Pehli Si Muhabbat

Pehli Si Muhabbat

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Episode 1

Air Date: 23-Jan-2021

Akram and his mother go to Karachi to bring Aslam home who is living there with his uncle. He is to be engaged soon to his cousin Bushra there. Faiz Ullah, their neighbor marries a woman, Nargis with a dark past and Rakshi develops a hatred for her stepmother. The news of this marriage enrages Akram who then conspires with others to attack Faiz’s house in order to oust the new bride. Aslam, trying to rescue Rakshi, falls in love with her.

Episode 2

Air Date: 30-Jan-2021

Aslam and Rakshi come closer to each other.

Episode 3

Air Date: 06-Feb-2021

Aslam follows Rakshi to her college and follows her everywhere. Rakshi is excited to imagine her future with him until she finds about his engagement. While Akram tries his best to tease his neighbors.
Nargis keeps warning Rakshi not to trust men.

Episode 4

Air Date: 13-Feb-2021

Aslam tries to pacify Rakshi and makes her believe in his love. They both meet at their neighbor Niggi’s house. He promises to break his engagement but Akram is adamant to get him married to Bushra. Niggi keeps blackmailing the couple for keeping their secret.

Episode 5

Air Date: 20-Feb-2021

The story of Aslam’s sister Zainab is also highlighted where she was forced into marriage by Akram despite the fact that she was in love with someone else. This lead to misunderstandings between her and her husband where she tolerated his misbehavior. Her sacrifices are a symbol of love and respect for her family. Akram still has agonies with Zainab whereas Aslam has a close and cordial relationship with her. He confides in her about his love. Nargis comes to know about the affair but saves Rakshi from her father.

Episode 6 

Air Date: 27-Feb-2021

Aslam’s refusal to marry Bushra does not impress Akram who takes it lightly and goes to his uncle to talk about the wedding preparations who then links the marriage to Aslam’s job. Aslam becomes furious at his brother for forcing him into a life against his wishes. Zainab supports her brother but Akram scolds her to which she gets flashes of her cruel life.

Episode 7

Air Date: 06-Mar-2021

Faiz Ullah tries to fix Rakshi’s proposal which scares her. Nargis handles the situation for a while but keeps warning Rakshi about men’s betrayal. Aslam is broken to hear that Rakshi wants to end the relationship and then blasts at Niggi for continuously blackmailing the duo for keeping their secret.

Episode 8

Air Date: 13-Mar-2021

Zainab’s husband argues with her for marrying him without her consent as she had someone else in her heart. He hits her brutally with a vase but she bears it like always. Rakshi is shocked when Niggi asks her to steal her mother’s jewelry for her as a bribe to keep her meetings with Aslam hidden.

Episode 9 

Air Date: 20-Mar-2021

Rakshi bursts into tears and embraces Nargis as she protects her like a mother from Niggi. Niggi is cleverly warned by Aslam about torturing them with her demands off and on. Aslam goes to his uncle’s house and politely refuses to marry Bushra shocking the family whereas Faiz fixes Rakshi’s alliance.

Episode 10

Air Date: 27-Mar-2021

Rakshi is anxious as her father has fixed her alliance. Akram beats the pulp out of Aslam as he has refused to marry his cousin. Seeing her son in a miserable state, Akram’s mother agrees with his decision to marry Rakshi. This elates Rakshi and she talks to her mother to convince Faiz Ullah for accepting her love.

Episode 11

Air Date: 03-Apr-2021

Faiz Ullah is furious to receive Aslam’s proposal for Rakshi. He talks rudely to Aslam’s mother and refuses the marriage. He announces Rakshi’s marriage within two months. Rakshi and Aslam are shattered. Aslam’s friend suggests him to elope with Rakshi who begs to convince her father.

Episode 12

Air Date: 10-Apr-2021

Zainab reminisces Akram’s misbehavior when she tried to elope with her lover, Sikander. Akram has a fight with Faiz as they bicker about Sikander’s and Rakshi’s proposal in the market. Rakshi lies to Faiz being in love with Aslam out of his fear. Sikander is adamant to marry Rakshi as revenge against Akram.

Episode 13

Air Date: 17-Apr-2021

Faiz Ullah reaches Akram’s house and insults him for maligning his daughter’s respect. Aslam declines of being in relation to Rakshi. Nargis seems to receive calls from her ex-lover. Sikander is in haste for marriage. Zainab suffers from sick health. Aslam requests Nargis to help him meet Rakshi for once.

