Pyar Deewangi Hai

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Cast & Crew

Sabahat Ali Bukhari

Sajida (Dawood's mother)

Nida Khan

Sara (Rabi's sister)

Hassan Niazi

Iqbal (Rabi's brother)

Aliya Ali

Farwa (Iqbal's wife)

Saba Faisal

Saima (Rabi's mother)


Naseem (Mateen's mother)




Waqas Ali

Director of Photography


Episode 1

Air Date: 09-May-2022

The episode begins with Rabi, a very high-spirited girl madly in love with her cousin Mateen. Mateen is the only child in his family and his mother, Naseem who is Rabi’s phupo hates her and her mother, Saima to the core. Previously, Mateen and Rabi were engaged but after the death of Rabi’s father, Naseem wants to call off their engagement as she envies Rabi for her beauty and fair complexion. Dawood is a mature and decent high school professor. He also is in love with his cousin, Rabi who happens to be his aunt’s daughter. He fumes seeing Mateen dropping Rabi at her university on his motorcycle. Sara, Rabi’s elder sister is separated from her husband due to which she lives at her mother’s house. She tries to knock some sense into Rabi to keep her love for Mateen in control as his mother does not have clean intentions for Rabi. The very next day, Naseem discovers the love letters from Rabi in Mateen’s room, and in her fury, she goes to Rabi’s house to call off the engagement.

Episode 2

Air Date: 16-May-2022

The news about Rabi’s love letters and her engagement being called off circulates in the entire neighborhood. Iqbal, Rabi’s elder brother and the only breadwinner of the house is furious after hearing it. Rabi is devastated after the havoc and mourns the loss of her love and dignity. Dawood’s mother, Sajida asks her sister, Saima for Rabi’s hand in marriage to Dawood and Saima instantly agrees. Mateen finds out about his mother’s evil doings and assures Rabi to marry her as he is not ready to give up on his eight years-long relationship. Later, he calls Rabi to a park to meet her. Seeing Rabi’s grief, he tries to cheer her up. Just then, Rabi finds out that her wedding has been fixed with Dawood and so she rushes to her house to express her refusal. Seeing Mateen with Rabi, Iqbal loses his cool and the two get into a heated argument during which Rabi is injured. 

Episode 3

Air Date: 23-May-2022

Sara tries to convince Rabi to forget Mateen and think about her family’s respect but Rabi shuts her eyes to it as she is head over heels for Mateen. Iqbal forces his mother to conduct Rabi’s marriage ceremony with Dawood as soon as possible. Upon knowing that Naseem is planning to hitch Mateen with a girl of her choice, Mateen threatens her to kill himself and ultimately consumes petrol attempting to suicide. However, he is saved after he is taken to the hospital on time. Aslam berates his wife, Naseem for going against their son’s wishes and finally convinces her to make Rabi their daughter-in-law. Seeing Rabi’s craziness for Mateen and her determination to marry him at all costs, Sara asks Dawood to take back his proposal. Despite his true love for Rabi, Dawood decides to respect Rabi’s feelings for Mateen and refuses to marry her.

Episode 4

Air Date: 30-May-2022

For the sake of Mateen’s happiness, Aslam and Naseem arrive at Saima’s house with a marriage proposal. Having no other choice, Iqbal agrees to Rabi and Mateen’s marriage. When Zebi, Naseem’s niece finds out that Mateen’s marriage is fixed with Rabi, she deplores it as she was chosen for him and always dreamt of him. Naseem solaces her and then together with her plans a scheme to make Rabi’s life a living hell. On Rabi’s wedding night, Naseem barges into her room and threatens to make her life miserable. The day after the wedding, Naseem forcefully gets Rabi’s nose pierced by manipulating her into the old myth that women without nose piercings bring bad luck to their husbands. Later, Saima visits Rabi only to find her nose pierced. She bursts onto Naseem for torturing a newly-wedded bride. Just then, Mateen walks in and shouts at Rabi for crying in front of her mother.

