actions and lies to them that Komal slipped in the washroom and ended up getting hurt. Seeing Arsalan forcing himself on Anmol, Adeel loses his mind and confesses his love for her. Anmol is enraged at Adeel for opening his mouth too late and slaps him in front of everyone. Erum is worried to see Adeel’s anger and fears that her relationship will be doomed due to Arsalan’s cheap tactics. After witnessing Arsalan and Adeel’s spectacle, Zohra suggests Kabir fix Arsalan and Anmol’s rukhsati date as soon as possible so Anmol can stay away from Adeel. She urges Kabir to treat Arsalan equivalent to Mazhar while giving him and Anmol dowry. 

Episode 12

Air Date: 14-Jun-2022

Kabir agrees with his sister and starts arranging for a loan to buy a car for Arsalan despite the fact that he is still in debt after purchasing Mazhar’s car. Arsalan goes to the showroom and selects the most expensive car for himself. Meanwhile, Mazhar arrives at Komal’s house along with his mother, asking Kabir to lend him money or else Komal will be kicked out of the house. Seeing Kabir financially distressed, Adeel offers to pay for Arsalan’s car so that Kabir can handle Mazhar’s situation. Anmol tries to explain to her parents that they cannot buy their daughters’ happiness by giving them full-fledged dowry but to no avail. Finally, Anmol is wedded off and Ishrat is fuming with anger to see her in a new car that is better than Mazhar’s. The day after the marriage, when Anmol’s parents bring breakfast for Anmol and her in-laws, Zohra complains to them for providing insufficient dowry.

Episode 13

Air Date: 20-Jun-2022

Kabir borrows money from his friends and arrives at Komal’s in-law’s house to give Mazhar a cheque worth seventeen lac rupees. Seeing the cheque, Mazhar and Ishrat flip out and humiliate Kabir for being a miser who does not care for his daughter and unborn grandchild. Anmol loses her cool after she discovers that Arsalan is jobless and that her mother-in-law lied about him earning a smart salary. She does not resist and makes it clear to Zohra that her father will no longer feed them, leaving Zohra flabbergasted. Zohra rushes to Kabir and criticizes him and Ghazala for bringing up a disobedient daughter. Komal runs away from the house after she overhears her mother-in-law conspiring to kill her unborn child. She comes to her parents and explains to them the entire situation, leaving everyone concerned. Mazhar calls Kabir and informs him about his daughter’s escape, condemning her for going to her ex-fiance. 

Episode 14

Air Date: 21-Jun-2022

Ghazala berates Komal for taking such a bold step and asks her to develop patience in her attitude. Zohra asks Kabir to send Komal back but he does not agree as he cannot tolerate Mazhar calling his daughter characterless. This infuriates Zohra and she sets a condition to take Anmol along only if Komal returns back. Seeing her in-law’s immoral behavior, Anmol asks Arsalan not to take the car with him as it belongs to her. Erum fumes with anger after seeing her mother return without Anmol as this action can harm her relationship with Adeel. Seeing Anmol suffering, Adeel asks her to leave Arsalan and come back to him. She becomes enraged and slates him for realizing it too late and letting her go in the first place. Kabir applies for early retirement to gain retirement benefits in order to help Mazhar start a business.

Episode 15

Air Date: 27-Jun-2022

Adeel humiliates Erum as she keeps annoying him with her constant calls and messages. Anmol goes for a job interview and receives an overwhelming response after the interviewer sees her extraordinary academic performance. Arsalan returns to his old habits of spending time with his loafer friends all day long. When his friends plan to gamble at a high-profile place, he calls Anmol and requests her to lend him the car for the day. Kabir is overjoyed when Anmol informs him that she has landed a job and will be joining immediately. Erum blames her mother and brother for Adeel’s resentment and threatens to set her entire house on fire if Adeel refuses to marry her. Arsalan plans to start a business and heads straight to Kabir’s house to ask him for the funds. Ishrat is frustrated with her daughter and asks Mazhar to drop her back at her in-law’s house so she can plan a new conspiracy. 

Episode 16

Air Date: 28-Jun-2022

Arsalan arrives at Kabir’s house only to discover that Anmol has started a job. Although he puts up an angry face, he is elated from the inside to have a wife who can take care of his expenses. He apologizes to Kabir for misbehaving with him the other day and asks for his permission to take Anmol back. Ghazala is more than happy to send Anmol to her house and wishes for Komal to return to her house too. Ishrat calls Ghazala and informs her that Mazhar attempted suicide by poisoning himself. Ghazala flounces out at this news and starts berating Komal for abandoning her husband on a small family matter. Meanwhile, Ishrat hatches a plot and hires an actor to play the role of a doctor before calling Kabir at the house. Ghazala takes Komal along so she can look after her husband and take good care of him. Mazhar holds Komal responsible for his “condition” and threatens to divorce her. Kabir stops him and promises to give him all the money that he will receive after his retirement.