Episode 14 

Air Date: 24-Apr-2021

Akram exposes the romantic messages between Aslam & Rakshi to Faiz Ullah who catches them together at his house. He blames Nargis for instigating her and beats Rakshi. He is blamed for badly beating Aslam too while the real culprit is Sikander. Zainab reminisces her tragic wedding days.

Episode 15

Air Date: 01-May-2021

Rakshi falls sick while crying continuously for Aslam. Nargis berates Faiz Ullah for his behavior towards Rakshi. Aslam’s mother begs her brother to save him. Rakshi finds solace with Nargis who reminisces about her old lover. She tries to put sense into Faiz Ullah’s head about the couple’s love.

Episode 16

Air Date: 08-May-2021

Aslam is annoyed at being sent to his uncle’s house where he comes across his heartbroken ex-fiance. Akram loses control and beats Faiz for hurting Aslam. Zainab meets Aslam and her health deteriorates to find Sikander as Rakshi’s groom. Rakshi is surprised as she hears Nargis talking to someone to forget her.

Episode 17

Air Date: 22-May-2021

Zainab and Sikander get emotional on call and plan a meeting. Akram’s wife helps Zainab. Aslam is pissed as he is unable to contact Rakshi. Nargis makes sure that Rakshi stays strong and moves on with her life. Sikander asks Faiz Ullah to shift outside the city. The same is informed to Aslam by his friend who loses his mind over it.

Episode 18

Air Date: 29-May-2021

Rakshi leaves her broken bangles on the roof for Aslam. He is caught and reprimanded by his uncle for trying to leave the city to meet Rakshi. Bushra, his cousin, gives him a mobile to talk to Rakshi but in vain. As the old lovers meet, Sikander begs Zainab to unite with him but she broken-heartedly goes back to her house.

Episode 19 

Air Date: 05-Jun-2021

Rakshi bursts out in tears as they shift to a new place and Nargis consoles her.  Aslam begs Zainab to reveal Rakshi’s address but she stays mum and cries. Rakshi questions Nargis about her lover as she hears the two talking on call. Aslam’s ex-fiancé cries and misses him terribly while Rakshi, brokenheartedly, gets ready to go shopping with Sikander.

Episode 20 

Air Date: 12-Jun-2021

Sikander takes Rakshi to shopping and stops at Akram’s shop where Aslam is also present. Aslam bursts into tears and Akram consoles him. Zainab meets Sikander and begs him to clear the way for the couple but he refuses. Rakshi shouts at Nargis and asks her to convince Faiz Ullah to not marry her off to Sikander.

Episode 21

Air Date: 19-Jun-2021

Murad is pissed at Zainab for leaving the house again with Ishrat. Zainab declares to Sikander of being free from the chains of his love. Aslam feels dejected as it’s Rakshi’s mehndi. Zainab visits Rakshi’s new house who is shocked to see her there. Akram tries to send his brother away to divert his attention from Rakshi’s marriage.

Episode 22

Air Date: 26-Jun-2021

Zainab convinces Rakshi as she refuses to run away and spoil her father’s reputation. Nargis meets her ex-lover who tries to clear a past misunderstanding but Nargis calls it off. Sikander gives a reminder to Zainab to come back to him. Akram sends Aslam away for work but is unaware of his eloping plan. Aslam requests his friend for help who refuses, making Aslam more nervous.

Episode 23 

Air Date: 03-Jul-2021

Zainab tries to mend her relationship with her husband who seems confused about her. Rakshi is unhappy at her mehndi but stays mum. Aslam’s friend warns him of betrayal but he is sure Rakshi will elope. Just as Rakshi is about to leave the house, Nargis’s ex-lover comes to meet her.

Episode 24 

Air Date: 10-Jul-2021

Aslam is shattered as Rakshi backs off after hearing the bitter and sweet argument of Nargis with her ex-lover. Sikander beats the crap out of Aslam and Zainab’s heart sinks upon hearing about it. Faiz Ullah warns Rakshi of seeing his dead face if Sikander refuses to marry her.

Episode 25

Air Date: 17-Jul-2021

Rakshi blames herself for Aslam’s woes. Akram breaks down seeing his brother’s miserable state and begs Faiz Ullah to unite the lovers. Zainab’s health keeps worsening and doctors suggest heart surgery. Sikander keeps waiting for Zainab to return to him and delays going to Rakshi’s house for marriage.