Episode 5

Air Date: 06-Jun-2022

Seeing Rabi upset, Mateen apologizes to her for his rude behavior and the lovebirds quickly make up. Naseem plays the role of a two-faced, diplomatic mother-in-law who is nice to Rabi in front of Mateen and badmouths her in his absence. Despite being a newly-wedded girl, Rabi is forced by Naseem to do all the household chores. When Mateen takes Rabi for an outing, the torturous mother-in-law strictly prohibits Rabi from letting Mateen spend a single penny on her. Dawood can’t stop thinking about Rabi and is indulged in flashbacks of her. Sajida brings a proposal to him as she desperately wants her son to get married but Dawood straightaway refuses to marry anyone. Sara goes to meet her aunt, Sajida, and tries her best to mend the relationship between her mother and Sajida. 

Episode 6

Air Date: 13-Jun-2022

Mateen faces a serious bike accident while he is on his way to a job interview. Upon getting this news, Naseem is devastated and blames Rabi for bringing bad luck to her son. Before leaving for the hospital, she asks Zebi to lock Rabi in her room to avoid her nuisance around Mateen. Dawood finds out through Sara about the accident and decides to go to Mateen’s house to check on him. Just then, Naseem returns from the hospital and alleges Rabi for spending alone time with a stranger in the absence of her husband and calls her characterless. Dawood is shocked after witnessing Naseem’s obnoxious behavior and feels pity for Rabi. Rabi reassures Mateen that she can never be disloyal to him and after much reassurance, Mateen is satisfied. Saima and Sara go to inquire about Mateen’s condition and are highly disappointed by Naseem’s cold behavior towards them.

Episode 7

Air Date: 20-Jun-2022

Upon Saima’s insistence, Iqbal goes to meet Rabi at her in-law’s house. Naseem grabs the opportunity to badmouth Rabi in front of Iqbal, portraying her as sluggish and unhelpful. Moreover, she narrates Dawood’s incident when he was caught alone in the house with Rabi to develop a misunderstanding in Iqbal’s heart. Sajida suspects that Dawood and Sara are having a secret affair after she once saw them together outside. Also, Dawood unintentionally keeps mentioning her in his conversation, making Sajida more curious. Iqbal suggests filing a divorce on behalf of Sara as her husband has been missing for five years. Naseem leaves the gas stove on, attempting to blow up Rabi. Fortuitously, Rabi smells the gas leak in time and begs Naseem to spare her life. Just then, Mateen enters the room and sees Rabi holding his mother’s feet. Naseem flips out and changes the scenario, telling Mateen that Rabi is not happy with her marriage as she has a jobless husband.

Episode 8

Air Date: 27-Jun-2022

Rabi assures Mateen that she does not believe in materialistic things and only wants his companionship and support. Mateen goes for a second interview but receives an underwhelming response when the interviewer sees that he has no experience. Naseem keeps criticizing Rabi for not being qualified enough to apply for a job. Dawood runs into Mateen and takes the opportunity to clear the misunderstanding. Dawood also asks for his CV to look for a job for him. Dawood’s interference offends Mateen and he suspects that Rabi keeps him informed about all the house matters. Sara goes to meet Rabi and gives her some cash until Mateen does not get a job. When Rabi is alone at the house, Dawood arrives and hands her Mateen’s appointment letter. Naseem witnesses the scene and once again creates a fuss about it, leading Mateen to raise his hand on Rabi.

Episode 9

Air Date: 04-Jul-2022

Aslam, Rabi’s only well-wisher in the house, asks her to look after Mateen and strengthen her marriage. Rabi finally opens up to him and informs him that Dawood stopped by just to give her Mateen’s appointment letter. While Naseem is badmouthing Rabi in front of Mateen, Aslam intervenes and clears the misunderstanding. Mateen tears the letter, rushes to Rabi and begs her to forgive him. Naseem prompts Mateen to demand money from his in-laws to start a business. He reluctantly requests Rabi for the money and promises to return it once his business starts flourishing. Rabi refuses his request and instead offers him to sell her gold for the business. Naseem snatches the gold from her and slates her for bringing insufficient dowry. When Sara invites Rabi and her in-laws for dinner, Naseem leaves no stone unturned to belittle Rabi and blame her for bringing bad luck to Mateen. 