Episode 17

Air Date: 04-Jul-2022

Zohra envies seeing Kabir squander his wealth on Mazhar. She regrets making Anmol her daughter-in-law after realizing that Komal is the real golden bird who is retracting most of Kabir’s wealth. Arsalan manipulates Anmol into asking her father for his retirement fund so he can start the business. She straightaway refuses and strictly prohibits him from begging her father. Unable to handle the insult, Arsalan bursts onto her like a volcano, threatening to treat her like the way Mazhar treats Komal. Anmol does not hold back and gives an unrestrained response, causing Arsalan to lose his wits. Komal is shocked to find out that Mazhar’s suicide attempt was a drama. Realizing that nothing can save her racking marriage, she calls Anmol and asks her to refrain their father from giving his retirement funds to Mazhar. Anmol fears that Komal is not safe in her house and relays her message to Adeel. 

Episode 18

Air Date: 05-Jul-2022

Adeel goes to meet Mazhar and attempts to revive his self-respect by asking him to stop laying hands in front of Kabir. Despite being ashamed, Mazhar’s ego is hurt and he calls Kabir, asking him to take Komal back. Kabir and Ghazala berate Adeel for interfering in Komal’s matter and take him to Mazhar’s house to apologize to him. Zohra asks Kabir to fix Erum and Adeel’s wedding date and emphasizes carrying out a simple wedding. However, Adeel turns the tables this time and stresses to have an elaborate wedding. He especially demands Zohra to fulfill the family’s tradition of gifting the son-in-law a luxurious car, leaving her shocked. Arsalan fumes with anger seeing Adeel’s flip side and starts quarreling with him. Adeel is bent on getting all his demands fulfilled and warns Kabir and Ghazala not to interfere in his matter. Arsalan forces his mother to call off Erum’s engagement but Erum threatens to leave the house forever, leaving Zohra baffled.

Episode 19

Air Date: 18-Jul-2022

Anmol arrives at Komal’s house to check in on her. She bribes Ishrat and Mehwish with gifts to allow her to take Komal for an outing. In reality, she takes Komal to a doctor to make sure she is healthy. Ishrat suggests Mazhar ask for money from Anmol as she is employed at a high post. Erum invites Adeel to the house to make amends with him. He arrives and demands to be treated with the respect that a son-in-law deserves. Despite Zohra’s request to conduct the wedding plainly, Adeel keeps pressuring her to have a lavish wedding with an extravagant dowry, or else he will refuse to marry. While Zohra is worried about meeting Adeel’s demands, Arsalan keeps gambling and sinking himself into hefty amounts of debt. Desperate to repay them, he lies to Anmol that he wants to initiate an e-commerce business and persuades her into selling her jewelry to accumulate funds. 

Episode 20

Air Date: 19-Jul-2022

Sultan barges into Arsalan’s house in the middle of the night, demanding money from his mother and wife. Zohra slaps Arsalan for losing money in gambling instead of preparing dowry for his sister. Like always, she decides to seek help from Kabir but Anmol strictly refrains her from bothering her father. Sultan and his henchmen hatch a plot against Arsalan to steal his car. However, in the process of stealing, they mistakenly shoot Arsalan to death. The news of his death brings agony to Zohra and Anmol where the latter musters the courage to face the situation. At Arsalan’s funeral, Ishrat freaks out after seeing Mazhar’s ex-sister-in-law, Batool there who happens to be Anmol’s office colleague. She returns home and tries to figure out Batool’s relationship with Kabir’s family.

Episode 21

Air Date: 25-Jul-2022

Ishrat and Mazhar suspect that Kabir gave his retirement funds to Arsalan which he splurged on gambling so they question Komal about it. When Komal expresses her cluelessness about the matter, they refuse to believe her and refrain her from attending Arsalan’s thirds. A few days later after Arsalan’s death, Ghazala asks Kabir to bring Anmol back home but he refuses to leave Zohra alone in her time of misery. Anmol requests her mother to save Komal from her in-laws and informs her that Komal has become weak due to deficient diet but Ghazala refuses taking any action. After the cops locate Arsalan’s car, Anmol returns it to Adeel as he paid for it in the first place. Komal seeks Anmol’s help to financially aid a greengrocer, Majid whose money is owed by Ishrat. Anmol delivers Majid the money and in return requests him to look out for Komal. 