Episode 26

Air Date: 24-Jul-2021

Zainab expresses her feelings for Murad and passes away. Sikander is distraught and backs out from the wedding. Aslam is helpless as he can’t see his sister due to his own sick health. Faiz Ullah sends a message to Aslam to marry Rakshi within 24 hours.

Episode 27

Air Date: 31-Jul-2021

Heartbroken by Zainab’s death, Akram rejects Faiz Ullah’s proposal. Nargis gets upset when Arif’s sister sends her brother’s proposal for Rakshi and Faiz Ullah doesn’t reply. Aslam is devastated to find about Sikander’s offer to Zainab. Sikander offers an apology at Zainab’s grave for being selfish and putting her in a conundrum.

Episode 28

Air Date: 07-Aug-2021

Akram apologizes to Aslam when Aslam blames him for ruining his siblings’ life. Sikander is insulted by Aslam for mentally torturing Zainab. Murad too gives him an earful to repent throughout his life. Sikander reminisces about his actions and faints. As Rakshi comes to pay her condolences, Aslam blames her for everything and asks her to get out of his life.

Episode 29

Air Date: 14-Aug-2021

Aslam blames Rakshi for shattering his confidence and throws her out. Faiz Ullah fixes Rakshi’s marriage with Ali. Sikander falls into depression and keeps crying for Zainab. Aslam decides to leave for his uncle’s house again leaving past memories behind. Murad wanders in his empty house and cries, asking Zainab for forgiveness.

Episode 30

Air Date: 21-Aug-2021

Aslam wishes to work with his uncle to distract himself. Nargis tries to meet Aslam and sends him a message via his friend but he refuses to listen. Akram requests Murad to give his kids to him and seeing them happy with Akram’s wife, Murad agrees. Ali’s daughter refuses to accept Rakshi as her mother. Aslam shares his confused thoughts with Bushra. 

Episode 31

Air Date: 28-Aug-2021

Rakshi talks to Ali’s daughter and bonds with her. Bushra makes Aslam understand love and he leaves to sort out the matters with Rakshi. Bushra’s father falls sick and Aslam goes back to help him in the hospital. Faiz Ullah leaves the decision of Rakshi’s marriage to the Almighty.

Episode 32

Air Date: 04-Sep-2021

Rakshi is married to Ali. Ishrat goes to meet and pacifies her while the rest of the family is with Aslam’s uncle. Aslam is shattered for not being able to take his last chance to unite with Rakshi. Rakshi leaves her in-laws upset with her father. Nargis also expresses her hopelessness at Faiz’s action.

Episode 33

Air Date: 11-Sep-2021

Rakshi moves on as she imagines Zainab advising her. Sikander leaves the country and Murad realizes Zainab fell in love with him after marriage. 8 years pass, Aslam has a daughter with Bushra who still supports his memories of Rakshi. His mother has passed away and Akram is planning to get Ahmed married.

Episode 34

Air Date: 18-Sep-2021

Rakshi’s father and husband are dead. Shockingly, the girl Ahmed loves is Rakshi’s step-daughter Sadaf. Akram lays no objection to the proposal and regrets his behavior with Faiz Ullah. Ishrat informs Aslam about the whole situation who reminisces about his mother convincing him for marriage. Nargis asks Rakshi to start a new life after Sadaf’s marriage. 

Episode 35

Air Date: 25-Sep-2021

Aslam goes back to his house after learning about Rakshi which leads to Ahmad and Bushra finding out the truth. Bushra goes to Aslam and asks him to meet Rakshi as Ahmad’s brother. Ali’s sister tries to talk to Rakshi about her marriage after Sadaf but Rakshi ignores. Rakshi and Aslam seem stunned to encounter each other after years.

Episode 36

Air Date: 02-Oct-2021

Aslam and Rakshi barely talk to each other when Bushra leaves them alone. Akram refuses to cause hindrance again if the couple wishes to reunite. Aslam scolds Bushra when she asks him to accept Rakshi. Nargis too talks to Rakshi about Aslam. Bushra asks Aslam to visit Rakshi again.

Episode 37

Air Date: 09-Oct-2021

Aslam and Rakshi spend the whole day as a couple and clear their past misunderstandings. Nargis is elated as Raskhi decides to move on. Aslam expresses his love for Bushra and remains friends with Rakshi. Families rejoice as Sadaf and Ahmad get married. 

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