Episode 10

Air Date: 18-Jul-2022

Rabi goes to live at her mother’s house for a while where she spends time with her childhood friend, Roohi. Mateen continues facing rejection from companies and is frustrated due to unemployment. Aslam’s shop is robbed by a bunch of thugs who steal all the money that he had gathered from a committee. Naseem blames Rabi for the adversity, driving Mateen mad. Iqbal finds out about the robbery and rushes to Mateen’s house along with his mother and Rabi. When Saima consoles Naseem, she instigates the spiteful Naseem to slander Rabi for her doomed fate. Mateen forces Rabi to ask her brother for financial aid despite her reluctance. Iqbal smells Naseem’s evil intentions and informs his mother beforehand that he will not sell the house at any cost to give Rabi her share. Following Naseem’s advice to trap Mateen, Zebi offers to help him during his time of hardship. Mateen is falsely accused of the robbery and arrested by the police. In her fury, Naseem ousts Rabi from the house, creating a spectacle out of her.

Episode 11

Air Date: 25-Jul-2022

Aslam enquires Naseem about Rabi’s whereabouts but she lies that Rabi went to her mother’s house herself. Saima fumes with anger after seeing Rabi in despair and regrets marrying her to Mateen. Sajida storms into Naseem’s house after finding out about her evil actions. She slams Naseem for mistreating her niece. Naseem denies the allegations and instead accuses Sajida of trying to create a rift between Rabi and Mateen. Aslam discovers the truth and tries to bring Rabi back home but Iqbal does not allow it. Unable to handle Iqbal’s ego, Naseem packs Rabi’s belongings and delivers it at her mother’s house. Rabi assures Iqbal that Mateen is not a thief and begs him to get Mateen released. Dawood pulls some strings and bails out Mateen. Naseem empoisons Mateen against Rabi by telling him that she left the house on her own will, instigating Mateen to divorce her. 

Episode 12

Air Date: 01-Aug-2022

Saima suggests Iqbal to help Aslam pay off the debt but he abruptly rejects the idea. He taunts his widowed mother on financially taking care of the family all his life and clarifies that he wants to save for his future rather than splurge on his sister’s in-laws. Aslam asks Mateen to bring back Rabi but he refuses. Saima loses her sleep, thinking that both her daughters’ fates are doomed due to their unsuccessful married lives. Sara’s heart aches seeing Rabi in grief and wishes to eradicate her sadness forever. She seeks Dawood’s help to sell her jewelry to help Mateen. Sajida’s friend spots them together at the jeweler’s shop and assumes they are getting married. She congratulates Sajida on her son’s engagement, confirming her suspicion. In her fury, Sajida storms into Saima’s house, accusing Sara of having an affair with Dawood. Rabi clarifies the misunderstanding, giving Sajida a shut-up call. 

Episode 13

Air Date: 15-Aug-2022

Dawood apologizes to Saima for his mother’s absurd behavior. To rectify the situation, he offers to help Rabi financially but Iqbal refuses to accept a penny from him. Seeing Rabi lamenting, Iqbal goes to Mateen’s house and hands Aslam the money to pay off the debt. While Aslam and Mateen feel guilty to take the money, Naseem doesn’t miss the chance to be ungrateful. Iqbal is perplexed to see Zebi living informally in the house. In his bewilderment, he asks Mateen to take Rabi back but doesn’t get a warm response. In Rabi’s absence, Zebi expresses her love to Mateen but ends up getting rejected. Agitated, Mateen brings Rabi back to the house and berates her for sending Sajida to create chaos at his house. Soon enough, their life gets back on track after Iqbal helps Mateen get a job. However, their happiness is short-lived as Naseem starts taunting Rabi for not giving her grandchildren.

Episode 14

Air Date: 22-Aug-2022

Mateen turns against his mother after he discovers that she actually ousted Rabi from the house the day he got arrested. In his fury, he decides to move out with Rabi. But before he could leave, Naseem creates a drama of forgiveness to gain his sympathy, causing Mateen to drop his plan. Rabi feels heartbroken after Naseem insults her in front of her relatives by labeling her as infecund. She then convinces Mateen to let her take Rabi to a doctor for treatment. When the doctor reveals that Rabi is absolutely normal, Naseem gets enraged and leaves the hospital. Saima takes Iqbal’s marriage proposal to the girl he likes. She then visits Rabi bearing sweets to celebrate Iqbal’s upcoming wedding. Naseem spoils the happiness by making a false announcement that the doctor diagnosed Rabi with infertility. Later, upon Zebi’s mother’s suggestion, she takes Rabi to a sorcerer to bind Rabi in a black spell to prevent her from conceiving. 