Episode 22

Air Date: 26-Jul-2022

Mazhar receives a letter from the bank, warning him that the bank will confiscate his car if he does not pay the remaining installments. He goes to Kabir and humiliates him for being a careless father who does not care about his daughter’s needs. Kabir promises Mazhar to give him the money as soon as his retirement funds are cleared. Erum fears that Anmol will marry Adeel now that she is single. She misbehaves with her and warns Zohra from sending Anmol back to Kabir’s house. Zohra has come to her senses after Arsalan’s death and accepts the reality that Adeel never belonged to Erum. Adeel hands his engagement ring to Ghazala and brings up the idea of marrying Anmol instead of Erum. Without seeking anyone’s suggestion, Kabir hands all his retirement funds to Mazhar, earning Adeel’s resentment. Before sending Anmol back to her house, Zohra sincerely apologizes to her for her evil deeds.

Episode 23

Air Date: 01-Aug-2022

Zohra asks Erum to stop beating around the bush and focus on her studies to become independent just like Anmol. Exasperated, Erum taunts her mother for always favoring her son and neglecting her daughter’s happiness. Ghazala informs Kabir about Adeel’s request to marry Anmol, leaving him puzzled. Mazhar and Komal are blessed with a baby boy. Mazhar takes the opportunity to loot Kabir further by handing him the hospital bill. Anmol hires a lawyer to rid Komal of her ravenous in-laws. Ishrat’s heart burns to see Anmol financially stable and plans to marry her to Mazhar. Batool is shocked to discover that Mazhar is Anmol’s brother-in-law. She reveals the truth about him and Ishrat’s wrongdoings and how they poisoned her sister to death. Before Anmol could take any action, Ishrat leaves the gas stove on to blow up Komal. Majid happens to be outside her house and helps escort Komal to the hospital. 

Episode 24

Air Date: 02-Aug-2022

Anmol rushes to the hospital after Majid informs her about the incident. Ishrat and Mazhar play a facade of innocence in front of the doctor to get away from the crime. However, the doctor considers the incident to be a police case and summons the police to the hospital. Mazhar flounces after Komal gains consciousness and flees away with his mother and the baby. Anmol berates her father for pushing Komal into a hellhole despite her constant warnings. Meanwhile, Ishrat and Mazhar decide to pick up their cash and jewelry from the house before hiding in a cocoon. However, the police reach their house before them and seize their belongings. Ishrat trades the baby to a beggar so she can make money out of him. She and Mazhar then take refuge at Mehwish’s house who kicks them out the next morning. To find her nephew, Anmol seeks help from social media by posting a video, elaborating on the vicious crimes of the corrupt mother-son duo. 

Episode 25

Air Date: 15-Aug-2022

Ishrat’s jaw drops seeing wanted posters of her and Mazhar on the streets. The cops track down Mehwish, arresting her and her husband as accomplices. Adeel pressures the police to find the criminals quickly. This enrages the officer and he berates the parents for marrying their daughters to frauds without running a background check on them. Adeel and Anmol take it upon themselves to find Komal’s child and search around the city tirelessly. Meanwhile, Ishrat accumulates money by begging on the streets to flee the city. Komal becomes restless as she longs for her little one. Seeing her disquiet, Kabir pleads for her forgiveness for marrying her in a haste. The police arrest Ishrat and Mazhar from the bus station and put them behind bars. Anmol launches an online campaign against dowry. Later, through social media, she learns that the vicious mother-son duo had defrauded not only two but four families in the past.

Episode 26 (Last Episode)

Air Date: 16-Aug-2022

A court meeting is held to decide the fate of the vicious Ishrat and Mazhar. Batool, along with Komal, testifies against them, leading the judge to sentence Mazhar to death and Ishrat to life imprisonment under the criminal charges of fraud and murder. Anmol thanks the audience on social media for siding with her and gives out a message to the women to stop bearing the oppressive behavior of in-laws and stand up for their rights. Komal tries to convince Anmol to marry Adeel but she refuses to forgive him. Zohra apologizes to Kabir for her greediness and admits that she exploited him and his family for worldly affairs. As redemption for her sins, she begs Kabir to marry Adeel to Anmol. When Adeel declares his love for Anmol, Erum comes to terms with reality and sets on a path of improvement. 

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