• Start Date: 6-Oct-2022
  • End Date:6-Apr-2023
  • Total Episodes: 28
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Timing: Thursday 8pm (PKT)
  • Production Company: Showcase Productions
  • TV Channel: ARY Digital

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Cast & Crew

Hadiqa Kiani

Khadija (Javed's wife)

Ashir Wajahat

Azaan (Javed's son)

Aina Asif

Abeer (Javed's daughter)

Ahmed Usman (Childstar)

Abaan (Javed's son)

Zuhab Khan

Fardan (Wajiha's son)

Eman Khan

Dua (Wajiha's daughter)

Sohail Masood

Javed (Lawyer)

Mehboob Sultan

Bakht (Lawyer)




Muhammad Shoaib

Director of Photography


Episode 1

Air Date: 06-Oct-2022

Javed and his wife Khadija are extremely punctual and strict parents of three children. Their first-born Azaan is an obedient, bright teenager who excels in his studies and is his parents’ favorite. Abeer is younger than Azaan and also a bright student. However, she is secretly indulged in all sorts of stupid online activities common in kids of today’s generation. Abaan is the youngest child in the family and an average student academically. Although he is brilliant in arts, his parents do not encourage him and keep comparing him with his elder brother. The constant comparison has severely affected his personality, making him ill-mannered and disobedient. Wajiha is an open-minded, single mother of two kids, Fardan and Dua. She is an air hostess, who is mostly away from her kids due to air travel. However, she treats her children friendly and has a solid trusted bond with them. Javed dislikes Khadija’s friendship with Wajiha and keeps asking Khadija to maintain distance from her.

Episode 2

Air Date: 06-Oct-2022

Despite Khadija and Javed’s strict refusal, Abeer secretly acquires a phone from her friend and keeps it hidden with her. She befriends a boy in school and gets caught in a social media rivalry related to the boy. Abaan hears the news of Abeer’s social media fight and confronts her. Abeer does not take him seriously and treats him as an unimportant younger brother even though they are only a year apart. Soon, in the school, the news of the social media rivalry reaches the principal, and Abeer is summoned to the school’s front office. When Abaan finds out that Abeer is being interrogated, he becomes furious and rushes to the boy responsible for the rivalry. In the ensuing fight, Abaan ends up pushing the boy from the top floor of the school. A flashback scene reveals that six months ago, Wajiha divorced her husband who was insecure about Wajiha’s financial independence and became physically abusive to her. Fardan and Dua very maturely accepted Wajiha’s decision and decided to live with her instead of their jobless father.

Episode 3

Air Date: 13-Oct-2022

A flashback scene from six months ago reveals that Khadija faced humiliation when she attended a parent-teacher meeting for Abaan. His low grades enraged Javed and he decided to send him away to boarding school for a year. Although Khadija protested against the decision, Javed managed to persuade her into thinking that it will turn out to be favorable for Abaan. Seeing his brother upset and disheartened, Azaan tried persuading his parents to come around but ended up getting a shut-up call. When Khadija informed Wajiha about Javed’s decision, the latter attempted to change Khadija’s mind, guiding her to be lenient with the kids but to no avail. On the contrary, Khadija instructed Wajiha to pay attention to her kids’ social media, or else they would get out of control. Abaan went on a hunger strike and Javed strictly forbade everyone from convincing Abaan to eat.

Episode 4

Air Date: 20-Oct-2022

The flashback continues when Abaan felt so pressurized and overwhelmed that he attempted suicide by slitting his wrist. Azaan and Javed rushed him to the hospital where the latter lied to the doctor to avoid any sort of police case. Khadija lost her wits and strictly asked Javed to drop his decision of sending Abaan away to a hostel. Despite being lenient, Javed informed Abaan that he is not scared and will implement his decision. Azaan convinced his father to give Abaan one year to improve his grades. He promised to help Abaan study and guaranteed that he won’t regret his decision. Later, at school, he picked up a fight with one of his classmates who teased him about his sister’s love affair. Fardan blew off the steam and guided Azaan to talk to Abeer calmly to find out her side of the story. Azaan politely guided Abeer to pull herself out of the mess and focus on her studies.

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