Episode 15

Air Date: 29-Aug-2022

Naseem makes sure Rabi compulsively drinks the water that the sorcerer gave her. Moreover, she forbids her from leaving the house, warning her that her treatment will go in vain if she steps foot out of the house. Aslam convinces Naseem to let Rabi attend her brother’s wedding in peace. However, Iqbal’s joyous occasion gets spoiled after Naseem creates a spectacle at the ceremony when she sees Rabi wearing makeup and flowers. Iqbal loses his cool seeing Naseem humiliating Rabi and asks her to leave. This enrages Mateen and he leaves the ceremony with his family, dragging Rabi along. For the sake of Rabi’s happiness, Saima and Iqbal go to Naseem, convincing her to attend the wedding. Iqbal’s wife, Farwa turns out to be a cunning daughter-in-law who puts up a humble act in front of her husband and belittles Saima and Sara in his absence. 

Episode 16

Air Date: 05-Sep-2022

Rabi eventually gets weak due to the poor diet her mother-in-law forces her to take. Seeing her deteriorating condition, Mateen asks his mother to take Rabi to a doctor. Terrified that her plot will be out, Naseem takes Rabi back to the sorcerer to make sure she doesn’t conceive a baby. The sorcerer gives her an amulet that is supposed to drive Mateen away from Rabi. When Rabi questions Naseem about it, she manipulates her by saying that the amulet is supposed to bring happiness to her married life. Farwa breaks the news of her pregnancy to Saima who congratulates her and wishes for Rabi to conceive soon. Mateen takes Rabi along with Naseem to the doctor’s appointment that Sara booked. When the doctor asks Mateen to get himself tested, Naseem loses her cool and storms out of the hospital in a fury. Rabi ends up in a hospital when Naseem forces her to consume the sedatives the sorcerer gave her.

Episode 17

Air Date: 12-Sep-2022

Rabi’s jaw drops when she sees Zebi getting close to Mateen. This inculcates fear of abandonment in her and she glues Mateen to herself. After she gets discharged from the hospital, Naseem calls over Zebi to manage the house chores. Although Zebi’s mother tries to make her understand that Mateen is a henpecked man who will never accept her, Zebi pays no heed to it. When Rabi tries to eat normal food, Naseem forcefully feeds her low nutrition diet to keep her from getting healthy. To drive Mateen away from her, she also refrains Rabi from taking a shower or getting dressed. Eventually, Zebi takes over the entire house and starts treating Rabi as a useless, weak girl. Tensions keep increasing between Sara and Farwa after the latter starts showing her true colors. Sara loses her mind after she finds out that her husband passed away in an accident abroad. 

Episode 18

Air Date: 19-Sep-2022

Sara falls in despair after realizing that the man for whom she waited so many years will never return back. Rabi goes to stay at her mother’s house to console Sara for her loss. Naseem suggests Zebi grab the opportunity of Rabi’s absence and make her way into Mateen’s heart. When Mateen sees the wilted Rabi and does not get her attention, he starts getting close to Zebi. Farwa feels exasperated by the constant guests and expresses her resentment to Iqbal. Rabi returns home and is shocked to see Mateen enjoying his time with Zebi. Jealous, she misbehaves with her. When Mateen sees her outrageous behavior, he gets fed up with Rabi and calls her ungrateful for disregarding Zebi’s favors. Zebi deliberately takes Mateen to a toy shop, trying to make him feel that Rabi will always deprive him of the kid’s joy.

Episode 19

Air Date: 26-Sep-2022

Seeing Rabi’s crazy behavior, Naseem persuades Mateen to remarry to fill the house with joy. When Mateen hesitates, she tries to convince him that Zebi will give him children who can drag Rabi out of her madness. Zebi deliberately brings her nephew to Mateen. When Rabi sees them playing with the baby, she pushes Zebi away. This drives Mateen mad and he raises his hand to Rabi. Heartbroken, Rabi goes to her mother to cry her heart out. Meanwhile, Mateen informs his mother that he has been seeking to adopt a baby from an orphanage. Naseem becomes outraged and gets bent on extending her own bloodline. Helpless, Mateen marries Zebi in Rabi’s absence. On the other hand, Rabi keeps going to shrines, praying to conceive unaware that the love of her life has betrayed her. The day after the wedding, Mateen is shocked to overhear Zebi and his mother talking about how they ruined Rabi’s life with the help of a sorcerer. 

Episode 20

Air Date: 03-Oct-2022

After discovering the truth, Mateen feels heartbroken and realizes that his mother deceived him. Frantic, he confronts her for playing with his feelings. When Naseem tries to talk him down, he bursts onto her like a volcano, severing his ties with her. Rabi’s friend finds out about Mateen’s second marriage. Perplexed, she goes to Rabi and breaks the devastating news. Rabi loses her mind and rushes to Mateen in a fury. Saima’s heart sinks seeing her daughter lamenting and she tries to follow her but Farwa restrains her, demanding Saima let Rabi fight her own battle. Helpless, Saima seeks help from Dawood who sets out to support Rabi. When Rabi confronts Mateen, he feels embarrassed and finds himself unable to look into her eyes. Rabi becomes ragingly mad and attempts to kill herself. Mateen tries to stop her and in the ensuing struggle, he ends up getting his throat slit. Dawood arrives at the same time and rushes Mateen to the hospital only to find out that Mateen passed away. 

Episode 21

Air Date: 03-Oct-2022

Upon hearing the news of Mateen’s demise, Aslam and Naseem fall into despair. Rabi immediately gets arrested for the murder and is dragged from the hospital corridors to the police station. When Saima asks Iqbal to get Rabi released, he feels insulted and straightaway refuses to help. Aslam resents Naseem for making Mateen’s life a living hell. As punishment, he isolates her in the house, refusing to speak to her. Rabi believes Mateen to be alive and begs the warden to let her out so she can tend to him but to no avail. Soon, Dawood gets arrested for being an accomplice to murder. Sajida requests Iqbal to help free her son but he bluntly asks her to keep him out of the mess. Helpless, Sajida goes to Aslam, begging him to testify in favor of Dawood. Aslam remembers Dawood’s favors and gets him released after proving him innocent.

Episode 22

Air Date: 10-Oct-2022

Naseem burns in her own ignited fire and goes in denial, waiting for the arrival of her dead son. On the other hand, Rabi goes crazy in the prison and keeps picking fights with her cellmates. Farwa finds a way to get rid of Sara. She persuades Iqbal to marry Sara to her widowed-aged brother. When Iqbal mentions marrying Sara to his brother-in-law, Saima straightaway refuses. Dawood earns infamy when the entire neighborhood gossips about his involvement in Mateen’s murder. Iqbal and Farwa get blessed with a baby boy. Upon hearing the news, Naseem boils with anger and wishes to destroy Saima’s house. Zebi sets on a path of redemption and guides Naseem not to be envious. Seeing no other option, Sajida decides to marry Dawood to Sara. However, both Sara and Dawood refuse to marry each other. Rabi loses her mind in prison when she finds out that she is expecting.

Episode 23

Air Date: 17-Oct-2022

Saima curses Rabi upon finding out that she is pregnant and is being transferred to the prison’s hospital. Sara reminds her that Rabi must have conceived when Mateen was alive as she was experiencing pregnancy symptoms. The news of Rabi’s pregnancy gets published in the newspapers and the entire neighborhood suspects Dawood to be responsible for it. Iqbal feels humiliated when the neighbors question him about Rabi’s affair. In his fury, he decides to punish Sara, forcing her to marry his brother-in-law. Aslam berates Naseem for her hopelessness when he hears about the development. Overwhelmed, he experiences a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital. Sara takes Saima to meet Rabi at the prison. Saima’s heart aches to see her daughter in a miserable state. Iqbal bursts onto Sara for keeping ties with Rabi and strictly forbids her from going to see Rabi again. 

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